House Impeachment Managers Finish Presenting Their Case Against President Trump

Democrats concluded their case in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump late Friday night in the Senate. House impeachment managers, led by Representative Adam Schiff of California, argued that President Trump should be removed from office for his conduct in handling of aid to Ukraine last summer. Representative Schiff portrayed President Trump as a danger to American ideals, saying that the president’s actions with Ukrainian aid is part of a larger pattern of appeasing Russia. Continuing, Mr. Schiff alleges that Trump’s actions are geared toward his own self interests and not the interest of the American people.

As Mr. Schiff’s time came to an end, he encouraged senators to be impartial in their judgment of the president for the sake of the country. Schiff’s words seemingly fell on deaf ears as many Republican senators already hinted that they would not be willing to vote for subpoenaing additional witnesses or documents from the White House. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso told reporters that “We’ve heard plenty,” indicating that he would vote not to hear any further evidence from House impeachment managers. Schiff also made note of reports of senators being warned that the president would “have their head on a pike” if they voted against his agenda. Many senators appeared indignant at Schiff’s words, breaking the silence in the chamber to express that such reports were not true.

In addition to Schiff’s arguments surrounding abuse of power, fellow House impeachment manager Jerry Nadler of New York made the House’s case alleging that Trump obstructed Congress. Representative Nadler argued that in refusing to allow witnesses to testify and not providing House investigators with necessary documents, President Trump undermined the ability of the federal government to correct wrongs. Nadler alleges that Trump’s actions are unprecedented and called the forty-fifth president a dictator.

As Trump’s team begins their defense of the president this weekend, it seems less and less likely that Democrats will be able to sway four Republicans to join their cause and demand that the Senate hear from witnesses. Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer encouraged Republicans to join them in subpoenaing witnesses, warning that the American people want to know the truth. Schumer warns that Republicans could face major political consequences in the November election if they do not vote for witnesses after Trump’s defense team makes their case early next week. Democrats have thus far reached out to moderate Republicans who might want to hear witnesses, including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

Senators Take The Oath And The Arguments Begin

Meghan Markle may be the Duchess of Sussex, but she’s not a British citizen. She applied to be a British citizen after the royal wedding, but the application is somewhere waiting for the Queen to give her blessing. Meghan will have to spend six months and one day in the U.K. every year if she plans to become a citizen.

But Harry and Meghan have bigger fish to fry now that the Queen told Harry he could live In Canada and she would butt out. William told Harry to calm down and get to know Meghan before they got married. Harry’s love for Meghan hurt his relationship with William.

Lev Parnas took no prisoners when he let Pelosi and Schiff know he’s got the written proof the president wanted Ukraine to help him destroy Joe Biden. Mr.Biden’s son worked for a Ukraine gas company while he was VP. Mr. Trump thinks Biden tried to quid pro quo Ukraine to protect his son from corruption charges. Biden let Hunter take a $50,000 a month board job in Ukraine and he held a $1.1 billion aid check until Ukriane officials fired a corrupt prosecutor.

Parnas claims Mike Pence knew about what went on in Ukraine, but Mike keeps denying he did. When Pence ghosted the Zelensky inauguration, that hurt the new president’s credibility with the United States. Trump knows Ukraine needs his support to fend off the Russians.

When Pence didn’t show for the ceremony, Zelensky knew all banter Rudy Giuliani dished out before the ceremony was true. The president wanted Zelensky to announce he would investigate Hunter Biden’s gas company. Trump didn’t care if the investigation actually happened. The announcement was enough to create doubts about the ghosts in Joe’s VP closet.

Mr. Parnas threw Trump’s legal watchdog Bill Barr under the Ukraine bus along with Mulvaney, and Pompeo. He also told CNBC Trump’s Washington Hotel is a hangout for Congressmen and mobster hoping to make a deal with the president.

John Roberts made all the senators take the jurors’ oath. They all signed it, but Adam Schiff claims claim McConnell violated it, and so did Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and the other lawmakers who announced they would vote to acquit Trump no matter what the evidence proved.

One-hundred senators will have to make a choice. Political careers are on the line, and so is the constitution, according to Congressman Schiff.

Lev Parnas Gave Congress More Evidence Trump Wanted Zelensky To Screw Biden

Harry and Meghan got the Queen’s blessing, but according to the British press, her blessing was filled with distress. Meghan wants to get away from the royals and start acting again. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, gave Meghan a job as a voice actor in his next movie project. Harry and the duchess plan to live in Canada half the year, but some reports claim Meghan wants to live there full time.

Trying to break away from the Queen’s dynasty isn’t easy. Harry wants to be financially independent, but that’s a legal can of worms, according to British officials. He may have to break ties with Buckingham Palace and, that opens the door for security as well as other issues, and Canada is not on board with spending money to protect the couple.

The trade deficit with China dropped in December by eight percent. But the U.S. still buys more Chinese merchandise than China buys from the United States. The total trade deficit at the end of 2019 was $295.8 billion. In December, the deficit was $23.2 billion down from $24.6 billion in 2018. Mr. Trump’s tariff addiction made a dent in the deficit with China, but it cost Americans more than $30 billion in tariff-taxes. Chinese products are a huge part of American life. In China, American products are not as important.

The phase one trade deal is a start, but there are challenges in its DNA. The Chinese will but more farm products from American farmers and China will try to stop the intellectual property thief that is part of Chinese business life. Plus, China will open its domestic market and stop manipulating the yuan in the currency market. But the Chinese have a knack for changing agreements or disregarding them. Phase one is more truce than a solid business deal, but it gives the president the bragging rights he needs to get reelected in November.

The impeachment trial will begin next week. Three Republican senators want to hear from witnesses, but the Democrats need one more Trumpian to break rank and vote to hear from Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo. Mr. Trump said he will block their testimony. If that happens, it will cost him votes in November.

Lev Parnas one of the Rudy Giuliani’s clients gave his Ukraine notes to Congress, and the notes confirm Trump tried to Biden-screw Zelensky. It’s unclear if the Parnas notes will be part of the impeachment trial, but it’s safe to say Congress will try to use them in order to bring Trump down.

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Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Woman Convicted Of Encouraging Teen’s Suicide Via Text Message

The United States Supreme Court decided it was not interested in hearing from a young woman seeking to have her manslaughter conviction overturned. The court made its decision on Monday in the case of a woman convicted of using text messages to goad her boyfriend into killing himself. The high-profile 2014 case succeeded in training the attention of the nation on issues pertaining to cyberbullying.

The justices of the Supreme Court decided against giving Michelle Carter the opportunity to argue an appeal of a decision handed down by a judicial supreme court in Massachusetts a year ago. The Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld the original conviction Carter received at the hands of the juvenile judge that presided over her original case.

Case evidence shows that Carter made repeated suggestions to Conrad Roy that he should inhale carbon monoxide fumes to commit suicide. Conrad Roy was 18 years old at the time of his death. Michelle Carter was 17 at the time.

Lawyers for Carter argue that her conviction is a direct violation of the first amendment rights guaranteed to her under the Constitution. A number of advocacy groups for civil liberties made the same argument in Carter’s defense. It was the first case in Massachusetts in which a defendant was prosecuted for manslaughter based on statements made through text messaging.

Roy hooked a generator up to his vehicle and allowed it to fill with carbon monoxide. Court transcripts show that Roy exited the vehicle once the fumes began to get too strong for him to endure. He returned to the vehicle at the urging of Carter.

According to, Carter sent a copy of the text message to a friend who provided the information to investigators. Earlier in the conversation, Carter made Roy promise her he would not back out of the present suicide attempt like he had done with previous attempts on his life.

In one text message , Carter coaxed the troubled man by telling him the more ‘you push it off’ the more it will all ‘eat at you.’ A second text suggested Roy ‘just do it’ and not ‘think about it.’

Carter was indicted in 2015 and opted to have her fate decided by a judge. Juvenile Court Judge Lawerence Moniz of Bristol County found Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Moniz ordered Carter to serve 15 months of a 30-month prison sentence. Carter began serving the sentence once she received notice the appeals court did not rule in her favor.

New York Bar Wants To End Barr’s Role In The Trumpian Fiasco

The Queen’s 93, but she still rules in Britain. Prince Charles Is on deck, and Prince William gets the starring role when Charles purchases his one-way ticket to paradise. Prince Harry got the raw end of the royal stick for being the second-born son. And he’s been bitching about that fact for years.

Harry got a chance to go rogue and split with Buckingham Palace without telling dad or grandma. Meghan told Harry he needs to turn in his royal uniform in and get one he can wear part-time, so she can get away from his judgment and snobby family.

Meghan also wanted to give the British press the finger for showing the world what her family gene pool looks and acts like. Meghan wants to raise the baby prince with her homeys in the states or Canada. And Harry wants to still live like a millionaire when he gets some backing from his wealthy friends.

Rudy Giuliani thinks the Supreme Court should tell Congress the impeachment isn’t an impeachment because Pelosi didn’t send the articles when Moscow Mitch wanted them. Mitch wants to give trump a win, and so does Lindsey Graham.

Mitch gave the president’s lawyer an advantage when he decided he was team Trump even though he has to take the juror’s oath before the trial begins. Nancy told the press she’ll send the articles soon. Lindsey said the trial will start on the 13th or 14th with or without the articles.

Mr. Trump’s decision to drone-fry Iran’s general set off a chain reaction no one expected. Trump knew Iran would retaliate, and they did, but the retaliation was kid-glove worthy. Khomeini tested his missile system on two Iraqi military bases. Before he made the call, he let Iraq know to get folks underground, fast. The Iranian leader made sure no one got hurt.

But when Iran put up its anti-missile defense system and left it on, it detected the Ukrainian Airlines jet that got the okay to take off. All people aboard the flight meet their maker because Trump decided to attack Iran to help him win in 2020.

Lawyers in New York are sick of Bill Barr being Trump’s legal lap dog. Lawyers around the country want the attorney general to find out if Barr’s attempt to protect all of Trump’s mobster moves is a result of a mental disorder, or he just an old bigoted hard-ass who’s about to run out of legal gas.

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Trump Defies War Powers Act

Lindsey Graham wants to change the Senate impeachment laws so his Republicans pals can vindicate Trump without the articles of impeachment. Nancy Pelosi kept the impeachment articles over the holidays. She wants Mitch McConnell to set the rules for the trial before she sends both impeachment articles. McConnell still refuses to give Pelosi what she wants.

Pelosi wants witnesses to testify, but Mitch wants a fast trial because Trump wants a fast trial. Mr. Trump wanted to call the witnesses that would prove Joe Biden did a quid pro quo number on Ukraine when he was president. But he ditched that request when Mitch, Lindsey, and other Trumpians told him that idea would backfire. The impeachment trial is all about what Trump did not what Biden did when he was VP.

Iraq’s Parliament voted to remove American troops over the weekend. The Iraqi’s want to protect themselves, but Trump claims he’ll sanction Iraq silly if the country forces American troops to leave. Mr. Trump said the U.S. built an expense airport in Iraq, and they will have to pay him for the airport before he orders American troops to leave.

Russian news reports claim Trump’s move to drone-fry Iran’s top military leader was a dick move. Some reports claim Trump took out the general to take attention away from his impeachment. Other reports say the United States showed it’s no longer a major power that plays by international rules.

According to the NY Times, Mr. Trump confirmed he would play by his own rules in several weekend treats. He threatened to target 52 sites in Iran if the Iranians follow through with their threat to retaliate. The Trumpster tweeted he would target cultural sites, and that violated UN resolution 2347. Mr. Trump said he didn’t care about the UN resolution because Iran doesn’t play by the rules.

The White House sent Congress notice of the drone strike over the weekend, but the classified document didn’t adhere to the rules outlined in the 1973 War Powers Act. Trump said his tweets will serve as the official notice for any new warlike moves against Iran.

The Democrats know most Republicans back the president’s move to start another war in the Middle East. The Trumpster and his Trumpians claim they want to prevent a war, not start one. That stupid statement shows the 25th Amendment that gives Congress the right to remove a president from office should be the next move the Democrats make to stop Trump’s chaotic and dangerous presidency.

Challenges To The California Assembly Bill 5

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), popularly called the gig worker law, will ensure people who work for companies like Uber have job security and benefits like employees do. lawmakers have said they hope the law encourages companies to hire independent contractors as full-time employees with benefits. Companies who control a person’s work or the work is part of their regular business must consider the person an employee, not a contractor.

On Dec. 17 2019, The National Press Photographers Association and the American Society of Journalists and Authors Inc. filed a complaint alleging the new law singles out freelance writers, photographers and other members of their organizations. They are represented by the Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacramento, California. Companies which hire freelance writers which reside in California can only let the writers turn in 35 assignments per year unless they make the person part of their staff.

People who drive for Uber and Lyft may have to take shifts if the companies are unsuccessful in their challenges to the law. This would impact individuals who took a gig job so they can work when it’s convenient. Many workers say they work around their kid’s school schedule, their partner’s work schedule or college classes. Gig Workers Rising, which supports the new law, says Uber and Lyft drivers have their rates cut while executives get raises. They are pushing for gig drivers to make a living wage, qualify for worker’s compensation and receive health benefits. Employees qualify for protection from the Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act while independent contractors don’t qualify for these protections.

Numerous companies have build their business model on hiring low-cost contractors including, food delivery, dog walkers and journalists. Estimates say it will cost companies 20 to 30 percent more to classify contractors as employees.

Pelosi Wants McConnell To Play Fair But That’s Not In His Copy Of Trump’s Mobster Handbook

Iran told Trump to go suck or dick and stop threatening to blow Iran into the afterlife. Iran’s military guard chief told the press he’s ready to take a missile-bite out of Netanyahu, Salman, and few other choice American assets, but Iran doesn’t want a shooting war.

Mr. Trump backed out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran in 2018 because it was an Obama deal. One of Trump’s missions while president is to stick as many of Obama’s initiatives up the former president’s ass as possible. And to make sure Hillary Clinton and he email debacle stay fresh in the minds of his voter base.

The Iraq militants who attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq has connections with Iran, so Mr. Trump accused Iran and threaten he would put a missile-whipping on the country. But, then he later said he doesn’t want a screw Iran with military force. He’s happy sanction-boning the country till it cries, uncle. But Iran developed ways to do business around the world without using American dollars. China still buys oil from Iran, and Russia backs Iran in order to gain more control in the Middle East.

News reports about the condition of the global economy paint a colorful as well as painful picture of the eroding economic mess partly created by Trump’s tariff bullying. China’s GDP product growth is down to 6.0 percent, and it could drop again. China plans to subsidize its economy until Trump realizes he can’t beat the country who plays by his rules but executes them better.

Peter Navarro, the Trump ass-kisser who put the tariff bug in the president’s ear in the first place, claims the stock market will hit 32,000 in 2020. Most hedge fund managers know corporate earnings are in the toilet, so other factors continue to put hot air in stock prices. The stock market is Trump’s boy-toy. He knows he can make stocks jump when he makes a false claim about almost anything. That’s why several of the top hedge fund managers bet billions the market will take a major-league hit by June 2020. That’s the same time the Supreme Court will rule on Trump’s three tax cases.

Nancy Pelosi told Mitch McConnell to stop acting like Trump’s bitch and hold a fair trial in the Senate. Pelosi may not send those two articles of impeachment to the Senate until she thinks she has four Republicans who will vote to call witnesses.

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Republican Senators Are Scared Of Rudy And His Ukraine Video

President Trump may be playing golf in Florida, but his tweeting fingers still work while he cheats a little at his favorite sport. Mr. Trump’s rage took a step beyond his normal rants about Pelosi, Schiff, and other Democrats when he re-posted a tweet that mentioned the whistleblower’s name.

Mr. Trump wants to expose the whistleblower. Trump claims that person lied about his plan to screw the president of Ukraine. But several witnesses during the impeachment trial confirmed what the whistleblower reported. According to the Democrats, Trump’s methodical, but poorly executed plan, to make President Zelensky his Biden-bashing toy is part of a larger plan to blame Ukraine for interfering with the 2016 election, not Russia.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t send McConnell the two articles of impeachment before the holiday break. Pelosi wants McConnell to set the rules for the Senate trial before she makes that move. Pelosi also told McConnell Congress may impeach Trump on another charge before the trial. Exposing the whistleblower could be one of those charges, according to legal scholars. But there are other charges lurking behind closed doors, according to several news reports.

Kellyanne Conway is on the legal hot seat for violating the Hatch Act more than 60 times. Conway likes to mix White House business with Trump’s reelection business, and that’s not cool, according to the law. Several groups want Trump to fire Conway, but the president claims those groups want to take Kellyanne’s First Amendment rights away from her.

Kellyanne’s husband George Conway wants to bring Trump down. Mr. Conway claims foreign leaders think Mr. Trump is an ass. America’s credibility is on the line around the world, so George set up a Republican PAC to help defeat Trump in 2020. That PAC consists of conservative Republicans who want to take the party back and send Trump to Mar-a-Lago, permanently.

Rudy Giuliani got excited when Lindsey Graham said he wants to see the video he put together a couple of weeks ago. Rudy’s new video is another attempt to prove Joe Biden did a quid pro quo number on Ukraine to protect his son who worked for a Ukraine gas company.

Giuliani got former Ukraine officials with close ties to Russia to confirm his conspiracy theory in that video. But Republican senators don’t want to be part of Rudy’s plan to blame Ukraine for interfering with the 2016 election. They know they can’t condone Rudy’s actions or his credibility if they want to get reelected in 2020.

How the Trump Campaign and Cambridge Analytica Lawsuit changed Big Tech forever

Two-day marathon testimony by Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO in front of congress brought about some strong mixed reactions. M-words were used in the hearing as the senators wanted to understand how hacking and selling of 87 million profiles to Cambridge Analytica took place without the consent of users. A year and a half down the line, federal trade commission, House Judiciary Committees, and the coalition of Attorney Generals across all US States are investigating Facebook with antitrust issues. An extensive review of the Facebook industry is ongoing. This is according to the Department of Justice.

This decade was to be the decade that the US government accepted the tech regime. However, a series of scandals has frayed trust between lawmakers and tech CEOs. Below is a brief story of the tech regime in the 2010s era.

Close ties
In 2008, former US President Barrack Obama trusted the tech regime, and at long last, it helped him win the elections. He used social media platforms in his campaigns. In 2010, FTC hired a chief technologist whose mandate was to advise on issues regarding technology and policies. The FTC charged Google for violating its privacy policies by the FTC in 2011. FTC, a year later, charged Facebook for misleading its users about data allocation. Facebook agreed to the new conditions that had been set. In the same year, Facebook paid FTC with $1billion to acquire Instagram, which was falling at a high rate.
2012 Obama re-election had become more digitalized compared to the previous election. He created a team that relied heavily on Amazon web services to build tools.

Turning Tides
Latent concerns about tech started to pop up by the middle of the decade. White House took steps to promote competition across the economy. Obama called upon federal departments and agencies to come up with plans and strategies that hailed competition in April 2016. Doubts rose within some government institutions and agencies about the tech industry. The DOJ instigated that combining T-Mobile ad AT&T would be catastrophic to consumers hence sued to block their $39bn deal. Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI realized that tech company wouldn’t help in their cause. Leading them to improvise and have their technology firms.

In 2018, the New York Times and The Guardian published articles on how President Donald Trump campaign was aided by Cambridge Analytica firm, which obtained Facebook data without the cost of users. In the decade of 2020s, State lawmakers and the congress are still keen on the reining in the industry’s power.

Rudy Tells Students The Democrats Want To Destroy The Constitution

Nancy Pelosi threw McConnell a curveball when she decided not to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate right away. Pelosi wants Mitch to reveal the format for the trial before she makes another move. Nancy told the press she needs to know the format so she can send the right managers to argue issues during the trial.

Speaker Pelosi’s decision to wait till Congress comes back to Washington after the holiday break gave the Trumpster a serious case of frayed nerves. Trump wants a quick trial and vindication. She also wants to cause friction between Trump and McConnell.

The president believes the Trumpians in the Senate will stand behind his quest to turn America’s democracy into a monarchy. But not all Republicans want Trump to stick around. According to one Republican senator, more than 30 senators think Trump should go, but they don’t want to feel the wrath of Trump voters, so they won’t break rank.

Mr. Trump planned to go to the economic forum in Davos on January 21st, but that may not happen if the trial doesn’t start until the second or third week of January. Mr. Trump wanted to boast about his great economy at Davos and he also wanted to take a few cheap shots at George Soros while he spews his snake oil all over forum attendees.

Lindsey Graham decided to be the frontman in Trump’s quest to bring the constitution down. Graham continues to show his ass during press interviews. Lindsey even asked Rudy Giuliani to come to Capitol Hill and share his new conspiracy documentary with members of his committee.

Rudy continues to smear Joe Biden’s name as well as blame Ukraine for the 2016 election interference. Mr. Giuliani’s efforts are a big hit in Russia. The Russian news agencies saw Rudy’s video before the U.S. press released the details Rudy claims are real.

Giuliani gave one of his long-winded and hard-to-understand speeches to a group of conservative students in South Florida. Giuliani told the students the Democrats want to destroy the constitution by impeaching the Trumpster.

Bill Barr told the press his criminal investigation of the FBI may take longer than he expected. Mr. Barr claims the Horowitz didn’t get it right after conducting a detailed investigation to prove Trump’s theory the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign. Bill turned into Trump’s legal watchdog, and he continues to protect Trump despite evidence that proves he should play a role in putting Trump in an orange jumpsuit.

Barr Claims The Details In The Durham Report Won’t Be Ready For Months

Rudy Giuliani gave a speech in South Florida, and he didn’t disappoint the conservative students who attended his rendition of the world, according to Donald Trump. Rudy told the students Trump had every right to screw Ukraine President Zelensky for not telling the press Ukraine would open an investigation that would smear Joe Biden’s reputation and make his son Hunter look like a loser.

Rudy’s version of Ukraine debacle is a story that only people living without access to the Internet or newspapers would believe. Giuliani said he has proof Biden forced Ukraine to hire his son by withholding a big military aid check. Mr. Giuliani uses the same turn the tables on the truth tactic the Trumpster uses when he gets caught pissing on the constitution.

Nancy Pelosi told McConnell to get off his ass and release the format for the upcoming Senate trial. Nancy told Mitch she won’t send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate until he does his job. Chuck Schumer told Mitch the Democrats want to call John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney to the stand, but Mitch knows that’s dangerous. Mr. Trump also wants Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the whistleblower to testify. McConnell knows that could be the kiss of impeachment death for the Trumpster.

Mr. Trump can’t seem to keep his emotions in check now that he’s impeached. Mr. Trump’s tweeting fingers are raw, and his orange facial hue turns red when he’s in front of the cameras. When he heard Pelosi wants to drag out the trial, the president became an Internet Darth Vader dressed in misspelled tweets.

Lindsey Graham doesn’t want to lose his free golf outings with the Trumpster. Lindsey wants Rudy to tell his committee all the sketchy facts he discovered on his last trip to Ukraine. Graham knows his political future rides on Trump’s ability to shake-off the impeachment and win the 2020 election.

Bill Barr continues to cross legal lines by protecting Trump. Barr gave Trump a pass when the Mueller report surfaced. And he gave him another pass when Mike Horowitz said the FBI didn’t spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Mr. Barr asked John Durham to investigate the FBI for criminal behavior, but it seems the investigation hits some rough spots. Barr told the press the Durham report may not be available for months due to lack of facts and lack of interest in another Barr cover-up.

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Appeals

The United States Supreme Court expressed its willingness on Friday to hear appeals from Donald Trump in three cases involving the president’s financial documents. The documents include the president’s tax returns and are being requested by a prosecutor in New York City as well as the House of Representatives.

According to, lawyers for President Trump have worked to block the subpoenas that seek to gain access to financial information belonging to the president. The documents are demanded by the House as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations that foreign interference affected the 2016 election process.

Cyrus Vance, a district attorney in Manhattan, cites an investigation into the possibility that both the Trump Organization and the family real estate business participated in criminal activity as the reason the court needs tax returns for the president.

Oral arguments will be heard by the nation’s highest court in March and rulings on the matters are expected in June.

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow says the Trump camp is happy the Supreme Court decided to hear the cases. Sekulow says the cases are important because they will address a number of significant issues pertaining to the Constitution.

Democratic representatives expressed their regret that more delays on the matter are set to take place now that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments from Trump attorneys.

Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House, released a statement saying the American people will now have to wait several more months before learning of the court’s decision. Pelosi also expressed her belief that the court would make a decision that upholds the Constitution and allows the Congress to perform oversight duties.

The three cases are seen as a test to determine how the justices on the Supreme Court will react to arguments from the Trump presidency that the subpoenas represent a significant threat to the presidency of the United States. It will also measure the Court’s thoughts pertaining to the needs of prosecutors and other lawmakers to obtain information to pursue prosecutions against high-ranking members of the government.

Conservatives currently enjoy a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court. The nine justices include Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, both appointed by Trump.

One of the cases to be heard by the Court is an appeal on the part of the president of a lower court decision in Manhattan to allow a grand jury to see records from an accounting firm associated with Trump.

Attorneys for Trump argue that the case sets the precedent for prosecutors to pursue cases against presidents to further their careers.

Supreme Court Prepared To Issue Rulings On Trump Appeals

The conservative majority enjoyed by the nation’s highest court causes some to believe United States President Donald Trump will find favor with the court. However, this has not been the case necessarily when it comes to Trump keeping tax returns and other financial records private.

According to a Reuters report, the Supreme Court could make a decision as soon as this week as to whether or not Trump will be allowed to file an appeal in three cases he lost on the matter in lower courts. The court has a history of allowing sitting presidents to state their cases in legal matters. However, it is also not common for the Supreme Court to block the ability of Congress to investigate a wide variety of issues. Two of the three cases in question involve Congressional scrutiny.

Trump is in need of two victories in order to maintain the privacy he craves. First, he must make an effective argument to the court to hear an appeal from him. He then must win the appeal on the merits of the case. If the Supreme Court declines to hear one or more of the requested appeals from the president, a transfer of documents would take place.

Trump personally appointed justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The court is 5-4 in favor of conservatives and members of the court will convene for a private meeting on Friday to discuss the cases involving the president.

The timing of the current events is crucial to the president, as well as, the political outlook of the country. Any cases that the Supreme Court decides to hear will likely not be settled until June of next year. This would be a few months before America votes for its next president.

Many legal experts who follow the case explain it is likely the nation’s highest court will agree to hear the appeals from the president. However, this should not be confused with any agreement with him on the matter by the court.

Two of the three cases involve subpoenas issued to third parties by Congress. The subpoenas were issued to an accounting firm connected to the president and two banks that maintain records related to Trump’s business affairs.

The third case is part of a larger investigation into possible criminal acts committed by the Trump Organization. The president’s tax returns have been subpoenaed by District Attorney Cyrus Vance of the Manhattan District in the case.

Articles Of Impeachment Against President Expected Soon

Democratic lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives are expected to deliver two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump now that the impeachment proceedings against the 45th president of the United States are complete.

The news of the impeachment articles was delivered by a senior aide to the Democratic party and the stage is now set for a vote in Congress on the issue later this week. The aide did not wish to go on record with the comments and did not reveal further details.

Abuse of power and obstruction of justice are the two charges expected to be highlighted in the articles of impeachment against Trump.

Committee leaders for the Democrats met with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday evening after the final session of the impeachment hearing was complete.

A spokesperson for Pelosi’s office informed the media that a Tuesday press conference would be used to inform the public of the next steps in the impeachment process.

The controversy stems from accusations that President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to initiate an investigation against presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The president is then accused of obstructing efforts of Congress to investigate the matter.

The nine-hour impeachment hearing session was brought to an end on Monday with a searing condemnation of Trump’s actions by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler.

Lawmakers for the Democrats have characterized the behavior of Trump as a threat both to the national security of the United States and an attempt to circumvent the nation’s political process.

Nadler said the facts of the case, as well as, the danger to the democracy of the United States caused by Trump’s actions are both clear. The Committee Chairman also said it is clear what should be done in response to the president’s behavior.

The upcoming vote by the judiciary committee will determine whether or not the full House of Representatives will vote on the articles of impeachment expected to be lodged against Trump.

If the vote from the House is affirmative, the Senate will then be required to try the president and decide whether or not to remove him from office. Most analysts do not expect the Republican-controlled Senate to convict Trump of the allegations expected to be outlined in the impeachment articles.

The contentious hearing session held on Monday included accusations of unfair treatment of the president by Republicans on hand for the hearings.

President Trump has maintained his innocence and has used his Twitter account frequently to voice his disdain for the entire process.