16 States File Lawsuit Over Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Sixteen states have filed lawsuits against United States President Donald Trump in response to the national emergency declaration that is meant to provide the funds necessary to build a border wall.

The federal lawsuit was filed on Monday in the San Francisco-based Northern California District Court. The lawsuit alleges the present is in blatant disregard for the separation of powers clauses that are central to the United States Constitution. The suit also explains the money the president seeks to divert for the border wall is money that otherwise would go to law enforcement initiatives, drug interdiction operations, and military construction projects.

Other allegations outlined against the president in the lawsuit are:

  • Actions that exceed the scope of his authority.
  • Violation of the appropriation clause that mandates money should not be drawn from the United States Treasury in the absence of legal appropriations.
  • Violation of the of the Environmental Protection Act.

The lawsuit also highlights a recent statement made by Trump in which he says the wall could be completed without the declaration of an emergency. He says he declared the emergency to expedite the building of the wall. The lawsuit uses the statement to demonstrate the president’s acknowledgment of the fact there was no need for an emergency to be declared.

According to CNN, the states that are involved with the current lawsuit are Virginia, New Mexico, New Jersey, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Hawaii, Delaware, Illinois, Nevada, Minnesota, Oregon, and New York. The suit was filed as California v. Trump.

A number of nonprofits have also filed lawsuits in the matter. There are more lawsuits form nonprofits in the works. Among the nonprofits already filing suits against the president are Public citizen and Animal Legal Defense Fund. Protect Democracy and the ACLU are among the organizations planning to file suits in the near future.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics filed a suit of a different kind against the Department of Justice on Friday. The suit is in regards to legal opinions and communications pertaining to the president’s declaration.

House Democrats are also set to take action against the president’s emergency declaration. One resolution being planned would repeal the action of the president. The president is already on record saying he would veto any such resolution if it reaches his desk.

The House Judiciary Committee reports it is currently conducting its own investigation into the matter.

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