Bill Cosby Casts Aside his Defense Team in Sentencing Preparation

Just last week, it was uncertain what influenced Cosby to make alterations to his legal team. His judgment for sexual assault against Andrea Constand is set for September. Tom Mesereau, head of his legal team is a high profile lawyer who successfully defended Michael Jackson. Despite this achievement, he was unable to do the same for Cosby. Consequentially, seven weeks later after conviction of sexual assault, Cosby lets his team go. The confirmation was met on Thursday by Cosby’s publicist in a mail. The mail highlighted that the entire legal defense team for the former TV star has been replaced. No further explanation was given by Cosby as to why the action was taken.

Joseph P. Green is Cosby’s new attorney. This report was given by Mr. Wyatt. He is based in West Chester and deals with personal injury cases and criminal defense. Attempts of getting any comment from Green in a phone call were not fruitful. Mr. Tom on the other hand just wished good luck on Bill Cosby and his new defense team. Mr. Tom gave no further additional information. In April, Cosby was convicted with three counts of sexual indecency. The 80-year-old is looking at 30 years behind bars for these accusations. His first trial was in 2017. However, the jury could not come to a final judgment. In April, during the rehearing, he was found guilty of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand. This incident on the former Templer University basketball official happened outside his home in Philadelphia. Brian J. McMonagle was the head of his defense team at the first trial at Philadelphia. He also did not comment when Cosby changed his legal team afterward.

This action was met with a lot of criticism from a lawyer of the same locality, William J. Brennan. He said that McMonagle was able to instill vital questions on the court that they were unable to give a judgment. “If he had a brain in his head, he would go back to McMonagle,” commented Brennan. During the filing of an appeal, it is customary for the accused to hire new lawyers. Philadelphia- area defense attorneys support this claim. Mr. Mesereau announced in April that it was only after the sentencing that a legal appeal would be filed. It was, however, unclear to Alan Tauber why Cosby changed Mr. Mesereau’s team. Ms. Constand faced accusations of lying at the first trial to get a payout.

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