Arrested Nurse Settles for $500,000

The Utah nurse at the center of a firestorm over an unlawful arrest at a hospital has reached a settlement without even having to bring a lawsuit. Alex Wubbels is the university nurse who prevented law enforcement officials from taking blood from an unconscious patient. Law enforcement officers did not have a warrant.

Wubbels tried to show law enforcement paperwork from the hospital that talked about an agreement that law enforcement reached with the hospital about drawing blood. The officer was unmoved. Wubbels also told the officer that she was just doing her job. She said that she was just the messenger, and that the officer should talk about the case with hospital officials.

The officer moved in to arrest the nurse. He forcibly put Wubbels in handcuffs. Wubbels screamed and asked for help. The officer held her in a police cruiser before later letting her go.

The police union says that it’s not the cop who was corrupt. Instead, they’re calling the police chief and the mayor corrupt. They say the problem isn’t the officer’s actions but instead that the police made the video of the arrest public.

Even though the police union is defending the officer’s actions, Salt Lake City officials agreed to the $500,000 settlement. They say the settlement closes the case.

Wubbels said that she wants to use her settlement to help others get copies of police camera footage when they suspect police wrongdoing. She says that the camera footage is the only thing that drew the appropriate attention to the case. She says that telling her story didn’t draw the attention that the cameras did. Wubbels says that police cameras are important for keeping police officers accountable for their actions.

Wubbels also wants to use her settlement money to help nurses. She says that nurse abuse is an ongoing issue. She says she’ll make a donation to the Utah Nurse’s Association.

The unconscious individual at the subject of the officer’s request was never under arrest. He was in a crash during a police chase. Despite having no evidence of wrongdoing, law enforcement wanted the man’s blood in order to see if he was under the influence at the time of the crash. Despite officers saying they wanted the blood for the man’s own protection, some speculate they were on a fishing expedition to try to help the police avoid liability for the crash that occurred during a police chase.

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