American Bar Association Give Supreme Court Nominee Its Highest Rating

Choosing a justice to serve on the United States Supreme Court is one of the most important decisions that any President of the United States will undertake. A Supreme Court justice is allowed to serve on the bench for life, so a justice could be on the court shaping legal opinion for decades.

Each time that there is a hearing to confirm a new justice, there are a number of individuals and groups that provide their opinion as to the fitness of a justice nominee to serve on the court. The American Bar Association is one of the most important legal bodies in the United States. This organization rates each judicial nominee based on a number of different criteria.

Among the criteria that are used to rate a Supreme Court nominee are the individual’s ethical integrity and legal competency. The individual’s legal experience is also taken into account.

Brett Kavanaugh has just received the American Bar Association’s top rating of well-qualified. Mr. Kavanaugh was chosen by President Donald Trump to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Justice Kennedy was seen to be a so called “swing-vote” on the court coming down on the liberal or conservative side of an issue depending on the case before the court.
Mr. Kavanaugh is seen by many as a much more conservative judge than Kennedy. Many on the political left are opposing his nomination to the nation’s highest court in spite of the high rating given to Kavanaugh by the American Bar Association.

Mr. Kavanaugh currently serves as an associate justice on the Federal Court of Appeals from the District of Columbia Circuit. Before becoming a federal judge, Mr. Kavanaugh served as a counsel to President George W. Bush. He also worked for Ken Starr when Mr. Starr was investigating the conduct of President Bill Clinton.

The hearings in the Senate to confirm Mr. Kavanaugh started on September 4. Mr. Kavanaugh is expected to be confirmed along party lines by a very small margin.

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