The Department Of Homeland Security Is In Border Crisis Mode According To Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

The Southern border debacle continues to give Trump heartburn. Mr. Trump blasted the Mexico government for letting all the immigrants pass through the Southern border while Mexico sits back and watches Trump’s face turn from orange to red.

The Department of Homeland Security needs more border agents, according to Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Trump told her to hire 5,000 more border agents in 2017, but so far DHS hired 118 new border agents. Being a border agent is one of those jobs few people want on their resume.

Hiring border agents is a challenge due to all the red tape applicants have to go through to get the job. And most of the applicants don’t want to live in a tent in the remote terrain along the border. In short, the immigration system needs help, and Nielsen is in over her head. Kirstjen wants Congress to change the immigration laws now. She’s on the verge of having the same kind of meltdown Trump has every time he turns on the news and sees thousands of immigrants knocking at the border door.

Mr. Trump is so upset with the border situation he threatened to close the Southern border. That would be a monumental screw-up, according to the Washington Post. Thousands of legal workers cross that border every day. And thousands of products that American manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers need to do business would be in jeopardy. The U.S. economy would take another devastating hit if Trump closes the Southern border, according to the New York Times.

In order to show his voter base he means business, Trump cut funding for Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Trump claims most of the bad guys in the United States come from those countries. And Trump thinks cutting off American aid will make the governments of those countries stop the bad guys from leaving. The truth is those countries want them to leave.

The president gave Mexico a few Twitter gabs, but Mexico really doesn’t care what Trump says. The Mexican economy is on fire thanks to Trump’s tariffs. Chinese companies are in the process of opening factories in Mexico to avoid Trump’s tariffs. Trump’s tariff thing hurts American consumers more than it hurts China or any other country that feels the economic burn from the tariffs.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is in over her head. And she wants help from Congress, so the DHS can protect migrant children and families. She didn’t mention Trump’s border wall in her letter to Congress. Nielsen’s letter said DHS has 1,200 unaccompanied migrant kids in custody, and she doesn’t know what to do with them.

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