President Trump’s Campaign Raises $30 Million

President Trump’s re-election campaign has already raised over $30 million. The campaign now has a total of $40.8 million in the bank. This is more than any other presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, leads the Democratic fundraising.

Bernie’s campaign has raised $18.2 million in the past four months. He currently has $28 million in the bank. Nathan Gonzalez is a political insider. He stated that Trump is trying to raise as much money as possible. However, he does not believe that money will be the factor that decides who wins the 2020 election. The Democratic nominee will have a lot of money, and the president has a lot of money.

The 10 Democratic hopefuls have raised a total of $79.6 million. This is more than the Democratic nominees raised during the first quarter of 2016. Pete Buttgieg, who is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a Democratic donor enthusiasm, has raised over $7 million.

Jon Soltz is the president of Votevetz, which is a progressive group. He stated that the momentum is clearly shifting left. He also stated that the group will get behind whoever receives the Democratic nomination. Additionally, they will pool their money and donate it to the Democratic nominee.

Trump has been focused on getting re-elected ever since he took office. In fact, he filed his paperwork for reelection in January 2017. He has received a lot of financial support from anonymous online donors. The average contribution was $34.26. Ninety-nine percent of the donations were less than $200.

Even though Trump’s campaign has raised a lot of money, it does not set any records. Former President Obama did not start raising money for his re-election until April 2011. He managed to raise $47 million during the first three months of the campaign.

Trump’s Circling His Legal Wagons In The Swamp While Theresa May Battles The Gators In Her Swamp

It’s no secret. Trump likes to battle his foes in court. Sometimes Trump goes into court knowing he’ll lose, but at least the Trump name is in front of the public. Trump welcomes attention. His greatest asset is his ability to form his own reality based on his beliefs. Good or bad Trump loves to be the focal point.

According to the New Times, Mr. Trump has racked up more than 4,000 legal battles over the last 40 years, and he’s proud of them. But the legal storm that’s brewing in Congress could be his biggest legal battles ever. Thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Trump will be able to keep the Democrats at bay while he’s in office. But if he loses the 2020 election, Trump’s world will experience its own version of climate change.

No one expects the Democrats to impeach Mr. Trump. In fact, several political analysts think Trump will win the 2020 election. The pros say the Democratic Party is fragmented. Not all Democrats embrace Bernie Sanders and his Democratic socialism. The centrists still believe people will accept the old status quo mentality of the Obama administration. Voters want to upset the political applecart in Washington, but candidates like Joe Biden don’t want radical change.

The British Parliament acts like they don’t want change either. Prime Minister Theresa May can’t seem to get through to the Labour Party in Britain. May wants Brexit to work, but there’s too much political mud in the negotiating waters between May and the European Union. The chance of No-Brexit deal is still on the table.

Prime Minister May had to crawl back to European leaders when the agreement she carved out with Juncker and the other European counsel leaders got nixed by Parliament for the third time. The EU gave May a 6-month extension so May can get Parliament to agree on some kind of realistic deal. Some members of May’s cabinet don’t agree with May’s approach and that only complicates her attempt to leave the EU on good terms, according to British news reports.

Donald Trump thinks Theresa May messed up when she didn’t listen to his advice. Trump told May to sue the European Union to get the deal she wants.

May won’t resign even though members of Parliament and some members of her cabinet want her to go away. May will do what all good politicians do. She’ll find common ground and make Brexit a reality in one way or another, according to her supporters.

Rudy Giuliani Claims Mueller’s Investigators Are Sneaky Unethical Rabid Democrats

Congress wants to see Trump’s tax returns for the last six years. According to the New York Times, Trump did some creative financial maneuvering on his returns, and those shady entries gave him the ability to pay no taxes. Mr. Trump told the press his tax returns are in the IRS audit department. But according to the IRS, even if Trump’s tax returns were in audit mode he could still release them.

Congress found an old 1920s law that states lawmakers has a right to see any citizen’s tax returns, but Trump and the DOJ don’t care about that law. They plan to fight Congress to keep Trump’s taxes secret. Congress also wants to see Trump’s financial records. Lawmakers want his accounting firm to hand over those documents, but that’s another fight Trump plans to win. Plus, the Congressional Intelligence Committee wants to know if Trump and his organization played a role in the alleged money laundering scheme Deutsche Bank had in place with the Russian government. Trump denies he had any knowledge of a money laundering scheme.

Trump’s Barr summary victory is also in jeopardy. Mueller investigators say Barr’s summary of their report isn’t accurate. Investigators say there’s information in the report that could inflict serious damage to Trump. The Mueller report didn’t exonerate Mr. Trump. Mr. Barr did, according to the investigators. The investigators told DOJ officials Barr didn’t summarize the report the right way. They say they gave Barr information in their notes that don’t need redacting. Barr didn’t use those notes. He used his own opinion to give Trump a pass.

Rudy Giuliani told Fox News the investigators are a bunch of unethical and sneaky leakers. Rudy called them rabid Democrats who hate the president. Obviously, Rudy is in damage control mode. According to recent polls, most American want to see the complete report. Even Lindsey Graham thinks the complete Mueller report should go to Congress as soon as possible.

But despite the recent Mueller news, Trump found time to bash Joe Biden for his amorous inflections while he was vice president. Biden’s up close and personal approach with supporters doesn’t fly in the age of #MeToo. Joe apologized for acting like an infatuated schoolboy when he gets around women. Now that four women said Joe made them feel uncomfortable, Trump jumped into the Biden bashing with a video of a cartoon Joe putting his hands on Biden’s shoulders from behind. Trump added the phrase, “Welcome back Joe.”

Betsy DeVos Continues To Create Turmoil In The Education Department

When Betsy DeVos got caught trying to cut the Special Olympics budget, she claimed she is a big supporter of the Special Olympics. She couldn’t tell the public that Trump cut the funding for that popular program.

DeVos does her part to support the Special Olympics. She donated $50,000 to the Special Olympics from her government paycheck last year. And that was enough to take a little political heat off of her.

But when the news broke that just a few public servants get approved for student loan forgiveness, all the old DeVos screws ups came to the surface. Betsy sat before Congress last week and the meeting didn’t go the way she expected. She called the meeting a sham and a disgrace after Democrat Dick Durbin insinuated she reached her level of incompetence. Billionaire Betsy doesn’t like it when people call her out for upending the public school system to promote her for-profit charter school system.

DeVos and husband Dick are big Republican donors. Dick and Betsy are big political dogs in Michigan. They are political and religious junkies who have enough money to pull strings and get things done their way.

When Trump saw the check DeVos wrote him in 2016, he knew Betsy would be the controversial education secretary he dreamed about. Trump is a big fan of the charter school approach to education. He likes the for-profit concept. And the fact that charter schools can be picky when it comes to what students can go to these inflated versions of the for-profit college debacle.

Mr. Trump got involved in the for-profit college debacle. His college failed just like his airline and his casinos. But now that Betsy is in the education driver’s seat she will take the education heat while Trump threatens to close the Southern border.

But Betsy has a lot of explaining to do now that people know the government workers who want to take advantage of a temporary student loan relief program aren’t getting loan relief. The government authorized $700 million so firefighters, police, nurses, and other public servants can get out from under their student loan debt if they paid the loan payments on time for the last ten years.

More than 38,000 public servants requested loan forgiveness from the education department in 2018, but only 1,100 of those applicants met the first requirements to get loan forgiveness, according to the Washington Post. And only 262 of those people actually got student loans forgiveness, according to the Post.

Trump May Push The Pardon Button Now That He Believes He’s Exonerated

Mr. Trump is still high from his unverified Mueller investigation win. Thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr, Mr. Trump thinks Mueller didn’t discover his deal with the Russians. He told Fox News no president should go through the trauma he experienced during the two-year investigation.

The president and the U.S. constitution live in different worlds. Trump wanted to step on the constitution a lot more. But when James Comey opened that FBI investigation to prove what so many people around the world already knew, the Trumpster had to keep his illegal agenda focused on his border wall debacle.

Mr. Trump may think the Russian investigation is over, but according to federal prosecutor David Goodhand, the investigation hasn’t lost any steam since Mueller gave his report to Bill Barr. Investigators still want to know why an unnamed corporation won’t turn over documents related to the Mueller investigation.

But the president doesn’t care about the ongoing investigations that could show he had a long-term deal with Russia. Money laundering is on the list of questions investigators have for this unnamed foreign corporation. The Congressional Intelligence Committee is also looking for proof Trump helped Russia launder money.

Despite the pending challenges Mr. Trump still has to face, he is on the offensive. According to Fox News, the Trumpster might pardon the Trumpians Mueller indicted. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort might be first on the pardon list. But Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani thinks that’s a bad idea. If Trump pardon’s Manafort Congress would go ape-shit, according to Giuliani. Rudy thinks a Manafort pardon would send the wrong message.

Manafort may have to wear an orange jumpsuit for seven years. But the other Trump campaign officials Mueller charged with crimes could get a Trump pardon. George Papadopoulos, Mike Flynn, Rick Gates, and Roger Stone could walk free if Trump decides he wants to show the world he’s still in control.

However, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and legal muscle won’t be on the pardon list. Mr. Cohen did the unthinkable in Trump’s eyes. He ratted on Trump, and in the mobster world, that’s a death sentence. Mr. Cohen will serve five years for his crimes. Cohen said he doesn’t want a pardon. He wants to show the world he told the truth when he testified before Congress.

Mr. Cohen will do the time and probably write a book that tells his version of the Trump story. According to Cohen, Trump acts like mobster John Gotti, and he has the proof to confirm that statement.

The Mueller Grand Jury Is Still Working On The Trump Case According To Federal Prosecutors

Attorney General William Barr got his legal feet wet in a hurry once Mueller gave him his report. Mr. Barr was able to trim the more than 450-page report down to a four-page summary. Special Counsel Bob Mueller gave Barr a “heads-Up” three weeks before he actually gave Barr the written report. Mr. Muller told Barr his report didn’t include proof Trump colluded with the Russian government.

Mr. Barr’s summary gave lawyers all over the world something to argue about. But the Barr summary was not news for Mr. Trump. One White House lawyer knew the summary was going to make the president happy the day before Barr released the report. Mr. Trump got the word he was off the Mueller hook before he decided to hit a few balls with Kid Rock at Mar-a-Lago, according to the Washington Post.

Congress thinks Mr. Barr’s version of the Mueller report is a defensive move. Adam Schiff, the chair of the intel committee said Trump colluded, and he did it in plain sight. And Nancy Pelosi said Barr’s summary was more about protecting Trump than revealing the real information in the report. Mr. Barr exonerated Trump’s obstruction charge, according to Pelosi. Nancy thinks Mueller’s report does have evidence that Trump obstructed justice, but Mueller wants Congress to deal with Trump on that charge.

But in Trump’s world, he has a clean bill of crime from Bill Barr. Barr did what Trump wanted him to do when he asked him to serve as attorney general. Barr believes the president is above the law. He knew the Democrats would try to discredit his opinion. But the unverified win gave Trump the energy to claim victory as he ramps up his re-election campaign.

According to, Mr. Trump knows the Mueller report will still be a political and legal thorn in his side. The grand jury that Mueller used to expose Manafort, and the other Trumpians who had interactions with Russians during the campaign, is still hearing testimony that involves Trump activities during the campaign, according to federal prosecutor David Goodhand. Goodhand wants to unseal some documents from the Mueller investigation so he can get to the bottom of transactions an unnamed foreign corporation refuses to turn over to investigators.

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from this corporation, so Washington prosecutors are in full legal throttle mode. They want to solve this piece of the Mueller investigation. According to the New York Times, money laundering could be the issue in that part of the investigation. Trump still denies he helped Russia launder money through his association with Deutsche Bank.

Bill Barr Knew Obstruction Was Off The Mueller Table Three Weeks Ago

Attorney General Bill Barr didn’t waste any time pronouncing Donald Trump innocent of obstruction of justice charges even though the Mueller report didn’t say Trump was innocent. In fact, some news reports say there is information in the report that shows Trump may have obstructed justice. But Mueller didn’t want to make that call. Mr. Mueller knew claiming Trump obstructed justice would create a political firestorm. And he also knew Barr would fight his claim because Mr. Barr believes a sitting president is above the law.

Several news reports commented on Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller report. It was almost like he knew what was in the report before Mueller actually turned the report over. And that is exactly what happened. Mueller told Rod Rosenstein and Bill Barr Congress should decide if the legal information in his report is enough to pin obstruction charges on the president. So Barr took it upon himself to protect the president. Barr claimed Trump didn’t collude, and he didn’t obstruct.

The no collusion claim is another Barr trick, according to an article in Slate. In his summary, Barr states that Trump didn’t conspire or coordinate with the Russian government while Putin and his government henchmen interfered with the 2016 election. Trump may not have conspired with the Russian government, but his campaign officials did conspire and collude with other Russians who are not part of the Russian government.

Don Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner met with a Russian lawyer who had Kremlin connections during the famous 2016 Trump Tower meeting. And Paul Manafort gave Trump polling information to a Russian who also had connections in the Kremlin. Trump knew about and sanctioned those meetings, according to the New York Times.

Mueller had two missions when the investigation started two years ago. The first mission was to find out if the Trump campaign produced propaganda online that influenced the election. And his second mission was to find out if the Trump campaign took part in hacking the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. According to Barr’s summary, Mueller focused on those two missions and he found no proof that Trump colluded or obstructed justice.

That means the other interactions Trump officials had with Russians didn’t make the Barr summary. Jerry Nadler, the head of one of the congressional committees, believes Mueller’s report will show Trump did break the law and he did collude with Russian operatives. But since the Mueller mission was about the Hillary Clinton debacle and spreading Russian propaganda, Barr left those details out of his report. In other words, Barr has Trump’s back, and he’s ready to fight Congress to protect the truth from coming to the surface, according to the Slate article.

Obama Donors Prepare To Back Biden

Some of the top donors who helped Obama are now planning to back Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who is the former vice president of the United States, recently announced that he will be running for president in 2020. The top 20 Obama donors stated that they will each be donating thousands of dollars to the Biden campaign.

Many of the people who supported Obama stated that they do not know who they will vote for in 2020. However, some donors have stated that they will be cutting a personal check to Biden. Steve Westly is a former state controller in California. He donated $500,000 to Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. He said that he will be donating to Biden’s 2020 campaign because he feels that Biden is qualified.

Denise Bauer is another one of Biden’s supporters. She is the former United States Ambassador to Belgium. She said that she had been encouraging Biden to run for president. She raised more than $4 million for Obama’s campaign.

Robert Zimmerman is a member of the Democratic National Committee. He is also a supporter of Joe Biden. He said that Biden is a strong candidate and can beat Trump. Additionally, Robert said that Biden will unite the party and the country.

Bill Eacho is an Obama fundraiser. He is also a Biden supporter. He stated that Biden is a great guy. He said that even though Biden is old, he is not too old for the job. However, he said that he wants to learn more about each candidate before he gets behind one.

Bill Stetson has raised $500,000 for both of Obama’s campaigns. He said that he is close to Biden and likes what he sees. However, he has to think about the big picture and what needs to be done to heal the country.

Trump Plans To Continue To Use Executive And Legal Action To Work Around Lawmakers

President Trump showed his voter base who the real boss is when he vetoed a bill to stop his national emergency. But not all the Republicans in the Senate are happy about it. Even the senators who backed the president’s veto know the next two years will either get them reelected or they will go home knowing they backed the world political horse.

It’s not just the veto that has a lot of Republican senators worried. Mr. Trump makes decisions, and he says things that don’t fit what the founding fathers wanted to relay in the constitution. According to several constitutional experts, Mr. Trump continues to ignore the constitution and write a new constitution, according to Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump knows his veto will turn into a legal battle. He loves to battle in court. According to the New York Times, Trump has more than 4,000 legal battles under his ill-fitting suit. He uses lawyers to argue for him even when he knows his arguments are usually half-baked. His border wall emergency seems to fit into the half-baked category. But building a wall was his premier campaign promise. He’ll fight to the legal death to deliver a wall even though that’s not the primary debacle on the border.

Conflicts of interest seem to be front and center in Trumpland. The grounding of the Boeing 737-Super Max 8 is just one example of Mr. Trump’s desire to protect his friends instead of making the right decision for Americans, according to the Washington Post. The CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg donated $1 million to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

According to several news reports, Trump didn’t want to ground the planes because of the economic impact it would have on his pal at Boeing. The United States was one of the last countries to ground the aircraft.

The Trump presidency is a gold mine for some members of the legal world. The president will continue to make his own legal rules. And lawmakers and groups like the ACLU will continue to sue him for allegedly breaking established rules.

Breaking rules because they don’t apply to him is how Mr. Trump rolls, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That’s why he has a stable of lawyers at his disposal. Fighting in court is Trump’s trump card, and he uses it to test the legal system. If he loses, he blames the loss on the Democrats or the “rats” that sold him out.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Wants To Bring Religion Into Her For-Profit Charter School System

Betsy DeVos is not a former teacher, and she never went to public schools. DeVos is a wealthy Republican donor who gives millions of the dollars to the National Republican Party. Betsy got her reward for those yearly donations when President Trump thought she could turn the current public school system into a charter-for-profit school system.

Trump gave DeVos her dream job, but Congress wasn’t happy about it. DeVos is a religious fanatic who jumped into the Michigan public school debacle hoping to make her charter school and voucher system work in her home state of Michigan. The charter schools Betsy and husband Dick DeVos funded haven’t lived up to the billionaire couple’s dream. But that hasn’t stopped Betsy from pushing her for-profit and religion motivated school system from falling out of grace. DeVos just announced she would ignore the federal law that prevents religious organizations from proving federally funded education to private schools.

That means Betsy’s quest to dismantle public education and alienate teachers and public school officials is in overdrive. In 2017, the Supreme Court ruled against Missouri when Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia filed a lawsuit that claimed the state engaged in religious discrimination by denying a religious-run preschool the right to use public funds for tire scraps for the playground.

Ms. DeVos also said the Justice Department determined the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that says private and public school students can receive “equitable services,” like tutoring, education, and mentoring from outside contractors as long as those contractors are not part of any religious organization is also unconstitutional. DeVos claims the Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia lawsuit respects First Amendment rights not to restrict the free expression of religion in private schools.

DeVos also claims people who want quality education services want religion to be in the charter of those quality education institutions.

House Democrats didn’t want Betsy’s to be education secretary in 2016, and most of her education decisions over the last two years confirmed their reasons. She’s not qualified for the job, according to the New York Times. There’s little chance Betsy’s attempt to marry religion and charter schools will make them eat their words about DeVos.

The public school system does need attention, but the attention Betsy gives to the system is the same kind of attention former Attorney Jeff Sessions gave to immigrants. It is self-serving attention that ignores the constitution.

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Electric Scooter Injuries are Skyrocketing

Bird Rides launched 10 dockless electric scooters in Santa Monica in September of 2017. Lime launched soon after Bird, and both companies are doing business across the country. Bird now worth more than $2 billion. For a dollar and some small change on a credit card, these scooters can be rented through a phone app. They have been plugged as energy efficient alternative transportation for traveling distances of maybe a mile on crowded city streets. That might be convenient for riders and good for the environment, but they can travel as fast as 15 mph. As the numbers are emerging, electric scooters might not be so good for riders’ health.

Small eight inch wheels on nearly all electric scooters make them far less stable than bicycles. Sure, they do the job on smooth riding surfaces, but small pavement cracks, small potholes or marginally uneven surfaces can catapult riders. Some electric scooter accident victims simply lose their balance when they’re on them.

Hospitals have started to collect and share data on electric scooter accidents. The UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica and the Ronald Regan Medical Center have had nearly 250 emergency visits from injuries suffered on electric scooters. The overwhelming majority of those visits were from scooter falls and not accidents with motor vehicles. The University of San Diego Medical Center had 42 people scooter accident victims admitted with injuries that were described as severe. Out of those, only one rider was wearing a helmet. Mail Online reports that early half of the riders who were involved in accidents had a blood alcohol concentration that was higher than the legal limit of .08, and more than half of them tested positive for illegal drugs. Police are now citing drunken scooter riders for DUI.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now started its own study into electric scooter accidents and injuries. Regardless of California’s law requiring helmets, the CDC study has already revealed that less than one percent of all scooter riders in that state wear helmets. People just don’t want to carry them around with them. Helmet use, DUI enforcement and safer road surfaces will all be factors in reducing the number of electric scooter accidents across the United States.

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Rudy Giuliani Might Be Trump’s Kryptonite In The End

Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of the House oversight committee infuriated the Republicans on the committee. Those high-breed lawmakers call Cohen every despicable name in Trump’s shade-throwing handbook.

But Cohen sat there quietly looking at the Trumpians who reminded him of himself. Now and then Cohen would bite his tongue especially when Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan pulled a few intimidating wrestling coach remarks out of his take-no-prisoner’s mouth.

Mr. Cohen had Trump by the shorthairs while the president talked to Kim Jon Un about a deal that would never happen. When the president got the news Cohen got more attention than he did while he “ratted” on his former crime boss he left Kim with the bill for lunch. And a Trump-style hangover. Trump knew Cohen looked like one of the mobsters who turned rat on the New York mob in 1963. In mob talk, a rat isn’t a liar. A rat tells the truth the mob doesn’t want people to know.

Mr. Cohen wasn’t there to give the oversight committee more ammunition to use to prove collusion during the 2016 election. He was there to let the world know the federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are legally bloodthirsty.

According to the author of the book of “The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s F.B.I. and the War on Global Terror,” Garrett M. Graff, prosecutors in New York are in the process of building a RICO case against the Trump and his organization.

RICO is short for the 1970s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. That act gave prosecutors the legal ability to nail criminal organizations that had an extensive history of criminal activity. Prosecutors can piece together evidence from various sources and then indict everyone involved in the organizations. They become part of an extended organized conspiracy.
More than eighty people associated with Mr. Trump in some way will have to appear before Congress and tell the truth about various parts of the Trump Organization.

When prosecutors used RICO on the crime families in New York, Rudy Giuliani was the man who developed the investigative process that brought down some of New York’s famous mob bosses.

The case against Mr. Trump may take a while. Giuliani will have to come up with a legal strategy that trumps the RICO strategy he put in place when he went after the bad guys instead of defending them. Mr. Graff thinks Mr. Giuliani knows Mueller isn’t Trump’s problem. He knows the Southern District of New York is, thanks to him.

Biden Gives Pence A Pat On The Back And Warren Goes On The Warpath

Obama and Biden were like besties when they campaigned together. Biden has that likable personality that listens more than it speaks. And that’s a good thing in politics especially right now. Biden is still on the fence when it comes to throwing his aging Delaware keys in the take-down-the-Trump-ring of insaneness.

Joe has a political track record that shows he can pull that likable personality out on both sides of the aisle. That’s a plus for a lot of voters. And he knows how to handle himself when he’s in Europe and Asia. And he’s not a Russia fan. All those things make him a good fit for Democratic centrists.

But Biden may not be come up with the cash to pick up where he left off in 2016. Joe’s on the phone and out in public trying to get the big Democrats to give him one of those grassroots, Bernie Sanders type of presidential race entrances. Bernie raised $10 million in one week. Joe only raised $11.5 million when ran his last presidential race. And most of that money came from fat cat donors.

Biden critics say raising money is his biggest challenge this time around. But he changed that challenge when he went into the old Democratic boy’s club mode, and called Mike Pence a “nice guy,” according to CNN.

Mr. Biden quickly apologized after actress Cynthia Nixon put a tweet out reminding Biden that Mike Pence is a card-carrying LGBT hater. Pence isn’t a nice guy, according to Nixon. He’s a passive aggressive do-gooder who wears his bigotry like a medal of honor.

Elizabeth Warren expanded the Mike Pence conversation so Biden would get the message. Warren said Pence and decency are not familiar with each other. Warren is in the race to prove she has Native American grit that has nothing to do with her genes. She just wants to dream she’s carving “liar” across his tanning bed-orange chest while he’s tied in a chair with Mike Pence until he cries,” uncle.” And she wants to show the world the United States is not as dumb as it looks.

Pence seems undaunted by all the negative attention. At a recent conservative action conference in Maryland, Pence was on a mission to make the audience believe socialism is America’s biggest threat. And the Democrats are the socialists who will throw the country into chaos like Nicolas Maduro did in Venezuela.

Roger Stone Wants Attention But Judge Jackson May Give Him Detention After His Latest Instagram Post

Roger Stone is a diehard Republican and a huge Trump supporter. Mr. Stone is also a lobbyist, author, and conspiracy theorist. Stone likes attention, and it doesn’t matter whether that attention is positive or negative. As long as his name is in the headlines, Stone feels he’s done a good job promoting his truth about his involvement in Trump’s 2016 campaign debacle.

Court documents filed by Robert Mueller, say Roger Stone played a pivotal role in passing WikiLeaks information to the Trump campaign. According to those documents, Stone told Trump when WikiLeaks would make those now-famous Clinton emails public. Mr. Stone claims his innocence, and he continues to stand by his claim he didn’t play a role in Trump’s quest to win the election by any means necessary.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the U.S. district judge handling the Stone case, told the dirty trickster to stop talking to the press and quit posting on social media sites until the court proceedings end. Mr. Stone tested Judge Jackson’s patience by ignoring her first gag order. She ordered him back to court, and she let him know he would be stupid to defy the order again. If he did, the judge said she would make sure orange jumpsuit wearing is in Stone’s immediate future.

According to Fox News, Roger posted “Who framed Roger Stone” on Instagram after Judge Berman ordered him to stop. Stone claims the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, and he is a witch hunt victim because he supports his friend, Donald Trump. Stone told the press months ago he would never rat on the president.

The Stone trial won’t be a long one. The Mueller team has enough evidence to link Stone with WikiLeaks. And prosecutors also have evidence that Stone told Mr. Trump when the Clinton emails would drop. Mr. Trump let that cat out of the bag when he asked WikiLeaks to release the emails during a 2016 campaign rally in Florida. The next day the hacked Clinton emails surfaced. Trump claims the timely release of Hillary’s emails just happened. Mr. Trump still claims he knew nothing about WikiLeaks or Russia’s help during the campaign.

There’s little doubt about Stone’s immediate future. Judge Berman will order Stone back to court, according to several news reports. The chances of Stone walking out of court a free man are slim if the judge follows through on her threat to keep Stone quiet.

But just like his pal, Donald Trump, Stone stands defiant as he faces jail time and a serious attitude adjustment.

Canada Green-Lights Huawei CEO’s Extradition

Three months after her arrest, extradition proceedings for Huawei’s CEO Meng Wanzhou were finally approved by the Canadian government on Friday, March 1st. This has caused an uproar from the Chinese government, who has been vehemently calling for her release.

Ms. Wanzhou was detained in Vancouver last December at the behest of the United States and has remained under house arrest since. The Justice Department charged her with conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions in Iran and has repeatedly requested her extradition.

China denounced the decision and is expected to continue its campaign of retaliation against Canada for formally moving forward with the United States’ petition. The relationship between China and Canada has already suffered greatly, as China arrested two Canadians following Ms. Meng’s arrest, alleging potential national security concerns. They also sentenced to death a Canadian man arrested for drug smuggling who had been previously only sentenced to jail time.

Former Canadian diplomat to China and Brock University professor Charles Burton weighed in on the possibilities, stating that China may embargo shipments of Canadian canola or prevent Chinese students from visiting Canada.

Regardless of what happens, it is clear that China has made its dissatisfaction with the current situation well known. They continue to call for Ms. Meng’s release and have previously questioned the freedom of the judiciary in Canada.

Due to the slow speed of appellate proceedings in the Canadian justice system, it may be years before Meng Wanzhou is actually extradited to the United States. The final decision will likely fall to the federal justice minister.

Canada has been placed in a tough position because of this situation. It has to choose between continuing to anger China and facing the repercussions, or angering its neighbor to the south. Some analysts suspect that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be hoping the U.S. and China reach an agreement so they can put this behind them.

Last December, United States President Donald Trump mentioned the possibility of intervening in the case, in exchange for a favorable trade deal from China or if it served national security interests. Ottawa objected, decrying that the extradition process should not be politicized. Last week, President Trump went back on his remarks.

Ottawa rejected the Chinese government’s demands to drop the case, claiming that they cannot interfere with the ongoing judiciary proceedings.

Ms. Meng’s lawyers continue to deny all accusations, claiming that the charges are politically motivated.