Bill Barr Laughs About His Fabulist Tendencies

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman decided to throw his two cents into the Iran debacle. Prince Salman claims the Houthis attacked Saudi ships with drones. Iran gave the Houthis that mission, according to the prince.

It’s no surprise the Saudi Prince Salman would want to rumble with Tehran. He’s Jared Kushner’s party buddy, and Trump likes the color of Saudi money. Instead of lowering the heat in the Middle East, Prince Salman set the area on fire. Trump keeps telling the press, “I hope not” when they ask him if he will send Bolton his tweet of approval so war-happy Bolton can shoot off a few missiles before Congress shuts him down.

Mr. Trump screwed the Chinese pooch when he told Huawei they can’t do business in the United States. Mt. Trump tried to get his negotiating team to stop Chinese tech companies from making Silicon Valley look stupid. China’s 5G technology is more advanced. Trump wants to stop them from controlling the global 5G network.

China told Trump to keep Bob Lighthizer home. The Chinese need some space away from Trump. When he blocked Huawei from doing business, President Xi had to act. Xi still hasn’t got over how Trump disrespected Kim Jon Un in Hanoi. The Chinese press said Xi Jinping wouldn’t let Trump do that to him. He might sell bigger chunks of America’s debt. Plus, China is in no hurry to make a deal. They know Trump has to make a deal before the election. That means the farmers suffer until Trump leaves office.

Mr. Trump wants to give farmers another $15 billion and a big “take one for the kipper” speech. Mitch McConnell keeps warning Trump about tariffs. Hitler had a tariff addiction too, and everyone knows how that ended.

Republican and Democratic senators who saw and heard Jared Kushner make an ass out of himself know Jared is in over his head. Kushner’s Middle East peace program never made it to first base with the Palestinians. The Palestinians don’t want Trump to build a Trump Tower on the West Bank.

Bill Barr seems to enjoy his position as Trump’s legal bodyguard. Congress thinks Bill lied when he said he didn’t know if Mueller thought his summary was a smoke screen. But Bob sent Bill a letter before Barr talked to Congress. Bob told Barr he needs therapy. Barr’s still laughing at Congress. He knows Trump has his Six.

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