Bill Barr May Ignore Congress After His Shaky Senate Performance

President Trump knows Deutsche Bank has some revealing financial information that could make his life miserable if the German bank shares it with Congress. Deutsche Bank is Trump’s $300 million-dollar friend. Trump made friends with high-ranking German bank executives and he cut a deal, according to Congressman Adam Schiff. Schiff thinks the Trump Organization was part of a money-laundering scheme.

A NY Mag article outlined the scheme, and that was enough information for Mr. Trump. He decided to sue Deutsche Bank to stop the release of his financial records. The president also blocked the Congressional subpoenas that require his aides to tell what they know about Trump’s plan to obstruct justice by firing Bob Mueller.

Suing is part of Trump’s DNA. He has more than 4,000 lawsuits notched in his super-sized leather belt. Stopping Deutsche Bank from raining on his unethical presidential parade is standard behavior for the Trumpster. The lawsuit will give him enough time to win the election, according to Republicans. But the state of New York isn’t waiting for the lawsuit’s verdict to get Trump’s financial records. New York thinks it can get Trump’s state tax returns by using a new law.

But Trump’s lawsuits and Biden bashing took a backseat when Attorney General Bill Barr sat before the Senate Judiciary committee. Mr. Barr thought he could get away with acting like Trump’s consigliore instead of the attorney general. But when Democratic Senator Miro Hirono called Barr a liar, he knew he couldn’t sit before Congress and let the Democrats have their way with him. The Department of Justice told House Oversight Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler Mr. Barr would be a no-show for his hearing.

If Mr. Barr tells Nadler to stick his meeting up his butt, there’s not much Congress can do to get Barr to testify. Barr said he didn’t like Nadler’s question format. Nadler wants staff lawyers to question Barr. He got a taste of the type of question they would ask him when Kamala Harris caught Barr off guard with her carefully worded questions during the Senate Judiciary hearing. Chairman Lindsey Graham told Harris she was out of line, but she proved her point. Mr. Barr is Trump’s protector and he’ll stick by his no collusion, no obstruction story despite what the Mueller reports says.

Senator Hirono thinks Barr should resign. And Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said the same thing. Barr did the job Trump expected when he nominated him for attorney general. But Mr. Barr legal credibility took a massive hit. But in Trumpland, legal credibility doesn’t count as much as mobster loyalty.

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