Some Democrats Think Rudy Is A Ukraine Lobbyist As Well As A Slippery Trump Lawyer

Ivanka Trump made her debut as an American diplomat at the G20 Summit. Trump let his daughter act like the president at several meetings with G20 members. Ivanka wants to run for political office in the near future. Mr. Trump wants her to have a diplomatic resume that could earn her a seat in Congress or the Senate when she’s ready to run. White House aides say Ivanka already thinks she’s the president. They say she runs the White House along with her slippery husband Jared Kushner.

Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace and economic plan is a bust. The Palestinians told Jared his plan sounds more like a New York real estate deal than a solution to Middle East unrest. Kushner’s close friendship with Ben Netanyahu and Prince Salman makes his plan more suspect, according to the Palestinians.

Trade talks with China will resume thanks to Trump’s decision to roll back the Huawei ban. But Mr. Trump still has to address the Meng Wanzhou issue in Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visited Trump before the summit. Mr. Trudeau asked Trump to drop the extradition charges against Wanzhou so China will start buying Canadian meat and canola oil again.

Canada also wants China to release the two Canadians they arrested after Canada arrested Meng. Even though Trump said he would lift the ban on Huawei and other tech companies, the Meng issue is still a question mark.

Mr. Trump told the press China would buy a lot more American farm products. But the Chinese didn’t confirm they would reinstate soybean and corn contracts this year. Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina took that business away from American farmers when Trump imposed tariffs on China.

The Chinese don’t want Secretary of State Mike Pompeo involved in the trade talks. China’s news agency calls Pompeo a Chinese hater. North Korea’s state-run press said the same thing about Mr. Pompeo.

Rudy Giuliani helped Trump keep the press confused during the Mueller investigation. But Rudy also likes to represent foreign governments. He helps them get special treatment from the Trump administration, according to several Democratic lawmakers. The lawmakers think Giuliani’s relationship with Ukraine is suspect. He acts like a lobbyist for Ukraine, but Rudy is not a registered lobbyist.

Mr. Rudy Giuliani still wants Ukraine officials to release dirt on Joe Biden. But according to Ukraine’s Attorney General, Biden and his son did nothing wrong when Biden got his son a high-paying job with a Ukraine company.

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