Doug McGahn Leaves White House But His Conservative Judicial Legacy Will Live On

Some Washington insiders say Doug McGahn is bailing out before Trump’s political ship cuts its own towline. After all, McGahn and Trump were tight. McGahn was one of the select few who could get Trump’s attention day or night. Trump trusted McGahn’s legal art and his conservative views about the nature of the future judicial system. McGahn is the architect of the Trump plan to put conservative judges in place all over the country.

Doug McGahn was in full lawyer armor when news of a Russian investigation caught Trump with a left hook. And when Trump used his reality show personality to fire James Comey, Doug was there to joust with the people who said Trump and Putin like the same kind of escorts, and the same kind of politics.

In the legal world, being the White House counsel is one of those it’s my bat and ball kind of games where the White House wins even when it doesn’t. So McGahn can name his own law gig going forward. But his pal Trump is going to miss the talented Irishman who reshaped the judicial system. And his partner, Jeff Sessions will certainly miss the guy he could share his Trump tweet burns with. Those Trumpian Jeff Sessions super tweets, about his poor performance and bad choices, made the former Senator of Alabama pay attention. Some Department of Justice employees say Sessions is finally putting the right color socks on that match his lawyer certified, one-button, tailor-made, dark blue suit. But some news reports say Sessions is going to miss Doug McGahn the most when he’s sticking it the immigrants like the Romans did with the slaves.

Although Trump has a replacement, McGahn’s legal talents and Washington connections could help Mr.Trump when Mueller comes calling in November. McGahn and Mueller share legal secrets. Some high-ranking officials say Doug doesn’t want to run offensive and defensive legal interference for a damaged political quarterback anymore.

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