Betsy DeVos Keeps Shirking Her Student Loan Reform Obligation

Former Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer told Trump upholding the Rule of Law is what sets America apart from countries like North Korea and China. Mr. Trump fired Spencer for taking away Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s seal pin and demoting him. Trump told the press Eddie is a good guy. Trump wants to protect Eddie from the harsh treatment he got from Spencer.

Mr. Trump decided to fire Spencer for telling him to butt out and let him handle the Gallagher case. The Trumpster called Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and he told him to fire Spencer. In his letter of termination, Eddie told Trump he’s a dick.

Rudy Giuliani is under investigation. The Southern District of New York thinks Rudy acted like a U.S. government agent when he forced Zelensky to play ball with Trump. Rudy didn’t register as a foreign agent and that’s not cool. Giuliani also had a scheme in place with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman the two criminal clients who helped him force Zelensky to say whatever Trump wanted him to say about Joe Biden’s involvement with Ukraine while he was VP.

According to testimony from impeachment witnesses, Rudy acted like the Secretary of State during the Zelensky shakedown. Some Republicans want to make Rudy the scapegoat in the Ukraine fiasco. But Rudy told the press he has insurance that could damage Trump if the Trumpster decides to throw him under the Ukraine bus.

The Justice Department got a wake-up call when Washington Federal Judge Jackson told them their case to keep Don McGahn from testifying was pure fiction. The Justice Department will appeal Jackson’s decision. Most legal experts think that case will go to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court put Trump’s tax case on hold until December 5th. The Justices want Trump’s lawyers to explain why Trump’s financials should not be public knowledge. If SCOTUS decides to hear the case, a ruling will come in June. If the conservatives on the court decide not to hear the case, Trump will have to release his financial information. Mr. Trump told the press he plans to release his tax returns before the 2020 election.

Betsy DeVos is up to her charter school neck in legal issues. Her quest to collect student loans from students who attended for-profit colleges after a judge told her to forgive those loans earned her a $100,000 fine. A student loan reform group filed a lawsuit against Betsy and another education official for shirking their legal responsibility and mismanaging student loan services.

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