Betsy DeVos Decides To Forgive 1,500 Student Loans After Ignoring The Order To Do So

The House Republicans want to defend Trump. They know Trump put the quid pro quo move on Zelensky, but they continue to deny that fact. In order to turn up the heat on Adam Schiff and the impeachment process, the House Trumpians put Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan on the intelligence committee.

Jordan is full of Trump’s political snake oil. He seems to come alive with a full mouth of Trumpian venom every time he’s in front of the cameras. There’s little doubt the former assistant wrestling coach will say anything to help the Trumpster beat the charges. Jordan has a restless way of presenting the facts he claims will cast doubt on the impeachment charges. The Democrats think Jordan is as shady as the president, and they have a good reason to think that way.

When Jordan was the assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, the team doctor got caught whacking off in showers while other men showered. A referee told Jordan and head coach Russ Hellickson Doctor Richard Strauss beat his meat next to him while he took a shower, according to court documents. Jordan and Hellickson told the referee that’s the way Strauss rolls. Strauss was the doctor that open the can of sexual worms that plagued Ohio State’s reputation. Jim Jordan knew Strauss had issues, but he jovially accepted them but denied he knew the Doctor was bad news.

Mr. Trump told the press he doesn’t think the impeachment hearings should be public even though most Republicans complained about the closed-door meetings Schiff held in the basement of the Congressional building. Mr. Trump claims the transcript he released proves the Zelensky call was perfect in every way. But several impeachment witnesses who listened to the call told the panel the Trumpster put quid pro quo moves on the new president of Ukraine.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is on the hot seat once again for forcing students to pay loans after a court told her to forgive loans associated with the defunct Dream Center Schools. The court fined Betsy’s department $100,000 and ordered her to stop harassing students. Betsy finally gave in and 1,500 students are off the student loan hook. But Betsy is still in political hot water thanks to her incompetence, and her plan to turn the public school system into a for-profit charter school system.

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