Trump Knew Erdogan Would Missile Fry The Kurds

Rudy Giuliani got excited when Lindsey Graham told him his Senate Judiciary Committee is ready to help him spread Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theories, and that Joe Biden is a criminal, like him.

Mr. Giuliani likes to use his criminal clients to spread his conspiracy theories. Two Ukraine born Floridians helped Rudy get an audience with Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko. Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign, and they used a bunch of shell corporations to do it.

The president told Pelosi he’s not playing by constitutional rules and Bill Barr and Pompeo aren’t either. Trump refuses to cooperate until Congress holds an impeachment vote. Trump claims Adam Schiff should be in an orange jumpsuit for setting up a partisan kangaroo court. The Trumpster still claims his Zelensky shakedown was a perfect mobster procedure.

Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence continue to back the Trumpster. Pence and Pompeo are neck-deep in the Ukraine shakedown. Both men knew Trump wouldn’t release the military aide payment until Zelensky did Trump a solid by screwing with the 2020 election. Pence still claims he didn’t know about the shakedown. Bill Barr told the press he wasn’t in the Ukraine loop, but Trump’s phone call proved that was a lie, according to the Washington Post.

George Conway sent a letter to Republicans in the Senate after Trump’s mobster move on Zelensky. Conway told the Senators Trump continues to shred the constitution. He reminded them they took an oath to protect the constitution. But it will take more than a letter from Conway to convince Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell to throw Trump under the Ukraine bus. Graham said Republicans will not convict Trump based on his conversation with Zelensky. McConnell told the press he would stop the trial as soon as it got to the Senate.

The call between Mr. Trump and Mr. Erdogan produced a major cluster-bang on the Syrian border. Erdogan’s been on Trump’s ass for months to let him missile fry the Kurds. The Turkish leader thinks the Kurds are enemies, and Trump does too, according to Republicans and Democrats.

Mr. Trump tried to justify his decision by saying the Kurds didn’t fight in WWII and other stupid deflective statements. But Erdogan said Trump told him to open the door for ISIS again. Trump told the press that’s Europe’s problem, not his.

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The Trump Team Wants To Tape Giuliani’s Mouth Shut

President Trump’s decision to let Turkey eliminate the Kurds in Syria has the world in an uproar. Even Trump’s loyal Republicans think Trump’s an idiot for pulling U.S. forces out of the Syrian fight. Trump’s critics say his decision will bring ISIS back in the picture, and according to several news reports, the ISIS bad guys are already in the rumble again.

Mr. Trump tried to justify his decision in typical Trumpian fashion. He claims he wants to pull out of the Middle Eastern wars, but he continues to send troops to Saudi Arabia, and he pokes the Iranian bears every chance he gets. Trump’s troop pullout gives Russia a leg up on the Syrian table. And Iran cheered when they learned Trump did Erdogan’s dirty work in order to cut a weapons deal or to keep his Trump Towers open in Istanbul, according to the New York Times.

The Zelensky debacle continues to immerse Trump in impeachment swamp water. The former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told Congress Trump wanted to fire her after he realized she wouldn’t let Rudy Giuliani meet with Ukraine officials without the state department participating in his mission to find dirt than doesn’t exist on Joe Biden.

China’s top negotiator met with Trump to shake hands on a deal that sounds more like a move to keep the farmers happy with the president than a real trade deal. Trump called the deal phase one. He told the press the October 15th tariffs are on hold, but the December tariffs are still on the table. Trump’s critics say the phase one deal is nothing the stock market should get excited about even though the market jumped when Mr. Liu said China will buy more soybeans, wheat, and pork.
Chinese importers bought those products before Trump announced a tentative trade deal. The trade deal announcement was more about giving Trump a win in the eyes of the farmers, according to the Washington Post.

Rudy Giuliani claims he doesn’t know he’s under investigation by federal prosecutors in Manhattan even though a New York Times article says he is. Rudy used two of his criminal Ukraine clients to help him convince Ukraine prosecutor general Lutsenko to reopen a Biden investigation. Mr. Trump claims he never met the two mobsters, but Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas are big Trump donors through phony shell corporations. Both wheeler-dealers were in photos with Trump and Don Jr. while they tried to make an under-the-table fortune in Ukraine with Rudy.

Trump’s advisors want Rudy to stop talking and creating so much chaos during his TV appearances. But that’s not Rudy’s style, according to the president.

As Deadline for a Brexit Deal Looms, British PM Boris Johnson Weighs His Options

Over the last three years, issues surrounding the UK’s bid to leave the European Union (popularly known as “Brexit”) have come under intense scrutiny from both sides of the political aisle in Britain.

Currently headed by Boris Johnson, the UK’s Conservative Party argues that the country’s population has mandated an exit from the EU this fall. Led by liberal MP Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party has argued that a break with the European Union could bring on an economic recession throughout the United Kingdom.

So far, the Conservatives have set a goal for leaving the EU by the end of this month. As Prime Minister, Johnson has already had to quell political fires currently raging in the House of Commons, and so far, the fierce battle being fought over Brexit’s future doesn’t appear to have an end in sight.

But Brexit’s main issues have deep roots in Britain’s fiercely independent culture, and its themes will be familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of 20th Century British history. Memories of mass unemployment and housing crises throughout the 1970s are still fresh in the public imagination in the UK, and ground support for a revote on Brexit is even now gaining steam on the political left.

Conversely, the United Kingdom has always been a nation that has prided itself on its political independence from Europe. As a confederation of countries like England and Scotland, the UK has had a tense relationship with the European mainland for the entirety of its recorded history. Indeed, it is little wonder that the UK is one of the first major nations to propose an exit from the European Union.

As a Prime Minister whose predecessors (Theresa May and David Cameron) lost their positions due to domestic tensions over Brexit, it cannot be lost on Boris Johnson that his political life will depend on how he handles a break with the EU. The press in the UK has always pounced on weak political operatives in Parliament, and Johnson will have to raise himself above the fray if he is to successfully guide the country to economic independence and maintain his current position in Downing Street.

How the political theater around Brexit will play out on the world stage is anyone’s guess, but the upcoming deadline for an exit from the EU could prove to be a major milestone to the pro-Brexit movement. Undoubtedly, the Prime Minister’s career trajectory will depend on the extent to which he is able to successfully guide Brexit policy to a satisfactory conclusion, but for a politician who styles himself after Winston Churchill, that kind of conflict come as a welcome acid test.

Blow for Washington as Beijing lowers expectations for trade talks.

Upset and astonished by, China has decided to lower expectations for any significant progress on trade talks with the US. There were scheduled trade talks this week between the Chinese and the United States government where leaders would deliberate on how to ease tensions between the two countries. Just this week, President Donald Trump expressed optimism for fresh trade talks with President Xi.

Theoretically, Beijing expresses optimism to end the trade wars. However, Chinese officials have noted that they are not optimistic about the scope or size of any deal with the United States in the short term. Top Chinese and the US economic intellectuals will have a scheduled meeting in Washington on Thursday and Friday.

Both parties will attempt to put an end to the fifteen-month trade war that has caused a disruption of the global financial order. The war has consistently threatened to upend the old trade systems. Robert Lighthizer, the United States trade representative, Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, and the Chinese Vice Premier Liu, will all take part in the negotiations.

Without any sign of progress, President Donald Trump is set to increase tariffs on $250 billion Chinese goods from 25% to 30%. Addressing the media in Washington, Trump said that a deal was in progress. He gave a positive nod that there was a high chance that the deal would be sealed. President Donald Trump added that Beijing wanted to see the deal settled more than he did. Currently, judging on the situation, there was a possibility of talks between two economies that control global commerce. However, the talks are likely to end in a deadlock. One Chinese official gave a brief for preparations for the talks to end in anonymity.

The official went on to note that there was a probability of both parties reaching an agreement, but it would not be an easy task. The talks will require plenty of planning and building consensus on both economies. For trade relations to improve between the two nations, more time was required. Previous low levels talks held between the two economies created a platform for fresh talks in the upcoming meeting. However, the latest action by Washington of blacklisting 28 Chinese organizations has stirred a very negative atmosphere.

HiKvision and twenty-seven other Chinese companies were blacklisted a few days before the new trade talks. The US commerce department took action to ban the artificial and technology organization from conducting business with US companies.

North Korea Claims Trump Needs To Sweeten The Pot If He Wants Kim To Keep Writing Him Beautiful Letters

According to a former Trump Organization executive, Mr. Trump told the press, impeachment would look bad on his resume. But Trump claims Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are impeachment-worthy for exposing his criminal behavior to the public.

Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell broke the Trumpian ranks and spoke out against Trump for trying to get Ukraine President Zelensky to help him ruin Joe Biden’s run for the presidency. In a Washington Post Op-ed, Biden told Trump he won’t let him ruin his chance to get the big job. But some political analysts claim Biden’s run for the Democratic nomination is in the toilet thanks to Trump.

Bernie Sanders had two stents put in his arteries, and that may hurt his chance to win the nomination even though the senator raised a whopping $20 million recently. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren have the media’s attention, but Harris, Buttigieg, and O’Rourke are still in the hunt, according to the New York Times.

None of Trump’s cabinet members appeared on the Sunday news shows. But Congressman Jim Jordan wanted to show his support for Trump by acting stupid when George Stephanopoulos asked him if he thought Trump was out of line asking China to help him bring down Biden. Jordan told George Marco Rubio thinks Trump’s comments were in jest and Jordan agreed with the Florida senator. But Trump wasn’t in a joking mood when he asked President Xi for help.

Mr. Trump told Pelosi to vote to impeach him before he turns over documents that prove he tried to get Zelensky to cooperate using his mobster mentality. Trump claims the impeachment inquiry is not legal even though there’s nothing in the constitution that prohibits having an impeachment inquiry before the formal impeachment.

Kurt Volker told Congress Pompeo, Giuliani, and Pence knew Trump wanted Zelensky to sweat before he released the $391 million military aid payment. Some Democrats think Pence, and Pompeo should go through the impeachment process. And the Democrats think Bill Barr deserves impeachment too.

North Korea didn’t like the way their October 4th meeting went with state department officials. The state department claims the meeting was a success, but North Korean officials told the press Trump needs to change the script if he wants Kim to stop firing missiles and give up his nukes. North Korean officials claim nothing change from their last meeting when they called John Bolton a poisonous plant, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Libra Association’s Roster Of Partners Is Now One Shorter Following PayPal’s Voluntary Departure

Satoshi Nakamoto – a name of absolutely zero relevance at the time he published Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System in late 2008 to, a then-brand-new web domain – is the world-renowned creator of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which actually came to life in early 2009.

Although the concept of digital currency – this categorization includes cryptocurrencies – was laughed at by even laypeople, let alone financial professionals and market experts, the price of a single bitcoin hit an all-time high of just a few hundred dollars short of $20,000. Considering that one bitcoin was worth less than one United States Dollar until early 2011, investors could have literally made $19,500, assuming they invested before the world’s first cryptocurrency began trading for a dollar per unit as early as Feb. 2011, and sold it at peak of the digital currency’s trading value in terms of its entire life.

Shortly after the utility in Bitcoin was recognized by tech-savvy programmers, engineers, financial experts, and other highly-skilled, smart inventors and innovators, other digital currencies and cryptocurrencies began to sprout up across the World Wide Web. Currently, there well over 1,500 cryptocurrencies, and likely more than 2,000 unique brands when digital currencies not based on cryptography are taken into consideration.

Here’s What Made Cryptocurrencies So Attractive

The total dollar value of United States Dollars currently in circulation can be modified at any point by the U.S. federal government. Although such practices are typically only engaged in to protect currencies’ economic viabilities, effectively serving the entire world’s best interests, it’s easy to realize that governments, through each of their fiat currencies, could easily engage in fraudulent or otherwise unfair acts.

What made cryptocurrencies so popular is that all transactions must be verified through using computer power to solve cryptographic codes, which results in new transactions being hammered into that cryptocurrency’s blockchain forever, as well as for the entire world’s viewing.

Facebook Just Had to Join the Fray

Unofficial reports from Facebook insiders started surfacing in 2018 regarding what’s now known as Libra, a permissioned blockchain digital currency. Unlike cryptocurrencies, Libra transactions wouldn’t be confirmed by independent users – that function would be performed by Facebook itself.

Despite the potentially high utility of Libra which could be realized as soon as its planned launch next year, PayPal became the first entity to remove itself from the social media platform’s Libra Association.

PayPal officially made the announcement yesterday, on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019.


Jury Begins Deliberations In Murder Case Against A Former Dallas Police Officer Who Fatally Shot A Neighbor

A Dallas jury began its deliberations on Monday in a case involving a Dallas Police officer that shot and killed a man in his apartment. The shooting took place after the officer mistook his apartment for her own. The prosecution ended its final arguments against the police officer by calling her actions ‘unreasonable.’

Jason Fine is the Assistant District Attorney who said in closing arguments that a fine line existed between what can be considered reasonable and what is absurd.

Thirty-one-year-old Amber Guyger had just finished a 13 and a half hour shift when she entered Botham Jean’s apartment. Jean, a 26-year-old accountant for Price Waters Cooper, was sitting in his apartment eating ice cream when he was fatally shot by Guyger. The ex-police officer says she thought Jean was an intruder in her home.

Fine used his closing arguments to focus the attention of the jury on Jean who he says was enjoying a quiet night at home watching television when Guyger burst into his home with a gun in hand.

Fine says Jean was shot to death before he had a chance to get up from the couch.

Guyger fought through tears a week ago to tell the court she fired her gun because she was in fear for her life.

The prosecution disagreed with Guyger and said instead her action was the culmination of a series of unreasonable actions.

A conviction of murder could mean a life sentence for Guyger. She could also face a 20-year prison sentence for the lesser included offense of manslaughter. The jury also has the option of acquitting Guyger on both charges.

According to CBS News, the shooting took place a year ago in Dallas and was one in a series of high-profile cases in which unarmed black males were shot by police officers. The shooting sparked street protests and many residents were angered by the fact prosecutors only sought manslaughter charges when the case first happened.

Defense attorneys for Guyger accuse the prosecution of trying to play on the emotions of jurors because they are unable to prove a crime was committed by their client. Toby Shook, one of Guyger’s attorneys, told the jury the prosecution only worked to make them angry and provided no legal substance to support a conviction.

Shook expressed sympathy for the family of Botham Jean but characterized the incident as a series of mistakes on the part of Guyger. He also maintains there was no malice intended by his client.

Oh No! United States Income Inequality Worse Than At Any Point In The Previous 50 Years

Governments around the world, including those of both well-developed and third-world countries, routinely engage in activities in order to determine information about the people who are currently living in such nations, as well as the states, provinces, territories, and municipalities that these countries are further broken down into.

The United States of America is no exception to this rule of thumb. Every decade, the federal government deploys countless thousands of government employees across the United States to garner information related to its citizens, residents, and other individuals who currently reside within the country’s borders. The United States does this through the United States Department of Commerce’s U.S. Federal Statistical System’s United States Census Bureau, which is also known as the Bureau of the Census or the USCB.

Although the official nationwide Census is only carried out once every 10 years, the United States Census Bureau manages to keep itself busy through gathering various types of information – these varieties of forms of data include financial information related to how much money individuals, couples, and households make each year, including how much debt that is currently owed to the various creditors is currently outstanding in aggregate, and what proportion of the national population is comprised of immigrants who are not considered permanent residents or citizens of the United States – and taking such data into the compilation of various reports that other government agencies use to make decisions. These reports are also used as benchmarks in the future when similar or related reports are generated.

According to a recent report from the United States Census Bureau – it is formally known as the American Community Survey – that came out just yesterday, on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, income inequality throughout the entirety of the United States is worse than it has been at any point throughout all of the past five full decades.

Income inequality refers to the disparity in annual earnings when comparing the highest and lowest earners throughout the nation. Large gaps between these two classes are not healthy indicators, as wealthy people continually horde more and more wealth just to invest such wealth and earn more money in return, effectively further separating themselves from the rest of the crowd.

The Gini coefficient is a widely-used economic indicator to determine income inequality all throughout the world, which was officially calculated at 0.485, having been bumped up slightly from 0.482 in 2017.

Former Wall Street Banker Headed Back To Prison

Sean Stewart, a one-time Wall Street Banker, received his second conviction for insider trading on Monday. The conviction is for passing tips to his father regarding mergers in the health care industry.

A spokeswoman for the prosecution made the public aware of the conviction handed down by the jury in Manhattan. The trial ended less than a year after Stewart successfully won an appeal of his first conviction and received a new trial.

A lawyer for the 38-year-old Stewart was not immediately available for comment but the ex-banker is due to be sentenced on January 29.

Stewart worked for Perella Weinberg Partners and JP Morgan Chase & Co. Prosecutors say he passed tips to his father, Robert Stewart, over a period of time beginning in 2011 until 2015. The tips yielded more than $1 million dollars for the elder Stewart and friend Richard Cunniffe. Stewart shared some of the tips from his son with Cunniffe.

The first conviction of Stewart happened in August 2017. He was sentenced to three years in prison by United States District Judge Laura Taylor Swain in February of 2018. The conviction as overturned by an appeals court about a year after Stewart began serving his sentence.

The appeal was based on the court decision that Stewart should have received the right to challenge an important piece of evidence used to gain his conviction. The evidence was a recorded phone conversation between Stewart’s father and Cunniffe.

During the conversation, Robert Stewart told Cunniffe his son was upset with him for not using one of the tips he had given him. Reportedly, Sean Steward chastized his father for pulling the trigger on an investment after it had been handed “on a silver platter” to him.

Judge Swain was not allowed to introduce evidence that would qualify the statements of his father in the taped phone conversation. He was also not allowed to inform the jury he had been drinking when he made the statements. It is Stewart’s assertion that he was kidding with his father and had no intention of committing insider trading.

In the second trial, Judge Jed Rakoff ruled that no mention of the “silver platter” statement would be allowed in the trial.

Robert Stewart and Cunniffe were both given probation after accepting guilty pleas for their roles in the crime.


Pence Violates The Century-Old Motor Vehicle Ban On Mackinac Island

The president claims his conversations with Ukraine President Zelensky was by the book. But according to the Washington Post, Trump asked the newly elected president to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter eight times during their July telephone conversation. Mr. Trump threatened to hold back millions in aid unless the Ukraine president did his dirty work.

Mr. Biden claims he didn’t talk to Ukraine officials about his son when he was vice president. Trump claims he had to talk to his son Hunter about firing the prosecutor who wanted to investigate the owner of Ukraine natural gas company. Hunter sat on the board on that company. According to Mr. Trump, Joe threatened to hold back aid if Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor who wanted to expose corruption within the gas company.

The whistleblower who told Congressman Adam Schiff about Trump’s conversation said Trump’s call with the Ukraine president was just one call Trump made to foreign officials asking for help in 2020.

Mr. Trump’s polls numbers are down. His campaign thinks he’ll lose Michigan in 2020 unless he changes his foreign policy agenda. Mr. Trump’s tariffs play a huge role in his sinking poll numbers, according to political strategists. The president likes to divert, deflect, and intimidate when he’s under the political microscope for his gangster-like presidential decisions and he’s in his deflecting mode now.

Iran’s President Rouhani won’t meet with Trump during the UN summit. Rouhani told Trump military force won’t solve his issue with Iran. Iran will make sure all American interests in the Middle East go up in smoke if he doesn’t ease the sanctions.

Mike Pompeo told Meet the Press the president doesn’t want a war with Iran, and he doesn’t either. But Pompeo blamed Iran for the Saudi oil strike even though Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. Pompeo claims he wants a diplomatic solution, but Nancy Pelosi doesn’t believe him, according to the Washington Post.

Mike Pence can’t seem to act presidential even though Mike wants to take over when Trump leaves office. According to NY Times, congress wants to know why Pence and his entourage stayed at Trump’s Doonbeg golf club when he met with the Irish in Dublin. And evangelicals want to know why Mike allows Mr. Trump to use profanity during his campaign rallies.

The latest Pence screw-up happened when he attended a Republican meeting on Michigan’s Mackinac Island and used an SUV motorcade to get there. Mackinac Island banned motor vehicles more than 100 years ago. Social media let Pence know he’s a sacrilegious loser for not doing what Gerald Ford did and arrive by a horse-drawn carriage.

Prominent Attorney Robert A. Liebers Passes Away

Robert A. Liebers was an attorney who practiced in Buffalo, New York. He was also a competitive runner. John Zuroski is a chief assistant district attorney who practices in Chautaqua County. He was also a long-time friend of Robert. He stated that Robert was one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Many people who crossed paths with Robert would say the same thing. Robert passed away on September 16, 2019 at the age of 61. He had been battling lymphoma for a long time. He grew up in Schenectady, New York. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester. After he completed his bachelor’s degree, he earned a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, which is located in Cleveland.

Robert took a job as a public defender after he graduated from law school. He was known for taking on the tough cases that no one else wanted. He later worked for Burgett & Robbins. He also worked as an administrative law judge.

Robert spent a lot of time mentoring new lawyers. He also formed lifelong friendships with the people he represented. In fact, Robert would often attend the birthday parties of old clients.

When Robert wasn’t working, he was spending time with his family. He was married and had four children and four grandchildren. Robert was also an avid runner.

He was a member of a running team called The Red Dragons. They honored Robert by winning twice on September 17. Stephen Matteson is the head coach of the team. He told his team that they should think about Robert every time that they are hurt.

Robert was very open about his battle with cancer. He also hosted benefit races to raise money for his medical expense. People were also able to participate in a virtual race.

Feds Cut Interest Rates But Trump Says Its Not Enough To Save His Eroding Economic Butt

Mr. Trump poked the bear when he pulled out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran because Obama signed the document. Mr. Trump couldn’t wait to help his business partners Ben Netanyahu and Prince Bin Salman out by showing Iran some American firepower and his two trigger-happy cabinet members.

President Rouhani told the press he’s not interested in a one-on-one sit down at the UN meeting unless Trump drops the sanctions. Mr. Trump gave one of his famous mixed messages when he told the press he might talk to Iran one-on-one. But then he denied he said that after the Houthi’s showed Trump a little Middle Eastern revenge in Saudi Arabia.

North Korea made the press loop again for being named a money-grabbing Internet hacker. President Kim side business is ripping off banks, governments, companies using cyberspace weapons. According to the New York Times, Kim’s hackers steal billions around the world every year.

Mr. Kim still wants the president to visit Pyongyang before it gets too cold. But Trump has his orange-colored head full trying to make a trade deal stick before the election. And he has to lower the war temperature in the Middle East.

Jared Kushner tried to write a Middle East peace plan, but he never consulted Palestine before he and Netanyahu wrote a lame deal that was more about developing the West Bank than developing a lasting peace, according to the New York Times.

China won’t give Trump what he wants in the new trade talks unless he drops the tariffs. President Xi will not budge on that request, and Trump still wants to tell the Chinese how to interact with Chinese companies.

China will talk in October, but some Wall Street analysts think the tariff war with China could last years. China economy can take the tariff beating but it’s unclear if Trump can, according to the Washington Post.

The Feds knew they couldn’t please Trump before they voted to cut interest rates by 25 basis points or a quarter percentage point. Some Wall Street economists think they will have to cut rates again at the next meeting. Mr. Trump wants a zero or below rate so he can boast about his economic achievements. But turning his economy around won’t happen with a rate cut. Mr. Trump has to seek treatment for his tariff addiction, according to CNBC.

Trump Immigration Policy Puts Strain On Tiny Mexican Agency

The hardline stance United States President Donald Trump has taken on immigration issues has overwhelmed a small asylum agency in Mexico that is now dealing with droves of individuals who are being forced to give up on their dreams of life in America.

A recent Supreme Court decision to uphold a policy by the Trump Administration that bans most applications for asylum that take place at the border can only make things worse for the tiny agency. Employees of the agency are already working upwards of 80 hours a week.

Danny Perez is a 29-year-old taxi driver who left his native Honduras to seek a better life in the United States. The recent developments have caused Perez to believe the life he wishes to build for himself may have to take place in Mexico.

Perez is unable to work at this time because he does not possess the papers needed to secure employment. He also has no money to rent a room. When asked about his present situation, Perez says he fears he may lose his mind while he is waiting for his paperwork to be processed.

Perez is forced to live on the sidewalk across the street from an office for refugees in the city of Tapachula. He says he feels safe in the area surrounded by other migrants but is lucky to get a couple of hours of sleep each night.

The Supreme Court ruling involves a law that requires migrants who must travel through another country in search of asylum in America to first gain asylum in the country they entered before reaching America. Andres Ramirez is the top man at a Mexican agency for refugees named COMAR. Ramirez believes the situation will exacerbate the problems already experienced with the flow of migrants in the country.

Alexander Espinoza is a 33-year-old from El Salvador. He says he tried to enter the United States without permission 10 times. He says the anti-immigrant rhetoric from President Trump caused him to look to Mexico as a possible new home. Espinoza was officially recognized as a refugee by COMAR a week ago. He had been waiting since March. Espinoza is now awaiting his residency card.

COMAR was expecting to handle at least 80,000 applications this year even before the Supreme Court decision. This is twice the number of applications processed a year ago. In August, Comar processed 8,178 applications. This was three times the number of applications processed in August 2018.

Trump Stands Behind Kavanaugh For Showing His Junk At College Parties

Kim Jon Un didn’t waste time sending Mr. Trump another “beautiful letter” after the president fired Bolton. The North Koreans called Bolton a poisonous plant and a hater. But now that he’s out, Kim thinks Trump will lift the sanctions, and he can pretend to stop building a nuclear arsenal, according to Reuters.

South Korea’s President Moon will meet with Trump during the United Nations summit. Moon wants Trump to stop Kim’s missile firing-addiction. Mr. Trump has to resolve the Kim situation before the election, but Iran and China issues take precedence, according to the New York Times.

Now that Pompeo claims Iran is behind the drone attack on an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, Trump has to decide if he wants to take military action. The Iranians told Trump they had nothing to do with the drone attack, but if Trump wants to start a missile rumble, Iran’s leaders said: “bring it on.”

China wants a trade deal with Mr. Trump. China waived the tariffs they have in place on American pork and soybeans. And China’s chief negotiator Liu He told Bob Lighthizer China was ready to buy more farm products. Mr. He also told Lighthizer the Huawei ban and talks about intellectual property thief would happen, but not at the upcoming trade talk meeting. But Mr. He still wants Trump to drop the tariffs when they sign a deal. A trade meeting is in the works, but nothing will happen unless Trump makes more concessions.

Mr. Trump moved the tariff start date from October 1st to October 15th. But Trump will have to do more if he wants to claim a trade victory over the Chinese before the election. Former communications directors Anthony Scaramucci thinks China wants Trump to win the election. The Mooch claims Trump lit a match to America’s global credibility and China wants Trump to continue bashing former allies, and they want him to continue his friendship with dictators and criminals. The Chinese think Trump is America’s Kryptonite.

Trump’s legal advisor Kellyanne Conway told the Sunday talks shows Mr. Trump and his advisors don’t like to study volatile situations before they act. The president likes to go off half-cocked, and that’s another reason China wants Trump to win the 2020 election.

One of Brett Kavanaugh’s college friends told the New York Times the Supreme Court judge liked to pull out his junk during his college days. Brett’s friend told the FBI about Kavanaugh’s behavior during his confirmation farce. But the FBI didn’t paid attention to the proof that shows Brett was a drunken sexual predator, according to the LA Times.


The Scent Of Impeachment Lingers Around Nadler’s Committee

The Supreme Court pulled a page out of Bill Barr’s “let’s side with the president instead of the constitution” handbook when all the male legal eagles said Trump’s seek-asylum-in-the-first-country-you-come-rule was kosher.

Ruth and Sonia told the other chief justices protecting Trump’s quest to make America a white-only immigrant-loving nation makes them no better than he is, according to the New York Times. Mexico’s president told the press he thinks the Supreme Court has no business telling him how he should run his country.

Trump got the zero or below zero interest rate flu. The Trumpster knows the economic figures at the end of September won’t be good. He wants Jerome Powell to do what Japan and countries in Europe did and cut interest rates below zero to stimulate economic growth. But Trump’s tariff war will get in the way of that stimulus, according to several bank presidents. That’s why some members of the board don’t want to cut rates.

Powell told the press decent economic growth continues, but he didn’t say how long it will last. Some economists predict the U.S. will enter a recession in June 2020. Trump’s economists say they don’t see signs of a recession. But Mr. Trump knows low unemployment is only one ingredient in Gross Domestic Product growth.

Iran is still a political and global thorn in Trump’s side. EU members and Japan want Trump to drop the sanctions. Macron told Iran France would give the country a $15 billion line of credit so they can do oil business while Trump throws his sanction tantrum.

Trump told the press he might ease sanctions on Iran now that the rest of the world is on Iran’s side. Russia and China let Trump know they would stop him from blowing up Iran, according to the Washington Post.

The Trumpster’s weird story about Alabama’s weather got a lot weirder when a Trumpian working for NOAA followed Trump’s orders and threw National Weather Service scientists in the weather forecasting toilet. Trump denies he told Mike Mulvaney to get sleepy Wilbur Ross to threaten to fire anyone at NOAA who doesn’t back his Hippy Dippy weather claim up. But that’s what happened, according to the Washington Post.

Congressman Jerry Nadler and his judiciary committee want to impeach Trump. But Nancy Pelosi wants to wait. Nadler sent documents to Trump’s lawyers that show Trump obstructed justice and committed a plethora of crimes. Nadler and the committee read the Mueller report Bill Barr didn’t want anyone to read, and they found several illegal smoking guns, according to the Times.