Amazon vs Enquirer: Jeff Bezos Claims National Enquirer Guilty of “Extortion And Blackmail”

Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and the worlds’ wealthiest man has put forward a theory combining Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump, the National Enquirer, and his affair with one Lauren Sanchez. Expounding his observations in a post, he made his charges against the National Enquirer public.

While somewhat crude, he went on to claim that David J. Pecker demanded that he publically state American Media, the company behind National Enquirer, had no political motivation in their coverage on his affair. The rub was that if he didn’t, David J. Pecker would allegedly publish various graphic pictures of Jeff Bezos.

The day after Jeff Bezos and his wife of twenty-five years announced their divorce, the National Enquirer article on his affair went public. The tabloid article boasted of doggedly investigating Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, following them to five-star hotels and documenting their activities. Additionally, text messages of a sexual nature were published therein.

Given the zeal with which National Enquirer covered Bezos, questions were raised about their motivations. Mr. Pecker and President Trump have been known to be friends, and the National Enquirer was implicated in hush money dealt during the 2016 election.

In response, Bezos has ordered friends and associates to launch an investigation of Mr. Pecker. While Jeff Bezos generally evades media attention, he’s given his staff the promise of supplying ‘whatever budget they need’ in their investigation as to how the Enquirer obtained his texts to Ms. Sanchez.

While Mr. Pecker and American Media allegedly threatened to release graphic pictures in retaliation, Bezos claims to have met the threat head-on instead. Additionally, he used his long blog post on medium to connect various dots in the political drama of recent years. The inquiry into the Stormy Daniels affair resulted in a guilty plea from Michael D. Cohen, who implicated American Media in the backchannel deals to protect Donald Trump.

It was found by Federal prosecutors that American Media effectively made an illegal, corporate contribution to the Trump campaign by its actions. While the authorities declined to press charges, American Media was to admit guilt and that it had intended to influence the election. Additionally, American Media would be required to commit ‘no crimes whatsoever’ for three years. If found guilty of blackmail in the Bezos case, the non-prosecution agreement would have been violated on their part. If Jeff Bezos’ allegations prove true, the tabloid giant could find itself facing multiple legal battles.

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