Dershowitz Claims His Impeachment Research During Clinton’s Trial Was Sloppy

Hillary Clinton let her party know she wants to be in the press loop during this election year. Hillary made a comment about Bernie Sanders being a grumpy old man. Most Democrats thought telling people nobody likes Sanders was out of line. Clinton still holds a grudge. Bernie took votes away from her in 2016, according to the New York Times.

The impeachment trial won’t disappoint the people who want to see how lawmakers fight. McConnell got the trial started when he threw a few curveballs in the rules. But Adam Schiff let the senators know Mitch’s rules favored the president, and that means the trial is unfair.

Jerry Nadler ended the first day with a bang when he continued to hammer senators about witness testimony and missing documents. Jay Sekulow started a shouting match with Nadler, and Chief Justice John Roberts had to tell the prosecution and the defense to act like adults and respect the Senate.

Mr. Trump told the senators to “read the transcripts” before he departed Davos. The president had dinner with Tim Cook and other big-name CEOs, before heading back to the states. Before he got on Airforce One, he said if John Bolton testifies it would be a security risk. He said the same thing when reporters asked him about Pompeo telling the Senate what he knows.

Senators will vote to hear from witnesses, but if the vote goes the way they went the first day, witness testimony won’t happen. But the defense and the prosecution get three days to present arguments and then senators will ask questions. McConnell hopes the trial will be short, but if four Republicans vote to hear from witnesses, the length of the trial will change.

Ken Starr, another defense attorney, told the press the Obstruction of Congress charge isn’t a real thing. Starr claims the House should go to court to fight to get the documents from the executive branch. Starr claims impeaching the president for obstruction is a phony charge.

Mr. Starr made a name for himself during the Clinton impeachment. Alan Dershowitz also made comments during the Clinton impeachment trial. His old comments don’t jive with his current comments about crime and impeachment. Alan claims there has to be a crime to impeach.

Alan said crime wasn’t a factor in Clinton’s impeachment. But Dershowitz told the press his research during the Clinton trial was sloppy. Some of Alan’s lawyer friends think Dershowitz acted in a way that doesn’t match his legal beliefs when he decided to be part of the president’s defense team.

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