Appeals Court Tells The Trumpster To Hand Over His Tax Returns

Washington Attorney George Conway thinks Mr. Trump’s narcissism is out of control after the first day of the public impeachment hearings. Conway is an avid Never Trumper, but his wife Kellyanne is one of Trump’s most vocal supporters.

Mr. Conway told the press Trump’s only mission wasn’t to help curb corruption in Ukraine. The president rarely talked about corruption in Ukraine over the last three years. He talked about corruption in Iran, and he even accused his intelligence agencies of being corrupt more than pointing his orange-bleached finger at Ukraine.

The first day of the impeachment hearings didn’t help Trump’s claim his phone conversation with President Zelensky was perfect. Ambassador Bill Taylor set the record straight when he told Congress Gordon Sondland told him Trump doesn’t care about Ukraine. All he cared about was screwing Joe Biden. Trump wanted Zelensky to say Joe used his type of quid pro quo tactics on Ukraine so his son’s name wouldn’t come up in a Ukraine gas company investigation.

Mr. Taylor also told Congress Gordon Sondland committed a major security breach when he called Trump from a Ukraine restaurant. The Russians listen to conversations U.S. officials have with each other if they have a chance. Taylor said Sondland gave Russia the opportunity when he broke protocol and called Trump from a public place. Taylor also said it was highly unusual for the ambassador to the EU to get involved in Ukrainian issues.

Mr. Sondland donated $1 million to Trump’s campaign. The president rewarded him with an ambassadorship even though Gordon has no diplomatic experience. The Trumpster wanted Sondland to relay his plan to State Department officials in Ukraine. Sondland told officials like Mr. Taylor Trump wasn’t out to make Zelensky his Biden-bitch.

House Trumpian Jim Jordan claimed Trump didn’t strong-arm Zelensky during the now-famous July 25th phone conversation. Jordan claims Trump wanted to weed out corruption in Ukraine and Zelensky agreed to help him open an investigation because Biden, not Trump is the guilty one. That lame excuse didn’t fly with the public or members of Congress, according to Forbes.

Congress and New York are one step closer to getting their hands on Mr. Trump’s tax returns. An appeals court sided with a lower court that said Trump can’t keep hiding his tax returns. Jay Sekulow told the press the Trumpster will take his case to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump thinks the Supreme Court will vote in his favor because he put a couple of Trumpian judges on the highest court in the nation.

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