99-Year-Old Lawyer Has No Plans To Retire

Morton Katz is a 99-year-old attorney who has no plans to retire. He stated that he will not retire until they carry him out of the courtroom. Morton started practicing law in 1951. He became a lawyer after he served in World War II.

Morton stated on Press Herald that he loves what he does. He also stated that he does not know what he would be doing if he was not practicing law. Morton said that he has his hard days, but he still loves what he does.

Morton was educated at Connecticut State College. After he graduated from college, he served in World War II. He went to law school after World War II was over.

Omar Williams is the Superior Court Judge. He stated that Morton is able to handle tough cases and is good at his job. He also stated that Morton does superior work.

Morton is a public defender and gets paid $350 for every case that he takes on. If the case goes to the trial, he is paid an hourly wage on top of the $350. He also does a lot of free legal work.

Morton’s uncle paid to get him through college. Morton offered to pay his uncle back, but his uncle refused that offer. That is what motivated Morton to go into public service. He stated that if someone needs your help, then you will need to help them.

The American Bar Association has stated that it does not know whether Morton is the oldest practicing lawyer in the United States. Ernie Lewis is the executive director of the National Association of Public Defenders. He has practiced for 31 years and stated that there is no one who is close to Morton’s age still practicing.

Morton regularly attends seminars so that he can stay up-to-date with legal changes. Judge Williams says that Morton is a fine example of the best that humankind has to offer.

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