cean Spray Involved in Class Action Lawsuit

OOcean Spray’s Class-Act Lawsuit

Ocean Spray is facing a class action lawsuit on misleading advertising. The popular drink has claimed that their substance does not contain any flavors; yet they do.

proposed class action lawsuit was filed this week against Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. over the juice maker’s allegedly false labeling of its beverages. The popular beverage states that it does not have any high fructose corn syrup in its product, however there is now evidence that is false.

What is the claim against the beverage company?

* The claim against the beverage company is that there has been high fructose corn syrup used in packaging. It also states that additional flavors and artificial colors were used.

* The claim states that they were not honest or authentic about what they put in the beverages.

* They also mislead the public in thinking that they were being honest and ethical about the beverage.

What was the motive?

There are speculations about why this was done. Many people are having a hard time believing that a company whose product is based on wholesome, pure liquid would participate in such a lie.

The believed motives are that the company wanted to take advantage of the public’s perception of health drinks. The company freely admits they wanted to take advantage of a mindset that natural was healthier, and market their product as such.

Drinks involved in the dispute

There were eleven drinks in the dispute in total, including highly popular beverages.

Why Was There A Class Action Lawsuit?

The class action lawsuit hopes to prove that the company defrauded the public, and that the public is entitled to know the truth of what happens. The class action has currently decided to not participate with California in the class action lawsuit, however every other case has been part of this.

Only time will tell whether the drink will be able to continue to stay in business.

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