Worldwide, Elections are at risk. However, there is a solution.

Recently, governments are experiencing challenges regarding electoral integrity. Social media platforms manipulation, online extremism, and misinformation are the leading cause of electoral integrity challenge. However, the report is calling upon international authorities, politicians, and platforms to change the reforms and make policies to tackle the problem.

The incline of social media platforms is causing and will cause more harm to free boards and elector integrity; this is according to a report by the Kofu Annan Commission on Elections and Democracy in the Digital Age. Representatives from lawmakers, tech industries, and academics participated in the making of the report. The report urges the state government to create a global coalition responsible for tackling social media influences on campaigns and elections. Also, it calls the governments to come up with an election vulnerability index that can determine elections prone to misinformation or interference.

Around the planet, election security is becoming a significant concern due to the merging of physical and digital worlds. Starting Wednesday in a Washington state district, voters will be eligible to vote through their smartphones for the first US elections. Past attempts to introduce tech voting in the Seattle area fell into the deep sea. Hackers from the University of Michigan took over the online voting system changing vote tallies in 2010 during trials. Such acts prompted citizens claiming the online voting platform was insecure and was prone to hacking. However, the US government is looking forward to increasing the number of voters by introducing the tech in the Washington DC area.

The commission also claims that in developing states like Kenya, Nigeria, and the Philippian’s things are far from good. Adherent media institutions, distrust among citizens, and pre-existing divergence are the significant causes of vulnerability in electoral integrity. The commission urges such governments to take implement laws that can tackle party dominance on social media platforms. Also, to come up with guidelines that govern the political ads. Google is one of the media platforms working to succumb to the misinformation and manipulation challenge by regulating political ads.

According to the commission, candidates who promised not to use deceptive campaign traditions are the ones entitled to buy ads from social media platforms. However, Facebook is in denial of this rule as it added the number of ads bought by politicians. Kofi Annan, the former UN Sec-General, created the commission, which included members of states, media, and the academy and tech department. Its mandate is to equip policymakers globally with tools to counter the fast-growing tech generation.

Dershowitz Claims His Impeachment Research During Clinton’s Trial Was Sloppy

Hillary Clinton let her party know she wants to be in the press loop during this election year. Hillary made a comment about Bernie Sanders being a grumpy old man. Most Democrats thought telling people nobody likes Sanders was out of line. Clinton still holds a grudge. Bernie took votes away from her in 2016, according to the New York Times.

The impeachment trial won’t disappoint the people who want to see how lawmakers fight. McConnell got the trial started when he threw a few curveballs in the rules. But Adam Schiff let the senators know Mitch’s rules favored the president, and that means the trial is unfair.

Jerry Nadler ended the first day with a bang when he continued to hammer senators about witness testimony and missing documents. Jay Sekulow started a shouting match with Nadler, and Chief Justice John Roberts had to tell the prosecution and the defense to act like adults and respect the Senate.

Mr. Trump told the senators to “read the transcripts” before he departed Davos. The president had dinner with Tim Cook and other big-name CEOs, before heading back to the states. Before he got on Airforce One, he said if John Bolton testifies it would be a security risk. He said the same thing when reporters asked him about Pompeo telling the Senate what he knows.

Senators will vote to hear from witnesses, but if the vote goes the way they went the first day, witness testimony won’t happen. But the defense and the prosecution get three days to present arguments and then senators will ask questions. McConnell hopes the trial will be short, but if four Republicans vote to hear from witnesses, the length of the trial will change.

Ken Starr, another defense attorney, told the press the Obstruction of Congress charge isn’t a real thing. Starr claims the House should go to court to fight to get the documents from the executive branch. Starr claims impeaching the president for obstruction is a phony charge.

Mr. Starr made a name for himself during the Clinton impeachment. Alan Dershowitz also made comments during the Clinton impeachment trial. His old comments don’t jive with his current comments about crime and impeachment. Alan claims there has to be a crime to impeach.

Alan said crime wasn’t a factor in Clinton’s impeachment. But Dershowitz told the press his research during the Clinton trial was sloppy. Some of Alan’s lawyer friends think Dershowitz acted in a way that doesn’t match his legal beliefs when he decided to be part of the president’s defense team.

Mr. Trump’s Party Sticks Together Through Thick And Thin

The president let New York know if sea levels rise enough to flood parts of New York City the city should get mops and buckets ready. New York wants to build flood gates similar to the gates used in the Netherlands and Venice. It’s a 25-year project, and it will need federal support.

New York is not Trump-friendly territory, so he changed his legal residence from New York City to Miami Florida. The state wants to get its hands on Trump’s tax returns. According to several reports, Mr. Trump lowers the value of his company’s assets to avoid paying taxes, and he raises the value of his assets when he needs a bank loan.

The Queen reverse her Harry and Meghan story after she cooled down from being blindsided by her grandson. She knew Harry didn’t like the bad rap his bride got in the British press. Harry told brother William he was crazy for trying to stop his marriage after only one year of dating. William dated Kate for eight years, and Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla for years before they finally got married. Meghan didn’t fit the Royal mold,sccording to the British press. So Meghan told Harry to pack up and move to Canada with her, so she could act again and raise baby Archie as a normal child.

The economy is one of the president’s talking points when he performs at his political rallies. Mr.Trump likes to talk about low inflation and unemployment. But he leaves out the fact Gross Domestic Product growth slipped by more than 1% percent in 2019. And he doesn’t talk about the $1 trillion his free-spending policies add to the national debt every year for the next ten years. The U.S. economy faces challenges in 2020, and most of them come from Trump’s tariff wars.

The Bank of England may lower interest rates to stimulate Britain’s weak economy. Boris plans to leave the EU at the end of this year, but it’s unclear what kind of trade agreement he’ll get from the EU if he does.

The Republican Party continues to stand behind Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump’s voters demand Republican senators respect and protect the president. The Republicans won’t break away from Mr. Trump. According to several reports, 20 senators don’t agree with the president in private, but not in public.

Nancy Gives Mitch The Articles While Trump Calls His Impeachment A Hoax

The $95 billion centerpiece of the phase one trade agreement didn’t get the response the president thought it would get from the farmers struggling to make ends meet from his trade war with China. The Chinese agreed to buy tons of American commodities, but the farmers claim the Chinese are famous for changing their minds.

Soybean farmers who backed Trump in 2016 know Brazil just had a record soybean yield. That means American farmers will have to drop their prices to get the Chinese to write new soybean orders. Brazil already has tons of soybean orders from China. American farmers shipped $9 billion worth of soybeans to China in 2019. So getting the Chinese to buy $20 billion worth of soybeans is a stretch, according to the farmers who realize Trump’s tariff screwing made them bend over more than they expected.

Experts at consultancies Eurasia Group and Control Risks say American politics is the biggest threat to the global economy in 2020. Trump’s trade conflicts, as well as political polarization, will continue to make it difficult to solve global challenges. The World Economic Forum will address the financial and economic issues facing the world when the forum begins next week in Davos. Mr. Trump wanted to attend the meeting, but Steve Mnuchin will go in his place. Ivanka and Jared also plan to attend the forum.

The impeachment trial won’t disappoint the people who thrive on Trump’s snake oil and chaos. Nancy Pelosi told the press the notes and documents Rudy Giuliani’s client Lev Parnas gave to Congress prove the Trumpster planned to screw Zelensky before he took the oath of office. Nancy wants Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo to testify. Ted Cruz thinks the Republicans should be able to call witnesses that have no relevant information about Trump’s plan to make Ukraine help him get reelected if the Senate votes to call witnesses.

Rand Paul thinks Trump’s a dick for drone-frying Soleimani, but Paul wants to stop witnesses from testifying. At least three Republican senators want to hear from witnesses and if that happens, the impeachment trial could turn into a political circus.

Mr. Trump thinks the Senate will vindicate him. But the new information from Parnas makes it hard for Republican senators to protect the president. If the Senate exonerates Trump, they may pay a heavy price in November.

Lev Parnas Drops A Ukrainian Stink Bomb On The Trumpster And Mike Pence

Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer set the rules for the impeachment trial before Nancy Pelosi sent the two articles of impeachment over to the Senate. The senators must take the jurors oath, and they can’t talk during the trial. That might be a big ask. Lindsey Graham has a hard time keeping his mouth shut when it comes to defending his golfing partner.

Lindsey told Fox News the Senate will acquit the Trumpster. And when he addresses the nation in February, he will be stronger than ever. That’s not the way all Republicans think will happen. At least three Trumpians would like to hear what Bolton has to say about his “I don’t want to be part of the drug deal Trump and Rudy have on the Ukraine table,” comment.

More than 55 percent of Americans think Trump deserves the impeachment beating even though the president continues to call it a hoax and an attempt to politically assassinate him.

Trump’s loyal voter base continues to support his chaotic fiscal policy and his tariff addiction. But Trump’s loyal voter base keeps getting smaller as more information about the president’s foreign policy and tariff war surfaces.

Global economic growth took a beating in 2019 thanks to Brexit, the Middle East fiasco, and Trump’s trade wars. Europe’s economy is in the toilet, and the Bank of England plans to cut interest rates to keep Boris Johnson afloat during his battle with the EU.

Boris wants a free trade agreement with the EU, and he wants it by the end of 2020. But Ursula von der Leyen told the press the EU can’t promise Boris will get a great trade deal if he leaves at the end of the year.

There’s global economic danger dead ahead, and the central banks don’t have enough interest rate cutting fuel to keep the global economy moving in the right direction. The Economic Forum will address the issues that have a negative impact on the global economy, but a solution to Trump’s tariff addiction is not on the Forum’s agenda.

Lev Parnas, the Giuliani client who helped him put Zelensky on notice, gave all his notes and documents he kept while he helped Rudy get close to the Ukraine president to Congress. Parnas notes show Rudy wanted to get Zelensky to cooperate with Trump’s plan to screw Joe Biden before he took his oath of office. Lev’s notes also indicate Mike Pence knew about the Zelensky and Biden capers, and he participated in the cover-up.

Macron And The EU Are Ready To Tariff Rumble With The Trumpster

Pentagon Chief Mark Esper drew a line in the Trumpian sand when he told the press the U.S. military won’t strike cultural sites in Iran if Khomeini retaliates. Esper knows destroying cultural sites violates international law. Some news reports claim Mr. Trump earned the title war criminal for attacking Iran’s general. But Mr. Trump claims he has a right to do anything to get reelected.

Thirty-eight percent of Americans think the Trumpster did the right thing when he sent General Soleimani to meet Allah. Seventeen percent don’t know if Trump did the right thing, and thirty-eight percent think the president committed a war crime.

Thousands of Iranians hit the streets during the general’s funeral. Mr. Trump opened old wounds and Iran wants to show Trump it won’t go down without a fight. A fight that might include drone-frying Trump’s business properties around the world. Mr. Trump said Iran will never have a nuclear bomb on his watch, but Supreme Leader Khomeini let the Trumpster know the nuclear deal he threw in the trash is no longer valid and they will continue to enrich enough uranium to produce nuclear weapons.

The stock market thinks Trump has the Iranian situation under control. But economists around the world think a war will throw the global economy into recession-mode in 2020. The IMF chief told the press global growth would be 3.2 percent in 2020, but the tension Trump created in the Middle East will wipe out any EU economic growth, and U.S. economic growth could be in negative territory as well in 2020.

The Chinese plan to sign the phase one deal January 15th. China will continue to protect Chinese farmers even though negotiators agreed to buy $40 billion worth of farm products from the U.S. over the next two years. Some reports claim China won’t buy that amount of farm products due to contracts they signed with Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Mr. Trump plans to put a 100 percent tariff on French products for taxing American companies that make millions from French consumers. Mr. Trump also threatened to add tariffs to European-made vehicles. Both threats would destroy Europe’s economy as well as the U.S. economy. President Macron and the EU plan to retaliate if Trump makes good on his claim to tariff-screw Europe. Consumers on both sides of the Atlantic would pay the additional tariff-taxes and could cost Americans more than $40 billion in 2020 since most of the tariffs are still in play in Trump’s China trade war.

Iran Dials Iraqi’s 911 Before The Missiles Attack

Mr. Trump proudly stood in front of the cameras and told the American people they should be happy there were no casualties from Iran’s attack on two military bases in Iraq. He also let Iran know he plans to add more sanctions in order to make Khomeini cry uncle from the financial and economic pressure he keeps dialing up.

Mr. Trump claimed victory, but most scholars who understand the mentality behind Iran’s decisions claim the soft slap on the hands was just the opening act in Khomeini’s attempt to force the United States to remove its presence from the Middle East.

During his victory dance, Mr. Trump made several claims that didn’t jibe with the facts. Mr. Trump said Obama gave Iran $1.8 billion when the 2015 nuclear treaty became a reality. That payment was for the $400 million Iran paid the United States in the 1970s for military equipment it never received. The $1.8 billion was payback for not getting the equipment, plus forty years of interest.

Iran’s economy is in the toilet thanks to the sanctions. Iran can’t afford to fight with Trump the traditional way. Khomeini told the press he plans to continue his mission to screw Trump, but how and when that will happen is still a mystery. Foreign Minister Zarif told the press the attacking the two military bases in Iraq proves Iran can militarily hold their own if Trump continues to harass his country.

According to several reports,Iran let the Iraqi government know they planned to blow a few holes in the military bases before the attack started. Iran wanted to make sure the missiles didn’t cause any casualties. Most of the personnel on those bases retreated to underground bunkers before the missile-screwing started. That retaliatory gesture was enough to bring Trump off the war ledge and make him look like a military hero in the eyes of his voter base.

But when Esper and other Pentagon and security officials gave lawmakers the reason Trump drone-fried general Soleimani in the first place, Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Utah’s Mike Lee told the press Trump’s excuse didn’t pass the truth test.

The two Republican senators claim Trump violated the constitution and put an end to Middle Eastern diplomacy. Lindsey Graham, Trump’s golfing pal, told the press Paul and Lee overreacted. The Democrats who attended the meeting claim Graham needs professional help to get over his Trump fetish.

Associate Of Rudy Giuliani Paid $1 Million By Businessman From Ukraine

Prosecutors for the United States say that Lev Parnas, an associate of one-time Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani, received $1 million that originated from Ukranian businessman Dmytro Firtash. Prosecutors explained in court on Tuesday their belief that the payment between the two men was facilitated by a lawyer working for Firtash.

Parnas is a United States citizen who was born in Ukraine. He is facing charges for violating campaign finance laws. Prosecutors say the payment from Firtash was previously hidden from them. Prosecutors also say the new information should result in a previous bond given to Parnas being revoked because the defendant is a flight risk.

United States District Judge Paul Oetken presides over the New York court hearing the case and decided Parnas can remain on house arrest in Florida. Judge Oetken opined that no direct deception was used on the part of Parnas to conceal the $1 million payment.

Parnas was originally arrested on the allegations in October and says he was relieved by the judge’s ruling following the Tuesday court appearance.

Parnas and Florida businessman Igor Fruman are accused by the United States government of making sure money reached committees that supported current President Donald Trump and other politicians favored by the men. Both Parnas and Fruman have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The prosecution continues to investigate the case and is now taking a hard look at the involvement of Giuliani. The former mayor of New York City has not been charged in the case.

Giuliani admitted to court officials that he received aid from Parnas and Fruman to launch an investigation into the affairs of Trump’s political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The younger Biden once worked for an energy company in Ukraine.

The present impeachment probe against President Trump accuses him of unlawfully using his power as the president of the United States to influence the investigation against the Bidens. Giuliani has emerged as an important player in the investigation as well as the legal matters surrounding the incident.

Prosecutors informed Judge Oetken a week ago about a one million payment received by Parnas in September. Prosecutors told Oetken that Parnas did what he could to hide information regarding the payment from them.

Court filings indicate Svetland Parnas, the wife of Lev Parnas, is the owner of the bank account that received a $1 million deposit.

Firtash is one of Ukraine’s wealthiest businessmen and currently lives in Vienna, Austria and is resisting extradition to the United States where he has been charged with bribery.

A Disagreement by the Republicans and Democrats on a Federal Privacy Law when it starts to Crystallize

On a Wednesday hearing at the Senate Commerce Committee, lawmakers approved that there was an immediate need for a national privacy law. This is due to the fact that California`s new bill is already set and it will be implemented as from January 1. However, on the table are two major proposals presented by the legislators. However, we find that the lawmakers are alienated on some critical issues. Besides, several senators insist that a bipartisan bill can only be used to press forward legislation.

According to, after spending months in discussions, the summary of the federal privacy law indicates that finally, the privacy bill is now crystallizing. However, the lawmakers are still splitting hair over the information. The Chairman Roger Wicker from Mississippi and Ranking Member Maria Cantwell from Washington are chairing the two proposals that are discussed. The legislation discussion is happening amongst the members of the Senate Commerce Committee. Moreover, other lawmakers have anticipated that bills aimed at more aspects of online privacy, such as algorithms that bring about bubbles, require that the firms should reveal their policies. The committee members keep on debating on whether the nation must block the state’s bill or if a person ought to be allowed to take legal actions on firms that they believe have dishonored their rights. They come into agreement that there is an urgent need in federal privacy legislation.

There is a lack of federal law, yet they have a lot of bills. Sen. Richard Blumenthal Stated that he demanded to be heard on issues of the bill at a hearing, which happened on Wednesday. The meeting’s aim was conversing about the proposals that had been tabled by legislators. However, people are more irritated and shocked more than it was before. This is because they no longer care whether it is state law or federal law. All they need is a law that will discuss the privacy issues in the United States. However, it is predicted that the state law will spread all around the state. Nevertheless, there are high hopes that they will not bring about any significant changes.
The passing of federal privacy law has become a bother to lawmakers since the California privacy bill is meant to be effective from first January. Moreover, the tech industry is cautioning that the patchwork of state laws will become difficult for consumers to comprehend their rights and that upstart firms need to ensure they comply.

Eric Holder Clams Bill Barr Is A Dangerous Trump Lover Not An Attorney General

Alan Dershowitz may join Trump’s defense team when the Senate trial begins. Mr. Trump likes the way Alan defends him when he talks to the press. Trump likes to consult Dershowitz when he knows he crossed legal lines. Alan always comes up with some legal mumbo jumbo that satisfies Trump more than other legal gurus.

Mr. Trump likes to surround himself with lawyers with big egos as long as those egos are not as big as his. Rudy Giuliani won Trump’s heart when he threw his legal keys in the Trumpian circle in 2016. Rudy was the mayor the world learned to love, but he morphed into some weird pengiunese legal soothsayer who distorts facts with legal double talk and digs up dirt on Joe Biden just to prove he should be secretary of state.

The impeachment articles will test the Senate’s ability to leave politics out of the trial. But no one expects the Senate to find Trump guilty. Twenty Republicans would have to jump off the Trumpian ship to stop the insanity and the chaos Trump creates in Washington. And that’s a bet the odds makers won’t take. Trump has the Republican Party by the short hairs, and he continues to pull those hairs every chance he gets.

Mitch McConnell told the press the trial Trump wants won’t happen. Mr. Trump wants to make the trial a drama-filled extravaganza. He wants Schiff, Pelosi, and the Biden’s to testify at his trial. But Mitch claims there won’t be any witnesses, and the trial may only last two weeks. McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, and other Trumpians plan to let Trump continue to walk all over the constitution even though they took an oath to defend it.

The Mike Horowitz report cleared the FBI of any wrongdoing when they got a tip Trump was in bed with Putin. But Bill Barr told the press the Horowitz report didn’t dig deep enough to discover the spying. This is the second time Barr changed the outcome of a Department of Justice reports so Trump can claim victory.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder told the press Bill Barr is not capable of being attorney general now that Bill has Trump’s snake oil oozing out of his pores. Barr started his own criminal investigation to prove the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign, and that proves Mr. Barr is Trump’s legal Pitbull not the attorney general.

United States Supreme Courts Indicate Support For Atlantic Richfield Company

There is an interesting article on the Reuters website about how the United States Supreme Court recently signaled that they support a mining company that is being sued by residents of an area of Montana the company once polluted. There was agreement between both liberal and conservative justices that not backing the mining company could lead to further lawsuits regarding polluted sites across the country cleaned up to standard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The back story

From the 1800’s to 1980, an enormous copper smelting facility in the countryside near Opportunity, Montana, emitted smoke containing arsenic into the air from its giant smokestack. During its peak production years, the mine produced a large portion of the world’s copper supply.

The cleanup began in 1980, after the facility was shut down, and it was done through the EPA’s Superfund. The EPA says that the cleanup was successful, but locals say that, because there is still arsenic in the soil of their community, even more needs to be done. In the 2000’s, they sued the owner of the mine, Atlantic Richfield Company, which is now owned by British Petroleum (BP).

The case went all the way to the Montana Supreme Court, which backed the plaintiffs. If the federal Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs, and this seems doubtful now, it would mean that other cleanup sites that the EPA has approved as being safe would be in question, and locals could sue. Currently, a number of states, including California, support the plaintiffs.

Arguments on both sides

The locals around the old ARCO plant say that they are getting cancer at higher than normal rates, but they admit that they don’t have statistics to back this up. They also say that their property values have been negatively affected because of the bad reputation the region has gotten because of the pollution. They say that the EPA hasn’t truly cleaned up the site until the arsenic in the soil is totally gone.

The EPA and ARCO have responded that the remaining arsenic does not pose a health risk. They also say that the locals had input in the Superfund cleanup process, and the time for them to express concerns was years ago. Furthermore, their lawyers have argued to the Supreme Court that giving in to the plaintiffs will mean thousands of lawsuits in every state of the country.

President Trump Opts Not to Participate in House Impeachment Hearings

As Democrats begin a new round of Congressional hearings concerning the policies and decisions of President Donald Trump vis-à-vis foreign policy on Ukraine, the President’s own legal counsel has announced that members of the White House will not participate in new hearings before the House Judiciary Committee in December.

To a large extent, the White House’s move to avoid participation in this month’s impeachment hearings was undoubtedly expected by members of Congress from both sides of the political aisle. After witnesses were called to testify before Congress last month, Republicans appeared determined to fight back against any questions of wrongdoing on the President’s part. The President likely sees this form of pushback as a necessary defense against the possibility of an impeachment trial in the Senate this winter.

Indeed, the fiercely-partisan bickering that has erupted within Congress in the wake of November’s hearings is likely to define the case for impeachment for the foreseeable future. Already, the President’s allies in Congress are making the argument that Trump’s actions on foreign policy with regard to Ukraine did not rise to the level of a crime, and House Representatives Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan have been conspicuous in their attacks on Democrats pushing for a full-scale impeachment trial.

According to CNN, the trial could occur by as early as next January, but it seems unlikely that Republican Party stalwarts like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham will allow a full-scale verdict against the President to occur.

And with Republicans refusing to budge on the issue, it will be up to Members of Congress like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to cement their case against President Trump before the Senate begins its own proceedings. That could be just one reason why this month’s hearings will be scheduled for broadcast on national television: If the public turns against the President in the wake of revelations provided by credible witnesses, the thinking goes, Republicans may feel pressure to vote for an impeachment in the Senate at a later date.

At this stage in the proceedings, that kind of outcome appears unlikely: Polls indicate that last month’s Congressional hearings did little to change the viewpoints of either Democrats or Republicans at a national level, and as long as the Republican playbook calls for Trump allies in both Congress and the Senate to push for a resounding rejection of an impeachment verdict against the President, Democrats will face a very steep uphill battle indeed.

China’s Ambassador Tells Canada To Release Meng If They Want Kovrig And Spavor Back

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Trump to butt out of the upcoming elections when he visits London for the NATO summit on December 4th. Mr. Trump recently told the press Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would be “so bad” for England. He also said Johnson should join forces with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Mr. Johnson has the lead, according to recent polls. Boris thinks Trump might screw that up when he gets together with NATO members and then has another Royal dinner with the Queen. Johnson and his group of conservatives think the Trumpster could change the course of the U.K. election. Even Trump’s loyal band of senators think Trump needs to keep his mouth shut.

NATO gave Mr. Trump something to cheer about when NATO decided to reduce the amount of security the U.S. pays to keep NATO effective around the world. Instead of paying 22 percent of the security bill every year, NATO said the U.S. will pay 16 percent and Germany will also pay the same amount. NATO members wanted to keep Trump from ruining the meeting the way he did the last time members got together.

Prince Andrew won’t be around to kiss Trump’s butt while the Queen acts like the president is a legitimate president. The Queen threw Andrew to the Royal curb after he botched that BBC interview. The woman Andrew boned while he partied with Epstein has a date with the BBC. That interview could seal Andrew’s fate as the Queen’s favorite son. Prince William is not an Andrew fan, and Prince Charles knows Andrew is a dick.

China’s manufacturing sector has a lot of open-to-make. Manufacturing in China hit a wall when Trump started his tariff war. And consumer debt in China is at an all-time high. Consumer debt is 99 percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product growth. The Chinese government will have to inject cash into the consumer market and find a way to increase production in order to keep GDP growth in the 6.0 percent range in 2020.

Canada still has Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou under house arrest in Vancouver. China’s ambassador to Canada Cong met Meng at her Vancouver home and let her know President Xi won’t let Canada get away with helping Trump put pressure on him to sign a tech agreement that changes Chinese laws.

Ambassador Cong also told Trudeau if he wants Mike Kovrig and Mike Spavor released from a Chinese prison, and if he wants China to buy more canola oil and beef, he needs to drop the charges against Meng so she can return to China.

The Trumpster Claims The Taliban Want To Talk Again

Mr. Trump’s golf fetish cost Americans $115 million in 2019. Trump likes to golf at the clubs he owns. So the Trump Organization gets a boost in revenue from the president’s security team and his entourage. Plus, Trump likes to invite Lindsey Graham to play with him. Lindsey looks the other way when the Trumpster cheats. He got into that habit when he lost his mind from all the political snake oil Trump throws his way.

Lindsey Graham’s political life depends on him kissing Trump’s butt every chance he gets. Mitch McConnell and Graham let the press know early in the impeachment process that Trump won’t get a guilty verdict in the Senate.

Chief Justice John Roberts will judge what he hears from witnesses, and he will make sure the Senate plays by the Rule of Law. Roberts faces a similar situation now that Trump’s tax cases may make the court’s docket this year. Roberts put a hold on the case Congress has in the hopper against the Trumpster. Trump’s lawyers have 10 days to come up with a better lie before the court hears the case.

Washington Federal Judge Jackson told the president’s lawyers Trump is not a king in the case Congress put in motion to get subpoenaed White House officials like Don McGahn to testify. But the Justice Department appealed that ruling. That could mean John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Bill Barr may not be able to lie in front of Congress the way Gordon Sondland did on two occasions.

Gordon Sondland’s got more than he thought he would get after testifying before Congress. Sondland keeps trying to get his story straight. But as more witnesses come forward, Gordon’s participation in the plan to hold military aid from Zelensky until he helped Trump screw Joe Biden was more involved than he led Congress to believe. Three women recently accused Gordon of being a little too up close and personal without their permission.

Adam Schiff told the press the hearings aren’t over even though Jerry Nadler’s committee is in the process of creating articles of impeachment. Schiff thinks more White House officials will testify.

The Trumpster went to Afghanistan to mend fences with the military. Trump pissed the military off when he fired Secretary of the Navy for taking Eddie Gallagher’s Navy Seal pin away. Trump said Eddie was his kind of guy. Mr. Trump also claimed the Taliban wants to talk again. Mr. Trump said they’re ready to say or do anything to get the Americans out of Afghanistan.

Don McGahn ordered by Federal Judge to Testify Before Congress

On November 25, 2019, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia issued a ruling that ordered former White House Counsel for President Trump, Don McGahn, to appear before Congress. McGahn did not appear or respond to a Congressional subpoena from April 2019. At that time, Congress wanted McGahn to testify based on the findings of The Mueller Report.

The Trump Administration has consistently blocked senior advisors from appearing before Congress asserting “executive privilege” meaning that confidential information shared between the President and his senior advisors could not be shared publicly. This ruling, if upheld, could mean that McGahn and other senior Trump officials (like Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former National Security Advisor John Bolton) will need to appear before Congress. It is possible that McGahn could respond to questions by asserting executive privilege, but he cannot ignore the subpoena outright and refuse to appear.

According to The New York Times, Judge Jackson’s ruling does not dispute the existence of executive privilege; however, it does state that “Presidents are not kings” recognizing the fact that there are three branches of government who apply checks and balances to one another.

Judge Jackson’s ruling is being appealed by the Department of Justice to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia. Beyond this appeal, it would fall into the Supreme Court’s purview. It is unclear whether the Supreme Court would take the case as they take about 2% of the 7,000 cases filed with it.

Because McGahn’s subpoena was pertaining to the Mueller case, it will not impact the proceedings or the timeline of the House of Representatives’ impeachment case against the President. Following public testimony last week, the House Intelligence Committee is drafting a report for the House Judiciary Committee which is expected to be delivered shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously said that if the House votes to impeach Trump, the Senate trial would not convene until early 2020.