Attorney Laura Wesser Shares Her Craziest Breakup Story

Laura Wesser is a 49-year-old divorce attorney. She had worked with several celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner and Brittney Spears. She had also handled a lot of divorce drama including fights and water glasses being thrown. Laura has also created her own website called itsovereasy. This website is focused on helping people get over their divorce.

Laura also shared the details of the craziest divorce she has ever had to deal with. There was a divorcing couple whose children were all grown. However, they shared a cat. After the couple split up, the wife moved into a lavish condo. When the couple split up, they shared custody of the cat. The cat spent was with the mom for three days. After that, it was with the dad for three days.

However, things changed when the mom started dating again. The husband was obviously not happy about the wife having a new boyfriend. The ex-husband gave the cat a laxative, and it ended up having diarrhea. Laura she stated that she felt bad for the cat. She also stated that she now understands why the wife left the husband.

One of the reasons that Laura is a sought-after attorney is because she tries to make it easier for people to go through a divorce. Her goal is to keep the divorce out of court and help it go smoothly. Additionally, mediation is the preferred way to handle a divorce. Laura said that mediation makes sense because it saves time and money.

Laura hopes that the tips she has on her website will make her job easier. She stated that people date online, shop online and bank online. It just makes sense for them to go online to look for legal advice. Laura’s website also guides people through the legal steps involved in getting a divorce.


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