Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Wants To Bring Religion Into Her For-Profit Charter School System

Betsy DeVos is not a former teacher, and she never went to public schools. DeVos is a wealthy Republican donor who gives millions of the dollars to the National Republican Party. Betsy got her reward for those yearly donations when President Trump thought she could turn the current public school system into a charter-for-profit school system.

Trump gave DeVos her dream job, but Congress wasn’t happy about it. DeVos is a religious fanatic who jumped into the Michigan public school debacle hoping to make her charter school and voucher system work in her home state of Michigan. The charter schools Betsy and husband Dick DeVos funded haven’t lived up to the billionaire couple’s dream. But that hasn’t stopped Betsy from pushing her for-profit and religion motivated school system from falling out of grace. DeVos just announced she would ignore the federal law that prevents religious organizations from proving federally funded education to private schools.

That means Betsy’s quest to dismantle public education and alienate teachers and public school officials is in overdrive. In 2017, the Supreme Court ruled against Missouri when Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia filed a lawsuit that claimed the state engaged in religious discrimination by denying a religious-run preschool the right to use public funds for tire scraps for the playground.

Ms. DeVos also said the Justice Department determined the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that says private and public school students can receive “equitable services,” like tutoring, education, and mentoring from outside contractors as long as those contractors are not part of any religious organization is also unconstitutional. DeVos claims the Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia lawsuit respects First Amendment rights not to restrict the free expression of religion in private schools.

DeVos also claims people who want quality education services want religion to be in the charter of those quality education institutions.

House Democrats didn’t want Betsy’s to be education secretary in 2016, and most of her education decisions over the last two years confirmed their reasons. She’s not qualified for the job, according to the New York Times. There’s little chance Betsy’s attempt to marry religion and charter schools will make them eat their words about DeVos.

The public school system does need attention, but the attention Betsy gives to the system is the same kind of attention former Attorney Jeff Sessions gave to immigrants. It is self-serving attention that ignores the constitution.

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