China’s Ambassador Tells Canada To Release Meng If They Want Kovrig And Spavor Back

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Trump to butt out of the upcoming elections when he visits London for the NATO summit on December 4th. Mr. Trump recently told the press Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would be “so bad” for England. He also said Johnson should join forces with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Mr. Johnson has the lead, according to recent polls. Boris thinks Trump might screw that up when he gets together with NATO members and then has another Royal dinner with the Queen. Johnson and his group of conservatives think the Trumpster could change the course of the U.K. election. Even Trump’s loyal band of senators think Trump needs to keep his mouth shut.

NATO gave Mr. Trump something to cheer about when NATO decided to reduce the amount of security the U.S. pays to keep NATO effective around the world. Instead of paying 22 percent of the security bill every year, NATO said the U.S. will pay 16 percent and Germany will also pay the same amount. NATO members wanted to keep Trump from ruining the meeting the way he did the last time members got together.

Prince Andrew won’t be around to kiss Trump’s butt while the Queen acts like the president is a legitimate president. The Queen threw Andrew to the Royal curb after he botched that BBC interview. The woman Andrew boned while he partied with Epstein has a date with the BBC. That interview could seal Andrew’s fate as the Queen’s favorite son. Prince William is not an Andrew fan, and Prince Charles knows Andrew is a dick.

China’s manufacturing sector has a lot of open-to-make. Manufacturing in China hit a wall when Trump started his tariff war. And consumer debt in China is at an all-time high. Consumer debt is 99 percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product growth. The Chinese government will have to inject cash into the consumer market and find a way to increase production in order to keep GDP growth in the 6.0 percent range in 2020.

Canada still has Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou under house arrest in Vancouver. China’s ambassador to Canada Cong met Meng at her Vancouver home and let her know President Xi won’t let Canada get away with helping Trump put pressure on him to sign a tech agreement that changes Chinese laws.

Ambassador Cong also told Trudeau if he wants Mike Kovrig and Mike Spavor released from a Chinese prison, and if he wants China to buy more canola oil and beef, he needs to drop the charges against Meng so she can return to China.

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