Biden Gives Pence A Pat On The Back And Warren Goes On The Warpath

Obama and Biden were like besties when they campaigned together. Biden has that likable personality that listens more than it speaks. And that’s a good thing in politics especially right now. Biden is still on the fence when it comes to throwing his aging Delaware keys in the take-down-the-Trump-ring of insaneness.

Joe has a political track record that shows he can pull that likable personality out on both sides of the aisle. That’s a plus for a lot of voters. And he knows how to handle himself when he’s in Europe and Asia. And he’s not a Russia fan. All those things make him a good fit for Democratic centrists.

But Biden may not be come up with the cash to pick up where he left off in 2016. Joe’s on the phone and out in public trying to get the big Democrats to give him one of those grassroots, Bernie Sanders type of presidential race entrances. Bernie raised $10 million in one week. Joe only raised $11.5 million when ran his last presidential race. And most of that money came from fat cat donors.

Biden critics say raising money is his biggest challenge this time around. But he changed that challenge when he went into the old Democratic boy’s club mode, and called Mike Pence a “nice guy,” according to CNN.

Mr. Biden quickly apologized after actress Cynthia Nixon put a tweet out reminding Biden that Mike Pence is a card-carrying LGBT hater. Pence isn’t a nice guy, according to Nixon. He’s a passive aggressive do-gooder who wears his bigotry like a medal of honor.

Elizabeth Warren expanded the Mike Pence conversation so Biden would get the message. Warren said Pence and decency are not familiar with each other. Warren is in the race to prove she has Native American grit that has nothing to do with her genes. She just wants to dream she’s carving “liar” across his tanning bed-orange chest while he’s tied in a chair with Mike Pence until he cries,” uncle.” And she wants to show the world the United States is not as dumb as it looks.

Pence seems undaunted by all the negative attention. At a recent conservative action conference in Maryland, Pence was on a mission to make the audience believe socialism is America’s biggest threat. And the Democrats are the socialists who will throw the country into chaos like Nicolas Maduro did in Venezuela.

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