Cuomo Gives New York The Green Light To Send Trump’s State Tax Returns To Congress

President Trump wants that citizenship question on the 2020 Census, and he wants it bad. He told the Department of Justice to put another legal team together. He wants a team with enough hypothetical legal bullshit to send the Census case back to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump thinks his bro Chief Justice Roberts will vote his way if he finds the right legal team.

While the Queen of England and Prince Charles gave Trump the Royal treatment at Buckingham Palace, the British Ambassador to the United States kept sending British officials secret memos that threw serious shade at Trump. Ambassador Kim Darroch started sending London memos in 2017, and the memos didn’t stop until they surfaced from an internal leak.

In his memos, Darroch called Trump inept, unpredictable, clumsy, and several other choice descriptions of the chaos Trump creates in the White House. The British Ambassador told a story of nepotism gone bad in his secret internal memos. He watched Ivanka and Jared, Trump’s special advisors, take control of the White House.

White House aides and former cabinets members claim the president only listens to Ivanka and Jared. Ivanka and Jared were with Trump in South Korea. The couple were less than diplomatic when Ivanka asked Kim to grant her trademark protection the same way China did when she let President Xi talk a selfie with her. Jared told Kim he wants to develop an Office park next to the oceanfront Trump Tower the president wants to build on the North Korean coast, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump wants to fire Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump told the press Powell doesn’t get it. Trump wants the Feds to cut interest rates to stop the economic bloodbath his tariff war creates. The economy is not as strong as Trump claims. The Feds will meet the end of July, and according to Wall Street, a quarter percent rate cut might be the bone the Reserve Board throws at Trump.

New York state lawmakers just passed a Trump-related bill and Governor Cuomo signed it. The bill forces the State Treasury Department to turn over state tax returns if a Congressional committee asks for them. Congress may want to get Trump’s federal return before that ask New York for his state returns. Richard Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee told the press he wants to wait until there’s a ruling in his court case.


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