Biden Surfaces As The Lead Candidate But Elizabeth Say Joe’s Old News

The Chinese are on their way to Washington for another round of trade talks. The Chinese know Trump’s additional tariff threats are just that. But they want to end the trade talk chaos Trump reigns down on them before he goes off the deep end again. China holds a strong hand in the negotiations. Mr. Trump may come away from the talks with a victory, but the experts say his victory is more hype than reality. China won’t let Trump interfere with how they run the country. But they will throw him a few trade bones to get him off their backs.

Trump doesn’t want Mueller or Don McGahn to talk to Congress. Senate leader Mitch McConnell said the Mueller case is over and the Democrats need to move on. McConnell knows he’s on a slippery political slope and he might fall off if the public finds out what the Mueller report says about Trump. Mr. Trump did try to obstruct justice, according to Mueller. Congress wants Mueller to tell the public how Trump wanted to control his investigation.

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave the press a verbal thrashing for the way they treat her. She also told teachers if they want to complain they should do it on their own time. DeVos did admit she’s an introvert. She doesn’t like to be on stage and make a fool of herself but she can’t help it due to her shyness. Dick DeVos may put his foot down and make Betsy come home if Trump wins another term. He hates it when Betsy acts stupid in front of the cameras.

Elizabeth Warren told the press more than 500 U.S. prosecutors think Trump would be behind bars if he wasn’t the president. There’s enough evidence in the Mueller report to charge him. That’s why Warren wants to impeach Trump. But Nancy Pelosi thinks that’s a bad idea. She wants to beat Trump in 2020. But according to Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen Trump won’t give up the presidency without a fight if he loses. That’s why Pelosi thinks the Democrats must overwhelmingly beat Trump.

Nancy thinks Joe Biden is the candidate who can bring Democrats together. But Biden has a lot of political baggage and most of it doesn’t jibe with liberals in the party. Biden is a capitalist who wants to protect insurance and credit card companies. Plus, he still doesn’t know who the Prime Minister of England is so his foreign policy skills are more than rusty, according to his critics.

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