Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Getting Heat From Trump So He Is Defending The Firing Of James Comey

Jeff Sessions is an Alabama lawyer who loves to hate immigrants, gays, and pot smokers. Sessions always wanted to be the top law enforcement official in the United States, and he got the chance when he hooked up with Trump during the 2016 campaign. Trump likes Mr. Sessions because he thinks like Sessions thinks, when it comes to keeping people out of the country and keeping racist and narrow-minded thinking alive in Washington.

Session is a passive aggressive Attorney General who knows when to speak and when to keep quiet. When he recused himself from the Russian investigation, he did slip up in terms of doing Trump’s dirty work. But he is making amends by saying the Department of Justice may fire more people because of the shoddy way the Clinton email investigation went down. Sessions also said Trump was right when he fired Mr. Comey. Sessions took his sweet, southern time making that statement. But he had to do something to appease Trump. After all, Sessions is a member of the Trump “cult” that Senator Bob Corker said is alive and active in the Senate.

Mr. Sessions said Comey is guilty of a serious breach of discipline, and Comey is not the only member of the FBI to breach that discipline. The Justice Department’s inspector general is ready to release a report that could lead to more firings in the DOJ, according to Mr. Sessions. It sounds like Session already knows the report is going to show more discipline breaches and he’s happy to insinuate he will weed out those “bad guys” in the name of what’s right and just.

But it doesn’t take a political analyst to know Sessions is trying to get on Trump’s good side again. Trump isn’t happy with Sessions for a number of reasons, but Trump needs Sessions. Trump wants Sessions to be the point man that closes America’s borders. And he wants Sessions to be the crusader who gives more drug users longer jail sentences. Mr. Sessions is quietly doing Trump’s dirty work, and while does, the country is shaking its head in confusion and disbelief.

Jeff Sessions may be a “Good Ole Alabama Boy’ but that identity is changing. Most Washington insiders call him a Trump errand boy who wants to go down in history as the Attorney General who tried to rule the DOJ with ancient ideas and ridiculous statements.

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