Roger Stone Pleads The Fifth

The McCain family took a Trumpian beating seven months after the beloved senator from Arizona went to greener pastures. John is an American hero. People respected Senator McCain for his courage and his commitment to his country.

But President Trump never liked John McCain. McCain shot down Trump’s lame healthcare plan. And Trump believes McCain was the catalyst for the Mueller investigation.

Mr. McCain turned the Christopher Steele dossier over to former FBI Director James Comey after the 2016 election. And Comey released the investigative attack dogs on Trump once Comey read the unverified report. Trump thinks McCain gave the report to Comey before he won the election, but that’s not the way it happened, according to the Washington Post.

That fact didn’t stop the president from giving his voter base a sample of vintage Trump tweet-bashing. Most Republicans loved him for his bashing style. Republican lawmakers didn’t speak out to defend their former colleague. A couple of Republican senators gave a half-hearted message that showed their support for McCain. But only two or three senators had the guts to tell the president he’s a classless fool.

The Mueller investigation is winding down, according to the New York Times. The last Trumpian who felt the blow of Mueller’s indictment hammer is not cheering Trump’s McCain bashing at the moment. Roger Stone, the dirty Republican trickster has his hands full.

Stone tried to keep a low profile while he helped his pal Don Sr. win the election. Stone’s job was to dig up damaging information on Hillary Clinton. According to Mueller, Mr. Stone gave Trump WikiLeaks information that helped him create a strategy against Clinton. Mueller indicted Stone on witness tampering charges as well as lying to Congress.

Mr. Stone tried to use some of his tricks to gain support from loyal Trumpians. But the judge put a gag order in place so Stone couldn’t spread his version of the truth to Trump’s voter base.

The House Judiciary Committee wants Stone to tell them what he knows about Trump’s plan to work with Russia during the campaign. But Stone isn’t about to sit in front of another congressional committee. He pleaded the fifth when committee chair Jerry Nadler asked him to tell what he knows.

Nadler and the committee want to know more about the hush money Cohen paid to keep Trump’s affairs private. Nadler also wants to know what Stone knows about Trump’s business deals with foreign governments.


Obama Donors Prepare To Back Biden

Some of the top donors who helped Obama are now planning to back Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who is the former vice president of the United States, recently announced that he will be running for president in 2020. The top 20 Obama donors stated that they will each be donating thousands of dollars to the Biden campaign.

Many of the people who supported Obama stated that they do not know who they will vote for in 2020. However, some donors have stated that they will be cutting a personal check to Biden. Steve Westly is a former state controller in California. He donated $500,000 to Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. He said that he will be donating to Biden’s 2020 campaign because he feels that Biden is qualified.

Denise Bauer is another one of Biden’s supporters. She is the former United States Ambassador to Belgium. She said that she had been encouraging Biden to run for president. She raised more than $4 million for Obama’s campaign.

Robert Zimmerman is a member of the Democratic National Committee. He is also a supporter of Joe Biden. He said that Biden is a strong candidate and can beat Trump. Additionally, Robert said that Biden will unite the party and the country.

Bill Eacho is an Obama fundraiser. He is also a Biden supporter. He stated that Biden is a great guy. He said that even though Biden is old, he is not too old for the job. However, he said that he wants to learn more about each candidate before he gets behind one.

Bill Stetson has raised $500,000 for both of Obama’s campaigns. He said that he is close to Biden and likes what he sees. However, he has to think about the big picture and what needs to be done to heal the country.

High-Priced Lawyer Caught Up in College Admissions Scheme

Although famous celebrities may have gotten the most press attention in the college admissions cheating scandal, one high-priced lawyer is also caught up in the fray. Authorities say that attorney Gordon Caplan also took part in the scheme. He’s a co-chairman at the law firm of Willkie Farr & Gallagher in New York. Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin of Hallmark Channel and Full House fame are also charged in the scandal.

Willkie Farr & Gallagher placed Caplan on a leave of absence. They say that others have taken over management responsibilities for the firm. The charges against Caplan include honest services mail fraud and generic mail fraud. Authorities allege that he paid $75,000 for someone to cheat on an ACT exam for his daughter. The FBI built their case using wiretapped phone calls with Caplan and a cooperating witness.

Authorities say Caplan isn’t the only one involved. They say that dozens of parents cheated in a variety of ways including bribing test proctors to change test answers or negotiating to have children recruited as student-athletes even if they never played the sport. They say that the cheating scandal resulted in admissions to some of the most elite universities throughout the United States including Yale, the University of Texas, as the University of Southern California. Some students went as far as to stage or photoshop photos that showed them playing a sport even though they have no experience with the sport.

In a report by the Washington Post, representatives from the universities say that they had no part in the cheating schemes. They say that they were duped by coaches. Some schools have taken steps to remove participating coaches. Other schools say that they are considering rescinding offers of admission even if students have already started at the school.

William Rick Singer is the alleged center point of the scandal. They say that he ran a college entry preparatory business called the Edge College & Career Network. They say from there he collected bribes through a nonprofit called Key Worldwide Foundation. Sometimes, parents paying bribes deducted their bribes from tax liabilities by calling them charitable contributions.

Singer advised students to take the exam at specified test centers. He arranged for the students to claim they had disabilities that required more time to complete the exams. From there he worked with proctors to change test results.

Authorities say that they have a recorded phone call between a cooperating witness and Caplan. In the recording, Singer assures Caplan that the students involved don’t even know about the scheme. They say the children are just pleasantly surprised when they see their test results. In the phone call, Caplan says that he’s interested in having his daughter fly to Los Angeles for testing with a proctor from the company. Caplan also considered having someone take online courses as Caplan’s daughter in order to boost her GPA.

Supreme Court Strengthens Government’s Ability to Detain Legal Immigrants

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision this past Tuesday that the U.S. government can detain legal immigrants without the need of a hearing. This can even happen months after they have served their prison sentence.
This was a 5-4 decision that reversed an earlier ruling. This is viewed as a significant victory for the current administration. The prior ruling was released by the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.
Similar to the Obama administration, the Trump administration believes that the government should have the authority to detain immigrants for deportation whenever they want. The prior requirement of detaining immigrants only immediately after a jail sentence is no longer applicable.
Justice Samuel Alito was outspoken in his support of the measure. He stated that immigration law can be used to detain immigrant’s years after they’ve served their sentence.
On the other hand, Justice Stephen Breyer felt that this ruling gave the central government too much authority. He stated that the current law was sufficient, which declares that the government cannot detain a legal immigrant absent of a legal hearing unless that person was detained after being released from custody relating to a criminal conviction.
The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling came as a response to two different class-action cases.
Mony Preap, a legal permanent resident of Cambodian descent, was convicted on the charge of marijuana possession in 2006. Federal authorities failed to detain him until 2013. This happened after he received a second sentence for battery, which is considered a non-deportable offense.
Another similar case occurred when Bassam Yusuf Khoury was detained two years after serving a 30-day sentence for a drug charge in 2011. Khoury was kept in custody for six months after finally winning out his case. Khoury still remains in the United States to this day.
In both of these cases, the American Civil Liberties Union defended each plaintiff.
To read more about this, check out the original at NPR.

Devin Nunes Is Suing Twitter For A Plot To Undermine The Republicans

Representative Devin Nunes is a California Republican. He has sued Twitter claiming he was smeared by their users three times. He stated the platform allowed the defamation due to a political agenda. The complaint was filed in Virginia in the Henrico County Circuit Court on Tuesday, asking for $250 million in damages. Devin Nunes repeated numerous Republican complaints concerning Twitter. He said republicans were being censored with shadow bans providing aid to their opponents. The complaint detailed three tweets he deemed objectionable.

Devin Nunes cited tweets including crude jokes regarding his person, accusations of criminal acts and overall criticism. The complaint states the tweets falsely said he brought his family shame, one tweet was a cartoon image of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and President Trump engaged in a sexual act and another stated his high school believed he would one day commit treason. Dozens of additional tweets were listed in the complaint. The Republican strategist Liz Mair was singled out for two parody accounts he stated were conducting a vicious defamation campaign.

According to the law, internet platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are protected from liability despite what the users publish. This is in accordance with the Communications Decency Act, section twenty. Devin Nunes is attempting to prove the tweets were part of a plan by Twitter to undermine the Republicans. He has been a target for abusing his authority to protect President Trump and was involved in the investigation regarding Russia by the House.

The complaint stated the tweets caused Devin Nunes pain and suffering, interfered with his investigation regarding Russian corruption and involvement in the Presidential election of 2016, influenced the Congressional election of 2018 and Twitter did nothing. Twitter refused to comment regarding the lawsuit. The claim Twitter was shadow banning was repeated by Devin Nunes. This is when a platform enables an individual to post, but others are unable to view the post. This makes the post invisible. This political phrase was established in July regarding prominent conservatives.

The assertion of shadow banning is still being used by numerous individuals including President Trump as proof of conservative bias. The unintended impact of the lawsuit was an increase for the parody account of Devin Nunes. Prior to the lawsuit there were roughly 1,200 followers. This increased to 46,000 on Tuesday after the lawsuit was filed and is continuing to grow rapidly.

Trump Issues First Ever Veto

President Trump recently issued his first-ever veto as president of the United States. Donald Trump vetoed a measure pushed forth by Republicans and Democrats that would end his declaration for a border wall along the American-Mexican border.
The veto was in response to Trump’s own Republican party, which made efforts to stymie the wall’s construction. The border wall was a promise made during his initial campaign to become president and is sure to become a focal point of the upcoming 2020 presidential elections.
Congress will most likely not be able to override the veto decision. The bipartisan decision was done to combat the process to use money allocated for other programs to fund the border wall’s construction.
Twelve Republicans in the Senate felt that Trump had abused his authority as president.
Trump has doubled down on the need for a border barrier. He’s cited the immigration crisis as cause for the wall’s importance and was openly supportive of his veto decision.
The White House had made efforts to lobby the border wall’s necessity to Republicans in the Senate to help bolster support. Trump did not acknowledge the White House’s efforts at lobbying support but noted that he had sympathy for the opposition’s attempt at hindering the barrier’s creation.
The Attorney General stated that Trump’s emergency declaration was completely legal.
As a response to the veto, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives said that her chamber would attempt to override the veto during a vote held on March 26.
However, since the Senate would also have to override the veto, the possibility of it happening is rather slim. It is unlikely that more Republicans will display bipartisanship towards this issue.
Although Trump has often pointed out a linkage between illegal immigration and crime, researchers have noted that immigrants are not as likely to engage in criminal activities.
Ultimately, the President hopes to erect the wall to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise. To read more about this issue, check out the original here.

Some Trumpians Abandon The Trumpsters Sinking Political Ship

President Trump may be on the verge of a political meltdown. There are some Republican senators in Washington who still think the constitution is worth fighting for. The Republicans who backed Pelosi and company’s quest to stop Trump’s fascination with building a useless wall for an incredible amount of money know it is not only a stupid it is also unconstitutional.

That means the other Republican senators who didn’t vote with Pelosi think being a Trumpian is more important than upholding the constitution they swore to protect. That should scare a lot of Americans, according to the New York Times. If senators put other egocentric and political issues before the constitution American democracy is in serious trouble, according to political science experts.

Smart guys like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort believe Trump did the right thing by circumventing Congress to build his wall. They say that’s part of the swamp draining process. Maybe that’s what Trump had in mind when he came up with that slogan. He’s draining the constitution by making senators and congressman believe his gangster constitution is the way to go.

And here’s the dangerous part of senators ignoring the people’s wishes. Democracy becomes an oligarchy. That means a small group of people control the country. And that’s Trump’s plan, according to the Washington Post.

Republican senators led by Kentucky Senator Mitt McConnell control the country. Even the Democrats can’t stop these constitution bandits. from being unconstitutional lawmakers. These unconstitutional senators pledge their allegiance to the Trumpster, and democracy is in cardiac arrest.

But there are signs a few Republicans see the cracks in Trumptopia. They know new investigations in New York could reveal some ugly things about the Trumpster. His kids have ugly things hanging their gold-plated closets too.

The senators who believe Cohen know they have to abandon ship in order to political and ethically survive this infestation of Trumpism.

Mr. Trump will continue to claim his innocence. He’ll continue to cry and lie in order to build his wall. But the lawmakers who still believe in the constitution will stop his con game when there’s too much evidence not to stop it. When that happens, the Republicans who sided with Trump should think about another line of work, according to some Democrats.

The 2020 election will tell what kind of government America really has. If Trump gets reelected, the answer will be obvious. The world will send condolences for the loss Americans suffer from their Trumpian ignorance.

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Trump Plans To Continue To Use Executive And Legal Action To Work Around Lawmakers

President Trump showed his voter base who the real boss is when he vetoed a bill to stop his national emergency. But not all the Republicans in the Senate are happy about it. Even the senators who backed the president’s veto know the next two years will either get them reelected or they will go home knowing they backed the world political horse.

It’s not just the veto that has a lot of Republican senators worried. Mr. Trump makes decisions, and he says things that don’t fit what the founding fathers wanted to relay in the constitution. According to several constitutional experts, Mr. Trump continues to ignore the constitution and write a new constitution, according to Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump knows his veto will turn into a legal battle. He loves to battle in court. According to the New York Times, Trump has more than 4,000 legal battles under his ill-fitting suit. He uses lawyers to argue for him even when he knows his arguments are usually half-baked. His border wall emergency seems to fit into the half-baked category. But building a wall was his premier campaign promise. He’ll fight to the legal death to deliver a wall even though that’s not the primary debacle on the border.

Conflicts of interest seem to be front and center in Trumpland. The grounding of the Boeing 737-Super Max 8 is just one example of Mr. Trump’s desire to protect his friends instead of making the right decision for Americans, according to the Washington Post. The CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg donated $1 million to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

According to several news reports, Trump didn’t want to ground the planes because of the economic impact it would have on his pal at Boeing. The United States was one of the last countries to ground the aircraft.

The Trump presidency is a gold mine for some members of the legal world. The president will continue to make his own legal rules. And lawmakers and groups like the ACLU will continue to sue him for allegedly breaking established rules.

Breaking rules because they don’t apply to him is how Mr. Trump rolls, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That’s why he has a stable of lawyers at his disposal. Fighting in court is Trump’s trump card, and he uses it to test the legal system. If he loses, he blames the loss on the Democrats or the “rats” that sold him out.

College Admissions Scams

At least 50 people are being charged in the far-reaching, $25 million college admission scandal including attorneys, celebrities and athletic coaches from prestigious universities. This is the largest college admissions scam to have ever been prosecuted by the DOJ. Wealthy parents have attempted to try to fraudulently buy their children’s way into colleges and universities where they would never have been accepted otherwise.

It’s alleged that parents paid millions of dollars between 2011 and 2018 to obtain phony athletic credentials so their children could gain admission. In some of the cases, the children, none of whom are being prosecuted, were presented as having athletic credentials for sports they never even played. Staged pictures of children participating in sports they didn’t play were taken and submitted with their applications. The athletic fraud is only half of the scheme.

William Singer, an employee of a non-profit organization called The Key, allegedly accepted bribes from parents under the guise of charitable donations to help underprivileged children go to college. Others, more competent than the applicants took the admissions tests for these children to ensure their success for acceptance. Accomplishing this involved various roundabout and sophisticated, deceptive plots. One of the schemes was to have the children tested by someone at The Key to discover a learning disability that would give the student extra time for the admissions tests over several days, during which time the proxy would take the tests resulting in the guaranteed, excellent scores paid for by their parents.

Needless to say, many athletic coaches and parents who participated in these fraudulent schemes are losing their jobs and positions of importance, or at least being placed on leave until the matter is adjudicated. Along with the firings, spokespersons from several prestigious universities including Yale, Stanford, The University of Texas at Austin, and Georgetown have made public statements of disappointment in their athletic directors involved to help distance their institutions from the scandal.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Wants To Bring Religion Into Her For-Profit Charter School System

Betsy DeVos is not a former teacher, and she never went to public schools. DeVos is a wealthy Republican donor who gives millions of the dollars to the National Republican Party. Betsy got her reward for those yearly donations when President Trump thought she could turn the current public school system into a charter-for-profit school system.

Trump gave DeVos her dream job, but Congress wasn’t happy about it. DeVos is a religious fanatic who jumped into the Michigan public school debacle hoping to make her charter school and voucher system work in her home state of Michigan. The charter schools Betsy and husband Dick DeVos funded haven’t lived up to the billionaire couple’s dream. But that hasn’t stopped Betsy from pushing her for-profit and religion motivated school system from falling out of grace. DeVos just announced she would ignore the federal law that prevents religious organizations from proving federally funded education to private schools.

That means Betsy’s quest to dismantle public education and alienate teachers and public school officials is in overdrive. In 2017, the Supreme Court ruled against Missouri when Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia filed a lawsuit that claimed the state engaged in religious discrimination by denying a religious-run preschool the right to use public funds for tire scraps for the playground.

Ms. DeVos also said the Justice Department determined the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that says private and public school students can receive “equitable services,” like tutoring, education, and mentoring from outside contractors as long as those contractors are not part of any religious organization is also unconstitutional. DeVos claims the Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia lawsuit respects First Amendment rights not to restrict the free expression of religion in private schools.

DeVos also claims people who want quality education services want religion to be in the charter of those quality education institutions.

House Democrats didn’t want Betsy’s to be education secretary in 2016, and most of her education decisions over the last two years confirmed their reasons. She’s not qualified for the job, according to the New York Times. There’s little chance Betsy’s attempt to marry religion and charter schools will make them eat their words about DeVos.

The public school system does need attention, but the attention Betsy gives to the system is the same kind of attention former Attorney Jeff Sessions gave to immigrants. It is self-serving attention that ignores the constitution.

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British Lawmakers Are Ready To Throw Theresa May’s Brexit Deal In The Trash Again

Prime Minister Theresa May is in serious trouble. She wants a Brexit deal with the EU as much as Trump wants an $8.6 billion border wall. According to the New York Post, May’s attempt to leave the EU and keep the border open between the ever-feuding Irish seems to be dead in the water. The EU claims it will keep the border open, but there are conditions the U.K. has to accept to keep it open. And Parliament doesn’t like the conditions.

May is between an EU rock and a Parliamentary hard place. Her February EU deal went nowhere the last time parliament voted and according to several British lawmakers, her new deal will go down in British smoke too. March 29, 2019, is the deadline for Britain to accept the current EU deal. If Parliament rejects it, the U.K. could leave the EU without a deal. A no-deal Brexit would be an economic and financial disaster for the U.K., so the word is parliament will vote to stop a No-Brexit deal.

Parliament will then vote to extend the March 29th deadline. That will vote will give May a chance to ask the EU for a delay. Once the EU agrees to extend the exit date, Parliament will vote again for another public vote on Brexit. Some British lawmakers think a new vote will show most Brits want to stay in the EU. According to several British news reports, staying in the EU makes more sense than leaving. If May’s Brexit deal is out, and the EU agrees to an extension, a new Brexit referendum will follow, according to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Whatever happens in Parliament with the Brexit issue, May’s future is in jeopardy, according to a CNN report. Even members of her Conservative Party think May has to go if there’s no Brexit deal. But May will give it another go in Brussels before she calls it quits. She knows her political future depends on her convincing EU leaders to take her new deal. But according to recent news reports the EU is sick of May and the Brexit situation.

May’s fight with Parliament mirrors Trump’s fight with Congress in a strange way. Trump’s new budget will include another $8.6 billion to build his border wall. And the Democrats will reject that budget, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Speaker Chuck Schumer.

That rejection could trigger another government shutdown. And that’s one difference between the U.S. and the U.K.’s legal debacles. May won’t shut the government down because lawmakers don’t agree with her. But Trump seems to like his ability to make lives of American’s miserable until he gets what he wants.

Fox Ordered to Pay $178 Million to ‘Bones’ Creative Team

The history of show business is filled with stories of large companies ripping off performers and not paying them their fair share of the proceeds. Fox was accused of doing that by the stars and producers of the crime drama ‘Bones’ that ran on Fox for 12 years. The show was a monster hit and is now syndicated around the world. The people who made the show a success felt that they were not seeing their fair share of the literally millions of dollars that the show generated and continues to generate.

The dispute was brought before an arbitrator. This is not a court setting. Therefore, arbitration cases are kept private and away from the scrutiny of the public and the media. However, the outcome of this particular arbitration case has surprised everyone. It has sent shock waves through the show business community. The arbitrator ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and ordered Fox to pay a total of $178 million. There was a $50 million ruling of damages. This is not being disputed. However, there was also a massive $128 million ruling for punitive damages. This amount was so big that Fox has decided to fight it in court. The decision to go to court has made the case a matter of public record. This has allowed the media to get their hands on all of the details of the arbitration case.

The arbitrator said that he believed a pair of Fox executives had lied when they were under oath when they were being questioned for the case. He also said that Fox had kept tens of millions of dollars that should have been divided among the producers and stars of the show. The ruling might encourage the creative teams of other hit shows to file legal action against the networks that aired their shows. Old shows can be worth a lot of money. Netflix famously paid $100 million to keep the rights for ‘Friends’ for just one more year. Therefore, it makes sense that producers and stars of hit shows would want to get the cash they are owed.

Fox has vowed to fight the $128 million punitive damages ruling vigorously when the case goes to court. It is scheduled to begin in late April. However, it is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. The wheels of justice turn very slowly. Fox has the money to keep this case going a long time.


Former Southern District Of New York Attorney Dan Goldman Joins The Congressional Intelligence Committee’s Team

The American public wants to know the full story about Russians interference during the 2016 presidential election. Some Americans think the Russians helped Trump get elected. But they don’t know all the juicy details about Trump’s role with the Russians even though seven members of Trump’s campaign had a lot of interactions with Russians during that time.

Most Americans now know Trump was on a mission to build the largest hotel in Europe in Moscow thanks to Michael Cohen dropping a dime before the Congressional Oversight Committee. But U.S. voters don’t know if Trump asked Putin for help to win the election.

According to Mr. Cohen, Trump needed Putin’s help to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. And thanks to Cohen’s testimony, Americans know Trump gave Cohen the okay to give Putin the more than $50 million penthouse in the new Trump Tower Moscow for free.

The Mueller investigation will answer some questions about collusion, according to legal experts like Alan Dershowitz. But Dershowitz claims Mueller’s investigation did not find any proof of collusion. And Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, claims they never will.

But there’s another legal fly lurking in Trump’s purer than the driven snow story. And the Congressional Intelligence Committee wants to use that legal fly to bring the president down.

Intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff brought former Southern District of New York prosecutor Dan Goldman on board because Goldman has a successful track record prosecuting Russian mobsters. Mr. Goldman is now the director of the committee’s investigations. Goldman spent 10 years as an assistant U.S. attorney in New York. Dan’s new job is to get to the bottom of the relationship between Trump and Russia.

Some reports say prosecutors from the Southern District of New York think Mr. Trump ruled a criminal empire under the guise of the Trump Organization. Trump’s involvement with the Russians started in 2015. But according to a New York Times article, the president’s wanted to build a Trump Tower in Russian more than 20 years ago. Mr. Goldman’s job will be to find the truth about Trump’s alleged illicit affairs with Russia.

Mr. Goldman also has experience nailing money launderers. And he was one of the attorneys who sent the Genovese crime family to jail for racketeering. There are reports the Trump organization allegedly did some money laundering through a German Bank. The intelligence committee also wants Goldman to confirm that claim as well as other nefarious claims that relate to Trump.

Electric Scooter Injuries are Skyrocketing

Bird Rides launched 10 dockless electric scooters in Santa Monica in September of 2017. Lime launched soon after Bird, and both companies are doing business across the country. Bird now worth more than $2 billion. For a dollar and some small change on a credit card, these scooters can be rented through a phone app. They have been plugged as energy efficient alternative transportation for traveling distances of maybe a mile on crowded city streets. That might be convenient for riders and good for the environment, but they can travel as fast as 15 mph. As the numbers are emerging, electric scooters might not be so good for riders’ health.

Small eight inch wheels on nearly all electric scooters make them far less stable than bicycles. Sure, they do the job on smooth riding surfaces, but small pavement cracks, small potholes or marginally uneven surfaces can catapult riders. Some electric scooter accident victims simply lose their balance when they’re on them.

Hospitals have started to collect and share data on electric scooter accidents. The UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica and the Ronald Regan Medical Center have had nearly 250 emergency visits from injuries suffered on electric scooters. The overwhelming majority of those visits were from scooter falls and not accidents with motor vehicles. The University of San Diego Medical Center had 42 people scooter accident victims admitted with injuries that were described as severe. Out of those, only one rider was wearing a helmet. Mail Online reports that early half of the riders who were involved in accidents had a blood alcohol concentration that was higher than the legal limit of .08, and more than half of them tested positive for illegal drugs. Police are now citing drunken scooter riders for DUI.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now started its own study into electric scooter accidents and injuries. Regardless of California’s law requiring helmets, the CDC study has already revealed that less than one percent of all scooter riders in that state wear helmets. People just don’t want to carry them around with them. Helmet use, DUI enforcement and safer road surfaces will all be factors in reducing the number of electric scooter accidents across the United States.

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Rudy Giuliani Might Be Trump’s Kryptonite In The End

Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of the House oversight committee infuriated the Republicans on the committee. Those high-breed lawmakers call Cohen every despicable name in Trump’s shade-throwing handbook.

But Cohen sat there quietly looking at the Trumpians who reminded him of himself. Now and then Cohen would bite his tongue especially when Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan pulled a few intimidating wrestling coach remarks out of his take-no-prisoner’s mouth.

Mr. Cohen had Trump by the shorthairs while the president talked to Kim Jon Un about a deal that would never happen. When the president got the news Cohen got more attention than he did while he “ratted” on his former crime boss he left Kim with the bill for lunch. And a Trump-style hangover. Trump knew Cohen looked like one of the mobsters who turned rat on the New York mob in 1963. In mob talk, a rat isn’t a liar. A rat tells the truth the mob doesn’t want people to know.

Mr. Cohen wasn’t there to give the oversight committee more ammunition to use to prove collusion during the 2016 election. He was there to let the world know the federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are legally bloodthirsty.

According to the author of the book of “The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s F.B.I. and the War on Global Terror,” Garrett M. Graff, prosecutors in New York are in the process of building a RICO case against the Trump and his organization.

RICO is short for the 1970s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. That act gave prosecutors the legal ability to nail criminal organizations that had an extensive history of criminal activity. Prosecutors can piece together evidence from various sources and then indict everyone involved in the organizations. They become part of an extended organized conspiracy.
More than eighty people associated with Mr. Trump in some way will have to appear before Congress and tell the truth about various parts of the Trump Organization.

When prosecutors used RICO on the crime families in New York, Rudy Giuliani was the man who developed the investigative process that brought down some of New York’s famous mob bosses.

The case against Mr. Trump may take a while. Giuliani will have to come up with a legal strategy that trumps the RICO strategy he put in place when he went after the bad guys instead of defending them. Mr. Graff thinks Mr. Giuliani knows Mueller isn’t Trump’s problem. He knows the Southern District of New York is, thanks to him.