The Essence of Certifications in the Legal Industry

The integration of experts and machines is expected to increase exponentially over the next decade. Specialists who have an in-depth knowledge in law will drastically affect both the legal support staff and the practising lawyers’ community. The earning potential in this industry is accelerated whenever an attorney has the necessary certifications and credentials. Certifications also provide vertical mobility, job security and greater sustainability. They also produce attorneys who practice with their foundational knowledge and cutting-edge skills that are critical in competing in the 21st century where services have become data-driven. Privacy has been the focus in 2018 and has shifted from corporate to social consciousness in a more aggressive manner.

Privacy is not entirely new to the law profession. However, it has been in the spotlight over the last year like never before. Corporate legal operations are now finding it very necessary to train or hire privacy professionals. These specialists have become an invaluable resource in supporting the practice and development of any law firm in the United States and the world over. The fast rise in privacy has been attributed to the reaction by most firms to the dire consequences for failing to comply with the General Data Protection regulation by the European Union. The EU’s deadline for business enterprises that conduct business in Europe was on May 25, 2018. Moreover, the highly publicized scandal by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has intensified the demand by populists for action and awareness related to how a firm handles the privacy of the information they collect from their clients.

However, it is important to note that action and awareness are two modalities that are very distinct. So far, only one certification program has focused its energies on solving both the privacy solution operationalization and privacy education. The International Association of Privacy Professionals’ certification program (IAPP) has now become the standard for companies and other employers who want the instant validation of the privacy expertise of any individual. The very first step to becoming a professional on privacy matters is to have a clear understanding of both the foreign and domestic rules and regulations.

There are a total of five variations for the professional privacy credentials under the IAPP umbrella. These include the US private sector, the US government, Europe, Canada and Asia. You will have to acquire the CIPP/E certification to get a GDPR savvy. One of the first things that human resource managers ask for before they can hire your firm is accreditation from either of these certifying body.

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