Buttigieg Gives Two Fox News Hosts A Spanking

There are money laundering rumors in the political air. Congressman Adam Schiff smelled dirty Trumpian air, so he asked Deutsche Bank to send him Trump’s financial records. Schiff didn’t mean those phony accounts that look legit. Schiff wants those shell corporation bank accounts that lead back to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner.

In 2016, and again in 2017, anti-money laundering specialists told Deutsche Bank executives Trump set off their money laundering alarm. And accounts associated with Jared Kushner did the same thing. The New York Times explained how Trump laundered Russian money months ago. But Deutsche Bank denies any participation in money laundering. Trump wants the courts to stop Deutsche Bank from giving Schiff all his financial records. The first court fight doesn’t look good for the Trumpster. But he’ll appeal the loser ruling if that happens.

Mr. Trump’s not worried about Deutsche Bank now that Rep. Justin Amash broke his rules. Justin gave his impeachment allegiance to the Democrats. He told reporters Trump is a con man. That comment was enough to put Amash on the president’s loser list. That’s the list George Conway and James Comey chair. Conway thinks Barr is another version of Trump legal idol Roy Cohn. Barr is Trump’s main man at the moment. Rudy needs to tend to his offshore political romances, and Lindsey stepped on his tongue when he told Trump Jr. to plead the Fifth when Don Jr. sits in front of Richard Burr’s committee in June.

Bill Barr has his investigator in place. Trump wants to see a little FBI political blood before the election. Barr wasn’t doing any attorney general’s work, so he thought political blood was a good idea. Barr has that Benedict Arnold persona that makes people want to impeach him or make him resign. But He doesn’t care what Nancy Pelosi says about him. He found his place in history. He is the first modern attorney general to betray his oath of office and kiss a president’s butt in public, according to the Washington Post.

Pete Buttigieg tore a page out of the Bernie Sanders campaign plan when he accepted an invitation from Fox News to do a town hall meeting. Chris Wallace hosted the event. According to Wallace Pete’s has his political head on straight. The first thing Pete did was call out Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. Those two Fox News hosts promote Trump’s hatred, according to Pete. Pete found some allies and Trump pissed more of his off at Fox News.

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