Devin Nunes Is Suing Twitter For A Plot To Undermine The Republicans

Representative Devin Nunes is a California Republican. He has sued Twitter claiming he was smeared by their users three times. He stated the platform allowed the defamation due to a political agenda. The complaint was filed in Virginia in the Henrico County Circuit Court on Tuesday, asking for $250 million in damages. Devin Nunes repeated numerous Republican complaints concerning Twitter. He said republicans were being censored with shadow bans providing aid to their opponents. The complaint detailed three tweets he deemed objectionable.

Devin Nunes cited tweets including crude jokes regarding his person, accusations of criminal acts and overall criticism. The complaint states the tweets falsely said he brought his family shame, one tweet was a cartoon image of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and President Trump engaged in a sexual act and another stated his high school believed he would one day commit treason. Dozens of additional tweets were listed in the complaint. The Republican strategist Liz Mair was singled out for two parody accounts he stated were conducting a vicious defamation campaign.

According to the law, internet platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are protected from liability despite what the users publish. This is in accordance with the Communications Decency Act, section twenty. Devin Nunes is attempting to prove the tweets were part of a plan by Twitter to undermine the Republicans. He has been a target for abusing his authority to protect President Trump and was involved in the investigation regarding Russia by the House.

The complaint stated the tweets caused Devin Nunes pain and suffering, interfered with his investigation regarding Russian corruption and involvement in the Presidential election of 2016, influenced the Congressional election of 2018 and Twitter did nothing. Twitter refused to comment regarding the lawsuit. The claim Twitter was shadow banning was repeated by Devin Nunes. This is when a platform enables an individual to post, but others are unable to view the post. This makes the post invisible. This political phrase was established in July regarding prominent conservatives.

The assertion of shadow banning is still being used by numerous individuals including President Trump as proof of conservative bias. The unintended impact of the lawsuit was an increase for the parody account of Devin Nunes. Prior to the lawsuit there were roughly 1,200 followers. This increased to 46,000 on Tuesday after the lawsuit was filed and is continuing to grow rapidly.

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