Barr Tries To Defend Trump By Bashing The Horowitz Report

Joe Biden finally got a little payback when four leaders at the Buckingham Palace dinner made fun of Trump for spending a lot of time talking to the foreign press. Mr. Trump wanted to let the world know he didn’t screw Zelensky. He told the press Zelensky was up for the screwing, so the July 25th phone conversation was perfect.

Mr. Biden’s new ad claims the world keeps laughing at the Trumpster every time he opens his mouth. Trudeau’s comments about the president’s quest to claim his innocence gave summit leaders a chance to relieve some stress Trump likes to bring to the surface when he attends NATO meetings.

Mr. Trump didn’t disappoint the other members when he continued to throw shadow at NATO members for not paying enough security dues. Mr. Trump brought up the same issue at the last NATO summit even though NATO members dropped the amount of money the U.S. pays NATO by six percent.

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks wants Lindsey Graham to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records. But Lindsey said he’s not going to make his lame Senate investigation of Joe Biden turn into a circus. Graham told the press he would investigate his pal Joe Biden even though Biden did nothing wrong. Banks wanted to show the Trumpster he is all in after the president said he wants Pelosi, Schiff, and the Biden’s to testify at his Senate trial. Mr. Trump wants to take the attention off his butt and put the blame on Joe and Hunter Biden.

Rudy Giuliani is in Ukraine talking to one of Ukraine’s sketchy politicians. Giuliani still wants to show the world Joe Biden broke U.S. laws when his son went to work for a Ukraine gas company. Now that Zelensky won’t open an investigation, Rudy wants a corrupt Ukrainian to bring Biden down.

Nancy Pelosi made Trump’s impeachment official when she told Americans Trump wants to turn America’s democracy into a monarchy. One reporter asked Nancy if she hates Trump. Pelosi told the reporter she doesn’t hate, but she does want to defend the constitution that Mr. Trump likes to ignore.

Bill Barr doesn’t like the report Mike Horowitz will reveal next week. Mr. Horowitz found no evidence that the FBI or the CIA spied on the Trump campaign. So Bill opened a criminal investigation to show members of his intelligence community broke the law in 2016 by spying on Trump. John Durham’s report should help Trump’s conspiracy theory about the FBI. That seems to be Bill Barr’s job these days. He is Trump’s legal protector, not the Attorney General of the United States.

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