Brother of Seth Rich Files Lawsuit Relating to DNC Hacking Incident

While the police are still investigating the death of Democratic National Committee (DNC) employee Seth Rich that occurred in the summer of 2016, speculation that his death was related to the releasing of thousands of DNC emails has continued. This has lead Rich’s brother Aaron to file a lawsuit.

This past week, Rich filed a suit against Ed Butowsky, who is a Dallas financial advisor who had a central role in the early reporting of the case. Rich has also sued a prominent conservative conspiracy theorist, as well as the Washington Times. His lawsuit contends that the three propogated unsubstantiated claims that Aaron Rich was involved in the leaking of emails to WikiLeaks, which then publicly disseminated the material. National security and intelligence officials in the United States — both under President Obama and President Trump — have concluded that hackers working for the Russian government were solely responsible for the hacking of DNC emails.

According to, the lawsuit filed against the three is the third such suit relating to the circumstances of Seth Rich’s death. In May of last year, Fox News made claims about how Seth Rich’s death was related to the emails. Fox retracted these claims a week later, but the parents of Seth Rich still sued the network earlier this year. Butowsky, who sometimes contributes to Fox News, allegedly provided information that was the basis of the story, according to a third lawsuit that was filed against Fox in August of last year.

Aaron Rich’s lawsuit refers to public statements Butowsky has made, as well as statements made by a conservative conspiracy theorist named Matt Couch and his company, America First Media. These statements, according to the lawsuit, insinuated that Aaron Rich helped provide the stolen emails to WikiLeaks and did so in exchange for financial compensation.

Donald Trump, when he was a candidate for president, applauded WikiLeaks for publishing the DNC emails, which showed discord within the organization.

Michael Gottlieb, who is an attorney for Aaron Rich, says that his client wants to clean his good name. He further says that the accusations against him are not based in reality and have been completely made up. According to the lawsuit, Aaron Rich is a defense contractor who holds a secrurity clearance. The suit contends that the accusations made against him were no different than accusing him of treason.

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