Brett Kavanaugh Receives Confirmation To Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a narrow margin On Saturday. The United States Senate voted 50 to 48 to make Kavanaugh the newest member of the highest court in the nation. The vote followed heated confirmation hearings and an FBI investigation that included allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.

Bystanders report that loud shouting could be heard before and after the vote was taken. There were also hundreds of protesters outside the Supreme Court. Police arrested dozens of individuals when they rushed a police barricade.

Straits says that the confirmation of Kavanaugh was considered a surety once three key senators gave their endorsement to him. These key votes were cast by Susan Collins from Maine and Arizona’s Jeff Flake, both Republicans. The two were joined in their support of Kavanaugh by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia.

A Standing Committee of the ABA previously rated Kavanaugh as well-qualified in their assessment of the judge’s worthiness made to the Senate Judiciary Committee. However, the Standing Committee made it known to the Judiciary Committee on Friday that their assessment of Kavanaugh is currently under re-evaluation.

The re-evaluation of Kavanaugh is attributed to new information regarding his temperament. The result of the re-evaluation was not known when the Senate vote was conducted.

Kavanaugh is a graduate of Yale Law School and has been a U.S. Appeals Court Judge in Washington D.C. since 2006. Kavanaugh will now possess a seat on the Supreme Court that was made available when Justice Anthony Kennedy decided to retire.

The initial confirmation hearings of Kavanaugh included intense questioning regarding the Senator’s views on a number of issues including the rights of gays, abortion, and the powers available to the president.

The calmness displayed by Kavanaugh during the first hearings was gone by September 27 as the second hearings were underway. Kavanaugh seemed angry at times while defending his name against allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her.

Ford testified that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a party while both were students in high school. Ford’s account of the incident is that Kavanaugh shoved her onto a bed and placed himself on top of her. She said the Senator attempted to remove her bathing suit while groping her.

A subsequent investigation by the FBI resulted in nine people being interviewed. However, neither of the people were Ford or Kavanaugh. One former classmate at Yale that was interviewed, Deborah Ramirez, says that Kavanaugh exposed himself inappropriately to her at a party.

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