Trump Wants To Push A Non-Existent Healthcare Plan If He Wins The Affordable Health Care Lawsuit

Some news reports say Donald Trump is the legal profession’s best friend. Mr. Trump likes to fight in the courts. When Trump sees a defeat of any kind brewing, or if Congress wants to know more about his finances, Trump sues to protect his privacy. When Congress finds wrongdoing in the Trump White House, Trump blocks its attempt to find out what he’s really up to with lawsuits and executive orders.

Mr. Trump doesn’t win all his lawsuits, but he creates enough chaos and distractions to claim a win even when he loses. The Census citizenship question is a good example of how Trump turns a court defeat into a win, according to the Washington Post.

Trump won another lawsuit when an appeals court ruled Trump ownership in Trump Tower properties in Washington and New York doesn’t violate the law that says you can’t profit from a business or accept money from foreign governments if you are president. According to the Washington Post, Trump profits when foreign government officials stay at his hotels.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s special advisor, violates the Hatch Act every time she campaigns for Trump during her news conferences. Mr. Trump claims she has a right to campaign for him while she does government business. The president claims the First Amendment gives Conway the right to say whatever she wants while she does government business.

There are several lawsuits in the courts right now that will determine whether Congress can see Trump’s federal tax returns and his financial records. According to Congressman Adam Schiff, Trump may be part of a money-laundering scheme. Schiff wants Deutsche Bank to give him Trump’s financial records, but the president blocked Schiff’s request with a lawsuit.

The other case that may upend healthcare coverage for more than 20 million American’s is Trump’s lawsuit to throw the Affordable Healthcare Act out. Trump wants to develop a new healthcare plan that doesn’t have Obama’s name attached to it.

Trump told the press his new healthcare plan would help millions of Americans. But according to several Republican senators, he doesn’t have a plan.

Lawsuits give Trump power even when he doesn’t win. He keeps appealing and hoping all his legal battles reach the Supreme Court. He thinks the Supreme Court justices he nominated will have his back and rule in his favor.

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President Trump Says Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants Starts Now

United States President Donald Trump announced on Friday that a concerted effort to arrest immigrants previously ordered to leave the country will begin over the current weekend. The president explained that the plan he devised to discourage the current influx of illegal aliens into the country will move forward now after weeks of delay.

The raids will be conducted in ten U.S. cities and will target members of hundreds of immigrant families who have not abided by orders of deportation.

Trump made the unusual move of announcing the deportation plans on Twitter about a month ago. The plan met resistance from Democrats and immigrant rights groups and the president agreed to postpone the operation in hopes a compromise could be reached.

Trump told a group of reporters that the ‘major operation’ would concentrate on deporting criminals from the country. Trump explains the targets entered America illegally and would now be sent home by legal means.

Government data shows that thousands of illegal immigrant arrests are made on a weekly basis by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. For the most part, these arrests are not announced in advance and receive no media publicity.

The president expressed no concern that the advanced notice he has given illegal immigrants will help them to escape being arrested.

A number of mayors in targeted cities have repeated past promises to not aid ICE in their efforts to deport residents. Some cities have even established hotlines immigrant families can call to gain information pertaining to their rights.

Democratic lawmakers have publicly instructed immigrant families to ignore knocks on the door from ICE unless a search warrant is displayed. Immigrants were also told to not answer any questions or sign any documents unless a lawyer is present.

President Trump has made immigration issues a centerpiece for both his administration and his bid to gain reelection in 2020. The Administration has taken a series of measures to address the overflow of Central American natives approaching the United States border in search of asylum.

The arrests planned by the Administration comes after much criticism has been aimed at the President because of the conditions in which current immigration detainees live. Many groups have also been upset by the fact some immigrant children have been separated from their families.

Democrats expressed concern during hearings on Friday that the plan of action desired by the president would result in more children and families being separated.

Trump Administration Birth Control Exemptions Blocked By Federal Appeals Court

A federal appeals court decided on Friday to block President Trump and his administration from taking advantage of new rules that would exempt an Obama-care requirement that they provide female employees coverage for birth control under their health care plans.

The 3rd United Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the decision of a lower court to block employers with moral or religious objections from becoming exempt from healthcare requirement laws of 2010.

The three-judge panel, seated in Philadelphia, agreed with attorney generals from the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the opinion that rules set forth by the Health and Labor Departments are problematic.

The lawsuit was just one of a series of lawsuits filed by attorney generals across the country that challenge the ability to target an Affordable Care Act requirement. The Act is the signature accomplishment for former Democratic President Barack Obama.

The Obama Care mandate concerning contraceptive requires employers to provide an insurance plan that allows employees to receive birth control without a charge for co-payments.

Josh Shapiro, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, applauds the decision and says it will go along way to protect the contraceptive rights of women.

The Trump Administration has reported on its own that 126,400 women across the nation would lose their contraceptive care if the rule were enforced.

Justice Department Spokeswoman Kelly Laco says the decision is a disappointment to the department. Laco expressed the belief that religious individuals and organizations should not be forced to act against their own belief system.

In a report by Reuters, the Friday ruling upheld a January ruling by a Philadelphia federal judge. A similar ruling by a judge in California blocked enforcement of the rule in14 states across the nation and the District of Columbia.

Judge Patty Schwartz penned the judgment for the three-judge panel. Schwartz wrote the Trump Administration demonstrated no good reason to bypass public notice or the opportunity to provide commentary on the rules adopted by the Administration in 2017.

The Trump administration argued in past proceedings that the harm caused to employers who have religious objections to the Obama Care provision made it necessary to act urgently on the matter.

Judge Schwartz countered by saying the desire to lessen the harm done to employers is not cause to ignore ‘appropriate procedures.’ She characterized a decision by the government to adopt a final set of rules in 2018 that were not allowed by Obama Care as lacking ‘open-mindedness.

Iranian Ships Tried To Take Advantage Of British Oil Tanker Until A British Warship Came To Its Defense

Earlier today, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, a group of boats under operation by the Iranian government just outside of the Strait of Hormuz, a body of water in the Middle East bordering Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman that also separates the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, got dangerously close to an oil tanker out of the United Kingdom. The Iranian boats are said to have attempted to force the British marine vessel into waters that Iran legally controlled.

According to BBC, after the oil tanker realized what was going on, its management staff buzzed in help from the British military. Luckily for the British oil tanker, a British warship was stationed nearby the location of the incident, forcing the group of five Iranian marine military vessels away from one of its countries’ companies’ oil tankers.

Iran has been involved in several incidents off of its coast, which is shared between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, in recent months, including the sinking of an oil tanker roughly a month ago.

Iran is also responsible for bringing down a United States unmanned military drone that was allegedly – according to Iranian government officials, at least – operating within Iran’s official airspace borders, though the United States has widely disputed this fact, claiming the drone was found in the international airspace directly above the Strait of Hormez, the same place where the aforementioned altercation between the United Kingdom and Iran occurred earlier today.

The five Iranian military ships were shooed away by the United Kingdom’s HMS Montrose, located some four miles to the rear of the British oil tanker.

The United States Department of Defense’s Central Command, also known as USCENTCOM or CENTCOM for short, shared in a press release earlier today that the United States military was aware of what happened and did not support Iran’s actions.

It’s worth noting that the United States backs Saudi Arabia currently in its efforts to fight one-half of the Yemeni Civil War, which has been ongoing for five years. This is of relevance because Iran is the main financial and military backer of the other half of military forces fighting for control of Yemen, a country located on the southernmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula, right below Saudi Arabia. As such, the United States was widely expected to side with the United Kingdom in its protection of one of its economy’s oil tankers from Iranian forces.

Cuomo Gives New York The Green Light To Send Trump’s State Tax Returns To Congress

President Trump wants that citizenship question on the 2020 Census, and he wants it bad. He told the Department of Justice to put another legal team together. He wants a team with enough hypothetical legal bullshit to send the Census case back to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump thinks his bro Chief Justice Roberts will vote his way if he finds the right legal team.

While the Queen of England and Prince Charles gave Trump the Royal treatment at Buckingham Palace, the British Ambassador to the United States kept sending British officials secret memos that threw serious shade at Trump. Ambassador Kim Darroch started sending London memos in 2017, and the memos didn’t stop until they surfaced from an internal leak.

In his memos, Darroch called Trump inept, unpredictable, clumsy, and several other choice descriptions of the chaos Trump creates in the White House. The British Ambassador told a story of nepotism gone bad in his secret internal memos. He watched Ivanka and Jared, Trump’s special advisors, take control of the White House.

White House aides and former cabinets members claim the president only listens to Ivanka and Jared. Ivanka and Jared were with Trump in South Korea. The couple were less than diplomatic when Ivanka asked Kim to grant her trademark protection the same way China did when she let President Xi talk a selfie with her. Jared told Kim he wants to develop an Office park next to the oceanfront Trump Tower the president wants to build on the North Korean coast, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump wants to fire Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump told the press Powell doesn’t get it. Trump wants the Feds to cut interest rates to stop the economic bloodbath his tariff war creates. The economy is not as strong as Trump claims. The Feds will meet the end of July, and according to Wall Street, a quarter percent rate cut might be the bone the Reserve Board throws at Trump.

New York state lawmakers just passed a Trump-related bill and Governor Cuomo signed it. The bill forces the State Treasury Department to turn over state tax returns if a Congressional committee asks for them. Congress may want to get Trump’s federal return before that ask New York for his state returns. Richard Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee told the press he wants to wait until there’s a ruling in his court case.


Trump Blocks Don McGahn’s Assistant From Spilling The Obstruction Beans

Governor Cuomo signed a bill that could help Congress get Trump’s state tax returns. New York can turn over state tax returns to Congress if a congressional committee asks for them, according to the bill Cuomo signed. Congress sued Trump and the Treasury Department in order to get Trump’s federal returns, but the case is a court battle. Richard Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, told the press he won’t ask for the state returns until his lawsuit against Trump ends.

Mr. Trump didn’t waste time when British Ambassador Kim Darroch’s secret memos hit the press. He told Prime Minister May Darroch is a loser, and he wants to send him home. Darroch’s description of the dysfunction, chaos, ineptness, and unpredictability that surrounds everything Trump touches is no secret. The media made the same claims about the president, but he was able to deflect those comments by calling the mainstream media “Fake News.”

But Darroch didn’t call Trump an insecure and incompetent president to sell news articles. He wrote about Trump’s presidency so his country could determine how to deal with Trump. Darroch’s memos paint a picture of a president who mixes a few facts with a lot of fiction when he stands in front of the cameras. Another Darroch memo said most of the people who attend Trump’s rallies are white. Darroch also told his superiors Trump could throw the World Trade Organization to the curb at any time, and he will continue to launch tariff weapons at allies.

The Democrats believe Trump continues to profit from foreign governments while he is in office. More than 36 subpoenas are in play and the goal is to dig into Trump secretive and complicated personal and business financial records. Last month, a federal judge gave the Democrats the green light to continue the legal discovery process.

The Department of Justice claims Trump will suffer irreparable damage if Congress sees his financial records. The DOJ wants to protect the presidential office in the battle over Trump’s financial records. But according to legal experts, Congress will eventually get Trump’s financial information. But it could take months before the all court proceedings end, according to CNN.

Attorney Annie Donaldson, Don McGahn’s former legal assistant, told Congress she couldn’t answer the 200 written questions about Trump’s meltdown over the Mueller investigation. The White House blocked her from answering questions about Trump’s conversations with former White House attorney Don McGahn. Trump asked McGahn to fire Mueller, and Donaldson has the notes to prove it, according to the Washington Post. But getting her to testify about Trump’s quest to obstruct justice will take more time thanks to Trump’s legal stonewalling.

Memphis’s Methodist Hospital System Suspends Wage Garnishment Practice Over Unpaid Bills

Memphis, Tenn.’s largest hospital system, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, is immediately suspending its court collection activities pending a review of their policies. When attorney R. Alan Pritchard appeared in Shelby County General Sessions Court in Memphis on July 3, he asked the court to drop over 24 cases related to unpaid hospital bills.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare came under fire recently after MLK50 and ProPublica Local Reporting Network published an article highlighting the aggressive debt collection tactics the hospital system uses against low-wage patients who cannot pay their bills. In June, Mary Washington Healthcare in Virginia was similarly exposed in the Journal of the American Medical Association for seeking legal action against low-income individuals for unpaid bills. The hospital also suspended the practice until they can review their policies.

Critics of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare say the non-profit hospital pays no tax in return for serving Memphis. Instead, the health system filed 8,300 lawsuits in five years to collect debts. They point to the case of Carrie Barrett who ran up a $12,019 bill in 2007 for a necessary heart catheterization. The non-profit system garnished her less than $13 wage multiple times and added interest to her debt. Barrett, now 63, owes $33,000 which she cannot pay.

According to, part of the problem is Methodist’s policy of ignoring patients needing financial assistance to help with their out-of-pocket expenses. The hospital owns its own collection agency which goes after judgments to garnish wages. Lawmakers expressed surprise at the hospital system’s debt collection practices as did the Rev. Anthony Anderson, an elder at Memphis’s Faith United Methodist Church.

According to the hospital system’s own statements, they made $86 million in 2018 after expenses. In 2017, CEO Dr. Michael Ugwueke earned $1.6 million in total compensation and his assistant, former CEO Gary Shorb earned $1.2 million as Ugwueke’s advisor.

Amash Tells Trump To Stick His Republican Dictatorship Up His Ass

Corporate earnings took a hit in the second quarter. That’s another sign the economy is on the way to a nasty recession unless someone can control Trump’s urge to ruin the U.S. economy. Second quarter GDP product growth is in the one percent range, and employment figures took a hit in June after a decent May.

The trade war with China has Wall Street’s attention. Even though economic fundamentals show there’s a wolf in the economic henhouse, stocks keep Trump’s façade alive with his promise to make a great trade deal. But the trade war with China won’t end on Trump’s terms. The Chinese don’t trust Mr. Trump. China agreed to negotiate a deal again if Trump lifted the ban on Huawei. Mr. Trump agreed to do that. But the Commerce Department told the big tech companies the Chinese giant is still on the blacklist, according to the New York Times.

The pending Iran catastrophe keeps getting hotter. Trump wants Pompeo to find a way to link Iran with al-Qaeda. If Pompeo has proof, Trump can use the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) clause to put the lights out in Tehran. Iran told Trump they would explain the nuclear treaty to him again if he drops the sanctions. Instead of defusing the conflict, Trump inflames it to show he has the power to hurt people in other countries, according to the Iranians. In other words, he’ll do what he can to making people suffer, so he looks like he rules the world, according to the Washington Post.

The NYC Congresswoman known as AOC told the world Trump is up to no good on the border. AOC told the press Trump still wants money for a wall. The unsanitary conditions and judgmental border agents give his voter base the illusion he needs more money to stop the flow of migrants. Acting DHS Director Kevin McAleenan said he would dig into the nasty Facebook page and weed out the Trumpians who want to make life miserable for the migrants. Border agents set up a Facebook page to trash talk immigrants and the Democrats.

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash was the only Republican to call Trump out after he read the full Mueller report. Amash told the press Trump colluded, and he did obstruct justice. Trump called Amash a loser. After Amash told Trump to shove his dictatorship up his ass, Trump called Amash dumb and disloyal. Amash is an Independent and he’s up for reelection.

The Lawn Mower Drunk Driving Trend Continues in Florida

Florida’s trend of lawn mower drunk driving arrests continues. In the most recent case, a Haines City Police Department squad car was allegedly damaged while officers were attending to an unrelated matter. Upon hearing a crash, officers report that they saw a man on a riding mower pulling a trailer. When stopped by police, the 68-year-old man allegedly became loud and aggressive. Upon being taken into custody, he was transported to a local hospital where testing reportedly indicated that he was three times over the legal limit of .08. Cocaine was also said to have been detected in the man’s blood.

When police ran a criminal history check on the riding mower driver, they learned that his driver’s license had been suspended since 1978. The suspension was based on two prior convictions for driving under the influence. The man reportedly admitted to being intoxicated and hitting the squad car, but he denied using cocaine. He accused police of having put it in his system. According to Newsweek, the man was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and refusing to submit to a DUI test after his driver’s license was suspended. Both charges are misdemeanors that are punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. There is no indication as to whether a search warrant was issued for blood testing, nor was there any information as to where the man was when police saw him driving the riding mower.

Lawn mower drunk driving arrests are nothing new in Florida, says In 2017, a Port St. Lucie man was arrested on a riding mower on a public street while transporting a case of Budweiser. He was also three times over the legal limit. Another man in Sarasota was arrested for DUI on a lawn mower while he was armed. In 2014, a Citra man drove a lawn mower more than two miles to purchase an 18-pack of beer. He said it was hot outside, and he was depressed. When police stopped him on his way home, he had four beers left. In the recent past, two other riders were cited for being on horses while under the influence. At this point in time, there is no news of any disposition in the Haines City case.

Trump Walks Away From The Census Citizenship Question

President Trump’s Fourth of July Campaign rally disguised as a salute to America will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The Park Service diverted $2.5 million from other obligations to pay some of the cost of moving tanks and preparing fighter jets to participate in this questionable event, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump plans to speak in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but according to the White House, his speech won’t be a campaign rally. But Trump’s critics say every time Trump is in front of an audience he talks about his reelection and how he plans to keep America great.

Keeping America great is not the way Europe views Trump’s presidency. Trump added $4 billion more in tariffs on European products after returning from the G20 Summit. Trump wants to stop Europe from subsidizing Airbus. Airbus is Boeing’s major competitor. Mr. Trump wants to help Boeing make a comeback from their 737Max debacle, according to the New York Times. The World Trade Organization hasn’t approved the additional tariffs, on whiskey, cherries, coiled copper, and a plethora of other products.

The unsanitary conditions in the detention center on the Southern border are out in the open after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the press the Trump administration forces migrant women to drink water out of toilets. Federal border agents are also under attack for creating a Facebook page filled with migrant jokes, and unacceptable comments about the treatment of migrants. AOC said border agents treat migrants like prisoners instead of asylum seekers. Democratic candidate Julian Castro took photos of the migrants with a hidden camera to show the abuse migrants endure on Trump’s watch.

Mr. Trump still wants an excuse to crush Tehran. The president said Iran’s decision to keep stockpiling uranium is a dumb move. Ben Netanyahu is ready to back up his business pal if Trump gives John Bolton the signal to bomb Iran. Ben has Israel’s troops on high alert. He wants Iran to continue testing Trump so he can play a part in missile-frying Iran.

The citizenship census question is no longer an issue. The Supreme Court blocked Trump’s quest to give Republicans an unfair advantage as well as to help zero-in on illegal immigrants. Mr. Trump usually fights decisions that don’t go his way, but he decided to drop the question. The Justice Department sent a one-sentence email to the plaintiffs in the New York case. The DOJ didn’t say why Trump gave up the fight. But Trump called the Supreme Court’s decision, sad.

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Some Democrats Think Rudy Is A Ukraine Lobbyist As Well As A Slippery Trump Lawyer

Ivanka Trump made her debut as an American diplomat at the G20 Summit. Trump let his daughter act like the president at several meetings with G20 members. Ivanka wants to run for political office in the near future. Mr. Trump wants her to have a diplomatic resume that could earn her a seat in Congress or the Senate when she’s ready to run. White House aides say Ivanka already thinks she’s the president. They say she runs the White House along with her slippery husband Jared Kushner.

Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace and economic plan is a bust. The Palestinians told Jared his plan sounds more like a New York real estate deal than a solution to Middle East unrest. Kushner’s close friendship with Ben Netanyahu and Prince Salman makes his plan more suspect, according to the Palestinians.

Trade talks with China will resume thanks to Trump’s decision to roll back the Huawei ban. But Mr. Trump still has to address the Meng Wanzhou issue in Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visited Trump before the summit. Mr. Trudeau asked Trump to drop the extradition charges against Wanzhou so China will start buying Canadian meat and canola oil again.

Canada also wants China to release the two Canadians they arrested after Canada arrested Meng. Even though Trump said he would lift the ban on Huawei and other tech companies, the Meng issue is still a question mark.

Mr. Trump told the press China would buy a lot more American farm products. But the Chinese didn’t confirm they would reinstate soybean and corn contracts this year. Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina took that business away from American farmers when Trump imposed tariffs on China.

The Chinese don’t want Secretary of State Mike Pompeo involved in the trade talks. China’s news agency calls Pompeo a Chinese hater. North Korea’s state-run press said the same thing about Mr. Pompeo.

Rudy Giuliani helped Trump keep the press confused during the Mueller investigation. But Rudy also likes to represent foreign governments. He helps them get special treatment from the Trump administration, according to several Democratic lawmakers. The lawmakers think Giuliani’s relationship with Ukraine is suspect. He acts like a lobbyist for Ukraine, but Rudy is not a registered lobbyist.

Mr. Rudy Giuliani still wants Ukraine officials to release dirt on Joe Biden. But according to Ukraine’s Attorney General, Biden and his son did nothing wrong when Biden got his son a high-paying job with a Ukraine company.

A Shooting in Pleasant Grove, Alabama

Things have been tough in Pleasant Grove in Alabama in recent times. Marshae Jones was arrested by law enforcement officers not too long ago at all. They stated that the woman initiated a confrontation that lead to dire impacts. Her child who wasn’t yet born was shot and killed. People everywhere have sent scathing messages to police after learning about the grave situation.

A lady who resides in Southern California in San Diego stated that she’s going to get people who run businesses to ban Pleasant Grove. She put this comment on Facebook as well. It appeared on the city’s Police Department account. One individual labeled the police offers of the community as being “trash” and “misogynistic.” There was even a person who instructed people to terminate their jobs.

Robert Knight is the professional who serves as the city’s police chief right now. He indicated that the people who were part of his team didn’t have much of an option. He revealed that the officers are obligated to abide by any laws that are in place no matter what. Knight stated that his officers consistently proceed in manners that are in line with specified legalities.

According to, people in the United States think that Jones’ circumstances highlight some key points that pertain to how the members of the general public view females who are expectant. Many think that the circumstances highlight “penalties” that are linked to pregnancy and women nowadays as well.

Pleasant Grove is a community that has a total of 10,000 or so residents right now. It’s not far at all from Birmingham, a sizable metropolis in Alabama. The situation isn’t a massive one in Pleasant Grove. Rights that involve guns are a big thing in the city. Rights that involve female reproductive systems, on the other hand, aren’t spoken about with as much frequency.

Pleasant Grove’s sole supermarket is referred to as “Foodland.” There were a pair of women who waited outside of the business. They were attempting to gather funds for cheerleaders in the neighborhood. They indicated that the shooter and Jones should encounter the impact of the things they did. They suggest that the individuals go to courses that concentrate on the management of emotions such as anger. Sharonda Hall is a woman in her thirties who states that babies who are unborn are similar to those who are already walking. She aspires to go to law school.

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 on Political Gerrymandering

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision along conservative-liberal lines that deciding the issue of political gerrymandering was beyond the court’s reach to decide. The court determined that gerrymandering is more of a political question than a judicial one that should be best decided in state legislatures. Partisan redistricting, though lamentable, does not fall under review of the federal courts.

Chief Justice Roberts was the decisive swing vote in yet another decision that mostly fell cleanly along conservative-liberal lines in the highest court. Instead of empowering the courts to do anything to forestall the possibility of worse gerrymandering in the future, Chief Justice Roberts’s decision simply flings back the onus on making tough decisions about political gerrymandering to individual states and the legislative branch.

The trouble, as many liberals see it, is that the states have already shown a problematic level of political bias in redrawing districts for partisan advantage. What’s more, the legislative body is paralyzed by partisan gridlock and unable to pass a law that would fairly affect hundreds of different political races in the future. Nonetheless, Justice Roberts defended his decision by saying, “federal judges have…no plausible grant of authority in the Constitution [to make these kinds of decisions].”

Chief Justice Roberts further bemoaned the fact that, even if such a power were constitutionally granted to the federal courts, there are no legal standards by which to navigate the process of political redistricting decisions. Some liberals were frustrated with Chief Justice Robert’s punt on the issue of redistricting, which he seemed to rebut by saying that though some maps are “unjust,” the courts are powerless to do anything about that injustice. Many legal scholars see Chief Justice Roberts’s decisive call in the 5-4 case as highly concerning moving forward.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision makes the upcoming 2020 elections that much more pivotal in the sense that new districts are slated to be drawn for the next decade. The state legislatures help in drawing many of the U.S. House of Representatives’s districts, so the Supreme Court’s recent decision has certainly added more weight to this upcoming round of elections.

In effect, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts’s decision places more emphasis on the power of state legislatures and other non-judicial bodies to make these weighty redistricting decisions, though they’ve largely failed to remain non-partisan in the past. Hundreds of 2020 elections now have added political import.

SCOTUS Kicks Trump’s Census Question To The Lower Court’s Corner

President Trump has his hands full in Japan. He needs to take back all those snide remarks he said about other members of the G20 before he hopped on Air Force One to watch the first Democratic debate. Mr. Trump thought the debate was better than a sleeping pill.

Trump’s main agenda at the G20 is to make other countries do what he wants. He wants other G20 members to support his pending military war with Iran. He also wants President Xi Jinping to make him look like a trade hero back home. But Xi is in no mood to listen to Trump brag about adding $300 billion worth of Chinese exports to his tariff prison.

The Chinese let the world know they want a trade deal with the United States. But they will not let Trump change their internal laws and keep the tariffs in place. Adding more tariffs would shake the U.S. economy. The economy is already on Trump’s slippery economic slope. Adding tariffs or a war with Iran will be his downfall, according to the state-run Chinese news agency.

If Mr. Trump wants a trade deal with China, he will have to drop the tariffs, lift the extradition order so Canada can release the Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei. Canada has Meng under house arrest, and she’s seven months into her sentence for being a pawn in Trump’s trade war with China.

Mr. Trump will also have to allow U.S. tech companies free access to Huawei tech products and services. And he must treat the trade talks with respect and dignity. Two traits Trump lost when he became a mobster, according to the New York Times.

Europe wants to beat Trump over the head about his climate change denial. French President Macron has a meeting with Trump to discuss climate change. Macron told the press he’s not signing any G20 agreement unless Trump gets on board and stops his fossil fuel addiction.

The Supreme Court just let Trump know they don’t want to deal with his census citizenship question. The Court said Trump’s case was half-baked, so they sent it back to the lower courts. Trump wants a decision by June 30th from the Appeals Court. But the decision may not come for another four or five months. Trump wants to move the date the forms go out to October 30th. He thinks the courts will rule in his favor if the judge is a Trumpian.


Trump Wants To Talk To Putin About Iran At The G20 Summit

John Bolton still was to missile-barbeque Iran. But Trump put the hammer down on Bolton’s plan to start a Middle East catastrophe. Bolton waited a long time to be in his current security chief position. John thinks Iran is behind all the conflicts in that part of the world. Bolton is pro-Israel and pro Saudi Arabia, and so is Trump.

According to, this U.S. created showdown with Iran didn’t happen overnight. The oil tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz was a setup by the U.S., but it backfired, according to the Times. American allies don’t trust John Bolton, and they certainly don’t trust Trump.

Trump threw Europe to the curb when he told the press he didn’t care what happens to Europe during his war with Iran. Europe will be a big loser if Trump lets Bolton loose. Oil shipments, supply chains, and a plethora of economic draining events will happen in Europe and all over the world.

Mr. Putin called Trump a tech and tariff war starter. He wants Trump to back off Iran, and he wants Trump to let North Korea gradually take apart their nuke facilities. China President Xi just left North Korea after a historic meeting with Kim Jon Un. Xi told Kim he has his back if Trump tries to summit shame him again.

Kim Jon Un got a great letter from Mr. Trump, according to the North Korean news agency. Trump said he got a great letter from Kim a couple of weeks ago. Kim didn’t say why Trump’s letter was so great. European news reports say Trump agreed to buy land to put hotels on North Korea’s coastline at full ask price in the letter.

Putin and Xi plan to meet Trump at the G20 Summit. Trump thinks Xi will want to give in and talk trade deal again. But according to Chinese news reports, Xi won’t sign any trade deal until Trump backs off the tariffs, takes the ban off of Huawei, and gives Canada the okay to release Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou. Wanzhou is the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the press Trump’s migrant detention centers are concentration camps. The conditions and circumstances surrounding these detention centers fit the definition of concentration camps, according to several experts who focus on the impacts of concentration camps. Trump’s America seems dreadfully familiar to historians, according to AOC and several Democratic congressmen.