Epstein Case Files Unsealed By The United States Attorney’s Office For The Southern District Of New York

Jeffrey Epstein, who was found deceased earlier this morning, on Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, was a prominent fund manager who was best known for the foundation and operation of his very own portfolio management firm, J. Epstein & Company.

Epstein hung himself while awaiting trial at New York City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Nearly 15 years ago, in 2005, the Palm Beach Police Department of Palm Beach, Florida, investigated a complaint made by the parent of a 14-year-old girl who alleged that she was molested by Epstein. Three years after the investigation was opened up, in 2008, he was sentenced to an objectively lenient sentence in which he spent 13 months in a Florida state prison.

Although going to prison is exactly that – going to prison – his experience was leaps and bounds different than the overwhelming majority of people who are sentenced to state or federal prison throughout the United States.

Jeffrey Epstein only spent 13 months in prison, a considerably short stay in prison for the molestation of an underage person, where he was given work release for six days per week for a maximum of 12 hours per day. This means he only had to spend little more than half of each week that he was incarcerated on prison grounds.

Further, Epstein was portioned off in a part of the prison in which nobody else was stationed. This allowed him to breeze through prison without having to deal with any of the many political and interpersonal issues that are inherent with incarceration.

Just longer than a month ago, on July 6, 2019, Epstein was arrested yet again for sex charges, though this time it was for sex trafficking. When searched, his residence presented nude photos of underage girls, among other forms of evidence. Two days later, on July 8, Epstein was again arrested, though this time on one count of sex trafficking and one count of conspiracy to commit the sex trafficking of minors.

Yesterday, on Friday, Aug. 9, 2019, a bundle of documents were unsealed by the Southern District of New York’s United States Attorney’s Office. These documents are important because they named a litany of people who were said to engage in sexual intercourse with an underage female, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, such as Prince Andrew, Marvin Minsky, Jean Luc Brunell, and Glenn Dubin, among several others.

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