British Lawmakers Are Ready To Throw Theresa May’s Brexit Deal In The Trash Again

Prime Minister Theresa May is in serious trouble. She wants a Brexit deal with the EU as much as Trump wants an $8.6 billion border wall. According to the New York Post, May’s attempt to leave the EU and keep the border open between the ever-feuding Irish seems to be dead in the water. The EU claims it will keep the border open, but there are conditions the U.K. has to accept to keep it open. And Parliament doesn’t like the conditions.

May is between an EU rock and a Parliamentary hard place. Her February EU deal went nowhere the last time parliament voted and according to several British lawmakers, her new deal will go down in British smoke too. March 29, 2019, is the deadline for Britain to accept the current EU deal. If Parliament rejects it, the U.K. could leave the EU without a deal. A no-deal Brexit would be an economic and financial disaster for the U.K., so the word is parliament will vote to stop a No-Brexit deal.

Parliament will then vote to extend the March 29th deadline. That will vote will give May a chance to ask the EU for a delay. Once the EU agrees to extend the exit date, Parliament will vote again for another public vote on Brexit. Some British lawmakers think a new vote will show most Brits want to stay in the EU. According to several British news reports, staying in the EU makes more sense than leaving. If May’s Brexit deal is out, and the EU agrees to an extension, a new Brexit referendum will follow, according to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Whatever happens in Parliament with the Brexit issue, May’s future is in jeopardy, according to a CNN report. Even members of her Conservative Party think May has to go if there’s no Brexit deal. But May will give it another go in Brussels before she calls it quits. She knows her political future depends on her convincing EU leaders to take her new deal. But according to recent news reports the EU is sick of May and the Brexit situation.

May’s fight with Parliament mirrors Trump’s fight with Congress in a strange way. Trump’s new budget will include another $8.6 billion to build his border wall. And the Democrats will reject that budget, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Speaker Chuck Schumer.

That rejection could trigger another government shutdown. And that’s one difference between the U.S. and the U.K.’s legal debacles. May won’t shut the government down because lawmakers don’t agree with her. But Trump seems to like his ability to make lives of American’s miserable until he gets what he wants.

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