Worldwide, Elections are at risk. However, there is a solution.

Recently, governments are experiencing challenges regarding electoral integrity. Social media platforms manipulation, online extremism, and misinformation are the leading cause of electoral integrity challenge. However, the report is calling upon international authorities, politicians, and platforms to change the reforms and make policies to tackle the problem.

The incline of social media platforms is causing and will cause more harm to free boards and elector integrity; this is according to a report by the Kofu Annan Commission on Elections and Democracy in the Digital Age. Representatives from lawmakers, tech industries, and academics participated in the making of the report. The report urges the state government to create a global coalition responsible for tackling social media influences on campaigns and elections. Also, it calls the governments to come up with an election vulnerability index that can determine elections prone to misinformation or interference.

Around the planet, election security is becoming a significant concern due to the merging of physical and digital worlds. Starting Wednesday in a Washington state district, voters will be eligible to vote through their smartphones for the first US elections. Past attempts to introduce tech voting in the Seattle area fell into the deep sea. Hackers from the University of Michigan took over the online voting system changing vote tallies in 2010 during trials. Such acts prompted citizens claiming the online voting platform was insecure and was prone to hacking. However, the US government is looking forward to increasing the number of voters by introducing the tech in the Washington DC area.

The commission also claims that in developing states like Kenya, Nigeria, and the Philippian’s things are far from good. Adherent media institutions, distrust among citizens, and pre-existing divergence are the significant causes of vulnerability in electoral integrity. The commission urges such governments to take implement laws that can tackle party dominance on social media platforms. Also, to come up with guidelines that govern the political ads. Google is one of the media platforms working to succumb to the misinformation and manipulation challenge by regulating political ads.

According to the commission, candidates who promised not to use deceptive campaign traditions are the ones entitled to buy ads from social media platforms. However, Facebook is in denial of this rule as it added the number of ads bought by politicians. Kofi Annan, the former UN Sec-General, created the commission, which included members of states, media, and the academy and tech department. Its mandate is to equip policymakers globally with tools to counter the fast-growing tech generation.

House Impeachment Managers Finish Presenting Their Case Against President Trump

Democrats concluded their case in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump late Friday night in the Senate. House impeachment managers, led by Representative Adam Schiff of California, argued that President Trump should be removed from office for his conduct in handling of aid to Ukraine last summer. Representative Schiff portrayed President Trump as a danger to American ideals, saying that the president’s actions with Ukrainian aid is part of a larger pattern of appeasing Russia. Continuing, Mr. Schiff alleges that Trump’s actions are geared toward his own self interests and not the interest of the American people.

As Mr. Schiff’s time came to an end, he encouraged senators to be impartial in their judgment of the president for the sake of the country. Schiff’s words seemingly fell on deaf ears as many Republican senators already hinted that they would not be willing to vote for subpoenaing additional witnesses or documents from the White House. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso told reporters that “We’ve heard plenty,” indicating that he would vote not to hear any further evidence from House impeachment managers. Schiff also made note of reports of senators being warned that the president would “have their head on a pike” if they voted against his agenda. Many senators appeared indignant at Schiff’s words, breaking the silence in the chamber to express that such reports were not true.

In addition to Schiff’s arguments surrounding abuse of power, fellow House impeachment manager Jerry Nadler of New York made the House’s case alleging that Trump obstructed Congress. Representative Nadler argued that in refusing to allow witnesses to testify and not providing House investigators with necessary documents, President Trump undermined the ability of the federal government to correct wrongs. Nadler alleges that Trump’s actions are unprecedented and called the forty-fifth president a dictator.

As Trump’s team begins their defense of the president this weekend, it seems less and less likely that Democrats will be able to sway four Republicans to join their cause and demand that the Senate hear from witnesses. Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer encouraged Republicans to join them in subpoenaing witnesses, warning that the American people want to know the truth. Schumer warns that Republicans could face major political consequences in the November election if they do not vote for witnesses after Trump’s defense team makes their case early next week. Democrats have thus far reached out to moderate Republicans who might want to hear witnesses, including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

Dershowitz Claims His Impeachment Research During Clinton’s Trial Was Sloppy

Hillary Clinton let her party know she wants to be in the press loop during this election year. Hillary made a comment about Bernie Sanders being a grumpy old man. Most Democrats thought telling people nobody likes Sanders was out of line. Clinton still holds a grudge. Bernie took votes away from her in 2016, according to the New York Times.

The impeachment trial won’t disappoint the people who want to see how lawmakers fight. McConnell got the trial started when he threw a few curveballs in the rules. But Adam Schiff let the senators know Mitch’s rules favored the president, and that means the trial is unfair.

Jerry Nadler ended the first day with a bang when he continued to hammer senators about witness testimony and missing documents. Jay Sekulow started a shouting match with Nadler, and Chief Justice John Roberts had to tell the prosecution and the defense to act like adults and respect the Senate.

Mr. Trump told the senators to “read the transcripts” before he departed Davos. The president had dinner with Tim Cook and other big-name CEOs, before heading back to the states. Before he got on Airforce One, he said if John Bolton testifies it would be a security risk. He said the same thing when reporters asked him about Pompeo telling the Senate what he knows.

Senators will vote to hear from witnesses, but if the vote goes the way they went the first day, witness testimony won’t happen. But the defense and the prosecution get three days to present arguments and then senators will ask questions. McConnell hopes the trial will be short, but if four Republicans vote to hear from witnesses, the length of the trial will change.

Ken Starr, another defense attorney, told the press the Obstruction of Congress charge isn’t a real thing. Starr claims the House should go to court to fight to get the documents from the executive branch. Starr claims impeaching the president for obstruction is a phony charge.

Mr. Starr made a name for himself during the Clinton impeachment. Alan Dershowitz also made comments during the Clinton impeachment trial. His old comments don’t jive with his current comments about crime and impeachment. Alan claims there has to be a crime to impeach.

Alan said crime wasn’t a factor in Clinton’s impeachment. But Dershowitz told the press his research during the Clinton trial was sloppy. Some of Alan’s lawyer friends think Dershowitz acted in a way that doesn’t match his legal beliefs when he decided to be part of the president’s defense team.

Mr. Trump’s Party Sticks Together Through Thick And Thin

The president let New York know if sea levels rise enough to flood parts of New York City the city should get mops and buckets ready. New York wants to build flood gates similar to the gates used in the Netherlands and Venice. It’s a 25-year project, and it will need federal support.

New York is not Trump-friendly territory, so he changed his legal residence from New York City to Miami Florida. The state wants to get its hands on Trump’s tax returns. According to several reports, Mr. Trump lowers the value of his company’s assets to avoid paying taxes, and he raises the value of his assets when he needs a bank loan.

The Queen reverse her Harry and Meghan story after she cooled down from being blindsided by her grandson. She knew Harry didn’t like the bad rap his bride got in the British press. Harry told brother William he was crazy for trying to stop his marriage after only one year of dating. William dated Kate for eight years, and Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla for years before they finally got married. Meghan didn’t fit the Royal mold,sccording to the British press. So Meghan told Harry to pack up and move to Canada with her, so she could act again and raise baby Archie as a normal child.

The economy is one of the president’s talking points when he performs at his political rallies. Mr.Trump likes to talk about low inflation and unemployment. But he leaves out the fact Gross Domestic Product growth slipped by more than 1% percent in 2019. And he doesn’t talk about the $1 trillion his free-spending policies add to the national debt every year for the next ten years. The U.S. economy faces challenges in 2020, and most of them come from Trump’s tariff wars.

The Bank of England may lower interest rates to stimulate Britain’s weak economy. Boris plans to leave the EU at the end of this year, but it’s unclear what kind of trade agreement he’ll get from the EU if he does.

The Republican Party continues to stand behind Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump’s voters demand Republican senators respect and protect the president. The Republicans won’t break away from Mr. Trump. According to several reports, 20 senators don’t agree with the president in private, but not in public.

Senators Take The Oath And The Arguments Begin

Meghan Markle may be the Duchess of Sussex, but she’s not a British citizen. She applied to be a British citizen after the royal wedding, but the application is somewhere waiting for the Queen to give her blessing. Meghan will have to spend six months and one day in the U.K. every year if she plans to become a citizen.

But Harry and Meghan have bigger fish to fry now that the Queen told Harry he could live In Canada and she would butt out. William told Harry to calm down and get to know Meghan before they got married. Harry’s love for Meghan hurt his relationship with William.

Lev Parnas took no prisoners when he let Pelosi and Schiff know he’s got the written proof the president wanted Ukraine to help him destroy Joe Biden. Mr.Biden’s son worked for a Ukraine gas company while he was VP. Mr. Trump thinks Biden tried to quid pro quo Ukraine to protect his son from corruption charges. Biden let Hunter take a $50,000 a month board job in Ukraine and he held a $1.1 billion aid check until Ukriane officials fired a corrupt prosecutor.

Parnas claims Mike Pence knew about what went on in Ukraine, but Mike keeps denying he did. When Pence ghosted the Zelensky inauguration, that hurt the new president’s credibility with the United States. Trump knows Ukraine needs his support to fend off the Russians.

When Pence didn’t show for the ceremony, Zelensky knew all banter Rudy Giuliani dished out before the ceremony was true. The president wanted Zelensky to announce he would investigate Hunter Biden’s gas company. Trump didn’t care if the investigation actually happened. The announcement was enough to create doubts about the ghosts in Joe’s VP closet.

Mr. Parnas threw Trump’s legal watchdog Bill Barr under the Ukraine bus along with Mulvaney, and Pompeo. He also told CNBC Trump’s Washington Hotel is a hangout for Congressmen and mobster hoping to make a deal with the president.

John Roberts made all the senators take the jurors’ oath. They all signed it, but Adam Schiff claims claim McConnell violated it, and so did Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and the other lawmakers who announced they would vote to acquit Trump no matter what the evidence proved.

One-hundred senators will have to make a choice. Political careers are on the line, and so is the constitution, according to Congressman Schiff.

Parnas Let Bill Barr Know He’s Too Involved In The Ukraine Issue To Get Involved In His Case

Alan Dershowitz plans to explain his version of constitutional law to the Senate when the trial starts. Mr. Dershowitz claims the founding fathers said there has to be a crime in order to impeach a president. Twenty years ago, Alan told the press the exact opposite.

The White House announced eight members of Congress will join the president’s defense team. Doug Collins, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Debbie Lesko, Mike Johnson, Elise Stefanik, John Ratcliffe, and Lee Zeldin will be on the Trump team during the trial, but Mitch McConnell isn’t happy about that move. If the Congressmen try to defend the president during the Senate trial that would be a first. Members of the House don’t usually get involved in the Senate’s business.

Chuck Schumer told the press the Democrats still want to call witnesses. Four Republican senators may be on board to vote to hear witness testimony. But all four Republicans want to hear the opening arguments before they vote on that issue.

The International Monetary Fund thinks the trade wars with China and Europe will hurt the global economy in 2020. Global Gross Domestic Product growth slipped in 2019, and if the trade wars continue, GDP growth may only hit 3.0-3.5% this year. The U.S. economy will struggle to reach 2.0% growth in 2020. Last year’s GDP growth number is not public yet, but Wall Street economists say economic growth in 2019 won’t be more than 2.0%.

Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei let the U.S. know Trump’s quest to take his company down won’t work. Mr. Trump continues to threaten countries who want to use Huawei’s 5G technology, but Ren told the press his company can handle the pressure. Huawei’s smartphone business is on fire, and more than 70 countries want to use Huawei 5G technology this year.

According to Lev Parnas, Bill Barr played a role in Ukraine’s debacle. Parnas wants Bill to recuse himself from his case. Mr. Barr continues to take heat from lawyers around the country who believe Mr. Barr acts like Trump’s attorney.

Democrats say Mr. Barr withheld information from the Mueller report to protect Trump. And Barr trashed the inspector general who found the FBI acted within the law when agents realized Trump’s campaign had a lot of contact with Russians during the 2016 election. Mr. Barr believes presidents are above the law. And he thinks Congress doesn’t have the right to check the president if he crosses legal lines.

Nancy Gives Mitch The Articles While Trump Calls His Impeachment A Hoax

The $95 billion centerpiece of the phase one trade agreement didn’t get the response the president thought it would get from the farmers struggling to make ends meet from his trade war with China. The Chinese agreed to buy tons of American commodities, but the farmers claim the Chinese are famous for changing their minds.

Soybean farmers who backed Trump in 2016 know Brazil just had a record soybean yield. That means American farmers will have to drop their prices to get the Chinese to write new soybean orders. Brazil already has tons of soybean orders from China. American farmers shipped $9 billion worth of soybeans to China in 2019. So getting the Chinese to buy $20 billion worth of soybeans is a stretch, according to the farmers who realize Trump’s tariff screwing made them bend over more than they expected.

Experts at consultancies Eurasia Group and Control Risks say American politics is the biggest threat to the global economy in 2020. Trump’s trade conflicts, as well as political polarization, will continue to make it difficult to solve global challenges. The World Economic Forum will address the financial and economic issues facing the world when the forum begins next week in Davos. Mr. Trump wanted to attend the meeting, but Steve Mnuchin will go in his place. Ivanka and Jared also plan to attend the forum.

The impeachment trial won’t disappoint the people who thrive on Trump’s snake oil and chaos. Nancy Pelosi told the press the notes and documents Rudy Giuliani’s client Lev Parnas gave to Congress prove the Trumpster planned to screw Zelensky before he took the oath of office. Nancy wants Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo to testify. Ted Cruz thinks the Republicans should be able to call witnesses that have no relevant information about Trump’s plan to make Ukraine help him get reelected if the Senate votes to call witnesses.

Rand Paul thinks Trump’s a dick for drone-frying Soleimani, but Paul wants to stop witnesses from testifying. At least three Republican senators want to hear from witnesses and if that happens, the impeachment trial could turn into a political circus.

Mr. Trump thinks the Senate will vindicate him. But the new information from Parnas makes it hard for Republican senators to protect the president. If the Senate exonerates Trump, they may pay a heavy price in November.

Lev Parnas Drops A Ukrainian Stink Bomb On The Trumpster And Mike Pence

Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer set the rules for the impeachment trial before Nancy Pelosi sent the two articles of impeachment over to the Senate. The senators must take the jurors oath, and they can’t talk during the trial. That might be a big ask. Lindsey Graham has a hard time keeping his mouth shut when it comes to defending his golfing partner.

Lindsey told Fox News the Senate will acquit the Trumpster. And when he addresses the nation in February, he will be stronger than ever. That’s not the way all Republicans think will happen. At least three Trumpians would like to hear what Bolton has to say about his “I don’t want to be part of the drug deal Trump and Rudy have on the Ukraine table,” comment.

More than 55 percent of Americans think Trump deserves the impeachment beating even though the president continues to call it a hoax and an attempt to politically assassinate him.

Trump’s loyal voter base continues to support his chaotic fiscal policy and his tariff addiction. But Trump’s loyal voter base keeps getting smaller as more information about the president’s foreign policy and tariff war surfaces.

Global economic growth took a beating in 2019 thanks to Brexit, the Middle East fiasco, and Trump’s trade wars. Europe’s economy is in the toilet, and the Bank of England plans to cut interest rates to keep Boris Johnson afloat during his battle with the EU.

Boris wants a free trade agreement with the EU, and he wants it by the end of 2020. But Ursula von der Leyen told the press the EU can’t promise Boris will get a great trade deal if he leaves at the end of the year.

There’s global economic danger dead ahead, and the central banks don’t have enough interest rate cutting fuel to keep the global economy moving in the right direction. The Economic Forum will address the issues that have a negative impact on the global economy, but a solution to Trump’s tariff addiction is not on the Forum’s agenda.

Lev Parnas, the Giuliani client who helped him put Zelensky on notice, gave all his notes and documents he kept while he helped Rudy get close to the Ukraine president to Congress. Parnas notes show Rudy wanted to get Zelensky to cooperate with Trump’s plan to screw Joe Biden before he took his oath of office. Lev’s notes also indicate Mike Pence knew about the Zelensky and Biden capers, and he participated in the cover-up.

Lev Parnas Gave Congress More Evidence Trump Wanted Zelensky To Screw Biden

Harry and Meghan got the Queen’s blessing, but according to the British press, her blessing was filled with distress. Meghan wants to get away from the royals and start acting again. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, gave Meghan a job as a voice actor in his next movie project. Harry and the duchess plan to live in Canada half the year, but some reports claim Meghan wants to live there full time.

Trying to break away from the Queen’s dynasty isn’t easy. Harry wants to be financially independent, but that’s a legal can of worms, according to British officials. He may have to break ties with Buckingham Palace and, that opens the door for security as well as other issues, and Canada is not on board with spending money to protect the couple.

The trade deficit with China dropped in December by eight percent. But the U.S. still buys more Chinese merchandise than China buys from the United States. The total trade deficit at the end of 2019 was $295.8 billion. In December, the deficit was $23.2 billion down from $24.6 billion in 2018. Mr. Trump’s tariff addiction made a dent in the deficit with China, but it cost Americans more than $30 billion in tariff-taxes. Chinese products are a huge part of American life. In China, American products are not as important.

The phase one trade deal is a start, but there are challenges in its DNA. The Chinese will but more farm products from American farmers and China will try to stop the intellectual property thief that is part of Chinese business life. Plus, China will open its domestic market and stop manipulating the yuan in the currency market. But the Chinese have a knack for changing agreements or disregarding them. Phase one is more truce than a solid business deal, but it gives the president the bragging rights he needs to get reelected in November.

The impeachment trial will begin next week. Three Republican senators want to hear from witnesses, but the Democrats need one more Trumpian to break rank and vote to hear from Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo. Mr. Trump said he will block their testimony. If that happens, it will cost him votes in November.

Lev Parnas one of the Rudy Giuliani’s clients gave his Ukraine notes to Congress, and the notes confirm Trump tried to Biden-screw Zelensky. It’s unclear if the Parnas notes will be part of the impeachment trial, but it’s safe to say Congress will try to use them in order to bring Trump down.

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Union square ventures lead legal tech startup Juro’s $5m Series A

Union Square Ventures, a New York-based investing company, is planning to invest $5 million in series A in Juro. Juro designed for modern business is AI-enabled and assists fast-growing firms make contracts in a smart, human, and fast way. Juro was founded in 2016 by former Freshfields lawyer Richard Mabey and Pavel Kovalevich. Paul Foster, Taavet Hinrikus, and Point Nine Capital are among the investors participating in Series A. With an initial seed funding of $2million, Series A sees Juro funds increase to approximately $8 million.

Juro is specializing in coming up with interactive and trackable systems breaking the monotonous ways of negotiating and making contracts. Also, it offers services such as contract management and E-signing. Besides, it uses machine learning tech that alerts the client on unusual language and automatic contract tagging. Also, its custom-built editor enables contracts to be retrieved easily and be machine-readable. Juro also assists entrepreneurs in deals with up to 96% faster than using machine learning. Unlike MS words, according to Richard Mabey co-founder and CEO of Juro, Juro has a data model that converts contracts into actionable data. However, their biggest challenge is to drive out lawyers from MS word to Juro. Through custom-built editor, Juro can increase its value since MS word wasn’t designed for legal workflows.

According to Mabey, most of the investments will go into improving machine data science capabilities while other funds will go into hiring web designers, engineers, and data scientists. Mabey adds that it will expand its services to the EU market by increasing its marketing and sales team based in London. Later they will use the funds to expand to the US where they have customers already.

However, Joru has 50000 processed contracts of clients since its founding in 2016. Most of its users are tech-companies that have a deal with large quantities of contracts like Luno (fintechs), Envoy (saas), and Deliverooo (marketplaces) SkyScanner, Reach and Babylon health. In the last few years, E-signature giants startups are invading the contract industry. However, he argues that the E-signature firms don’t deal with browser-based documentation and dynamics. Instead, they deal with pdfs file, which may hinder them from invading the contract industry.

John Buttrick, a partner of Union Square ventures, is merging with Juro’s board as of the Series A. john praises Juros transformative vision in contract management. Lastly, he adds that Union Square Ventures are happy in investing in Juro’s project and making it a reality.

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Woman Convicted Of Encouraging Teen’s Suicide Via Text Message

The United States Supreme Court decided it was not interested in hearing from a young woman seeking to have her manslaughter conviction overturned. The court made its decision on Monday in the case of a woman convicted of using text messages to goad her boyfriend into killing himself. The high-profile 2014 case succeeded in training the attention of the nation on issues pertaining to cyberbullying.

The justices of the Supreme Court decided against giving Michelle Carter the opportunity to argue an appeal of a decision handed down by a judicial supreme court in Massachusetts a year ago. The Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld the original conviction Carter received at the hands of the juvenile judge that presided over her original case.

Case evidence shows that Carter made repeated suggestions to Conrad Roy that he should inhale carbon monoxide fumes to commit suicide. Conrad Roy was 18 years old at the time of his death. Michelle Carter was 17 at the time.

Lawyers for Carter argue that her conviction is a direct violation of the first amendment rights guaranteed to her under the Constitution. A number of advocacy groups for civil liberties made the same argument in Carter’s defense. It was the first case in Massachusetts in which a defendant was prosecuted for manslaughter based on statements made through text messaging.

Roy hooked a generator up to his vehicle and allowed it to fill with carbon monoxide. Court transcripts show that Roy exited the vehicle once the fumes began to get too strong for him to endure. He returned to the vehicle at the urging of Carter.

According to, Carter sent a copy of the text message to a friend who provided the information to investigators. Earlier in the conversation, Carter made Roy promise her he would not back out of the present suicide attempt like he had done with previous attempts on his life.

In one text message , Carter coaxed the troubled man by telling him the more ‘you push it off’ the more it will all ‘eat at you.’ A second text suggested Roy ‘just do it’ and not ‘think about it.’

Carter was indicted in 2015 and opted to have her fate decided by a judge. Juvenile Court Judge Lawerence Moniz of Bristol County found Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Moniz ordered Carter to serve 15 months of a 30-month prison sentence. Carter began serving the sentence once she received notice the appeals court did not rule in her favor.

New York Bar Wants To End Barr’s Role In The Trumpian Fiasco

The Queen’s 93, but she still rules in Britain. Prince Charles Is on deck, and Prince William gets the starring role when Charles purchases his one-way ticket to paradise. Prince Harry got the raw end of the royal stick for being the second-born son. And he’s been bitching about that fact for years.

Harry got a chance to go rogue and split with Buckingham Palace without telling dad or grandma. Meghan told Harry he needs to turn in his royal uniform in and get one he can wear part-time, so she can get away from his judgment and snobby family.

Meghan also wanted to give the British press the finger for showing the world what her family gene pool looks and acts like. Meghan wants to raise the baby prince with her homeys in the states or Canada. And Harry wants to still live like a millionaire when he gets some backing from his wealthy friends.

Rudy Giuliani thinks the Supreme Court should tell Congress the impeachment isn’t an impeachment because Pelosi didn’t send the articles when Moscow Mitch wanted them. Mitch wants to give trump a win, and so does Lindsey Graham.

Mitch gave the president’s lawyer an advantage when he decided he was team Trump even though he has to take the juror’s oath before the trial begins. Nancy told the press she’ll send the articles soon. Lindsey said the trial will start on the 13th or 14th with or without the articles.

Mr. Trump’s decision to drone-fry Iran’s general set off a chain reaction no one expected. Trump knew Iran would retaliate, and they did, but the retaliation was kid-glove worthy. Khomeini tested his missile system on two Iraqi military bases. Before he made the call, he let Iraq know to get folks underground, fast. The Iranian leader made sure no one got hurt.

But when Iran put up its anti-missile defense system and left it on, it detected the Ukrainian Airlines jet that got the okay to take off. All people aboard the flight meet their maker because Trump decided to attack Iran to help him win in 2020.

Lawyers in New York are sick of Bill Barr being Trump’s legal lap dog. Lawyers around the country want the attorney general to find out if Barr’s attempt to protect all of Trump’s mobster moves is a result of a mental disorder, or he just an old bigoted hard-ass who’s about to run out of legal gas.

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Macron And The EU Are Ready To Tariff Rumble With The Trumpster

Pentagon Chief Mark Esper drew a line in the Trumpian sand when he told the press the U.S. military won’t strike cultural sites in Iran if Khomeini retaliates. Esper knows destroying cultural sites violates international law. Some news reports claim Mr. Trump earned the title war criminal for attacking Iran’s general. But Mr. Trump claims he has a right to do anything to get reelected.

Thirty-eight percent of Americans think the Trumpster did the right thing when he sent General Soleimani to meet Allah. Seventeen percent don’t know if Trump did the right thing, and thirty-eight percent think the president committed a war crime.

Thousands of Iranians hit the streets during the general’s funeral. Mr. Trump opened old wounds and Iran wants to show Trump it won’t go down without a fight. A fight that might include drone-frying Trump’s business properties around the world. Mr. Trump said Iran will never have a nuclear bomb on his watch, but Supreme Leader Khomeini let the Trumpster know the nuclear deal he threw in the trash is no longer valid and they will continue to enrich enough uranium to produce nuclear weapons.

The stock market thinks Trump has the Iranian situation under control. But economists around the world think a war will throw the global economy into recession-mode in 2020. The IMF chief told the press global growth would be 3.2 percent in 2020, but the tension Trump created in the Middle East will wipe out any EU economic growth, and U.S. economic growth could be in negative territory as well in 2020.

The Chinese plan to sign the phase one deal January 15th. China will continue to protect Chinese farmers even though negotiators agreed to buy $40 billion worth of farm products from the U.S. over the next two years. Some reports claim China won’t buy that amount of farm products due to contracts they signed with Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Mr. Trump plans to put a 100 percent tariff on French products for taxing American companies that make millions from French consumers. Mr. Trump also threatened to add tariffs to European-made vehicles. Both threats would destroy Europe’s economy as well as the U.S. economy. President Macron and the EU plan to retaliate if Trump makes good on his claim to tariff-screw Europe. Consumers on both sides of the Atlantic would pay the additional tariff-taxes and could cost Americans more than $40 billion in 2020 since most of the tariffs are still in play in Trump’s China trade war.

Iran Dials Iraqi’s 911 Before The Missiles Attack

Mr. Trump proudly stood in front of the cameras and told the American people they should be happy there were no casualties from Iran’s attack on two military bases in Iraq. He also let Iran know he plans to add more sanctions in order to make Khomeini cry uncle from the financial and economic pressure he keeps dialing up.

Mr. Trump claimed victory, but most scholars who understand the mentality behind Iran’s decisions claim the soft slap on the hands was just the opening act in Khomeini’s attempt to force the United States to remove its presence from the Middle East.

During his victory dance, Mr. Trump made several claims that didn’t jibe with the facts. Mr. Trump said Obama gave Iran $1.8 billion when the 2015 nuclear treaty became a reality. That payment was for the $400 million Iran paid the United States in the 1970s for military equipment it never received. The $1.8 billion was payback for not getting the equipment, plus forty years of interest.

Iran’s economy is in the toilet thanks to the sanctions. Iran can’t afford to fight with Trump the traditional way. Khomeini told the press he plans to continue his mission to screw Trump, but how and when that will happen is still a mystery. Foreign Minister Zarif told the press the attacking the two military bases in Iraq proves Iran can militarily hold their own if Trump continues to harass his country.

According to several reports,Iran let the Iraqi government know they planned to blow a few holes in the military bases before the attack started. Iran wanted to make sure the missiles didn’t cause any casualties. Most of the personnel on those bases retreated to underground bunkers before the missile-screwing started. That retaliatory gesture was enough to bring Trump off the war ledge and make him look like a military hero in the eyes of his voter base.

But when Esper and other Pentagon and security officials gave lawmakers the reason Trump drone-fried general Soleimani in the first place, Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Utah’s Mike Lee told the press Trump’s excuse didn’t pass the truth test.

The two Republican senators claim Trump violated the constitution and put an end to Middle Eastern diplomacy. Lindsey Graham, Trump’s golfing pal, told the press Paul and Lee overreacted. The Democrats who attended the meeting claim Graham needs professional help to get over his Trump fetish.

Trump Defies War Powers Act

Lindsey Graham wants to change the Senate impeachment laws so his Republicans pals can vindicate Trump without the articles of impeachment. Nancy Pelosi kept the impeachment articles over the holidays. She wants Mitch McConnell to set the rules for the trial before she sends both impeachment articles. McConnell still refuses to give Pelosi what she wants.

Pelosi wants witnesses to testify, but Mitch wants a fast trial because Trump wants a fast trial. Mr. Trump wanted to call the witnesses that would prove Joe Biden did a quid pro quo number on Ukraine when he was president. But he ditched that request when Mitch, Lindsey, and other Trumpians told him that idea would backfire. The impeachment trial is all about what Trump did not what Biden did when he was VP.

Iraq’s Parliament voted to remove American troops over the weekend. The Iraqi’s want to protect themselves, but Trump claims he’ll sanction Iraq silly if the country forces American troops to leave. Mr. Trump said the U.S. built an expense airport in Iraq, and they will have to pay him for the airport before he orders American troops to leave.

Russian news reports claim Trump’s move to drone-fry Iran’s top military leader was a dick move. Some reports claim Trump took out the general to take attention away from his impeachment. Other reports say the United States showed it’s no longer a major power that plays by international rules.

According to the NY Times, Mr. Trump confirmed he would play by his own rules in several weekend treats. He threatened to target 52 sites in Iran if the Iranians follow through with their threat to retaliate. The Trumpster tweeted he would target cultural sites, and that violated UN resolution 2347. Mr. Trump said he didn’t care about the UN resolution because Iran doesn’t play by the rules.

The White House sent Congress notice of the drone strike over the weekend, but the classified document didn’t adhere to the rules outlined in the 1973 War Powers Act. Trump said his tweets will serve as the official notice for any new warlike moves against Iran.

The Democrats know most Republicans back the president’s move to start another war in the Middle East. The Trumpster and his Trumpians claim they want to prevent a war, not start one. That stupid statement shows the 25th Amendment that gives Congress the right to remove a president from office should be the next move the Democrats make to stop Trump’s chaotic and dangerous presidency.