Wells Fargo To Pay $3B As Part Of A Settlement

On Friday, February 21st, Reuters reported that that Wells Fargo, one of the nation’s largest lenders, admitted to wrongdoing and has agreed to pay $3 billion dollars as part of a settlement stemming from investigations into fake accounts and pressure on employees. The investigation which began over three years ago involved probes, both civil and criminal.

Specifically, Wells Fargo agreed that, during the 14-year period between 2002 to 2016, it had pressured its employees to meet impossible sales goals; thereby causing them to pressure customers and offer falsified products and accounts. Additionally, findings showed that employees misused customer information, made up reports, and even falsified consent.

Wells Fargo’s reputation has suffered tremendously from the “Fake-Accounts Scandal”. In trying to restore trust and credibility after the scandal, Charles Scharf, top executive of Wells Fargo and Co. since last September, called the behavior “reprehensible” and committed to making sure nothing like this ever happens again.

As part of the agreement, penalties will be paid to the United States Department of Justices and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with $500 million going to the latter to be divided among investors. The agreement also allows for a three-year deferment for prosecutions while other Justice Department investigations related to Wells Fargo move forward.

Public Citizen, a public watchdog group, said the deal is not enough and advocates for charges being brought against individuals of the company since top management was aware of the fraudulent activities as far back as 2002. Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has tweeted the settlement was a start, but not enough. She expressed her support for bringing charges against top executives if justified by the evidence Therefore, there is still the possibility that individuals within the company could face criminal or civil charges. The matter is not closed.

Since 2016 when the scandal started, Wells Fargo had been out $4 billion in penalties and fines.The $3 billion settlement, reported by Reuters, ends liabilities pertaining to the Wells Fargo’s fake-accounts scandal, but there are still ongoing issues and investigations. In March 2020, the House Financial Services Committee will hold three meetings.

Wells Fargo is eager to leave the scandal behind and move forward. According to Reuters, it has taken several steps to fix issues and rebuild its credibility. Unfortunately, unresolved legal issues have taken a toll on its reputation and profitability and it continues to lag behind.

Rohrabacher Claims He Did Offer Assange A Pardon

Mike Pompeo is in Saudi Arabia discussing how to bring down Iran with King Salman and warning the King to stay away from Huawei. Mike’s been out of the country trash-talking Huawei, the second-largest smartphone maker and vendor in the world. Huawei also has a jump on 5G technology, and Pompeo, and Mr. Trump are on a mission to stop the company from controlling the global 5G network, according to the New York Times.

The Federal Reserve Bank, and The International Monetary Fund told the press the coronavirus won’t slow down economic growth too much. But Wall Street economists think the virus will take a bite out of the 2.3% growth last year. Wall Street thinks first-quarter growth may only hit 1.8%, and growth could continue to drop if the tech war with China rages on, according to the Washington Post.

The Chinese want to reduce the fear that still keeps workers home, and Chinese factories only producing half of their capacity. Apple can’t get enough workers to leave home to keep its production lines humming. The last economic estimate is China’s Gross Domestic Product growth will slip below 5.0% in 2019. China’s GDP growth was 6.1% last year.

Recently released consumer data paints a grim picture of the future for the retail sector of the economy. Consumers still feel nervous about the trade war with China, and the election this year. They worry that Mr. Trump might tariff European-made vehicles, and he may increase tariffs on all French products. The president recently added more tariffs to European aircraft and parts, according to MarketWatch.

European leaders worry about dealing with Trump for another four years. EU officials claim Trump wants to force them to follow his international edicts by slowing down economic growth in Europe, according to the New York Times. European leaders also think if Trump wins in November, any hope of protecting what’s left of American democracy will go down the drain.

Mr. Trump continues to purge his enemies from official duties. John Rood the under-secretary of Defense Policy, turned in his resignation, after Mark Esper asked him for it. Rood is the Defense Department official who released the military aid check to Ukraine even though Trump sent word not to send it.

Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher told the press he did offer Assange a pardon, but he never talked to the president about it. He told John Kelly about his offer, but never heard back from General Kelly who was chief of staff. Mr. Rohrabacher is a staunch Trump supporter. He gained a reputation for siding with Russia when he was in Congress, according to the Washington Post.

Barr’s Trump-Protecting Behavior Gives Prosecutors Resignation Fever

The coronavirus continues to threaten China’s first-quarter economic growth. Economists think China’s GDP growth will fall below 4.0% at the end March. That would be the worst economic performance in more than 30 years.

President Trump told the press the U.S. economy won’t feel any pain from the coronavirus. But economists claim the factory closures in China will impact the global economy as well as the U.S. economy. Germany can’t afford to take another economic hit. Germany had zero GDP growth in January. The UK’s economic growth in 2019 was 1.4% and unless Boris Johnson can ink a trade-free deal with all the trimmings from the EU, economists think the UK economic growth could be in negative territory by the end of the year.

But working out a comprehensive deal with the EU may not be in the cards, unless Johnson agrees to extend the Brexit negotiations. Boris wants to cut all ties with the EU by the end of 2020. But EU President Ursula von der Leyen told the press it’s impossible to get all the security, manufacturing, and border concerns put to bed by the end of 2020.

Mr. Johnson wanted Trump to give him a solid free-trade deal, but after his phone conversation with Mr. Trump that may be out of the question. Mr. Johnson got on Trump’s nerves when Boris signed a 5G contract with Huawei. President Trump finally slammed the phone down while Boris tried to explain his decision. Boris cancelled his March White House meeting after the Trump disrespected him over the phone.

Bill Barr told the press he can’t do his job. Barr claims Trump’s tweets hinder him from focusing on DOJ issues. Barr asked Trump to stop including DOJ officials in his tweets. But the president continues to rail against James Comey, Andrew McCabe, the FBI, and Bob Mueller. Mr. Trump wants to rewrite the Mueller investigation as well as his impeachment, and his voter base continues to support his version of those events, according to the Washington Post.

When Bill Barr decided to step in and reduce the Roger Stone sentence request, prosecutors around the country said Mr. Barr has to resign. Prosecutors believe Barr has Trump’s back instead of their backs, and that makes it hard for them to do their jobs without worrying about interference from him and Mr. Trump.

Mr. Barr also got a note from Chuck Schumer asking for his resignation. Mr. Barr plans to sit in front of Congress at the end of March to explain his questionable actions, according to the New York Times.

US gun control Advocacy group set to splash $8 million to change Texas’ political stance in the fight for stringent regulations on owning firearms

The fight in support of gun control in the USA is gradually growing. On Wednesday, a United States Advocacy group said it would support Texas politicians who are mobilizing the implementation of stricter gun regulations. The group said it had put $8 million aside to help the course, saying that there is a need to implement stronger restrictions on owning firearms.

Everytown for Gun Safety will spend the $8 million to surpass the $2.5 million they spent last year in Virginia. They supported politicians who made a promise to enact stiffer gun control regulations during their campaigns. For the first time in a generation, more democrats were controlling the state legislature in November.

The founder of the Moms Demand Action group- A grassroots sub-sector of Everytown, Shannon Watts, said that this would be one of the largest state investments that the group has ever made. She added that Texas had recorded a high number of gun violence in the country, and it’s the main reason they are investing. Statistics show that Texas has 12.4 firearm deaths/100,000 people. It is above the national mean of 12.

Democrat contenders in the State have come out strongly to condemn gun violence. They argue that there have been several high profile shootings over the years in the State. This includes the Walmart massacre in El Paso of 22 people. Crimes like this have made them to directly confront the parties that advocate for less strict gun laws.

Much of US politics have been based on gun laws, creating a more massive divide between the groups. The National Rifle Association and other groups that oppose stricter regulations argue that the constitution grants every citizen a right to bear arms
Everytown says it will mobilize an upward of 400,000 supporters to canvass neighborhoods to work with candidates. It adds that the money will be used for political advertising. Additionally, they say their main focus would be Houston and Dallas suburbs, adding that they will ensure they push to gain support from tens of thousands of voters registered.

The main priority of Everytown is to change Texas affiliation to gun support as it did in Virginia. Though gun laws are at a federal level, gaining more lawmakers and politicians to push for their agenda helps in passing more stringent rules amidst the rampant mass shootings.

Democrats will need nine more sits held by republicans as well as retaining all their sits to take control of the statehouse. This may be a challenging task, but still possible.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding Enacted By The Boy Scouts Of America, Inc.

Well over four scores and seven years ago, William D. Boyce, best known as W.D. Boyce, single-handedly founded the Boy Scouts of America, Inc., a business classified as a corporate entity – the year was 1910, for the record. After getting help from several other men who had already been involved in the quickly-growing practice of exciting, Mr. Boyce and company were able to rapidly develop the organization by enlisting tons of young men who wanted to dip their toes into the outdoors and prove that they were capable of developing new skills such as those needed to survive without anybody else’s help in the outdoors, for example.

Since then, the organization has grown exponentially, boasting the massive membership of 2.28 million members across 99,800 local units, also known as troops. These units are mostly found in the United States, though there are also sizable populations of Boy Scouts in Japan and across Europe.

Ultimately, the main idea of the Boy Scouts of America, Inc., is to help male children, adolescents, and young adults become responsible, contributing members of society. Boy Scouts do things like engage in team-building exercises, hold intra-unit and inter-unit competitions such as the Pinewood Derby, in which Boy Scouts design and develop their own miniature cars out of blocks of pinewood and race them against one another on tracks, and go camping as groups.

Like all large organizations, the Boy Scouts of America has faced its own deal of controversy over the years, though no skid mark in the organization’s history has been anywhere near as bad as the recent rash of accusations of sexual abuse by current and former Boy Scouts, most of which have been levied against people who were in positions of leadership at the time that they allegedly performed sex acts on these underage Boy Scouts.

Although such accusations have been levied with some level of regularity over the years, they really started to become common within the past two to three years.

This rash of sexual abuse allegations has ultimately resulted in the Boy Scouts of America formally filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just earlier today, on Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020.

Right now, liabilities that the Boy Scouts of America will likely end up being responsible for are currently listed at a minimum of $100 million and a maximum of $500 million; considering that the organization has no more than $50,000 in assets unarguably leaves the Boy Scouts of America in terrible shape.

Barr Told Trump To Stop Tweeting About The DOJ Weeks Before He Talked To ABC News

Harry and Meghan sent their regrets to Prince Andrew due to a previous engagement. But they did send him a birthday card and a video to honor his 60th birthday. Andrew plans to celebrate that noble occasion with a royal birthday bash.

The couple plans to move to LA so Meghan can act again. But they still plan to live in Vancouver part of the year. The Royal Family decided to make more public appearances after Harry and Meghan split. Kate and William dominated the British press loop to reinforce the claim the family is still one big happy group. But Queen Elizabeth is the only royal to publicly speak about the split.

Forty-one prosecutors from several states want Bill Barr to resign. Barr’s quest to protect the president by starting senseless investigations and covering up his misdeeds. Mr. Barr threw four prosecutors to the legal curb to protect Trump’s pal, Roger Stone, from a harsh prison sentence.

Stone requested a new trial after Mr. Trump picked on one of the jurors in his case. But it’s unclear what the juror did other than claim prosecutors were right to ask the judge to sentence Stone to at least seven years behind bars. Mr. Barr told the judge four years is all Stone could take in jail due to poor health and other issues.

Mr. Stone played a behind-the-scenes role in Trump’s 2016 campaign. Mr. Stone contacted WikiLeaks during the campaign in order to orchestrate the release of the Clinton emails. WikiLeaks contacted the Russian hackers, and they released the emails to ensure Trump could use them at just the right time in 2016. Stone denies any involvement in email debacle, but the Feds found proof Stone was neck-deep in illegal campaign activity, according to the New York Times.

The coronavirus may reduce U.S. Gross Domestic Product growth by ½% in the first quarter. China’s GDP growth could drop by more than 2.5%, according to Wall Street economists. Economists don’t know what the actual growth decline will be, but they know Steve Mnuchin’s 3.0% growth number in the new budget is wishful thinking, according to MarketWatch.

Mr. Barr surprised Republicans when he told ABC News he wants Trump to stop tweeting about DOJ affairs. Evidently, Barr asked the president on several private occasions to stop tweeting about James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and the FBI before he sat down with ABC News and tried to cover his tracks. Pelosi, Schumer, and other lawmakers want Barr to resign for being Trump’s legal protector instead of honoring his oath of office.

Prosecutors Across The Country Stay Away From Cases Trump Might Want To Mess With

Chinese citizens aren’t happy with President Xi. Instead of reacting as soon as the government found out about the coronavirus in December, they arrested the doctor that told Xi’s people the country had another SARS-type virus on its hands.

The coronavirus got a new name from the World Health Organization. The medical profession calls the contagious bug COVID-19. But the doctor who identified the virus didn’t live long enough to use the new name. China’s government finally jumped in and built a hospital in 12 days and then built another one. The Communist Party admitted they didn’t act fast enough in Wuhan, but the government claims the virus slowed down in that city.

One scientist claimed the 53,000 cases reported so far is just pocket change. The bug spreads like wildfire, and there’s no vaccine to stop it. But Novavax, a Maryland-based company, has a vaccine in the works. It’s 90 days away, and by that time the virus will run its course. The WHO claims the statistics won’t be pretty.

The economic damage the coronavirus will do for the next two months is hard to measure. But it’s safe to say China’s manufacturing sector didn’t work much in January. And the first half of February is a complete wipeout. That means imports and exports slowed down, and Chinese tourists stayed home instead of fueling the global economy. No other country’s citizens spend more than Chinese tourists.

China’s central bank injected $174 billion into the economy the day after the Chinese New Year celebration ended. According to several reports, the central bank will have to repeat that same performance in order to stabilize the economy while COVID-19 rocks the foundation of the Chinese economy, according to the New York Times.

When Mr. Trump found out DOJ prosecutors wanted to put his conspiracy pal Roger Stone in the slammer for seven years, he immediately gave a Tweet-shout-out to Bill Barr his legal attack dog, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Barr let the judge in Stone case know his four prosecutors got it wrong when they asked her to consider sentencing Roger to at least seven years in an orange jumpsuit. Trump gave Barr rave reviews for helping his pal, Roger Stone. But the four prosecutors quit the case after Barr professionally disrespected them. And prosecutors around the country think Trump and Barr’s decision to intervene is way out of line.

But the prosecutors know now if they take a case that Trump has an interest in, their opinion won’t mean much because Bill Barr will do whatever Trump wants done.

The Democrats Want Bill Barr’s Resignation

The Congressional Budget Office let the public know U.S. deficits would average more than $1.3 trillion a year for the next ten years. U.S. debt continues to put the economy at risk, according to economists. The national debt hit $23 trillion in 2019. And according to several economists and politicians, the out-of-control debt will hurt economic growth. Plus, stimulating the economy with that amount of debt will be a difficult challenge.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin put his spin on the U.S. deficit by claiming the 2017 tax cuts will pay for themselves over the next ten years. But Fed Chairman Jerome Powell thinks Mnuchin’s claim won’t materialize for several reasons. Trump’s new budget proposal proves Mr. Trump wants to continue his out-of-control spending in order to build a border wall, stop immigration, and tariff-tax Americans, according to the New York Times. And U.S. GDP growth keeps eroding from the tariff wars.

The Federal Reserve predicts economic growth will continue to erode in 2020. Mr. Mnuchin told the press GDP growth in 2020 will hit 3.0%. Mnuchin used that growth number to formulate the new $4.5 trillion budget. But the Feds estimate economic growth will be 1.8% in 2020. That prediction came before the coronavirus threatened global economic growth.

Economic growth in Europe continues to erode. The UK and the EU continue to flirt with a recession. Germany, Italy, and France, as well as other EU members, continue to battle the economic challenges with low-interest rates and other stimuli. But there’s not enough stimulation gas in Europe’s central bank’s tank to stop a recession, according to EU President Ursula von der Leyen. Jerome Powell said the same thing about the U.S. Central Bank. Congress will have to dramatically cut spending and eliminate the programs that hurt growth if a global recession becomes a reality.

The coronavirus also known as COVID-19 will take a major-league bite out of China’s first-quarter economic growth, according to MarketWatch. GDP growth could fall below the 6.0% growth China experienced in 2019. China has the second-largest economy on the planet, so a downturn in growth in China will impact growth around the world.

Senator Chuck Schumer told the press Attorney General Bill Barr should resign for trying to influence the outcome of the Roger Stone sentencing trial. According to CBS News, four DOJ prosecutors wanted Judge Berman to give Stone at least 7 years for lying to Congress, threatening a witness, and obstructing justice during the Mueller investigation. Barr overrules his prosecutors when he told Judge Berman she can decide Stone’s fate. The four DOJ prosecutors resigned. One prosecutor quit the DOJ when Barr stepped in and undermined the Stone sentencing decision.

Schumer Wants The Defense Inspector General To Investigate Trump’s Sondland And Vindman Firings

Joe Biden told the press he won’t let Trump’s crusade to bring him down work. But his fourth-place finish in Iowa and iffy performance in New Hampshire are signs the impeachment trial, Trump ads, and the other tactics his campaign uses to trash Democrats have Joe on the political ropes.

Mr. Trump knew he would take a beating getting rid of Biden, but the president is a gambler, and he put a heavy bet on his Ukraine plan to take Biden down. The impeachment trial was not a good look for Mr. Biden. Trump’s lawyers made sure they carried out Trump’s orders. The defense lawyers made it sound like Joe and Hunter Biden are the reason the president violated national security, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Biden thinks the South Carolina caucus could pull him out of the Trump-created political quicksand. But Joe’s campaign is low on cash, and Mike Bloomberg has a 737 Max full of cash he wants to burn during his campaign. Joe and Bloomberg appeal to the moderate-end of the Democratic Party. If Biden is still in the race on Super-Tuesday, Bloomberg will end Joe’s final attempt for the presidency, according to the New York Times.

According to Lindsey Graham, Mr. Trump told Bill Barr to look over Rudy Giuliani’s latest collection of Ukrainian corruption dirt. Rudy will deal directly with Barr, instead of the State Department. That move crushes protocol and replaces it with Mr. Trump’s way to run his administration, according to the Washington Post. Mr. Barr will make sure Rudy’s new information doesn’t have Russia’s fingerprints all over it.

Lindsey Graham asked Rudy to sit in front of his Senate committee before he realized Giuliani worked with Russian-back Ukrainians to put his latest Hunter and Joe Biden video together. Mr. Graham continues to defend the president’s actions. Lindsey believes his friend, Joe Biden, did something wrong.

A Trump advisor told the press Trump fired Gordon Sondland, and the Vindman twins to send a message to other White House employees. The message is, if they tell the truth they will lose their job. That’s what Chuck Schumer said in a letter to Glenn Fine, acting Defense Inspector General. Mr. Schumer wants Fine to open an investigation. Chuck claims the government should protect the people who testified under oath, not retaliate and threaten them.

Texas University Fires its President Following Law School admissions Scandal

Texas University President is on the verge of losing his job after it emerged that he failed to quickly reveal information about the admission scandal that rocked Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

According to abajournal.com, the University’s regents accused the Universities top leader for what they termed as “participating in a cover-up” by failing to provide crucial information about the scandal.

Following the incident, regent went ahead to fire the Institution’s President on Tuesday according to a Texas lawyer and the Houston Chronicle.

The former President has 30 days to appeal the decision made by the School’s management.

In a notice released on February 4th, the regents said that Lane failed to promptly report the actions of the Assistant Dean Law Dean to the board. The assistant Law dean is accused of fraudulent and dishonest conduct with admissions to the institution.

It’s alleged that he took a $14,000 payoff in exchange for assisting a law student to fraudulently get admission to the school. The dean already resigned from his position. It’s also claimed that the dean admitted the second student in another program despite the fact that they were unqualified.

According to the regent’s notice, the former assistant law officer also gave false LSAT information for submission to the ABA’s department (responsible for accrediting law schools).

The notice went ahead to allege that Lane and his junior officer directed the dean of the law school to misguide the ABA by providing false information with regards to the academic details of the students who were admitted wrongfully.

The laws school admission scandal has shed light on some of the illegal activities that take place in Texas University. It’s not the first time such allegations are being reported.

The school management condemned the incident, saying that it’s wrong for any administration officer to provide false information when seeking accreditation.

“We condemned the actions of the assistant dean of the law school and the failure of Lane to take appropriate action on time. We are going to continue with the investigations and any person found culpable will face disciplinary actions” read the notice.

The notice also revealed that James Douglas resigned on Lane’s request.

However, in an interview with Houston Chronicle, Lane denied all the allegations and vowed to fight the efforts to get rid of him from the Institution.

Lane said that he reported the assistant law dean’s misconduct to the auditor immediately they were brought to him.

US Government to shed off millions of its properties

The social demand for individuals to own a home in the United States is on the rise. Everyone including the millennials wants to own a place they can call home. The demand has skyrocketed and the US government is on a rush to sell many of its properties to the public. Practically, over 25% of all the savings in the US are spent investing in homes and real estate assets. The Public Buildings Reform Board is in charge of the sale of federal assets and the transfer act of 2016. The board was commissioned by former President Barack Obama. The board requires the General Service Administration (GSA) and the Office of budget and management to look for opportunities that help to reduce the government’s real estate assets.

The US government has put in measures to reap off $750 million worth of properties. The government uses more than $8 billion each financial year to maintain its 885 million square feet of real estate properties. According to the GSA data, the federal government had a total of 57,840 state-owned buildings and more than 3,817 were underutilized and unused buildings. The federal government is taking a keen look at some of the properties. The main mission of the agency is very critical as it tries to consolidate some of the offices and take a very good look at some of the properties that can go back into the government tax roll.

The board has identified about six major sites that they will sell to the public. Some of the properties include an abandoned Fishery science center in the southwest. The Pacific Fishery Center in the state of California is surrounded by amazing luxury hotels, residential buildings and property, and golf courses. The Golden State is majorly loved by luxury developers, just to mention a few.

The decision wasn’t easy to make. They will dispose of and sell many of the properties by the end of six months. Every decision comes with a challenge and the public reform board is not exceptional. In five months, the properties have been approved to go into the market but they might experience a delay. The government agencies that are in charge of the properties are asked to sell the real estate. The agencies will also get some of the profit that was generated from the sale of the property. The GSA is in charge of the property and all the money earned from the sale will go to the United States Federal Treasury General Fund.

Former PIMCO CEO Receives Harshest Sentence To Date In College Admissions Scandal

The 2019 college admissions scandal saw 50 prominent, wealthy individuals caught paying bribes to get their children in elite colleges. Celebrities like Lori Loughlin kept the scandal in the news, but celebrities were not the only individuals caught cheating to help their kids gain admission to prestigious schools.

Douglas Hodge, former CEO of Pimco, a global investment firm, received the harshest penalty to date for paying bribes for four of his children to get into the University of Southern California and Georgetown University as athletic recruits. He received a nine-month prison sentence, a $750,000 fine and 500 hours of community service. So far, the longest prison sentence imposed was for six months.

Prosecutors had requested Hodge receive 24 months in prison, however, U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton took Hodge’s philanthropy into account when sentencing him. Hodge was known for donating his deferred bonuses to charities helping children in need. He also supported an orphanage in Cambodia and donated $17 million to an organization offering tutoring for girls worldwide.

U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton said Hodge’s acted with “brazen, impudent gall and audacity.” Hodge had engaged in the scheme longer than any other parent and paid a total of $850,000 to get his four children in elite universities. The judge rejected Hodge’s lawyers request for home detention as part of the sentence. His lawyers argued Hodge served as a stay at-home parent to the two youngest of his children while his wife worked.

A new wave of parents are pleading guilty after seeing Hodge’s sentence, including the former CEO of Hercules Capital, another California financial firm. Lawyers for the remaining defendants who are pleading not guilty claim the United States attorney’s office told defendants they may face the additional charge of federal programs bribery if they don’t change their plea.

Biden’s Weak Iowa Performance Could Be The Dropout Handwriting On The Wall

When President Trump stepped on the podium, he didn’t acknowledge Nancy Pelosi with a handshake. Mike Pence got love from the president, but all Nancy got was a side-eyed look and a copy of his address.

Pelosi thoughts Trump touched on a few non-partisan issues. The people Trump honored except for Rush Limbaugh gave her reason to smile, and she applauded their accomplishments. But the president’s speech left a bad taste in her mouth. And his handshake snub gave Pelosi reason to tear his speech in two at the end of the meeting.

Nancy waved pieces of the address in front of the people who were still in the chamber. Nancy said Trump deserved a lot worse, but she got her message across. The Democrats who prosecuted Trump sat in the front row to let the president know they are still coming for him. Bolton’s book drops in March, and the Supreme Court will decide on three Trump lawsuits in June.

Mike Pence let the press know Pelosi scored a low-blow when she abused the president’s speech. And several Republican lawmakers gave Nancy a verbal spanking for disrespecting the president. But the Democrats hung in there and booed at the appropriate times. And they let out other painful sounds when they thought the president stretched numbers and tales so they conformed to his reality.

The European Union told Trump his Middle East peace plan is a fail. UN members also called the plan “no plan” in the eyes of the Palestinians. Jared Kushner didn’t include the Palestinians when he sat down with Netanyahu and developed the plan. Kushner came up with a way to take Palestinian land. And the plan forces the Palestinians to jump through hoops before they can form a state. The plan gives Israel and the U.S. the right to approve or disapprove Palestine’s behavior.

The Iowa caucus turned into a free-for-all when the smartphone app didn’t send voter information in a timely fashion. When the app didn’t work, caucus officials tried to call the results in, but the phone lines crashed.

When the results surfaced, Buttigieg and Sanders came away with more than 50% of the votes, and Joe Biden came in fourth. Biden’s campaign has money and confidence issues. The last time Joe ran for president Iowa sent him to the political showers. And it looks like that might happen again thanks to Bloomberg joining the race, and the beating he took during the impeachment trial.

Read More: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/05/joe-biden-talks-about-poor-iowa-caucuses-results-in-new-hampshire.html

Nadler’s Judiciary Committee Plans To Subpoena Bolton

The impeachment trial proved how strong the president is in the Republican Party. Political scholars claim the Republican Party belongs to Mr. Trump, and he will use that strength to push legal boundaries and manipulate foreign governments to pad his pockets.

The Republicans claim Mr. Trump didn’t deserve impeachment because his push to get Ukraine to help him ruin Joe Biden was in the national interest. Alan Dershowitz made that argument during the impeachment trial. Dershowitz told the Senate presidents can ask for campaign help if they think getting that information will benefit the national interest.

According to Dershowitz, Mr. Trump thought him winning the election was in the national interest. Alan tried to walk back his remarks after every constitutional scholar on the planet “lost it” when they heard how he tried to create a constitutional reason for violating the constitution. The Senate refused to call witnesses during the trial. Adam Schiff said without witnesses and documents the trial doesn’t have all the earmarks of a real trial.

Nancy Pelosi knew the Senate would acquit the president. But she decided exposing Trump’s unethical behavior would pull some Trumpians away from the president. But his ability to tweet shame and threaten political enemies is a force to reckon with. And most Republicans don’t want to experience the president’s wrath, according to senators who know what some Republican senators say in private meetings.

Those senators know sticking with Trump’s game plan may be dangerous to their political health in the future, but they have no choice but to condone his decisions even though some political scholars claim he displays monarchial behavior.

Nancy Pelosi justified tearing up Trump State of the Union address by claiming she couldn’t find a page in the report that didn’t contain lies and misrepresentations.

Mr. Schiff told the press his committee will continue to expose the president’s plan to get elected using any means possible. Schiff also said the Supreme Court will hand down a ruling on three of Trump’s tax cases in June, and John Bolton’s book will drop in March.

Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told the press the committee wants to subpoena John Bolton, so Americans can hear what he has to say in front of the cameras. It’s unclear when that will happen. But what is clear is Mr. Trump will try to stop Bolton’s testimony using his presidential privilege claim.

Republicans Plan Payback If Biden Becomes President

Now that the U.K. is no longer a member of the European Union, both sides started showing their teeth and demanding rights from each other. Those rights will be part of the formal negotiations. The Brits want a free trade agreement with benefits, and the EU wants fishing rights off the coast of Britain among other things.

Brexit put a major dent in the U.K.’s economy. Gross Domestic Product growth is slow and getting slower. France, Germany, and Italy’s economic growth are in the toilet, too. Spain’s GDP growth was only 0.5% in 2019.
The spread of the coronavirus will take another bite out of Europe’s economy, and Britain will struggle to stay out of a recession until the U.S. or the EU agrees to a trade deal this year. Mr. Trump wants to sign a deal with Boris Johnson before the election. The U.S. wants to make a deal with Johnson before he closes his deal with the EU. But the EU told Boris they come first.

The Chinese just injected $170 billion into their economy. Several reports claim China’s Gross Domestic Product growth could drop below 6.0% due to the virus, the ongoing trade war, and the aftershocks from Brexit.

China’s not happy with the way the U.S. handled the coronavirus news. The Chinese news agency said Trump pulled Americans out of China and stopped fights to China faster than any other country. Several Chinese officials think Mr. Trump wants to hurt their economic growth, so they will come to the tech bargaining table and make a deal. The U.S. stopped flights to China and there’s a travel ban in place as well. The Chinese think the travel ban is a human rights violation.

Joe Biden’s campaign will get a boost if he wins in Iowa. But the Biden campaign took a few direct hits from the impeachment trial, reports msnbc.com. Even though Biden didn’t do what the president said he did in Ukraine when he was VP, it still haunts some Democratic voters. Senator Joni Ernst told the press the Republicans could impeach Biden right after he becomes president for that alleged quid pro quo number he did on Ukraine. But Joni denied the Republicans gave impeaching Biden much thought.

Mr. Biden used the Ernst remark in his Iowa campaign pitch. Joe told the press Trump’s scared to face him. But some press reports claim Sanders and Bloomberg scare Trump more than Biden.