Civil Suits Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate

Civil suits against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate will go full-speed ahead in the wake of his apparent suicide. It is expected that the notorious, 66-year-old, multi-millionaire, sex trafficker’s estate will be pursued for damages by dozens of the abused women, many of whom were underage at the time of the sexual misconduct. This does not, however, mean that the civil suits will be settled in the near future. Because the civil suits involve a huge sum of money, the total value of which is not easy to determine and to be split among so many, it will take years.

New York attorney, Lisa Kaplan, is waiting until Wednesday to file her claims when the “Child Victims Act” takes effect in the state. From August 14, any sexual misconduct claims will have a year to be filed no matter how long ago the abuse took place. After the year is up, victims will have to be 55 or younger to file. In other states, the statutes of limitations may make it impossible for some victims to make claims.

Besides the statutes of limitations, the matter of time is also a factor in determining the outcome because of hazy memories of the facts after so many years. The exact amount of Epstein’s estate is unclear, though it’s been estimated at $559 million. There will be a thorough investigation of his assets to determine any hidden interests, all of which takes time.

Further complicating the matter, when an amount is determined, there is no guarantee that all of those funds will be available to the victims. It’s still unclear who will be administering Epstein’s estate and whether or not Epstein had a will. Los Angeles attorney, Lisa Bloom, currently representing two women in the case, remains undaunted. A court order will most likely be put in place to forfeit any funds to the state, stopping any assets from being sold and allocated otherwise.

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