Articles Of Impeachment Against President Expected Soon

Democratic lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives are expected to deliver two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump now that the impeachment proceedings against the 45th president of the United States are complete.

The news of the impeachment articles was delivered by a senior aide to the Democratic party and the stage is now set for a vote in Congress on the issue later this week. The aide did not wish to go on record with the comments and did not reveal further details.

Abuse of power and obstruction of justice are the two charges expected to be highlighted in the articles of impeachment against Trump.

Committee leaders for the Democrats met with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday evening after the final session of the impeachment hearing was complete.

A spokesperson for Pelosi’s office informed the media that a Tuesday press conference would be used to inform the public of the next steps in the impeachment process.

The controversy stems from accusations that President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to initiate an investigation against presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The president is then accused of obstructing efforts of Congress to investigate the matter.

The nine-hour impeachment hearing session was brought to an end on Monday with a searing condemnation of Trump’s actions by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler.

Lawmakers for the Democrats have characterized the behavior of Trump as a threat both to the national security of the United States and an attempt to circumvent the nation’s political process.

Nadler said the facts of the case, as well as, the danger to the democracy of the United States caused by Trump’s actions are both clear. The Committee Chairman also said it is clear what should be done in response to the president’s behavior.

The upcoming vote by the judiciary committee will determine whether or not the full House of Representatives will vote on the articles of impeachment expected to be lodged against Trump.

If the vote from the House is affirmative, the Senate will then be required to try the president and decide whether or not to remove him from office. Most analysts do not expect the Republican-controlled Senate to convict Trump of the allegations expected to be outlined in the impeachment articles.

The contentious hearing session held on Monday included accusations of unfair treatment of the president by Republicans on hand for the hearings.

President Trump has maintained his innocence and has used his Twitter account frequently to voice his disdain for the entire process.

United States Supreme Court Upholds Block On Executions

There hasn’t been an execution of a death row inmate since 2003 in the United States federal system, and the Trump administration is trying to change that. However, the U.S. Supreme Court at least temporarily blocked a number of execution orders from Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department. The Supreme Court was essentially confirming an earlier block by a federal judge lower in the system, and the decision on whether to proceed with the executions now goes to an appeals court.

A call to act with dispatch

Three conservative judges on the Supreme Court wrote their own statement encouraging the lower court to reach a decision within sixty days. Frustrated in its efforts to proceed on a number of executions, the Trump administration had asked the Supreme Court to rule on the case in early December.

Advocacy groups against the death penalty have expressed cautious optimism about the Supreme Court ruling and say that they are glad that there are legal roadblocks to the Trump administration getting what it wants in these particular cases. On the other side of the argument, pro-death penalty groups note that many of the crimes of the individuals in question on death row were committed decades ago, and the families of their victims need to get justice and closure. All the inmates in these particular cases were convicted on federal charges of murder.

Over the past 16 years, all the executions in the United States have been carried out by state governments. Inmates on death row in the federal system have not been executed largely because of arguments that current methods of execution by lethal injection are not humane. For years, there has been extensive litigation regarding the federal government’s execution protocol and procedures.

Most federal death row inmates today are housed at a facility in Terra Haute, Indiana. The inmate first on the list to be executed is convicted murderer Daniel Lewis Lee who is a white supremacist and who killed a family of three in the 1990’s.

Next on the list is convicted murderer Wesley Purkey who, in separate incidents during the 1990’s in Kansas, murdered a 16-year-old teenager and an 80-year-old woman. Purkey developed Alzheimer’s Disease in prison, and his lawyers are arguing that his execution should not proceed because of his illness. Purkey also has a long history of mental illness, and some say this is relevant.

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United States Supreme Courts Indicate Support For Atlantic Richfield Company

There is an interesting article on the Reuters website about how the United States Supreme Court recently signaled that they support a mining company that is being sued by residents of an area of Montana the company once polluted. There was agreement between both liberal and conservative justices that not backing the mining company could lead to further lawsuits regarding polluted sites across the country cleaned up to standard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The back story

From the 1800’s to 1980, an enormous copper smelting facility in the countryside near Opportunity, Montana, emitted smoke containing arsenic into the air from its giant smokestack. During its peak production years, the mine produced a large portion of the world’s copper supply.

The cleanup began in 1980, after the facility was shut down, and it was done through the EPA’s Superfund. The EPA says that the cleanup was successful, but locals say that, because there is still arsenic in the soil of their community, even more needs to be done. In the 2000’s, they sued the owner of the mine, Atlantic Richfield Company, which is now owned by British Petroleum (BP).

The case went all the way to the Montana Supreme Court, which backed the plaintiffs. If the federal Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs, and this seems doubtful now, it would mean that other cleanup sites that the EPA has approved as being safe would be in question, and locals could sue. Currently, a number of states, including California, support the plaintiffs.

Arguments on both sides

The locals around the old ARCO plant say that they are getting cancer at higher than normal rates, but they admit that they don’t have statistics to back this up. They also say that their property values have been negatively affected because of the bad reputation the region has gotten because of the pollution. They say that the EPA hasn’t truly cleaned up the site until the arsenic in the soil is totally gone.

The EPA and ARCO have responded that the remaining arsenic does not pose a health risk. They also say that the locals had input in the Superfund cleanup process, and the time for them to express concerns was years ago. Furthermore, their lawyers have argued to the Supreme Court that giving in to the plaintiffs will mean thousands of lawsuits in every state of the country.

Barr Tries To Defend Trump By Bashing The Horowitz Report

Joe Biden finally got a little payback when four leaders at the Buckingham Palace dinner made fun of Trump for spending a lot of time talking to the foreign press. Mr. Trump wanted to let the world know he didn’t screw Zelensky. He told the press Zelensky was up for the screwing, so the July 25th phone conversation was perfect.

Mr. Biden’s new ad claims the world keeps laughing at the Trumpster every time he opens his mouth. Trudeau’s comments about the president’s quest to claim his innocence gave summit leaders a chance to relieve some stress Trump likes to bring to the surface when he attends NATO meetings.

Mr. Trump didn’t disappoint the other members when he continued to throw shadow at NATO members for not paying enough security dues. Mr. Trump brought up the same issue at the last NATO summit even though NATO members dropped the amount of money the U.S. pays NATO by six percent.

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks wants Lindsey Graham to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records. But Lindsey said he’s not going to make his lame Senate investigation of Joe Biden turn into a circus. Graham told the press he would investigate his pal Joe Biden even though Biden did nothing wrong. Banks wanted to show the Trumpster he is all in after the president said he wants Pelosi, Schiff, and the Biden’s to testify at his Senate trial. Mr. Trump wants to take the attention off his butt and put the blame on Joe and Hunter Biden.

Rudy Giuliani is in Ukraine talking to one of Ukraine’s sketchy politicians. Giuliani still wants to show the world Joe Biden broke U.S. laws when his son went to work for a Ukraine gas company. Now that Zelensky won’t open an investigation, Rudy wants a corrupt Ukrainian to bring Biden down.

Nancy Pelosi made Trump’s impeachment official when she told Americans Trump wants to turn America’s democracy into a monarchy. One reporter asked Nancy if she hates Trump. Pelosi told the reporter she doesn’t hate, but she does want to defend the constitution that Mr. Trump likes to ignore.

Bill Barr doesn’t like the report Mike Horowitz will reveal next week. Mr. Horowitz found no evidence that the FBI or the CIA spied on the Trump campaign. So Bill opened a criminal investigation to show members of his intelligence community broke the law in 2016 by spying on Trump. John Durham’s report should help Trump’s conspiracy theory about the FBI. That seems to be Bill Barr’s job these days. He is Trump’s legal protector, not the Attorney General of the United States.

Riot Games, Maker Of “League Of Legends,” Required To Pay Female Employees Who Filed Class Action Suit From A Bank Of Over $10 Million, Per Leaked Reports

It’s widely known that man-on-woman sexual harassment and otherwise unfair treatment in the workplace has been far more prevalent than female-on-male, male-on-male, or female-on-female instances of sexual harassment and unfair workplace treatment. Although women still aren’t considered by many to be on the same platform or on equal footing with men, especially as far as treatment in the workplace is concerned – this consists of things like how much employees are paid and the likelihood of major companies’ boards of directors and executive suites being home to at least half females. As a matter of fact, most companies’ boards of directors and C-suites don’t even contain one-quarter female constituents.

While it is, in fact, true that men and women behave differently in the workplace – it’s also true that men and women are inherently different, as women are typically better at parenting thanks to their natural mothering tendencies and instincts, for example, meaning that they arguably shouldn’t end up being paid the same exact amount as their male counterparts – these differences aren’t nearly substantial enough to explain the modern American pay differential and the fact that most boards and C-suites contain mostly male members.

Riot Games, a major video game developer that is most widely known for “League of Legends,” has been commanded to split up at least $10 million across a cohort of female plaintiffs who were part of a class-action lawsuit that claimed they were systematically discriminated against as a direct result of their gender. It isn’t currently clear what the maximum payment amount, in total or for individual female plaintiffs, will be.

Although the aforementioned class act lawsuit was settled way, way back in August 2019, the Los Angeles Times just recently received official copies of relevant court documents from the handling of this case, including the judgement handed down by the judge who presided over the case between Riot Games and the body of allegedly-discriminated-against female employees.

Two workers – consisting of one now-former female employee of Riot Games and another who still works there – who sued the development agency on their own alleged under oath in a court of law that things like “phantom humping” and grabbing others’ crotches routinely was not dealt with and was rarely, if ever, actually punished.


Even Though New York Conceded A Case About Firearm Ownership Rights, The Plaintiff’s Side Continued To Pursue The Case

he United States is legally built upon what’s known as the Constitution, a list of laws that outlines that basic protections afforded to Americans. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows United States citizens to bear arms – in simple terms, this means they’re allowed to possess firearms.

According to, the state of New York has long supported a law applicable only to the residents of New York City that allows them to hold a permit to own a firearm that can be kept at only their home, further allowing them to only transport that firearm to any of seven shooting ranges located in New York City. It’s easy to see how the residents of New York City who are also firearm owners might take issue to this law, as they could face prosecution for simply transporting their guns to shooting competitions or gun ranges outside of these seven pre-approved destinations within New York City, or even transporting such firearms to another residence of theirs.

A trio of handgun owners who live in New York City with such licenses banded together in an attempt to change the restrictive law, which they believed was – and still is to this very day – excessively invasive in terms of their Constitution-given Second Amendment rights.

Believe it or not, the municipality of New York City, New York, hand-in-hand with the Empire State’s state-level legislative force, agreed to reduce such restrictions on New York City handgun owners before the United States Supreme Court even began to hear the aforementioned trio’s case at the highest level of all courts of law in the United States.

Just yesterday, on Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, Supreme Court Justices spoke amongst one another virtually entirely about whether they should kick the aforementioned case out from being heard or not, legally known as a dismissal.

During the hearing on Monday, the attorney who was hired to represent the trio of gun owners, Paul Clement, fought back against the Supreme Court Justices after they had brought up the idea that the defendant’s side of the argument had already given up. Mr. Clement particularly took issue with the potential that handgun owners who stopped somewhere to get a bite to eat or fill up their vehicle’s tank could find themselves in legal trouble.

They could even get in legal trouble – serious legal trouble, that is – for taking a bathroom break! The judges didn’t take that argument seriously. The case isn’t over yet.

President Trump Opts Not to Participate in House Impeachment Hearings

As Democrats begin a new round of Congressional hearings concerning the policies and decisions of President Donald Trump vis-à-vis foreign policy on Ukraine, the President’s own legal counsel has announced that members of the White House will not participate in new hearings before the House Judiciary Committee in December.

To a large extent, the White House’s move to avoid participation in this month’s impeachment hearings was undoubtedly expected by members of Congress from both sides of the political aisle. After witnesses were called to testify before Congress last month, Republicans appeared determined to fight back against any questions of wrongdoing on the President’s part. The President likely sees this form of pushback as a necessary defense against the possibility of an impeachment trial in the Senate this winter.

Indeed, the fiercely-partisan bickering that has erupted within Congress in the wake of November’s hearings is likely to define the case for impeachment for the foreseeable future. Already, the President’s allies in Congress are making the argument that Trump’s actions on foreign policy with regard to Ukraine did not rise to the level of a crime, and House Representatives Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan have been conspicuous in their attacks on Democrats pushing for a full-scale impeachment trial.

According to CNN, the trial could occur by as early as next January, but it seems unlikely that Republican Party stalwarts like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham will allow a full-scale verdict against the President to occur.

And with Republicans refusing to budge on the issue, it will be up to Members of Congress like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to cement their case against President Trump before the Senate begins its own proceedings. That could be just one reason why this month’s hearings will be scheduled for broadcast on national television: If the public turns against the President in the wake of revelations provided by credible witnesses, the thinking goes, Republicans may feel pressure to vote for an impeachment in the Senate at a later date.

At this stage in the proceedings, that kind of outcome appears unlikely: Polls indicate that last month’s Congressional hearings did little to change the viewpoints of either Democrats or Republicans at a national level, and as long as the Republican playbook calls for Trump allies in both Congress and the Senate to push for a resounding rejection of an impeachment verdict against the President, Democrats will face a very steep uphill battle indeed.

China’s Ambassador Tells Canada To Release Meng If They Want Kovrig And Spavor Back

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Trump to butt out of the upcoming elections when he visits London for the NATO summit on December 4th. Mr. Trump recently told the press Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would be “so bad” for England. He also said Johnson should join forces with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Mr. Johnson has the lead, according to recent polls. Boris thinks Trump might screw that up when he gets together with NATO members and then has another Royal dinner with the Queen. Johnson and his group of conservatives think the Trumpster could change the course of the U.K. election. Even Trump’s loyal band of senators think Trump needs to keep his mouth shut.

NATO gave Mr. Trump something to cheer about when NATO decided to reduce the amount of security the U.S. pays to keep NATO effective around the world. Instead of paying 22 percent of the security bill every year, NATO said the U.S. will pay 16 percent and Germany will also pay the same amount. NATO members wanted to keep Trump from ruining the meeting the way he did the last time members got together.

Prince Andrew won’t be around to kiss Trump’s butt while the Queen acts like the president is a legitimate president. The Queen threw Andrew to the Royal curb after he botched that BBC interview. The woman Andrew boned while he partied with Epstein has a date with the BBC. That interview could seal Andrew’s fate as the Queen’s favorite son. Prince William is not an Andrew fan, and Prince Charles knows Andrew is a dick.

China’s manufacturing sector has a lot of open-to-make. Manufacturing in China hit a wall when Trump started his tariff war. And consumer debt in China is at an all-time high. Consumer debt is 99 percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product growth. The Chinese government will have to inject cash into the consumer market and find a way to increase production in order to keep GDP growth in the 6.0 percent range in 2020.

Canada still has Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou under house arrest in Vancouver. China’s ambassador to Canada Cong met Meng at her Vancouver home and let her know President Xi won’t let Canada get away with helping Trump put pressure on him to sign a tech agreement that changes Chinese laws.

Ambassador Cong also told Trudeau if he wants Mike Kovrig and Mike Spavor released from a Chinese prison, and if he wants China to buy more canola oil and beef, he needs to drop the charges against Meng so she can return to China.

The Trumpster Claims The Taliban Want To Talk Again

Mr. Trump’s golf fetish cost Americans $115 million in 2019. Trump likes to golf at the clubs he owns. So the Trump Organization gets a boost in revenue from the president’s security team and his entourage. Plus, Trump likes to invite Lindsey Graham to play with him. Lindsey looks the other way when the Trumpster cheats. He got into that habit when he lost his mind from all the political snake oil Trump throws his way.

Lindsey Graham’s political life depends on him kissing Trump’s butt every chance he gets. Mitch McConnell and Graham let the press know early in the impeachment process that Trump won’t get a guilty verdict in the Senate.

Chief Justice John Roberts will judge what he hears from witnesses, and he will make sure the Senate plays by the Rule of Law. Roberts faces a similar situation now that Trump’s tax cases may make the court’s docket this year. Roberts put a hold on the case Congress has in the hopper against the Trumpster. Trump’s lawyers have 10 days to come up with a better lie before the court hears the case.

Washington Federal Judge Jackson told the president’s lawyers Trump is not a king in the case Congress put in motion to get subpoenaed White House officials like Don McGahn to testify. But the Justice Department appealed that ruling. That could mean John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Bill Barr may not be able to lie in front of Congress the way Gordon Sondland did on two occasions.

Gordon Sondland’s got more than he thought he would get after testifying before Congress. Sondland keeps trying to get his story straight. But as more witnesses come forward, Gordon’s participation in the plan to hold military aid from Zelensky until he helped Trump screw Joe Biden was more involved than he led Congress to believe. Three women recently accused Gordon of being a little too up close and personal without their permission.

Adam Schiff told the press the hearings aren’t over even though Jerry Nadler’s committee is in the process of creating articles of impeachment. Schiff thinks more White House officials will testify.

The Trumpster went to Afghanistan to mend fences with the military. Trump pissed the military off when he fired Secretary of the Navy for taking Eddie Gallagher’s Navy Seal pin away. Trump said Eddie was his kind of guy. Mr. Trump also claimed the Taliban wants to talk again. Mr. Trump said they’re ready to say or do anything to get the Americans out of Afghanistan.

Judge Rules Facebook Will Not Pay Damages As Part Of Class Action

A federal judge in San Francisco ruled on Thursday that Facebook is not subject to a potential collective lawsuit from 29 million users affected by a 2018 data breach. However, the judge ruled the group can seek better security from the social media giant.

United States District Judge William Alsup determined the cost of credit monitoring or any reduced value in information experienced by Facebook users met the threshold of “cognizable injury” that would be necessary to justify a class action. Judge Alsup explains any damage a user claims in efforts to mitigate the damage of the data breach must be addressed on an individual basis.

Alsup determined that Facebook users would be allowed to file a suit against the platform as a group to demand things like improved security monitoring, better training for employees, and education regarding threats posed by hackers.

Facebook made the argument that the bug resulting in the breach was fixed and there was no need for the measures ordered by the judge. However, Judge Alsup rejected this argument. Alsup wrote in his opinion that the long-term need for oversight was created by the repeated loss of user information to third-parties by Facebook.

A class-action suit could have possibly subjected Facebook to a higher payout than the accumulation of individual suits.

Lawyers for Facebook did not have an immediate response to the decision by Judge Alsup. Facebook was also unwilling to talk about the situation.

Facebook explained in the past that the data breach happened on September 28, 2018. Hackers were able to access the accounts of 50 million Facebook users. This constituted the largest data breach in Facebook history.

Two weeks later, Facebook walked back the scope of the cyberattack and said that 30 million users had their personal information compromised. An additional 29 users had information about them revealed like gender, phone numbers, and email addresses.

This is far from the first time Facebook has faced a lawsuit over privacy issues. One of the larger cases involved Facebook allowing a British consulting firm that goes by the name of Cambridge Analytica to access the personal information of 87 million users.

United States District Judge Vince Chhabria ruled in September that Facebook is liable for damage in the Cambridge Analytica case and characterized the approach Facebook takes to the privacy of their users as “so wrong.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, provided his thoughts regarding the privacy of those who use social media platforms in a March 6 blog post. In the post, Zuckerberg expressed an understanding that the expectation of privacy is a central theme to user interaction with social media platforms.



Don McGahn ordered by Federal Judge to Testify Before Congress

On November 25, 2019, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia issued a ruling that ordered former White House Counsel for President Trump, Don McGahn, to appear before Congress. McGahn did not appear or respond to a Congressional subpoena from April 2019. At that time, Congress wanted McGahn to testify based on the findings of The Mueller Report.

The Trump Administration has consistently blocked senior advisors from appearing before Congress asserting “executive privilege” meaning that confidential information shared between the President and his senior advisors could not be shared publicly. This ruling, if upheld, could mean that McGahn and other senior Trump officials (like Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former National Security Advisor John Bolton) will need to appear before Congress. It is possible that McGahn could respond to questions by asserting executive privilege, but he cannot ignore the subpoena outright and refuse to appear.

According to The New York Times, Judge Jackson’s ruling does not dispute the existence of executive privilege; however, it does state that “Presidents are not kings” recognizing the fact that there are three branches of government who apply checks and balances to one another.

Judge Jackson’s ruling is being appealed by the Department of Justice to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia. Beyond this appeal, it would fall into the Supreme Court’s purview. It is unclear whether the Supreme Court would take the case as they take about 2% of the 7,000 cases filed with it.

Because McGahn’s subpoena was pertaining to the Mueller case, it will not impact the proceedings or the timeline of the House of Representatives’ impeachment case against the President. Following public testimony last week, the House Intelligence Committee is drafting a report for the House Judiciary Committee which is expected to be delivered shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously said that if the House votes to impeach Trump, the Senate trial would not convene until early 2020.

Betsy DeVos Keeps Shirking Her Student Loan Reform Obligation

Former Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer told Trump upholding the Rule of Law is what sets America apart from countries like North Korea and China. Mr. Trump fired Spencer for taking away Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s seal pin and demoting him. Trump told the press Eddie is a good guy. Trump wants to protect Eddie from the harsh treatment he got from Spencer.

Mr. Trump decided to fire Spencer for telling him to butt out and let him handle the Gallagher case. The Trumpster called Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and he told him to fire Spencer. In his letter of termination, Eddie told Trump he’s a dick.

Rudy Giuliani is under investigation. The Southern District of New York thinks Rudy acted like a U.S. government agent when he forced Zelensky to play ball with Trump. Rudy didn’t register as a foreign agent and that’s not cool. Giuliani also had a scheme in place with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman the two criminal clients who helped him force Zelensky to say whatever Trump wanted him to say about Joe Biden’s involvement with Ukraine while he was VP.

According to testimony from impeachment witnesses, Rudy acted like the Secretary of State during the Zelensky shakedown. Some Republicans want to make Rudy the scapegoat in the Ukraine fiasco. But Rudy told the press he has insurance that could damage Trump if the Trumpster decides to throw him under the Ukraine bus.

The Justice Department got a wake-up call when Washington Federal Judge Jackson told them their case to keep Don McGahn from testifying was pure fiction. The Justice Department will appeal Jackson’s decision. Most legal experts think that case will go to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court put Trump’s tax case on hold until December 5th. The Justices want Trump’s lawyers to explain why Trump’s financials should not be public knowledge. If SCOTUS decides to hear the case, a ruling will come in June. If the conservatives on the court decide not to hear the case, Trump will have to release his financial information. Mr. Trump told the press he plans to release his tax returns before the 2020 election.

Betsy DeVos is up to her charter school neck in legal issues. Her quest to collect student loans from students who attended for-profit colleges after a judge told her to forgive those loans earned her a $100,000 fine. A student loan reform group filed a lawsuit against Betsy and another education official for shirking their legal responsibility and mismanaging student loan services.

Rudy Claims He’s Got Lots Of Dirt On The Biden Family

Adam Schiff told the press the impeachment hearings may not be over. John Bolton may step up and give a blow-by-blow account of how Trump put together his plan to bring Joe Biden down.

Mr. Bolton was underground for the last two months. He finally surfaced and claimed Trump blocked his Twitter account. Stephanie Grisham told the press John probably forgot his Twitter password. She insinuated his age might have something to do with his forgetfulness. Bolton didn’t respond to that punk remark. But he did tell the public to “stay tuned” meaning he might tell what he knows about the Zelensky screwing.

Mitch McConnell promised not to shut down an impeachment trial when articles of impeachment come his way. Mr. Trump told the press he wants a trial. He wants to call Hunter and Joe Biden to testify, and he wants Adam Schiff to sit on the Senate stand. Trump likes to attack Schiff for his role in bringing him down. But Mr. Trump is hard to bring down.

Trump is a survivor. He believes in the Trump name. He knows his voter base won’t desert him. The Trumpians want Trump to be Trump. They like the fact he ignores protocol and steps across legal boundaries to get what he wants. Trump’s in office to bring down the Washington establishment, according to his voter base. And the Ukraine fiasco is just one example of Trump being Trump.

Lev Parnas, Rudy’s criminal client, wants to tell his side of the Ukraine debacle before he’s fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Lev told the press Representative Devin Nunes met with Ukraine’s former shady prosecutor-general Shokin in Venice last March. Nunes denies that claim. But Adam Smith the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said his committee will investigate Nunes. Nunes is one of Trump’s loyal supporters. He seems willing to risk his ethical and moral reputation to protect Trump.

Rudy Giuliani tried his best to confuse and irritate the diplomats stationed in Ukraine. Rudy’s shadow State Department play infuriated Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, so Rudy smeared her reputation to get her out of the way.

Giuliani told the press if Trump tries to throw him under the Ukraine bus, he has insurance. He also said if he disappears, the dirt he claims he has on the Biden family will come to the surface. It seems Rudy knows he’s expendable now that more details of his Trumpian mission see the light of day.

University of Florida Files an Impeachment Resolution Against Their President

Michael Murphy, student body president at the University of Florida, might be in trouble. It seems his fellow-students are quite disgruntled that he invited Donald Trump Jr. and his lady friend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, to give a speech at the university.

It was not so much that the students were opposed to the speakers. It was the price tag that was attached for giving their speech – $50,000, which was paid for from required student fees. As a result, a group of senators on the student body initiated impeachment proceedings aimed at Murphy. They believe the student body president grossly abused his power.

One of the student senators, Zachariah Chou, opposed Murphy for the president’s office and lost the election. Some believe this might be a conflict of interest. Murphy is the son of Dan Murphy. The senior Murphy works for the lobbying group, BGR Group. He has already maxed out donations to the 2020 campaign for President Trump. He is also known to be an associate of Trump Jr.

Michael Murphy has placed photos of himself via social media, showing himself at Trump’s inauguration. Another shows him in the White House with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Apparently, some of his fellow-students are questioning if all of this amounts to a conflict of interest.

President Murphy is not taking his impeachment inquiry lightly. He has hired the one-time general counselor for a previous Florida governor, Daniel Nordby, along with Rick Scott, the current senator, to represent him. Senator Scott said the pending impeachment is “shameful.” The Republican Party of Florida publicized a page on its website allowing supporters to add their name in support of the student. Trump Jr. also tweeted about the Murphy impeachment inquiry, “Enough of this nonsense.”

Following the speech by Trump Jr., a former University of Florida alumna, Mariana Castro requested all emails involving Murphy, in regards to the invitation to Trump Jr. to appear on campus. An email thread was returned from Caroline Wren. Wren is a veteran Republican fund-raiser. She also is the financial consultant for the Trump Victory Committee.

So, the beat goes on. Some students see the emails as the smoking gun. They see it as proof that Trump the campaign and Murphy colluded to funnel fees from the students toward a partisan cause.

The impeachment resolution against Murphy has been filed. It proposes that student fees were used by Murphy to advance his own expressed political beliefs as well as for violating the students’ governing laws that forbid student government funds from being used to support a political party.

It is doubtful Murphy will resign his position as president. It is equally doubtful that the students will withdraw the impeachment resolution. So, it apparently will be played out in the student court.


Pence Denies He Knew Trump Planned To Make Zelensky His Biden-Bitch

Prince Andrew put all his official duties on hold after he made an ass out himself during a BBC interview. Several news reports claim the Prince and Epstein had a relationship that crossed ethical and moral borders. Epstein didn’t get a chance to reveal some of the high-powered men who visited his dens of lust. But there’s enough information floating through the Internet to prove the prince did the horizontal bop with non-consenting underage females.

Gordon Sondland had to revise his testimony after other diplomats told Congress Gordon was neck-deep in Trump’s plan to force Zelensky to open an investigation that would hurt Joe Biden’s presidential run in 2020. As soon as Joe entered the race, Mr. Trump sent Rudy Giuliani on a mission to force Ukraine officials to help him bring down Biden as well as rehash his theory Ukraine, not Russia interfered with the 2016 election.

Mr. Giuliani ran a shadow operation in Ukraine in order to keep State Department officials in the dark. Those officials thought Sondland would help them set up a meeting between Zelensky and Trump. But Trump would not meet with Zelensky until he promised to help Trump destroy Joe Biden’s run for president. The polls indicated Trump would lose to Biden when Joe entered the race, so the Trumpster decided he would use one of his mobster tactics to force Zelensky to be his Biden-bitch. The Trumpster held up a $391 military aid check until Zelensky agreed to expose Biden’s alleged dirty Ukraine laundry.

Mr. Trump told the press he might testify. But according to one White House official, the president won’t tighten the impeachment noose around his neck by telling Congress his only purpose for screwing Zelensky was to fight corruption in Ukraine. Trump complained about Ukraine’s corruption. But according to Sondland’s testimony, Trump only cared about forcing Zelensky to back up his claim Ukraine helped Hillary in 2016, and Biden did a quid pro number on Ukraine when he was VP to protect his son.

Ambassador Sondland told Congress Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and Rick Perry knew about Trump’s plan to screw Ukraine’s president. Pence wasted no time releasing a statement that claimed he knew nothing about the Zelensky screwing. But according to Sondland, Pence knew Trump held the aid check but acted like he didn’t know Trump wanted to bribe Zelensky.