Betsy DeVos Decides To Forgive 1,500 Student Loans After Ignoring The Order To Do So

The House Republicans want to defend Trump. They know Trump put the quid pro quo move on Zelensky, but they continue to deny that fact. In order to turn up the heat on Adam Schiff and the impeachment process, the House Trumpians put Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan on the intelligence committee.

Jordan is full of Trump’s political snake oil. He seems to come alive with a full mouth of Trumpian venom every time he’s in front of the cameras. There’s little doubt the former assistant wrestling coach will say anything to help the Trumpster beat the charges. Jordan has a restless way of presenting the facts he claims will cast doubt on the impeachment charges. The Democrats think Jordan is as shady as the president, and they have a good reason to think that way.

When Jordan was the assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, the team doctor got caught whacking off in showers while other men showered. A referee told Jordan and head coach Russ Hellickson Doctor Richard Strauss beat his meat next to him while he took a shower, according to court documents. Jordan and Hellickson told the referee that’s the way Strauss rolls. Strauss was the doctor that open the can of sexual worms that plagued Ohio State’s reputation. Jim Jordan knew Strauss had issues, but he jovially accepted them but denied he knew the Doctor was bad news.

Mr. Trump told the press he doesn’t think the impeachment hearings should be public even though most Republicans complained about the closed-door meetings Schiff held in the basement of the Congressional building. Mr. Trump claims the transcript he released proves the Zelensky call was perfect in every way. But several impeachment witnesses who listened to the call told the panel the Trumpster put quid pro quo moves on the new president of Ukraine.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is on the hot seat once again for forcing students to pay loans after a court told her to forgive loans associated with the defunct Dream Center Schools. The court fined Betsy’s department $100,000 and ordered her to stop harassing students. Betsy finally gave in and 1,500 students are off the student loan hook. But Betsy is still in political hot water thanks to her incompetence, and her plan to turn the public school system into a for-profit charter school system.

Court battle forces DOJ to release Mueller’s pamphlets to BuzzFeed News

The 2016 US election meddling issue is still a great concern to many American citizens. The United States DOJ released special counsel Robert Mueller’s article on Saturday to BuzzFeed News. Mueller is the former FBI Director. The release of emails and interview summaries of 500 pages came after a court battle with the news firm. According to, the pamphlets comprise of the FBI interview summaries of high officials in the administration. The officials include an ex-presidential advisor Steve Bannon, and President Trump’s ex-deputy campaign chair, Rick Gates. There is an email correspondence by President Donald Trump’s senior consultant Jared Kushner. Bannon is also in the documents too. Jared Kushner is also President Trump’s son-in-law.

In the documents is a scheme to get and scrutinize Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails sent by a conservative activist to Bannon. Bannon has been quoted telling the investigators that after the DNC’s hacking, Paul Manafort, who pressed the Ukraine scandal is also responsible. Manafort was the then-campaign head. The FBI conducted the interviews in April 2018. As part of its election meddling effort, the United States government approved the 2016 hacking of DNC by Russia. The meddling resulted in the publication of internal emails that were quite destructive to DNC in the 2016 presidential elections.

The House Democrats launched an arraignment inquiry to find out whether Trump used Ukraine to inspect its rivals. The results will prove right or wrong the Ukraine’s involvement conspiracy theory. Moreover, the phone call between President Trump and Vlodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian President, on July 25th has also fueled outrage among many political players in the Democratic Party. A published White House form of the call shows that Trump regurgitated the conspiracy theory.

The release of the Mueller’s investigation documents followed a filed Freedom of Information Act appeal by BuzzFeed. The request involved a claim to get access to the pamphlets. Mueller’s report was recorded and released in March, with redactions in April. The Moscow-Trump campaign conspiracy was not established in the previous investigations. However, Robert Mueller mentioned Trump’s obstruction of justice during the investigation.
Mueller’s work continuously haunts the Trump presidency despite being sacked as the boss of the FBI. A judge, earlier this month, issued an order to the justice department to surrender Mueller’s unredacted proofs to the House. It includes portions of grand jury testimony regarding the phone call by the US president. This could be a win to Democrats in need of the material for the prosecution inquiry. However, the disclosure was postponed by an appeals court.

Federal Judge Approves Grand Jury Reports to be Reviewed During Impeachment Inquiry

By order of United States District Judge Beryl Howell, the Department of Justice must turn over certain grand jury materials to the House Judiciary Committee by the end of October. These materials are related to the Special Counsel investigation on whether the campaign that elected United States President Donald Trump sought the collaboration of Russian operatives linked to the Kremlin, and they may ultimately be made part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

According to a report published by the American Bar Association, Judge Howell based her decision on matters related to the Constitution, particularly those related to the information that Congress is entitled to handle when carrying out investigations that may result in a presidential impeachment. Moreover, Judge Howell did not see the need for Congress to conduct investigations that have already been completed, and she was not impressed with the Justice Department’s filing in opposition to the release.

While the report presented to Congress by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller was alarming on its own, legal analysts believe that the grand jury reports could be even more damning for President Trump. This new court order states that the document must be turned over without redactions, which the Justice Department will very likely object to. At one point, Judge Howell described a filing presented by the White House as spurious and misguided.

The House Judiciary Committee already has plenty of legal firepower to impeach Trump, but this recent decision provides even more powerful ammunition. A key argument presented by Congress is that grand jury records are routinely used in judicial proceedings, and this is what impeachment can be classified under since the Supreme Court will ultimately be involved if the case moves from the House to the Senate. The grand jury was impaneled in 2017 and the report was delivered nearly two years later.

According to, the Special Counsel report contains findings that can be interpreted as impeachable offenses, but the Justice Department has declined to treat them as such. Testifying before Congress, the former Special Counsel reminded lawmakers that his report could be used as a roadmap towards impeachment; however, the report has yet to be introduced in the ongoing inquiry. Thus far, Members of Congress have been mostly interested in the alleged conspiracy to withhold providing military assistance to Ukraine, a country that is engaged in a proxy war against Russia, unless one of Trump’s political opponents was investigated.

CDC Says Opioid Overdose Antidote Should Be Given Out More To Reduce The Rates Of Opioid Overdoses

In the early to mid-1990s, pharmaceutical companies created extended-release formulations of opioid painkillers and marketed them as non-addictive, even though they were – and always have been – addictive due to their inherent addicting nature as opioids. Due to several other factors, in addition to strong marketing campaigns carried out by these pharmaceutical companies that urged physicians to begin ramping up how often they prescribed opioids to patients throughout the United States, physicians across the country began prescribing opioids left and right.

In the early to mid-2010s, physicians began rolling back how often they prescribed opioids to patients. This resulted in tons of patients who legitimately needed opioids to curb their moderate to severe chronic pain issues, as well as recreational users of opioids who purchased opioid painkillers that were diverted from legitimate chronic pain patients’ opioid prescriptions, being left without enough legitimate, pharmaceutical opioids to deal with their medical and recreational needs.

This caused opioid users across the United States to turn to street heroin, an opioid that is essentially the same drug as those opioids that were overly prescribed by physicians from the mid-1990s to the mid-2010s, to curb their medical and recreational needs.

Because heroin is sold on a black market, it is not regulated. This means that opioid users have no idea how strong their heroin is. As a result, opioid overdoses have skyrocketed in the past few years. This is what’s known as the opioid epidemic.

Believe it or not, there’s a drug that is able to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. This drug is known as naloxone, which is also known as Narcan, a name-brand version of naloxone that comes in the form of a nasal spray.

Naloxone has no contraindications, meaning that it doesn’t interfere with any medications. Since naloxone is so safe, many physicians and public health experts believe that naloxone should be sold over the counter at drug stores and anywhere else drugs are sold, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and mom-and-pop pharmacies across the nation.

Some also believe that local and state governments should readily give out naloxone, in addition to training on how to use naloxone, to reduce the rate of opioid overdoses.

According to a report published yesterday, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, naloxone should be both given out more readily and released as an over-the-counter drug to reduce the incidence of opioid overdoses.

Lawyer Has $38,000 In Student Loan Debt Forgiven

One of the things that politicians have debated about the most is what to do about the student loan debt crisis. Many people have proposed student loan forgiveness. Jeffrey Morgan is an attorney who knows what it is like to have their student loan debt forgiven. He managed to get his student loan debt discharged by working for the Massachussetts Department of Mental Health.

Jeffrey participated in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. This is a program that allows people who work for a nonprofit or government agency for 10 years to get their student loan debt forgiven. They will also have to make payments on their student loans for 10 years.

Jeffrey had to fight hard to get student loan forgiveness. It is estimated that 95 percent of people who applied for student loan forgiveness got their application rejected. Jeffrey’s life has changed for the better since he got his student loan debt forgiven. He now has an easier time paying his rent. He also has more money to pay his private loans.

Most of Jeffrey’s student loan debt came from law school. He was able to use a scholarship to pay for his undergraduate degree. He also had a work-study job. Additionally, he paid a lot of his undergraduate debt before he went to the law school.

Jeffrey knew that he would have to take out additional loans in order to pay for law school. Even though Jeffrey got all of his federal loans forgiven, he still owes $67,000 in private loans. Jeffrey said that he took out student loans and hoped for the best. He does not know if he could have taken out fewer loans.

Even though Jeffrey has wiped out a lot of his student loan debt, his living expenses have increased. He still spends most of his money on his everyday expenses. He also has a side hustle.

Jeffrey wants to start a family, but his finances will not let him do it. He says that if he had not taken out student loan debt, then he would be able to start a family. However, he does not regret going to school to become an attorney. He finds his work to be rewarding.


Alex Jones To Make $15,000 Payment To Creator Of Pepe The Frog

The artist and creator of the character “Pepe the Frog” is not pleased at all with what his creation has been used for. What began as an innocent children’s cartoon character has been adopted by the alt-right movement and incorporated into a number of racist or sexist memes over the last few years. It is something that has greatly troubled the creator of this cartoon, and it has worried many others as well.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has had to show up in court as a result of this cartoon begin used in promotional advertisements for himself. He did this without the permission of the artist, and the artist decided that he wanted to sue the radio host in order to see some justice in this case. Alex Jones showed up in a California court to sign a settlement agreement in the case. He will pay $15,000 to the creator of the cartoon as a result of this settlement according to NPR.

About one month ago a judge in the case limited the jury award amount in this case to $14,000. Jones agreed to pay that plus $1,000 that will be donated to charity in the settlement agreement. The attorney’s for the Pepe artist say that it was a win for their client even though they would have liked to have seen him awarded a lot more money than he ended up receiving.

The artist in this case has continued to distance himself from those who have hijacked his creation for their own political purposes. He insists that he wants nothing to do with what these individuals are using Pepe for, and he says that this was never the intent behind the creation of Pepe in the first place. He insists that the character was meant to represent the everyday person, and the fact that he has been taken hostage by the alt-right is something that no one should be thrilled about.

Alex Jones quickly agreed to pay the settlement to get this particular legal issue off of his docket. He has been in and out of courts in recent years as he has grown increasingly conspiratorial on his radio show and has on occasion taken things to such an extreme that he has been sued for his words and actions. This is just a blip on the radar for him in terms of the legal battles that he is currently battling, but it is an important victory for some regardless.


Jack Phillips and The Cake Legal Battles

A Controversial Lawsuit
Recently, Colorado Public Radio did an article about a lawsuit that is being brought up against Jack Phillips. Phillips is the owner of a Colorado based cake shop. Phillips had been in the news in previous years because of his refusal to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. In 2012, a discrimination complaint was filed against Phillips, and it made its way all the way to the Supreme Court. In the end, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Philips because the judges decided that Philips had been discriminated against.

What is Different about this New Lawsuit?
The lawsuit that has recently been raised against Phillips is taking the state of Colorado completely out of the equation. The attorney who is representing the transgender woman believes that they will win in state courts because there are no first amendment or religious implications that would allow this cake shop to discriminate against her. Apart from alleging that Phillips acted in a discriminatory way, the lawsuit also indicates that Phillips was deceptive in his wording.

What Does Phillips Say?
Jack Phillips says that he will not allow anyone to violate his Christian principles. With that, he has mentioned that he has often declined to make Halloween cakes and he also declines to make cakes that are disrespectful of LGBTQ people. Phillips believes that the government does not have the right to compel him to participate in the creation of any that would force him to promote a message that he does not agree with.

More on the Suit
This lawsuit is being filed by a transgender woman named Autumn Scardina. Scardina wanted Phillips to make her a cake to celebrate her gender transition and her birthdate. Scardina is hoping that the courts will take action against the discriminatory behavior that she claims to have experienced.

Redrawing Of Electoral Maps Blocked By Supreme Court In Michigan And Ohio

The Supreme Court stepped in on Friday and blocked decisions by lower courts in Michigan and Ohio that would require Republican legislators to redraw Congressional maps in the months leading up to the 2020 elections. Democrats had argued that the current electoral districts were designed with the intent to put them at an unlawful advantage.

Supreme Court Justices ruled in favor of Republicans in both states and put the requests for redistricting on hold. The justices did not elaborate on their decisions.

The lower courts ruled the electoral maps were drawn with the intent to give Republicans power in the states through boundary manipulation. The practice is often referred to as partisan gerrymandering and is a violation under the United States Constitution.

The disputes in both states include disagreements regarding United States House districts. However, the Michigan dispute also involves state legislature districts.

The Ohio and Michigan decisions are the latest in court rulings addressing issues with electoral maps drawn by the majority party in a state. These disputes all pertain to attempts by the majority party to undermine voter rights of state citizens that support the minority party.

The actions by the justices were a little unexpected as the court is soon expected to rule on cases of gerrymandering in North Carolina and Maryland. These cases are expected to provide a definitive answer to the question of powers of federal judges to decide issues regarding partisan gerrymandering.

The rulings in the Maryland and North Carolina cases are due in June and will go a long way to decide the longterm outcome of the disputes in Michigan and Ohio.

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina were accused of seeking an advantage in Congressional races by rigging maps to increase their probability of victory. In Maryland, it is the Democrats who are accused of a similar action over a U.S. House District.

Gerrymandering has been a part of the political process in America for many years. However, critics say they have seen a recent increase in the illegal practice.

The Supreme Court has stepped in when the voting power of minorities was being undermined but has never chosen to take on matters of partisan gerrymandering.

The lawsuits in Michigan and Ohio were filed on behalf of individual voters who support the Democratic Party and voting rights groups.

Electoral districts in America are reworked once every ten years to reflect any changes discovered in present census reports. The party in power is in control of redistricting in most states.

Trump’s Golfing Pal Senator Lindsey Graham Tries To Put A Legal Noose Around Clinton’s Neck At Barr’s Hearing

Bill Barr knew the Senate Judiciary hearings would not be as difficult to endure as the Congressional hearings. But Barr got a wake-up call when the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to attack his credibility. Senator Kamala Harris, a 2020 presidential candidate, gave Barr a lesson in legal wording when her poignant questions disrupted the attorney general’s thought process. Harris wanted Barr to trap himself and she succeeded, according to the Washington Post.

But Hawaii’s Senator Hirono gave Barr a dose of unfiltered truth when she called him a liar. Hirono said Barr lied when he told Congress he didn’t know if Mueller and his team thought Barr defended Trump in his four-page summary and press conference. Mueller sent Barr a letter in March before Barr testified in front of Congress, and he told Barr he didn’t agree with the way he worded his obstruction findings. Mueller plans to tell the real obstruction story when he testifies before Congress in May.

Mr. Barr defended his Trump claims. The president didn’t obstruct justice, and he’s betting Trump’s voter base will believe him. Barr has a date with Congress to explain why he acts like an oversized Rudy Giuliani when he’s on TV instead of fulfilling the duties of an attorney general. But after the Senate hearing, Barr wants to blow-off the Congressional hearing. Oversight Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler threatened Barr if he doesn’t show. But Nadler can’t do much. Barr claims he doesn’t like the format. In other words, he won’t put himself on the hot seat again after he ate crow at the Senate hearing.

Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, did his best to protect Barr from attacks by Democrats. He started the meeting with let’s put Clinton and Obama on trial for their ineptness when they were in charge. Mr. Trump continues to use Clinton and Obama as defensive shields when the Democrats get too close to his presidential mobster show. And Graham, the chameleon who worships every blade of grass on a Trump golf course, sticks up for the president no matter how many legal lines the Trumpster crosses.

Mr. Trump didn’t say much about Barr’s appearance before the Senate committee. He’s too busy bashing the firefighters union for backing Joe Biden. Joe is ahead in the polls, and his strategy is to attack Trump every chance he gets.


Congress Wants Deutsche Bank To Hand Over Trump’s Financial Records As well As His Tax Returns

Congress wants to know why Deutsche Bank loaned Mr. Trump money when no other bank on the planet would give the real estate tycoon the time of day. Mr. Trump did get loans from American banks before he bankrupted his airline and casinos. When Trump defaulted on those loans, and the banks that got stuck with the mess Trump created, they vowed never to give Trump another nickel.

But Deutsche Bank decided to lend Trump money in spite of his loan repayment record. According to the Fortune, the Trump Organization made a deal to play a part in a money-laundering scheme that involves the Russian government and a Deutsche Bank branch in Moscow.

According to the report, the director of the Moscow branch had a close relationship with the Kremlin. The Kremlin wanted to exchange rubles for dollars under the table, and the director of the bank made that happen. And some say Trump played a part in that scheme.

Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, sent Deutsche Bank a friendly subpoena in order for the bank to comply with his request for Trump’s financial records. And Richard Neal, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee wants the IRS to release Trump’s tax returns. Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, one of Trump’s fanboys, wants to block that request. But Neal won’t quit until he sees how Trump gets away with paying little or no taxes. Several news reports say Trump’s accountants used creative accounting to help Trump avoid paying taxes.

Mr. Trump claims he is a victim, and he hopes no other president will go through the political torture Congress has put him through. Mr. Trump’s personal Lawyer William Consovoy sent a letter to Neal that said the request for Trump’s tax returns is unconstitutional. But there is a 1920s law that states Congress can request the tax returns of any American citizen. Consovoy and Rudy Giuliani say that law doesn’t apply to the president.

Despite all the pressure and the mudslinging, Melania Trump and Karen Pence say they love their jobs. No one is sure what Karen Pence actually does, but she likes to travel with Mike when he travels overseas to promote Trump’s nationalism. Melania wants another four years in the White House so she can make Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour put her on a Vogue cover again. But that won’t happen, according to Wintour, a former Trump friend, and Democratic supporter.

High-Priced Lawyer Caught Up in College Admissions Scheme

Although famous celebrities may have gotten the most press attention in the college admissions cheating scandal, one high-priced lawyer is also caught up in the fray. Authorities say that attorney Gordon Caplan also took part in the scheme. He’s a co-chairman at the law firm of Willkie Farr & Gallagher in New York. Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin of Hallmark Channel and Full House fame are also charged in the scandal.

Willkie Farr & Gallagher placed Caplan on a leave of absence. They say that others have taken over management responsibilities for the firm. The charges against Caplan include honest services mail fraud and generic mail fraud. Authorities allege that he paid $75,000 for someone to cheat on an ACT exam for his daughter. The FBI built their case using wiretapped phone calls with Caplan and a cooperating witness.

Authorities say Caplan isn’t the only one involved. They say that dozens of parents cheated in a variety of ways including bribing test proctors to change test answers or negotiating to have children recruited as student-athletes even if they never played the sport. They say that the cheating scandal resulted in admissions to some of the most elite universities throughout the United States including Yale, the University of Texas, as the University of Southern California. Some students went as far as to stage or photoshop photos that showed them playing a sport even though they have no experience with the sport.

In a report by the Washington Post, representatives from the universities say that they had no part in the cheating schemes. They say that they were duped by coaches. Some schools have taken steps to remove participating coaches. Other schools say that they are considering rescinding offers of admission even if students have already started at the school.

William Rick Singer is the alleged center point of the scandal. They say that he ran a college entry preparatory business called the Edge College & Career Network. They say from there he collected bribes through a nonprofit called Key Worldwide Foundation. Sometimes, parents paying bribes deducted their bribes from tax liabilities by calling them charitable contributions.

Singer advised students to take the exam at specified test centers. He arranged for the students to claim they had disabilities that required more time to complete the exams. From there he worked with proctors to change test results.

Authorities say that they have a recorded phone call between a cooperating witness and Caplan. In the recording, Singer assures Caplan that the students involved don’t even know about the scheme. They say the children are just pleasantly surprised when they see their test results. In the phone call, Caplan says that he’s interested in having his daughter fly to Los Angeles for testing with a proctor from the company. Caplan also considered having someone take online courses as Caplan’s daughter in order to boost her GPA.

95,000 Non-citizens Said to be Registered to Vote in Texas

The Texas Secretary of State has discovered that about 95,000 people who were are not United States citizens are registered to vote in the state. The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that about 58,000 of those people have voted at least once. That’s 61 percent of the 95,000. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice.” His election fraud unit has already prosecuted highly publicized cases against the democratic process.

Attorney General Paxton emphasized that his office has obtained numerous voter fraud convictions against Tarrant, Montgomery and Navarro County women who are not U.S. citizens. One of those women had voted in elections for over 10 years. She falsely claimed U.S. citizenship, but she was only a U.S. permanent resident who was not permitted to vote under Texas law. As per Breitbart, the woman voted as a Republican. A second woman assumed the identity of another woman after stealing her U.S. passport and social security number. She had voted in three elections cycles. The woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and after that, she will be deported. A third female is under indictment after illegally voting in the 2016 election. To date the Texas Attorney General’s Office has prosecuted 33 voter fraud defendants.

Harris County is the largest county in Texas. The Public Interest Legal Foundation has now sued Harris County in seeking noncitizen voting records for inspection. The group brought a complaint in connection with the local Democratic Party allegedly mailing voter registration applications to noncitizens that had already been filled out. The applications were said to have had the U.S. citizen box already checked.

Texas law allows noncitizens who live in the state to obtain driver’s licenses, but only United States Citizens are allowed to vote. What comes to issue is that Texas law does not require verification of citizenship. Amy person who pleads guilty or is found guilty of voter fraud in the state can be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison along with a fine of up to $10,000.

President Trump Had More Than 1,400 Conflicts Of Interest Since The Election

Donald Trump is an unusual president. In fact, he’s so unusual his voter base can’t get enough of him. The president is a master manipulator who loves to be in front of the cameras. Whenever a new allegation surfaces about his election campaign, he tweets and then calls the “fake news” together to explain why the press lies when they talk about him. Mr. Trump can do no wrong in the eyes of his voter base even though the watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), claims Trump is using the office of president for personal gain.

According to CREW, the president promotes his often questionable business transaction as extensions of his official duties. In 2017, CREW found more than 900 occasions when the Trump presidency and the Trump organization acted as one entity. The president visited Trump properties more than 118 times in 2017, and he talked about the Trump organization 68 times that year, according to CREW.

But it’s not just Trump, and the Trump family visiting Trump properties. More than 110 federal employees and more than 50 members of Congress visited Trump Organization properties in 2018. Plus, more than 30 state officials visited Trump properties. That kind of business support sounds fishy. But when CREW considered the fact that more than 150 political committees spent more than $5 million at Trump properties since he took office, the conflict of interest plot thickens.

The fact that at least 12 foreign governments paid to stay at Trump properties over the last two years is hard to ignore. The conflict of interest allegations couldn’t be much clearer to the Democrats.

Mr. Trump said he would turn over the daily operations of his business to his sons Don Jr. and Eric, but that hasn’t happened, according to CREW. Mr. Trump still calls the shots for the Trump Organization. He uses his position to pad the deep pockets of his company.

The Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. is what some legal experts call the conflict of interest smoking gun. Dignitaries from the Middle East always stay there. Saudi Arabia officials spent millions at Trump’s Washington hotel over the last two years.

According to a case in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Trump isn’t playing by the rules set forth by the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. He’s receiving money from foreign governments for personal profit. That has to stop, according to Democrats. But there are no signs Trump intents to stop lining his pockets while he’s president.

Wedding Barn Fiery Debate

In Wisconsin, it’s not at all unusual to rent out a barn for a private party or even a wedding reception. What has come to issue now is whether barn owners who rent their barns for private events must follow state laws that are aimed as businesses that sell alcohol. Wisconsin’s outgoing attorney general has now given his opinion on the issue. His conclusion is that barn owners must comply with state liquor laws, even for private events. That opinion isn’t binding though.

Given the high level of alcohol consumption in Wisconsin, the state’s Tavern League has strong lobbying power in Madison. The Tavern League is said to want to eliminate its competition. As per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Tavern League’s chief lobbyist contends that the league’s members are in compliance with all state laws. He is accusing barn owners of “running us out of business because of the significant advantage they have over us.” According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, liquor licenses in Wisconsin can cost up to $30,000 for businesses in newly developed districts that are appraised at $20 million.

A spokesman from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty says that the issue is a matter of competition that the Tavern League doesn’t want. He remarked that the broad interpretation of Wisconsin’s liquor laws would mean that somebody renting out their home would require a permit before anybody could consume alcoholic beverages on the premises. The attorney general maintains that his analysis of state law is impartial and purely based on applicable statutes.

According to USA Today, Wisconsin is the drunkest state in the United States behind South Dakota. This stormy debate comes after 2015 guidelines were released by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services that require repurposed agricultural facilities that are used as buildings for use by the public to comply with the state’s public building code. There is presently an exception for barn owners. More traditional wedding sites say that barns are both unsafe and unfair. Most municipalities don’t require wedding barns to have liquor licenses or licensed bartenders.

Paul Mampilly Reveals Stocks Most Affected by Trump’s Trade War

Paul Mampilly has stated that President Donald Trump has been threatening to start a trade war with China, and some stocks are going to suffer because of it. The unfortunate thing about this is that the stocks that are set to take a fall are currently extremely popular.

Wilbur Ross of the Commerce Department has called China “the most protectionist country” on our list of trade partners and stated that new tariffs will be placed on Chinese aluminum and steel. The announcement caused steel stocks to rise for one day, but experts believe that if this sort of talk and the actions it leads to continue, American companies that are overexposed in China could pay a very high price.

In response to the announcement, China stated that it may turn its attention to Boeing, Starbucks and General Motors and place a 45 percent tariff on products imported to the United States from China. The danger is that future revenue would be in as much peril as near-term revenue if the U.S. follows through with its promises.

President Trump would place an import tariff on foreign goods to make these products more expensive in the U.S. marketplace. This gives an upper hand to manufacturers of steel and aluminum in the United States. These import tariffs would also reduce the amount of products of low quality that China has been dumping into U.S. markets. This strategy is not without risks because analysts say that steel and aluminum manufacturing in America would also suffer. In addition to that, if prices remain high for a long period of time, it will hurt several companies’ bottom lines, stunt job growth and hurt the overall economy.

When these particular stocks start to lose value, investors big and small are going to want to sell them. This, of course, is going to mean that no one will be in the market to buy them. As of right now, these stocks are looking very weak. One example is Harley-Davidson, and it lost 6 percent of its value following an announcement that it would start producing some of its equipment overseas.

Paul Mampilly says that people should start selling their stocks now before the selling gets out of control and people begin to lose money.

Paul Mampilly used to work on Wall Street, but he left that line of work because he wanted to help regular people buy the best stocks for their portfolios. He started the newsletter Profits Unlimited for this purpose. With his years of experience and expertise, Paul Mampilly recommends the stocks that he believes are going to climb higher to the 130,000+ subscribers who receive his newsletter.

What does Paul Mampilly recommend that you sell?

The Boeing Company

According to Paul Mampilly, the one to get hit the hardest will be Boeing. It is the boeingnumber one stock that is overexposed to China. This is a blue-chip stock, and 13 percent of its sales come from China. Boeing was expecting China to purchase 30 percent of the 737s that it makes, but China can easily start to buy from European company Airbus. This one action would send Boeing’s stock crashing to the ground. In addition to that, 150,000 American jobs would be at risk if China follows through with this threat.

Apple Inc.

apple logoIt’s also time to avoid Apple. Approximately 25 percent of Apple’s sales come from China. Apple’s products are also made in China. Because of this, Apple’s predicament is different from all other companies. If China were to do something to prevent Apple phones from being sold in China, Apple’s stock would be worthless.

The iPhone factories that Apple operates in China could also be in trouble. China could decide to inspect these factories more often than it has been doing in the past, but it could also charge Apple more for transportation fees so that it will be more difficult for Apple to transport its phones to other global markets.

In other words, a trade war means that Apple will lose.

The possibility exists that President Trump will encourage Apple to begin producing iPhones in the United States, and analysts believe that American manufacturers will outperform those in China. However, increased production in the U.S. will mean higher prices and lower profits. Experts say that share buybacks and dividends will no longer exist.

Starbucks Corporation

starbucksStarbucks is also overexposed to China. There are more than 1,540 Starbucks stores in China. That means that 6 percent of Starbucks stores are in China, and the company wants to have as many as 5,000 Chinese stores by 2021. Starbucks is currently losing steam in America, so it is counting on China to make up for that because the Chinese Starbucks market is growing faster than any other market in the world.

A trade war wouldn’t mean anything good for Starbucks, and we could expect to see the lowest of the lows for this company.

General Motors Company

General_Motors_logo.svgThis is another company that is highly dependent upon China. In 2017, GM sold the Chinese more than 4 million vehicles, and only 20 million cars were sold in China in total that year.

GM had a record number of sales to China in the last quarter, but it could decide that it wants to purchase cars from local manufacturers. All it would need to do is give people incentives for buying locally. It could also tie up GM in red tape and regulations so that it would be difficult for GM to manufacture its cars in China.

It is best to leave this stock alone until GM settles its differences with China.

Walmart Inc.

walamrt logoWalmart is double exposed in China as Apple is double exposed. China currently has 20 Walmarts. It also has 1.4 million members of its 14 Sam’s Clubs, and Sam’s Club has been growing at a rate of 10 percent each year. On the other side, Walmart purchases a ton of merchandise from China. Experts have stated that 40 percent to 70 percent of the things sold at Walmart were purchased from China.

The point must be made here that China would also be hurt if there is a trade war between it and the United States, but there is still danger.

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