Trump Announced Willingness to Accept Information on Rivals

CNN just reported that President Donald J. Trump expressed a willingness to accept damaging information on his political opponents in the event that it was offered to him by a foreign government. President Trump followed up these comments by stating that he would not necessarily feel compelled to inform the FBI or other law enforcement officials that he had contact with a foreign government official about U.S. political matters. He gave the interview to an ABC News correspondent and was also particularly dismissive of the outcome of the special investigation into Russia’s role in meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

When pressed about how he could justify a foreign government hypothetically offering this influential information as something other than foreign meddling in the U.S. election process, Trump says that providing information does not necessarily amount to interference. He downplayed the suggestion from his own FBI director that it would be a wise move for administration officials to inform the FBI whenever they have meaningful contact about a U.S. election with a foreign official. He went a step further in claiming that he has never called the FBI for any reason in his entire life and doesn’t intend to start doing so now.

In what has become typical of his political posturing, Trump dispensed with the idea that he would need political dirt on an opponent in order to win his next election. Instead of saying how he would use any negative information on a rival, Trump simply stated that he would be willing to listen to the foreign official to at least find out the nature of the information before deciding whether to use it or not.

In regards to the role that information from Russian officials may have played in influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Trump claimed that he pushed back on Russian officials and declined to use information that was presented to him. He continues to deny that information spread by Russia had any meaningful impact on the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Democratic lawmakers, such as Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan, were outraged at the remarks from Trump and claimed that it is further evidence of his brazen disregard for the law and willingness to allow Russia to interfere with our election process. They contend these statements support the claims that Trump illegally colluded with Russia in order to win the election.

House Panel To Vote Wednesday On Potential Contempt Charges For Senior Trump Officials

A vote will be taken by the Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday to determine whether contempt of Congress charges should be levied against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Attorney General William Barr. The potential charges are a result of the Committee’s belief that two men worked to stonewall an investigation regarding the 2020 Census being used as part of a politicized scheme.

Elijah Cummings is the Democratic representative who acts as the chairman of the committee. Cummings says both Barr and Ross have been issued subpoenas from Congress and are refusing to comply. Cummings said the vote to enforce the subpoenas is necessary because the two men are presently in contempt of Congress.

Ross characterized the vote as an ’empty stunt’ on the part of the committee. He says he was interviewed for seven hours and provided 14,000 pages of documents to the Committee.

If the vote by the Committee finds the pair in contempt, then the entire House will vote. If the House as a whole agree the men are in contempt, Barr and Ross can be taken to court in order to force their compliance.

According to the NY Times report, the source of the disagreement is a plan by President Donald Trump’s administration to include a new question pertaining to citizenship on the questionnaire to be used for next year’s census.

Critics of the question say it will deter immigrants from taking part in the Census. Democrats say this can handicap there party by causing them to undercount states that support them.

Ross counters this argument by saying the question is needed to protect the Voting Rights Act. The Act makes it necessary to keep an accurate count of Americans of voting age to make sure the rights of minority voters are not infringed upon.

Democrats on the Committee say the contempt vote was only scheduled after Barr and Ross failed to produce requested documents for two full months after a subpoena was issued.

Ross, according to the Committee, says he personally added the question to the Census, after a request was made from the Department of Justice.

Panel members allege Ross began a covert campaign to have the question added to the Census not long after his appointment. They also say it was many months before any request was made from the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice has not responded to requests for comments over the scheduled contempt of Congress vote.

King Trump Gave English Conservatives A Heavy Dose Of His Snake Oil

China keeps eating away at the American economy. But Trump likes his tariff plan. He thinks it will bring China back to the bargaining table. And he likes the way he doubled down by banning Huawei from doing business in the United States.

Trump told his voter base he holds the winning trade hand. The Chinese will have to let him mess with their laws, or he will make sure every American citizen financially suffers in the process.

But China was ready for Trump’s hardball approach. They know Mr. Trump must have some trade deal in the books before the 2020 election. But China is in no hurry to give Trump what he wants. Little by little, the Chinese take bites out of America’s economy while Trump claims he has the upper hand. China fined Ford’s China division $24 million for breaking Chinese laws. And the government wants to fine FedEx as well as other American companies doing business in China.

According to CNN, chinese tourists may keep their $34.4 billion in the bank instead of spending it in the United States. The Chinese government said the U.S. police might give them a hard time for no reason, and they might be a crime victim. The soybean farmers got a kick in the face when China did not write any future soybean contracts. According to the Brazilian press, Brazil will fill those contracts.

The China trade war may prompt the Feds to cut the interest rates, according to Fed Chair Jerome Powell. Powell didn’t say he would cut rates right away. The Reserve Board doesn’t know how long Trump’s tariff game will continue. But some financial analysts say the Feds may cut the rates in September and December because of Trump’s economic missteps.

British spy Christopher Steele will tell investigators what he knows about Trump’s salacious behavior in Russia in 2015. Mr. Steele wrote a report for the Democrats. Former FBI director James Comey saw the report, and he put an FBI tail on the Trump campaign. There were signs Trump had a close relationship with Russian officials.

Mr. Trump feels very British now that the Royal Mother let him pat her on the back. Trump tried to get Prince Charles to change the subject when he brought up climate change. Trump was too busy picking the next prime minister to bother with Charles concern over what the Trumpster calls the weather. He interviewed conservative candidates as if he was in the process of filming a segment of Celebrity Apprentice. Several candidates sucked up to the Trumpster. They want to part of his growing worldwide cult.

Despite Spending $619 Million On Homelessness, Population Rises 12 Percent Across Los Angeles County

Homeless populations across the United States tend to be most concentrated in the most populated cities. As such, the most populated state in the country, California, is plagued with homelessness more than any other state.

Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States and the largest in California, has been forced to deal with a homelessness problem of its own for many years.

Despite modern technology, research, and funding, Los Angeles, California, faced a recent year-on-year growth in its homeless population of 12 percent. This growth comes from homeless people counted all across Los Angeles County.

According to Fox News, reports of this finding first came from city officials on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. At yesterday’s meeting of high-ranking local political figures who belong to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority presented the aforementioned report, the main finding of which was that homelessness had grown across Los Angeles County during 2018.

Right now, according to the report from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, there are some 58,900 homeless people living across Los Angeles County. Predictably, the city of Los Angeles contributed the highest count of homeless people to the county’s overall homeless population with some 36,000.

Last year, the same agency reported to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors that Los Angeles County was home to roughly 53,000 homeless persons. City and state officials have spoken out in large part since the release of the findings to the public early yesterday, almost all of whom shared either explicitly or implicitly that they were upset about the county’s expenditure of $619 million on programs directly related to curbing homelessness in the area or indirectly linked to the other common problems that often plague people suffering from homelessness.

The demographic of homeless people in Los Angeles County experiencing the most substantial growth in population from the beginning to the end of 2018 was those who were under 25 years of age. This age group rose nearly 25 percent in total population across all of Los Angeles County.

Homelessness happens to people of all backgrounds and current living situations. County and state officials want to fight the problem as a means of giving rights to all people, especially those most affected by society’s unfair problems, as well as cutting down on public health issues like increased rates of HIV and hepatitis spread, intravenous drug use, and prostitution.

President Trump Makes Important Trip to England

It has been a very busy time for President Donald Trump. He just wrapped up a very successful trip to Japan where he met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He will soon begin a visit to England where he will be meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. It is no secret that Trump is not a well liked man across the pond. However, his trip to England is very important because he needs to maintain civility with one of America’s most powerful allies. The relationship between the United States and Great Britain has been a long and storied one. However, threats of protests have prevented Trump from visiting England to attend the opening of a new embassy.

President Trump was not invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This was seen as a situation that could sour Trump’s view of England. However, he has never mentioned it in any of his tweets. Therefore, many people assume that he would not have gone even if he was invited. Trump usually has no filter on Twitter. When he is angry about something, he lets you know about it. For example, Trump called the mayor of London a loser because of the negative comments that were made about him.

There are many people in the British government who are not fans of Trump either. It is common for U.S. presidents who are visiting England to make an address to Parliament. Trump was not invited to do so. This is because several key British politicians are not in favor of the travel ban against Muslims from several countries that President Trump imposed. Some protesting throughout London is to be expected during Trump’s visit. As a result of this, additional police officers will be positioned at various critical points throughout the city to ensure public safety.

According to BBC, President Trump will be visiting England at a very interesting time. The country is currently going through a chaotic time politically. They have tried to break away from the European Union. However, Prime Minister Theresa May was not able to secure a deal. Therefore, the United Kingdom was forced to prolong their stay in the European Union until later this year. Leaving without a deal could cause very serious economic problems for England. May said that Trump told her that she should file a lawsuit against the European Union. She did not give any indication about whether or not she will do that.

Mexican President Busts Down On Corruption By Taking In Former Pemex CEO

Mexico is home to one of the most corrupt societies on planet Earth, ranking 138th out of 180 spots in terms of not being corrupt, where first place belongs to the least corrupt country, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, which is published by Transparency International.

Cartels essentially run the country, openly growing cannabis and opium poppy fields to sell and process then sell, respectively, almost exclusively to the United States, the largest drug consumer in the world. These drug cartels also engage in human trafficking, ranging from getting illegal immigrants across the Mexican-United States border and into the land of opportunity, all the way to smuggling kidnapped women to use for prostitution.

One of the newest, most innovative ways that Mexico’s drug cartels have expanded their operations is by tapping into gas and oil pipelines, siphoning off as much fuel as possible, then selling it at discount prices to gas stations, refineries, and distributors.

All of this fuel is stolen directly from Mexico’s government-owned petroleum business, known as Petróleos Mexicanos, though most people refer to it as Pemex, its trade name. It is believed that, according to the Mexican Association of Gas Station Owners, that fuel stolen by established drug cartels and smaller criminal interests alike makes up some one-third of all the gasoline sold in Mexico in a day’s time. This organization also estimates that some $21.7 million is generated in gross revenue each and every day from stolen fuel sales.

Andres Manual Lopez Obrador, the current Mexican President, has sworn to come down hard on corruption in Mexico. Earlier today, on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, a high-ranking judge filed a warrant for the arrest of Emilio Lozoya, the now-former CEO of Pemex. His bank accounts have been frozen, as well as the other company that he owns, Altos Hornos de Mexico SA.

Emilio Lozoya, according to Bloomberg, was arrested due to his involvement in the sale of an industrial fertilizer manufacturing facility that didn’t work to Pemex for a whopping $475 million in 2014. The current Mexican administration indicates that the plant was worth just $50 million.

Lozoya was a former right-hand man of Enrique Peña Nieto, the most recent president of Mexico. It’s said that Lozoya took $10 million from Odebrecht, a Brazilian building company, in the form of bribes to wrongfully and out contracts to Odebrecht.

Buttigieg Gives Two Fox News Hosts A Spanking

There are money laundering rumors in the political air. Congressman Adam Schiff smelled dirty Trumpian air, so he asked Deutsche Bank to send him Trump’s financial records. Schiff didn’t mean those phony accounts that look legit. Schiff wants those shell corporation bank accounts that lead back to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner.

In 2016, and again in 2017, anti-money laundering specialists told Deutsche Bank executives Trump set off their money laundering alarm. And accounts associated with Jared Kushner did the same thing. The New York Times explained how Trump laundered Russian money months ago. But Deutsche Bank denies any participation in money laundering. Trump wants the courts to stop Deutsche Bank from giving Schiff all his financial records. The first court fight doesn’t look good for the Trumpster. But he’ll appeal the loser ruling if that happens.

Mr. Trump’s not worried about Deutsche Bank now that Rep. Justin Amash broke his rules. Justin gave his impeachment allegiance to the Democrats. He told reporters Trump is a con man. That comment was enough to put Amash on the president’s loser list. That’s the list George Conway and James Comey chair. Conway thinks Barr is another version of Trump legal idol Roy Cohn. Barr is Trump’s main man at the moment. Rudy needs to tend to his offshore political romances, and Lindsey stepped on his tongue when he told Trump Jr. to plead the Fifth when Don Jr. sits in front of Richard Burr’s committee in June.

Bill Barr has his investigator in place. Trump wants to see a little FBI political blood before the election. Barr wasn’t doing any attorney general’s work, so he thought political blood was a good idea. Barr has that Benedict Arnold persona that makes people want to impeach him or make him resign. But He doesn’t care what Nancy Pelosi says about him. He found his place in history. He is the first modern attorney general to betray his oath of office and kiss a president’s butt in public, according to the Washington Post.

Pete Buttigieg tore a page out of the Bernie Sanders campaign plan when he accepted an invitation from Fox News to do a town hall meeting. Chris Wallace hosted the event. According to Wallace Pete’s has his political head on straight. The first thing Pete did was call out Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. Those two Fox News hosts promote Trump’s hatred, according to Pete. Pete found some allies and Trump pissed more of his off at Fox News.

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United States Federal Government Could Follow Huawei Ban With Hikvision Blacklist

Just last month, in April 2019, the United States federal government enacted regulations that prevented government agencies and government-funded entities from purchasing any and all products from the Chinese electronic and telecommunication giants Huawei and ZTE.

Further, last week, the United States Department of Commerce prevented Huawei, formally known as Huawei Technologies, from being able to purchase goods from the United States.

Although United States citizens, residents, businesses, and organizations can still readily purchase goods that are either manufactured by Huawei or ZTE either directly from either of the two companies or from second-hand sellers, Huawei and ZTE both are adamantly against the U.S. legislation, which has caused U.S.-based non-government buyers to begin switching to other brands of electronics. Recently, Huawei sued the United States federal government in response to the bans, alleging that it did not go through with due process in determining that the company’s interests were inherently against that of the U.S. government.

According to recent reports from The New York Times, the Trump administration could be on the verge of restricting Hikvision, yet another Chinese company, from purchasing technology from companies based in the United States.

Hikvision, formally known as Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is a video surveillance equipment supplier and manufacturer that was founded in 2001. All controlling, voting shares of the company are owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China. As such, the U.S. federal government likely considers Hikvision’s interests as inherently being in line with those of the Chinese government.

The New York Times reported yesterday, Tuesday, May 21, that the U.S. federal government is contemplating placing Hikvision on a blacklist that would effectively require companies in the United States to apply with the U.S. Commerce Department in order to sell goods to Hikvision, which currently purchases a large volume of silicon-based computer chips from U.S. manufacturers and suppliers.

One of the reasons why the Trump administration is thought to be against doing business with Hikvision is because of China’s social credit program, through which the government widely surveils its population through a vast network of cameras that employ facial-recognition technology to keep up with what its citizens do. Another reason, of course, is that the U.S. is deeply locked in a trade war with China and wants to further establish its upper hand in the two countries’ relations.

Virginia Governor Northam’s Racial Photo Investigation Completed By Law Firm

Earlier this year, headlines broke around the country after a report came out of Ralph Northam being identified in a yearbook as a man in blackface standing aside a fellow student who was decked in white robes indicative of Ku Klux Klan membership. The picture of Ralph Northam, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, was published back in 1984 in the Eastern Virginia Medical School’s 1984 yearbook.

Just earlier today, Tuesday, May 21, 2019, McGuireWoods, a law firm hired by Eastern Virginia Medical School to conduct an investigation into just how the racist photo found its way into the school-approved publication, announced that it had completed its inquiry.

The results, according to both Eastern Virginia Medical School and McGuireWoods, are slated to be released to the public tomorrow, on Wednesday, May 22.

Although some amount of people, which is obviously unknown, saw the picture of then-recent graduate Ralph Northam in the 1984 yearbook, the Virginia Governor didn’t start receiving widespread flak for his involvement in the racist picture until Feb. 2019, when a conservative-learning web page published a photograph of the two men standing beside one another, taken directly from the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

Shortly after buzz began building up as a result of the post, Democratic Virginia Governor Northam published a pair of apologies, taking the form of a social media post and a formal press release. He did, in fact, ‘fess up as one of the two men pictured in the yearbook picture.

Within a day of the Governor publishing the two apologies, countless politicians and political groups, including the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, called on Northam to resign.

Northam hasn’t since resigned. As a matter of fact, just one day after he published the pair of apologies, Northam shared with the world via an in-person press conference in the state’s capital that he felt convinced that he was not either of the men presented in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook’s racially-themed picture.

Shortly after news of his alleged depiction in the picture broke in Feb. 2019, Northam essentially became a recluse, not making any public appearances for nearly two months, though he’d begin showing his face around the state of Virginia at official public appearances in April 2019.

Fortunately for Northam, two other public scandals involving members of Virginia’s state legislature, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring, took some of the spotlight off of the Governor. These two scandals broke headlines just a few days after Northam’s scandal broke.

Deutsche Bank Employees Smelled Dirty Money In Kushner And Trump’s Account in 2016

George Conway shot a couple of zinging-tweets at Trump, again. Conway told Barr his Roy Cohn un-legal attitude has to stop. Trump thinks Barr is his new Cohn. He needs a legal protector to help him take the heat off until the election. opened an insane investigation. The FBI is his target. Mr. Barr thinks Trump is right when he claims the FBI wanted to screw with his campaign, in 2016. Barr should know that’s not true. But he’s in some sort of Roy Cohn cross-legal-boundaries-frame of mind, according to the New York Times.

Trump wants to hang the FBI villains who were trying to find out why Russian businessmen supplied the Trumpster with a couple of local girls in 2015. The girls did the kind of kinky stuff in those porn publications.

Mr. Trump’s Republican army of lawmaking general seems to have a few cracks in the ranks. Congressman Justin Amash, the Republican congressman from Michigan, got on Trump’s loser list when he told the press Trump needs a good impeachment spanking.

Mike Pence acted like he knew he would beat the odds and not have a group of protesters in the audience when he gave the commencement speech at Taylor University. But Taylor wasn’t that happy to see him. Some students and faculty members decided to give Pence the Christian bird before they walked out. They didn’t want Pence acting like he’s a good Christian when he commits unchristian-like acts every day. And they didn’t want Pence to go into that Trump pep talk mode of his. But most of the people stayed and suffered through Mr. Blue Suit’s version of the world according to the Trumpster.

The president decided to put the pressure on China. Mr. Trump thinks the Chinese will bend and sign his one-sided agreement. President Xi is in no mood for another Trump problem. The Iran mess, and the way Trump treated Kim Jon Un doesn’t sit well with Xi. He knows Trump must make a deal before the election.

Anti-Money Laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank wanted the bank to report the Trump and Kushner money-laundering activity they thought they discovered in 2016 and 2017. Some of the transactions involved Trump’s ruling-breaking foundation, and the Kushner transactions were cash deals from Russians.

The computers blew up when Trump and Kushner related accounts had money-laundering written all over them. But the executives at the New York branch of Deutsche Bank didn’t report the accounts to the Treasury Department. Trump owned the bank a lot of money.

Bill Barr Laughs About His Fabulist Tendencies

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman decided to throw his two cents into the Iran debacle. Prince Salman claims the Houthis attacked Saudi ships with drones. Iran gave the Houthis that mission, according to the prince.

It’s no surprise the Saudi Prince Salman would want to rumble with Tehran. He’s Jared Kushner’s party buddy, and Trump likes the color of Saudi money. Instead of lowering the heat in the Middle East, Prince Salman set the area on fire. Trump keeps telling the press, “I hope not” when they ask him if he will send Bolton his tweet of approval so war-happy Bolton can shoot off a few missiles before Congress shuts him down.

Mr. Trump screwed the Chinese pooch when he told Huawei they can’t do business in the United States. Mt. Trump tried to get his negotiating team to stop Chinese tech companies from making Silicon Valley look stupid. China’s 5G technology is more advanced. Trump wants to stop them from controlling the global 5G network.

China told Trump to keep Bob Lighthizer home. The Chinese need some space away from Trump. When he blocked Huawei from doing business, President Xi had to act. Xi still hasn’t got over how Trump disrespected Kim Jon Un in Hanoi. The Chinese press said Xi Jinping wouldn’t let Trump do that to him. He might sell bigger chunks of America’s debt. Plus, China is in no hurry to make a deal. They know Trump has to make a deal before the election. That means the farmers suffer until Trump leaves office.

Mr. Trump wants to give farmers another $15 billion and a big “take one for the kipper” speech. Mitch McConnell keeps warning Trump about tariffs. Hitler had a tariff addiction too, and everyone knows how that ended.

Republican and Democratic senators who saw and heard Jared Kushner make an ass out of himself know Jared is in over his head. Kushner’s Middle East peace program never made it to first base with the Palestinians. The Palestinians don’t want Trump to build a Trump Tower on the West Bank.

Bill Barr seems to enjoy his position as Trump’s legal bodyguard. Congress thinks Bill lied when he said he didn’t know if Mueller thought his summary was a smoke screen. But Bob sent Bill a letter before Barr talked to Congress. Bob told Barr he needs therapy. Barr’s still laughing at Congress. He knows Trump has his Six.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Demands Are Rooted In Dominance

Donald Trump Jr. has a date with the Senate Intelligence Committee, but his lawyer told the press, Senator Richard Burr subpoena doesn’t mean squat to him. Don Jr. had his way with a congressional committee in 2017. Lawmakers knew it was only a matter of time before they nabbed him for breaking the law. Senator Blumenthal wants Don Jr. in an orange jumpsuit instead of prancing around throwing shade at Democrats while he has that former Fox News chick on his arm.

Mr. Trump Jr. believes he’s above the law. His dad showed him how to go around the system when Don Sr. wrote the University of Pennsylvania a big fat check so Wharton could give his often confused and ignorant son a chance to show his ass on campus. The Trump kids know they can create chaos and reap the executive privilege reward. Executive privilege doesn’t apply to Don Jr., so he might just plead the Fifth on paper or ignore the Burr subpoena.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib thinks the country has a crooked CEO in the White House. Most people know that by now. His voter base knew that years ago. That’s why they elected him, according to some news reports. During a recent interview, Tlaib said we have a corporation running the country.

Rashida told Yahoo News Trump never put his corporation in a trust when the Russians helped him get elected. And the amount of foreign dignitaries that stay at the Trump Tower in Washington is off the charts. Big Don has foreign coin flowing into his Capital One bank account while he tears up the constitution.

Kim Jon Un’s cargo ship is now in American Samoa. Trump snatched the “Wise Honest” after Kim tried to get his attention by shooting off missiles. Some reports say Kim has to show his people Trump can’t throw him to the foreign policy curb just because Ben Netanyahu needs back up if Hamas starts missile-bashing him.

Trump’s foreign policy decisions have dominance written all over them. He’s in a trade war with China. And he has his weapon hanging out in the Middle East, and he wants Iran to see how big it. Bolton and Pompeo screwed up his CIA coup in Venezuela, and now he’s not sure who he wants to fight first.

The president wants to score a 2020 campaign victory, and war may be his wild card, according to the New York Times.

Biden Surfaces As The Lead Candidate But Elizabeth Say Joe’s Old News

The Chinese are on their way to Washington for another round of trade talks. The Chinese know Trump’s additional tariff threats are just that. But they want to end the trade talk chaos Trump reigns down on them before he goes off the deep end again. China holds a strong hand in the negotiations. Mr. Trump may come away from the talks with a victory, but the experts say his victory is more hype than reality. China won’t let Trump interfere with how they run the country. But they will throw him a few trade bones to get him off their backs.

Trump doesn’t want Mueller or Don McGahn to talk to Congress. Senate leader Mitch McConnell said the Mueller case is over and the Democrats need to move on. McConnell knows he’s on a slippery political slope and he might fall off if the public finds out what the Mueller report says about Trump. Mr. Trump did try to obstruct justice, according to Mueller. Congress wants Mueller to tell the public how Trump wanted to control his investigation.

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave the press a verbal thrashing for the way they treat her. She also told teachers if they want to complain they should do it on their own time. DeVos did admit she’s an introvert. She doesn’t like to be on stage and make a fool of herself but she can’t help it due to her shyness. Dick DeVos may put his foot down and make Betsy come home if Trump wins another term. He hates it when Betsy acts stupid in front of the cameras.

Elizabeth Warren told the press more than 500 U.S. prosecutors think Trump would be behind bars if he wasn’t the president. There’s enough evidence in the Mueller report to charge him. That’s why Warren wants to impeach Trump. But Nancy Pelosi thinks that’s a bad idea. She wants to beat Trump in 2020. But according to Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen Trump won’t give up the presidency without a fight if he loses. That’s why Pelosi thinks the Democrats must overwhelmingly beat Trump.

Nancy thinks Joe Biden is the candidate who can bring Democrats together. But Biden has a lot of political baggage and most of it doesn’t jibe with liberals in the party. Biden is a capitalist who wants to protect insurance and credit card companies. Plus, he still doesn’t know who the Prime Minister of England is so his foreign policy skills are more than rusty, according to his critics.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Wants To Extend Trump’s Term By Two Years

The talks with China are in a political ditch. Trump wants to force the Chinese to change the way they do business, and that’s a big ask, according to a former U.S. ambassador to China. China did agree to buy more products from the U.S., and they will lower tariffs on American-made vehicles. They also agreed to stop the seemingly unlimited supply of fentanyl that comes to the U.S. from Chinese drug factories. But they won’t let Trump tell them how they run their government. And they want all the tariffs removed when they sign an agreement. Trump doesn’t want to do that.

Trump is full of requests, thanks to the Mueller report. According to, he wants Barr to investigate the investigators. That’s Trump’s new slogan on the campaign trail. Barr has his own issues now that the Democrats know his sole purpose as attorney general is to protect the president. The Democrats want to impeach Barr, but that won’t happen, according to the New York Times.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Barr to resign now that he showed the world he’s a liar. Barr lied to Congress when he said he didn’t know if Mueller had an issue with his four-page Trump gets-out-of-jail free card. Nancy also thinks Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses. But she knows starting the impeachment process is a waste of time. She wants the Democrats to solidly beat Trump in 2020. If it is a narrow Democratic victory, Pelosi thinks Trump will protest the vote to stay in office. She believes Trump will not leave office if a Democrat beats him by a narrow margin.

But Trump has other fires to put out now that Mueller may sit in front of Congress and tell them what he really found in his investigation. Trump claims the FBI spied on his campaign for no reason. And that’s why the investigation started. The FBI did spy after an Australian diplomat said George Papadopoulos told him the Russians had dirt on Clinton in 2016. The only way George would know that is if he talked to the Russians about exposing the Clinton dirt.

But even though Trump is up to his neck in the Washington swamp, Jerry Falwell Jr. thinks Trump deserves another two years in office. Jerry thinks Trump’s term should be six years instead of four. Falwell claims the Mueller investigation robbed Trump of two productive years. A Trump tweet confirms the president is on board with that idea. Mr. Trump believes even though he is the greatest president in history another two years in office would make him greater.

Bill Barr May Ignore Congress After His Shaky Senate Performance

President Trump knows Deutsche Bank has some revealing financial information that could make his life miserable if the German bank shares it with Congress. Deutsche Bank is Trump’s $300 million-dollar friend. Trump made friends with high-ranking German bank executives and he cut a deal, according to Congressman Adam Schiff. Schiff thinks the Trump Organization was part of a money-laundering scheme.

A NY Mag article outlined the scheme, and that was enough information for Mr. Trump. He decided to sue Deutsche Bank to stop the release of his financial records. The president also blocked the Congressional subpoenas that require his aides to tell what they know about Trump’s plan to obstruct justice by firing Bob Mueller.

Suing is part of Trump’s DNA. He has more than 4,000 lawsuits notched in his super-sized leather belt. Stopping Deutsche Bank from raining on his unethical presidential parade is standard behavior for the Trumpster. The lawsuit will give him enough time to win the election, according to Republicans. But the state of New York isn’t waiting for the lawsuit’s verdict to get Trump’s financial records. New York thinks it can get Trump’s state tax returns by using a new law.

But Trump’s lawsuits and Biden bashing took a backseat when Attorney General Bill Barr sat before the Senate Judiciary committee. Mr. Barr thought he could get away with acting like Trump’s consigliore instead of the attorney general. But when Democratic Senator Miro Hirono called Barr a liar, he knew he couldn’t sit before Congress and let the Democrats have their way with him. The Department of Justice told House Oversight Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler Mr. Barr would be a no-show for his hearing.

If Mr. Barr tells Nadler to stick his meeting up his butt, there’s not much Congress can do to get Barr to testify. Barr said he didn’t like Nadler’s question format. Nadler wants staff lawyers to question Barr. He got a taste of the type of question they would ask him when Kamala Harris caught Barr off guard with her carefully worded questions during the Senate Judiciary hearing. Chairman Lindsey Graham told Harris she was out of line, but she proved her point. Mr. Barr is Trump’s protector and he’ll stick by his no collusion, no obstruction story despite what the Mueller reports says.

Senator Hirono thinks Barr should resign. And Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said the same thing. Barr did the job Trump expected when he nominated him for attorney general. But Mr. Barr legal credibility took a massive hit. But in Trumpland, legal credibility doesn’t count as much as mobster loyalty.