Kremlin Breaks Its Silence Regarding Failed Missile Test That Took Five Russians’ Lives Last Week

Last week, an accident related to the explosion of a missile in northwestern Russia caused the death of five members of Russia’s state-owned atomic energy business, Rosatom. Although reports came from Rosatom and at least one local agency since the accident took place a few days ago, no such reports referencing the accident had been published by the federal government of the Russian Federation, also known as the Kremlin.

Earlier today, on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, the Kremlin carried out a conference call headed by Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Russian Federation, with reporters from several news agencies. Although Peskov reported that he wasn’t able to speak in detail on the situation, he did make a remark that, unfortunately, accidents take place in the testing of military equipment. Peskov then stated that accidents such as the one that took place last week would not hinder the Russian government’s ability to further advance its military’s capabilities.

Peskov also took the opportunity to brag on the Russian Federation’s high rank on the world’s list of countries with advanced military equipment and weapons, alleging that Russia was “far ahead” of most countries on the third rock from the Sun.

News agencies and military experts from around the world widely believe that the missile that exploded in Nyonoksa, the small town in northwest Russia where the missile was tested by Rosatom, was powered by nuclear technology. However, Peskov declined to speak on the issue, reserving his right to confirm whether the missile was actually utilizing nuclear power or not.

Not too much information regarding the military missile testing or the accident has been released by government agencies on any level of government in Russia. However, based on a few pieces of information that have come out of the following agencies mentioned below, it’s likely that the missile that exploded a few days ago was an intercontinental ballistic missile known as the SSC-X-9 Skyfall by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, and the Burevestnik by the Russian government.

Yesterday, on Monday, Aug. 12, 2019, a member of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center said that Rosatom’s scientists were around small sources of energy that utilized “radioactive fissile materials.” Rosatom also claimed that “isotope power sources within a liquid propulsion system” were being tested at the time of the accident. As such, experts have pieced together that the missile being tested was one that Putin first announced back in March 2018, stating it had “unlimited range.”

United States Issues Formal Travel Warning Telling Americans To Be Cautious About Going To Hong Kong Just Days After Major Political Protest Demonstration Took Place

Over the past few months, protests have waged on throughout Hong Kong, which is a territory owned by China, though it has much more autonomy than any other territory or state throughout mainland China or any other possession of the People’s Republic of China.

For many decades, Hong Kong has remained nearly entirely autonomous of the rest of China. The people who live in Hong Kong greatly value this freedom, especially considering that the People’s Republic of China is one of the most restrictive places on planet Earth. Take, for example, the so-called “great firewall of China,” which refers to the extensive restrictions that the country’s federal government has placed on its citizens’ use of the Internet. Every single day, tens of thousands of “Internet police” prevent Chinese citizens from browsing the World Wide Web how they want to. They also track how people browse the Internet and charge them with crimes – sometimes, they can go to jail for decades if their Internet-browsing-related crimes are serious enough.

Recently, several non-profit humanitarian rights organizations have alleged the federal government of the People’s Republic of China of meddling in the affairs of Hong Kong. Take, for example, the fact that five book vendors operating in Hong Kong have recently disappeared from their places of business in Hong Kong, only to reappear in mainland China under the custody of the federal government. This is one of many manifestations of China meddling in the autonomous legal workings of Hong Kong, something that the Chinese government promised not to engage itself in for years to come.

The main thing that kicked off the series of protests in Hong Kong as of recently is a piece of legislation that would make it possible for the government of the People’s Republic of China to extradite people living in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to mainland China. The legislation, formally known as the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation Bill, was proposed in Feb. 2019. Hong Kong citizens feared that the legislation would give the government of China the ability to extradite political dissidents, such as any of the many people who are currently protesting and have been since April of this year.

The United States formally issued a warning today, on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019, to the American public, telling them to be extremely cautious about traveling to Hong Kong as a result of the ongoing protests. This warning comes just two days after a major political demonstration carried out by the people of Hong Kong. Many other countries – not just the United States – have published almost identical warnings related to travel, such as Japan, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Trump Continues To Deny Putin Helped Him Get Elected

North Korea slapped Secretary Mike Pompeo in the face when they didn’t meet with him in Thailand. Kim Jon Un fired short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan instead of talking to Pompeo. Kim doesn’t like Pompeo’s stern negotiating tactics. The Chinese say the same thing about Pompeo. That’s why Pompeo didn’t attend the recent trade talks in Shanghai, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Kim wants Trump to lift the sanctions, but he also wants Trump to help him bring North Korea into the 21st century. When Trump stood on North Korea soil and shook Kim’s hand, the Korean leader thought Trump was sincere when he said he would let Kim keep some of his nukes.

Ivanka and Jared told Mr. Kim they would help him develop slum-type housing projects, and Ivanka branded retails stores in his country when they sat down with Kim on the South Korean border. But Trump’s special advisors also told Kim he has to wait until the president finishes the trade war he started with China. But Kim misses being on the front page of American news reports, so he fired a few missiles to let Trump know he wants to live up to their secret agreement.

President Trump didn’t like the way the Chinese treated Steve Mnuchin and Bob Lighthizer when they met in Shanghai to force China to sign a trade deal. China’s head negotiator told Trump’s trade henchman they won’t change their laws to appease Mr. Trump. And they won’t sign a deal that doesn’t guarantee the removal of all Trump’s tariffs.

Lighthizer let Trump know China doesn’t care if he adds tariffs on all Chinese products. The Chinese know they can hurt Trump in other ways. They can stop selling rare earth materials to American companies. And they can sell-off U.S. Treasury notes at an accelerated rate. Plus, the Chinese consumer market won’t buy American products anymore. U.S. exports to China continue to drop even though Trump said his tariffs would level the trade playing field. Trump plans to add a 10 percent tariff to all Chinese exports to the U.S. on September 1st. Trump claims that will crush China’s economy, but the U.S. consumers will take a bigger hit, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump didn’t talk about Russian election interference during a recent secret phone call with President Putin. Trump claims Putin didn’t help him get elected. And he claims he’ll win the 2020 election without Putin’s help. But according to Bob Mueller and Congressman Adam Schiff, Putin has some kind of election deal with Trump.

United States House Of Representatives Republican Party Loses Sixth Member In A Period Spanning Less Than Two Weeks

In just the past two weeks, a whopping six members of the United States House of Representatives have made publicly clear that they will be resigning from their positions after their current terms of servitude expire. All of these House of Representatives members belong to the Republican Party.

According to an official press release shared across a handful of social media platforms by Will Hurd, a United States House of Representatives member who represents the state of Texas, Mr. Hurd will not be seeking re-election to the position he currently holds upon the expiration of his current term. Texas Republican Party Rep. Will Hurd has maintained this role – that of representing the 23rd congressional district of Texas, which covers a relatively large area of land in the southwestern portion of the state, which is home to San Antonio, one of the largest cities in all of the Lone Star State – since 2015.

Mr. Hurd shared via the aforementioned self-published press release that he is most interested in fixing problems “at the nexus between technology and national security” at both the Texas state government level and the United States at large.

Will Hurd, who most previously worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, prior to assuming his role as the federal Congressional representative of the 23rd congressional district of the Lone Star State, made clear that he still is, in fact, interested in working in politics, though just not in the current capacity that he works in.

Hurd is currently the one and only Black member of the Grand Old Party in the federal-level of the House of Representatives. Once Texas Rep. Will Hurd exits Congress, the only other Black member of the Republican Party in Congress will be Tim Scott, a Senator representing the state of South Carolina.

One reason that political experts believe is to blame for so many Republican Party Representatives having recently announced that they wouldn’t seek out re-election to the positions they currently hold is that they feel that President Donald Trump has made a number of inappropriate statements in recent weeks.

Will Hurd was one of just four Republican members of the House of Representatives to vote in support of last month’s resolution proposed in the House that would have formally condemned President Trump for having made allegedly racist remarks against four colored female members of Congress, telling them to go back to where they came from, even though all of them were born right here in the United States.

Takeaway from Mueller Testimony: Bipartisan Frustration on the Hill

Both Democrats and Republicans were left unsatisfied after former Special Counsel refused to play the part that Democrats and Republicans had cast him for. Notably, these parts were different: Democrats were looking for some kind of folk hero who would provide clarity on calls in the House for impeachment whereas Republicans were looking to completely vindicate President Trump and impugn the FBI. Mueller refused to play either part and gave answers that were, by turns, clipped, evasive, and pointed.

Wednesday morning through Wednesday afternoon saw Robert Mueller testify in front of Congress for a total of seven hours. Mueller patiently took questions first with the House Judiciary Committee then, after lunch, with the House Intelligence Committee. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller extensively went through the 448-page report – the so-called Mueller Report – on Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible instances of obstruction of justice committed by the president.

One of the more interesting clarifications that Mueller repeatedly made during Wednesday’s testimony concerned the fact that he never made a determination on whether President Trump committed obstruction of justice or not. Why is that? Because a Department of Justice policy stemming from Watergate and the 1970s supposedly forbids bringing criminal indictments against the president; such indictments are said to be an undue encumbrance on a democratically elected president. In Mueller’s testimony, the former special counsel repeatedly clarified that charges were not considered because a criminal indictment was out-of-bounds and beyond the scope of Mueller’s mandate as special counsel.

The biggest overarching takeaway from Wednesday’s testimony was perhaps the fact that Robert Mueller refused to read sections, or even tiny excerpts, from the report that he and his team created over 22 months of investigation. Democrats had hoped to have a made-for-TV moment in which Robert Mueller read aloud the most damning evidence against the president whereas Republicans hoped that Mueller would declare Trump completely exonerated of all potential charges. Robert Mueller refused to appease either side and instead stuck closely to the report; in fact, the most common refrain that Mueller had to questions was something along the lines of, “that’s in the report.”

What’s to be made of Wednesday’s testimony? Mueller kept emphasizing that Russian election interference occurred in the 2016 presidential election and would recur in the upcoming election if steps were not immediately taken to protect democracy. Mueller further added that presidential indictment wasn’t considered.

President Trump Continues to Add $1 Trillion to Federal Debt Annually

Financial experts are questioning the economic bona fides of President Trump as the Trump administration continues to run massive deficits. Earlier this week, President Trump signed a bipartisan bill that does little to curb the federal deficit, which has expanded dramatically under President Trump. The Trump administration is on pace to have another year of $1 trillion deficits. The federal deficit has been dramatically increased with President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which made tax cuts for the wealthy permanent and tax cuts for the middle class temporary and due to be phased out in 2021.

President Trump has ignored many of his campaign promises and pleadings from so-called budget-minded Republicans, who lament more government spending without consideration of offsetting entitlement reforms. President Trump on the campaign trail crowed that he could completely eradicate the federal deficit and usher in an age of government surplus a la President Clinton’s presidency in the 1990s. A far different picture is arising with President Trump than the one that was promised on the campaign trail nearly four years ago. In fact, President Trump is far more like President Obama than President Clinton in terms of controlling, or failing to control, the federal deficit.

President Trump has run into the red at a level not seen since President Obama’s first term in office, which saw deficits of over $1 trillion annually for each of President Obama’s first four years in office. Republicans squawked at the time that federal deficits needed to be offset by entitlement reforms, and President Obama apparently attempted but ultimately failed to author a so-called grand bargain that would have partly privatized Social Security in exchange for concessions to Democrats. The difference between President Trump and President Obama, of course, is that President Trump has focused and largely succeeded in expanding the economy beyond the levels of growth overseen by each president’s predecessor.

President Trump’s economy is one in which unemployment is low, growth in certain sectors of the economy is booming, and the stock market continues to soar. The open secret of this growth is that it comes at the expense of growing wealth inequality – the vast majority of Americans do not own many stocks – and staggering levels of federal debt experienced under President Trump’s term. The most recent piece of bipartisan legislation signed by President Trump increases public spending by an eyebrow-raising $300 million.

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The Nobel Peace Prize Is Awarded To Nadia Murad

Nadia Murad is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. She spoke of her experience during her time as a captive of ISIS. Her six brothers and her mother were killed by ISIS and buried in mass graves. She survived torture and sexual slavery before she managed to escape. She became an advocate for her minority community. This brought her to the moment when she would stand beside President Donald Trump. The President had already vowed to stop United States immigration for individuals forced out of their homes.

Nadia Murad explained the predicament of her people did not stop after ISIS was forced from Iraq. She spoke of half a million Yazidis without a safe place to live and no choice but to flee. She asked for assistance for these individuals to return to Iraq in a safe community or to be given a safe home somewhere else. She told President Trump her home was destroyed, there was nothing for her people to go back to and asked him to help with their problem. Additional information is available at CNN.

The other survivors of religious persecution were also in attendance including a Chinese Tibetan Buddhist and a Myanmar Rohingya Muslim. The President’s tweets resulted in a racist chant in North Carolina during a campaign rally. This was the same week the administration discussed not admitting any refugees into the country for the next year. This was discussed during a meeting including officials from numerous agencies including the Pentagon, Homeland Security and the State Department.

The current limit for admitting refugees into the United States is 30,000. This is a 33 percent decrease from 2018 and the lowest admission rate in almost forty years. Immigration has been an important part of the presidency for the last four years. Although none of the President’s campaign promises have yet reached completion, immigration and border security have both been addressed. This includes the recent Immigrations and Customs Enforcement raids beginning on Sunday.

President Trump has also forged ahead with his plans for the limitation of asylum claims made by migrants of Central America. The President has used questionable language when referring to the migrants such as calling them caravans of criminals. The picture painted by Nadia Murad as she stood by the President was completely different. She said the Yazidi began immigrating to Germany since 1984 in a dangerous manner. President Trump stated he would look into her claims.

Judge Unseals Cohen’s Proof The Trumpster Wanted To Kiss And Not Tell

Tony Scaramucci stopped filming another segment of Big Brother to let the Trumpster know he needs to tone down his racism. Scaramucci told Trump 15 percent of his voter base will slip him the finger come voting time. And that could end his dictatorship.

Trump rallied the troops in Greenville N.C. when he showed the Trumpians how low he will go to win another election. It’s never about real issues with Trump. It’s about where the people he hates come from and what they look like, according to the New York Times. The four lawmakers who represent a growing group of independents scares Trump in one way. In another way, he uses them as bait so the Democrats will nominate Joe Biden. Trump claims he can body slam Joe come election time. That’s why Joe keeps challenging the Trumpster to a push-up battle.

Lindsey, Mitch, Eric, and all the Republican dirtbags should know when a president crosses constitutional lines. They should know it’s time to get off Trump’s capitalistic ego ride. It is the Congress and the Senate’s responsibility to step in, put politics aside, and throw the cuffs and a muzzle on Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump had to admit the Chinese won’t kiss his ass the way he thought they would. He didn’t know China’s top tech company, Huawei can run circles around Silicon Valley in terms of Ai and 5G development when he used the company as bait. Trump even set up a phony sanctions charge and told the Canadians to arrest Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou. Meng is also CEO Ren Zhengfei’s daughter.

China doesn’t need to sign a trade agreement that keeps the tariffs in place, according to the Chinese news agency. The Chinese economy is off a bit because of the trade war, but China’s GDP growth puts U.S. growth to shame.

Some news reports say if Iran names a new nuclear treaty after Trump he’ll sign. After all, Israel named a town after Trump. The Trumpster can’t let Iran fry Trump Town with a nuke.

Mr. Trump’s pal Ben Netanyahu only has a couple of months to form a government and face corruption charges. A judge unsealed all of Michael Cohen’s memos, tapes, side notes and anything else that Cohen did to cover up Trump’s affairs. The Democrats will use Chen’s information and the video of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein his old Studio 54 pal.

Iran Said To Be Responsible For Missing Oil Tanker, Says United States Official Speaking Under Condition Of Anonymity

An unnamed government official from the United States recently shared with news reporters that the federal government believes that Iran is most likely responsible for causing an oil tanker to have gone missing this weekend.

Registered in the Central American country of Panama and doing most of its business in the United Arab Emirates, which is located just miles from Iran via the Persian Gulf, the MT Riah stopped transmitting tracking signals late Saturday night.

The oil tanker had taken oil in, out, and around the United Arab Emirates for the past three months straight without having any such issues with its tracking technology, according to Ranjith Raja, an expert oil industry analyst that works for both Refinitiv and Thomson Reuters Oil Research.

So far, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the full name of the country of Iran, has not publicly commented on the issue.

Over the past few months, Iran is suspected to have been involved with targeting several other oil tankers that have traveled through the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, or – more specifically – the Strait of Hormuz, a body of water that separates the two aforementioned Middle Eastern gulfs, as well as separates the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia from Iran, both of which aren’t on the best terms with Iran.

Iran is widely thought to be engaging in such behavior because its leadership isn’t happy with the sanctions that have recently been slapped against the country by the United States, one of the world’s biggest players in the global oil economy.

The country also recently shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as a UAV or a drone, that belonged to the United States. American officials claimed that the drone was flying above the Strait of Hormuz in international waters at the time it was shot down, though Iranian officials have contrasted the United States’ claims, stating that it was flying above Iranian national airspace without prior permission or legal authorization.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is in prime location to engage with these oil tankers thanks to its border with the Strait of Hormuz, which is roughly 25 miles wide. About one-fifth of the world’s crude oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz. As such, many countries, especially the oil-loving United States, are concerned with the interference that oil tankers registered in countries around the globe have faced in recent months.


Iranian Ships Tried To Take Advantage Of British Oil Tanker Until A British Warship Came To Its Defense

Earlier today, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, a group of boats under operation by the Iranian government just outside of the Strait of Hormuz, a body of water in the Middle East bordering Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman that also separates the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, got dangerously close to an oil tanker out of the United Kingdom. The Iranian boats are said to have attempted to force the British marine vessel into waters that Iran legally controlled.

According to BBC, after the oil tanker realized what was going on, its management staff buzzed in help from the British military. Luckily for the British oil tanker, a British warship was stationed nearby the location of the incident, forcing the group of five Iranian marine military vessels away from one of its countries’ companies’ oil tankers.

Iran has been involved in several incidents off of its coast, which is shared between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, in recent months, including the sinking of an oil tanker roughly a month ago.

Iran is also responsible for bringing down a United States unmanned military drone that was allegedly – according to Iranian government officials, at least – operating within Iran’s official airspace borders, though the United States has widely disputed this fact, claiming the drone was found in the international airspace directly above the Strait of Hormez, the same place where the aforementioned altercation between the United Kingdom and Iran occurred earlier today.

The five Iranian military ships were shooed away by the United Kingdom’s HMS Montrose, located some four miles to the rear of the British oil tanker.

The United States Department of Defense’s Central Command, also known as USCENTCOM or CENTCOM for short, shared in a press release earlier today that the United States military was aware of what happened and did not support Iran’s actions.

It’s worth noting that the United States backs Saudi Arabia currently in its efforts to fight one-half of the Yemeni Civil War, which has been ongoing for five years. This is of relevance because Iran is the main financial and military backer of the other half of military forces fighting for control of Yemen, a country located on the southernmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula, right below Saudi Arabia. As such, the United States was widely expected to side with the United Kingdom in its protection of one of its economy’s oil tankers from Iranian forces.

Cuomo Gives New York The Green Light To Send Trump’s State Tax Returns To Congress

President Trump wants that citizenship question on the 2020 Census, and he wants it bad. He told the Department of Justice to put another legal team together. He wants a team with enough hypothetical legal bullshit to send the Census case back to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump thinks his bro Chief Justice Roberts will vote his way if he finds the right legal team.

While the Queen of England and Prince Charles gave Trump the Royal treatment at Buckingham Palace, the British Ambassador to the United States kept sending British officials secret memos that threw serious shade at Trump. Ambassador Kim Darroch started sending London memos in 2017, and the memos didn’t stop until they surfaced from an internal leak.

In his memos, Darroch called Trump inept, unpredictable, clumsy, and several other choice descriptions of the chaos Trump creates in the White House. The British Ambassador told a story of nepotism gone bad in his secret internal memos. He watched Ivanka and Jared, Trump’s special advisors, take control of the White House.

White House aides and former cabinets members claim the president only listens to Ivanka and Jared. Ivanka and Jared were with Trump in South Korea. The couple were less than diplomatic when Ivanka asked Kim to grant her trademark protection the same way China did when she let President Xi talk a selfie with her. Jared told Kim he wants to develop an Office park next to the oceanfront Trump Tower the president wants to build on the North Korean coast, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump wants to fire Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump told the press Powell doesn’t get it. Trump wants the Feds to cut interest rates to stop the economic bloodbath his tariff war creates. The economy is not as strong as Trump claims. The Feds will meet the end of July, and according to Wall Street, a quarter percent rate cut might be the bone the Reserve Board throws at Trump.

New York state lawmakers just passed a Trump-related bill and Governor Cuomo signed it. The bill forces the State Treasury Department to turn over state tax returns if a Congressional committee asks for them. Congress may want to get Trump’s federal return before that ask New York for his state returns. Richard Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee told the press he wants to wait until there’s a ruling in his court case.


Amash Tells Trump To Stick His Republican Dictatorship Up His Ass

Corporate earnings took a hit in the second quarter. That’s another sign the economy is on the way to a nasty recession unless someone can control Trump’s urge to ruin the U.S. economy. Second quarter GDP product growth is in the one percent range, and employment figures took a hit in June after a decent May.

The trade war with China has Wall Street’s attention. Even though economic fundamentals show there’s a wolf in the economic henhouse, stocks keep Trump’s façade alive with his promise to make a great trade deal. But the trade war with China won’t end on Trump’s terms. The Chinese don’t trust Mr. Trump. China agreed to negotiate a deal again if Trump lifted the ban on Huawei. Mr. Trump agreed to do that. But the Commerce Department told the big tech companies the Chinese giant is still on the blacklist, according to the New York Times.

The pending Iran catastrophe keeps getting hotter. Trump wants Pompeo to find a way to link Iran with al-Qaeda. If Pompeo has proof, Trump can use the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) clause to put the lights out in Tehran. Iran told Trump they would explain the nuclear treaty to him again if he drops the sanctions. Instead of defusing the conflict, Trump inflames it to show he has the power to hurt people in other countries, according to the Iranians. In other words, he’ll do what he can to making people suffer, so he looks like he rules the world, according to the Washington Post.

The NYC Congresswoman known as AOC told the world Trump is up to no good on the border. AOC told the press Trump still wants money for a wall. The unsanitary conditions and judgmental border agents give his voter base the illusion he needs more money to stop the flow of migrants. Acting DHS Director Kevin McAleenan said he would dig into the nasty Facebook page and weed out the Trumpians who want to make life miserable for the migrants. Border agents set up a Facebook page to trash talk immigrants and the Democrats.

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash was the only Republican to call Trump out after he read the full Mueller report. Amash told the press Trump colluded, and he did obstruct justice. Trump called Amash a loser. After Amash told Trump to shove his dictatorship up his ass, Trump called Amash dumb and disloyal. Amash is an Independent and he’s up for reelection.

Trump Walks Away From The Census Citizenship Question

President Trump’s Fourth of July Campaign rally disguised as a salute to America will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The Park Service diverted $2.5 million from other obligations to pay some of the cost of moving tanks and preparing fighter jets to participate in this questionable event, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump plans to speak in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but according to the White House, his speech won’t be a campaign rally. But Trump’s critics say every time Trump is in front of an audience he talks about his reelection and how he plans to keep America great.

Keeping America great is not the way Europe views Trump’s presidency. Trump added $4 billion more in tariffs on European products after returning from the G20 Summit. Trump wants to stop Europe from subsidizing Airbus. Airbus is Boeing’s major competitor. Mr. Trump wants to help Boeing make a comeback from their 737Max debacle, according to the New York Times. The World Trade Organization hasn’t approved the additional tariffs, on whiskey, cherries, coiled copper, and a plethora of other products.

The unsanitary conditions in the detention center on the Southern border are out in the open after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the press the Trump administration forces migrant women to drink water out of toilets. Federal border agents are also under attack for creating a Facebook page filled with migrant jokes, and unacceptable comments about the treatment of migrants. AOC said border agents treat migrants like prisoners instead of asylum seekers. Democratic candidate Julian Castro took photos of the migrants with a hidden camera to show the abuse migrants endure on Trump’s watch.

Mr. Trump still wants an excuse to crush Tehran. The president said Iran’s decision to keep stockpiling uranium is a dumb move. Ben Netanyahu is ready to back up his business pal if Trump gives John Bolton the signal to bomb Iran. Ben has Israel’s troops on high alert. He wants Iran to continue testing Trump so he can play a part in missile-frying Iran.

The citizenship census question is no longer an issue. The Supreme Court blocked Trump’s quest to give Republicans an unfair advantage as well as to help zero-in on illegal immigrants. Mr. Trump usually fights decisions that don’t go his way, but he decided to drop the question. The Justice Department sent a one-sentence email to the plaintiffs in the New York case. The DOJ didn’t say why Trump gave up the fight. But Trump called the Supreme Court’s decision, sad.

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Some Democrats Think Rudy Is A Ukraine Lobbyist As Well As A Slippery Trump Lawyer

Ivanka Trump made her debut as an American diplomat at the G20 Summit. Trump let his daughter act like the president at several meetings with G20 members. Ivanka wants to run for political office in the near future. Mr. Trump wants her to have a diplomatic resume that could earn her a seat in Congress or the Senate when she’s ready to run. White House aides say Ivanka already thinks she’s the president. They say she runs the White House along with her slippery husband Jared Kushner.

Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace and economic plan is a bust. The Palestinians told Jared his plan sounds more like a New York real estate deal than a solution to Middle East unrest. Kushner’s close friendship with Ben Netanyahu and Prince Salman makes his plan more suspect, according to the Palestinians.

Trade talks with China will resume thanks to Trump’s decision to roll back the Huawei ban. But Mr. Trump still has to address the Meng Wanzhou issue in Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visited Trump before the summit. Mr. Trudeau asked Trump to drop the extradition charges against Wanzhou so China will start buying Canadian meat and canola oil again.

Canada also wants China to release the two Canadians they arrested after Canada arrested Meng. Even though Trump said he would lift the ban on Huawei and other tech companies, the Meng issue is still a question mark.

Mr. Trump told the press China would buy a lot more American farm products. But the Chinese didn’t confirm they would reinstate soybean and corn contracts this year. Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina took that business away from American farmers when Trump imposed tariffs on China.

The Chinese don’t want Secretary of State Mike Pompeo involved in the trade talks. China’s news agency calls Pompeo a Chinese hater. North Korea’s state-run press said the same thing about Mr. Pompeo.

Rudy Giuliani helped Trump keep the press confused during the Mueller investigation. But Rudy also likes to represent foreign governments. He helps them get special treatment from the Trump administration, according to several Democratic lawmakers. The lawmakers think Giuliani’s relationship with Ukraine is suspect. He acts like a lobbyist for Ukraine, but Rudy is not a registered lobbyist.

Mr. Rudy Giuliani still wants Ukraine officials to release dirt on Joe Biden. But according to Ukraine’s Attorney General, Biden and his son did nothing wrong when Biden got his son a high-paying job with a Ukraine company.

SCOTUS Kicks Trump’s Census Question To The Lower Court’s Corner

President Trump has his hands full in Japan. He needs to take back all those snide remarks he said about other members of the G20 before he hopped on Air Force One to watch the first Democratic debate. Mr. Trump thought the debate was better than a sleeping pill.

Trump’s main agenda at the G20 is to make other countries do what he wants. He wants other G20 members to support his pending military war with Iran. He also wants President Xi Jinping to make him look like a trade hero back home. But Xi is in no mood to listen to Trump brag about adding $300 billion worth of Chinese exports to his tariff prison.

The Chinese let the world know they want a trade deal with the United States. But they will not let Trump change their internal laws and keep the tariffs in place. Adding more tariffs would shake the U.S. economy. The economy is already on Trump’s slippery economic slope. Adding tariffs or a war with Iran will be his downfall, according to the state-run Chinese news agency.

If Mr. Trump wants a trade deal with China, he will have to drop the tariffs, lift the extradition order so Canada can release the Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei. Canada has Meng under house arrest, and she’s seven months into her sentence for being a pawn in Trump’s trade war with China.

Mr. Trump will also have to allow U.S. tech companies free access to Huawei tech products and services. And he must treat the trade talks with respect and dignity. Two traits Trump lost when he became a mobster, according to the New York Times.

Europe wants to beat Trump over the head about his climate change denial. French President Macron has a meeting with Trump to discuss climate change. Macron told the press he’s not signing any G20 agreement unless Trump gets on board and stops his fossil fuel addiction.

The Supreme Court just let Trump know they don’t want to deal with his census citizenship question. The Court said Trump’s case was half-baked, so they sent it back to the lower courts. Trump wants a decision by June 30th from the Appeals Court. But the decision may not come for another four or five months. Trump wants to move the date the forms go out to October 30th. He thinks the courts will rule in his favor if the judge is a Trumpian.