Deutsche Bank Employees Smelled Dirty Money In Kushner And Trump’s Account in 2016

George Conway shot a couple of zinging-tweets at Trump, again. Conway told Barr his Roy Cohn un-legal attitude has to stop. Trump thinks Barr is his new Cohn. He needs a legal protector to help him take the heat off until the election. opened an insane investigation. The FBI is his target. Mr. Barr thinks Trump is right when he claims the FBI wanted to screw with his campaign, in 2016. Barr should know that’s not true. But he’s in some sort of Roy Cohn cross-legal-boundaries-frame of mind, according to the New York Times.

Trump wants to hang the FBI villains who were trying to find out why Russian businessmen supplied the Trumpster with a couple of local girls in 2015. The girls did the kind of kinky stuff in those porn publications.

Mr. Trump’s Republican army of lawmaking general seems to have a few cracks in the ranks. Congressman Justin Amash, the Republican congressman from Michigan, got on Trump’s loser list when he told the press Trump needs a good impeachment spanking.

Mike Pence acted like he knew he would beat the odds and not have a group of protesters in the audience when he gave the commencement speech at Taylor University. But Taylor wasn’t that happy to see him. Some students and faculty members decided to give Pence the Christian bird before they walked out. They didn’t want Pence acting like he’s a good Christian when he commits unchristian-like acts every day. And they didn’t want Pence to go into that Trump pep talk mode of his. But most of the people stayed and suffered through Mr. Blue Suit’s version of the world according to the Trumpster.

The president decided to put the pressure on China. Mr. Trump thinks the Chinese will bend and sign his one-sided agreement. President Xi is in no mood for another Trump problem. The Iran mess, and the way Trump treated Kim Jon Un doesn’t sit well with Xi. He knows Trump must make a deal before the election.

Anti-Money Laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank wanted the bank to report the Trump and Kushner money-laundering activity they thought they discovered in 2016 and 2017. Some of the transactions involved Trump’s ruling-breaking foundation, and the Kushner transactions were cash deals from Russians.

The computers blew up when Trump and Kushner related accounts had money-laundering written all over them. But the executives at the New York branch of Deutsche Bank didn’t report the accounts to the Treasury Department. Trump owned the bank a lot of money.

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