Disney Worker Leaves Child in Hot Car: Police Make Arrest

One Disney World worker will have to answer to a jury of her peers after she left her toddler in a hot car. The worker left the 2 year old girl in her vehicle while she went to find her boss. She wanted to talk to the boss about taking vacation time. The woman is a housekeeper at Walt Disney World.

The incident took place at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. A coworker found the child inside the hot car. When the coworker found the child, she was trapped inside the locked vehicle. They found her at 1:05 p.m.

Even though the child was conscious, she was still sweating and crying. Law enforcement officers removed the child. The windows were cracked, but authorities found that the temperature inside the girl’s car seat was a sweltering 113.5 degrees. The 2 year old was strapped into her safety seat when authorities found her.

Relatives of the girl’s family say that the woman only wanted to leave the girl in the vehicle for no more than five minutes. She wanted to run inside and have a quick conversation with her boss about time off to care for the child. The girl was actually in the car for approximately 45 minutes.

The woman arrested isn’t the child’s mother. Instead, she’s a family friend. The child’s mother was in labor and needed childcare for the day. The woman went to her employer at the Disney resort in order to ask for the day off in order to care for the 2 year old.

The woman said that she didn’t mean for the child to be in any danger. She insists that she loves the child very much. The child went to Florida Hospital Celebration Health for medical care, and she is in stable condition. The woman was arrested and booked at the Orange County Jail. She posted a $1,000 bond to secure her release. For now, she’s on leave from her job at Walt Disney World.

There are a number of things that the arrested woman may face. She may face criminal charges under Florida law for child abuse or neglect. These charges can bring time in jail, fines and other penalties. In addition, the Florida Department of Child and Family Services can bring an investigation into the circumstances and assess the risks of future abuse and neglect to the child.

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