China Wants The WTO To Stop Trump’s Tariff Addiction

Rudy Giuliani came out from the Trumpian rock he lives under long enough to tell the world James Comey “framed” the president. Mr. Giuliani claims former FBI Director Comey put a Special Counsel Mueller in place to bring Trump down. Rudy confirmed Trump’s thoughts about Mr. Comey. Both men say Comey is a liar and leaker as well as a big-time loser.

Attorney General Bill Barr did the Trumpster a solid when special Inspector General Horowitz discovered Comey took the memos he wrote about his meetings with Trump, home. Comey wanted to keep the memos safe, but taking the memos out of the FBI building violated FBI rules. Comey knew Trump would come after him after he refused to profess his loyalty to the Trumpster, according to the New York Times.

President Macron thought he could convince Mr. Trump to talk to Iran’s foreign minister when Zarif showed up at the G7 summit. Trump told the press he knew Zarif would be in France, but he didn’t want to talk to him. Mr. Trump seemed to be off his game after he watched Melania plant some Slovenian sugar on Prime Minister Trudeau’s cheek.

Mr. Trump had to get rid of his personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout after she told reporters Trump doesn’t like the way his daughter Tiffany looks. Madeleine had dinner and a few drinks with reporters in Bedminster while Trump played golf. Westerhout gave the reporters an ear full of Trump antics after hitting the sauce. The reporters promised they would keep her remarks quiet, but a week later, Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney ran to Trump and told him about Madeleine conversation with reporters.

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe keeps telling Trump North Korea has the missile power to break through their defenses. But Trump claims Kim won’t do anything stupid now that the dictator loves him. But according to Abe, Kim could waste Japan and South Korea if Trump doesn’t calm Kim down. Mr. Kim wants more attention from Trump. But the president has no idea what to do about Kim’s nuclear program, according to the New York Times.

China wants the World Trade Organization to step in and stop Trump from destroying the global economy with tariffs. China claims Trump broke WTO rules when he decided to start a cold-hearted tariff war. The Chinese know the WTO won’t make a decision right away. If the WTO finds Trump guilty of breaking the rules, Trump can still disrupt China’s economy along with the global and U.S. economy. Mr. Trump believes the rules don’t apply to him, according to Nancy Pelosi.

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