According To A Former Federal Prosecutor, Mueller’s Giving Trump A Front Row Seat To A Mobster Take Down

No one says it in public. Defamation of character, especially the character of a president, can be a legal nightmare. But some people who know the inner workings of New York City developers say Trump business methods mirror the business decisions of John Gotti Sr. No, no one calls Donald Trump a gangster. They just call him a businessman with gangster qualities.

Trump likes to battle in court. He likes the thrill of winning, and he blames others when he loses. The list of lawyers who represented Trump in some legal tussle is a long one. Lawyers have to walk the Trump legal walk if they want to stick around. Trump knew John Gotti had a loyal lawyer in Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn did work for Trump’s dad, Fred.

Cohn also had clients with mob connections. Mr. Cohn was Trump’s mentor, according to The Guardian. Cohn knew how to massage the law like a legal masseuse. He knew how to bob and weave in front of a jury. And he taught Trump how to use the law, as well as test the law, every chance he got.

Former Federal Prosecutor Elie Honig knows all about Roy Cohn. Eli worked for the southern district of New York when that office took down the Sicilian mafia. She also knows Robert Mueller from those federal prosecuting days. Honig said Mueller seems to be taking a page out the legal mobster takedown book. He’s methodically getting Trump loyalists to tell the truth. Mueller has successfully completed stage one of the Trump takedown. But Honig believes there are more stages to the Mueller investigation. There’s more Trump campaign fish to fry.

Mueller hasn’t gotten to the core of the Trump campaign group. Trump’s family visited Russia in 2015. They tried to get permission to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Mr. Mueller hasn’t gone after Donald Jr., Eric Trump, or Jared Kushner yet. But all three seem to be fair game. Some reports say all three had contact with Russians for alleged campaign reasons. Obviously, they know Trump’s truth is always the right truth. Mueller’s job is to find the information to break down that truth.

Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Jerome Corsi made their choice. Flynn and Cohen gave Mueller more legal ammunition, and Manafort, Stone, and Corsi plan to go down with the presidential ship if Mueller’s investigation finds the keys that unlock the legal truth.

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