Betsy DeVos Continues To Create Turmoil In The Education Department

When Betsy DeVos got caught trying to cut the Special Olympics budget, she claimed she is a big supporter of the Special Olympics. She couldn’t tell the public that Trump cut the funding for that popular program.

DeVos does her part to support the Special Olympics. She donated $50,000 to the Special Olympics from her government paycheck last year. And that was enough to take a little political heat off of her.

But when the news broke that just a few public servants get approved for student loan forgiveness, all the old DeVos screws ups came to the surface. Betsy sat before Congress last week and the meeting didn’t go the way she expected. She called the meeting a sham and a disgrace after Democrat Dick Durbin insinuated she reached her level of incompetence. Billionaire Betsy doesn’t like it when people call her out for upending the public school system to promote her for-profit charter school system.

DeVos and husband Dick are big Republican donors. Dick and Betsy are big political dogs in Michigan. They are political and religious junkies who have enough money to pull strings and get things done their way.

When Trump saw the check DeVos wrote him in 2016, he knew Betsy would be the controversial education secretary he dreamed about. Trump is a big fan of the charter school approach to education. He likes the for-profit concept. And the fact that charter schools can be picky when it comes to what students can go to these inflated versions of the for-profit college debacle.

Mr. Trump got involved in the for-profit college debacle. His college failed just like his airline and his casinos. But now that Betsy is in the education driver’s seat she will take the education heat while Trump threatens to close the Southern border.

But Betsy has a lot of explaining to do now that people know the government workers who want to take advantage of a temporary student loan relief program aren’t getting loan relief. The government authorized $700 million so firefighters, police, nurses, and other public servants can get out from under their student loan debt if they paid the loan payments on time for the last ten years.

More than 38,000 public servants requested loan forgiveness from the education department in 2018, but only 1,100 of those applicants met the first requirements to get loan forgiveness, according to the Washington Post. And only 262 of those people actually got student loans forgiveness, according to the Post.

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