Evicted New York Millennial Calls Cops on Dad About Legos

You might recall the story of the 30-year-old man who was recently evicted from his parents’ home in upstate New York. He had lived there for eight years without paying rent or otherwise contributing to household expenses. At one time he did have a job at Best Buy, but he refused to work on Saturdays, so he was fired. He then sued Best Buy for more than $300,000. That case remains pending. The man hasn’t worked a real job for a single day since.

Alex Jones is the host of InfoWars, and he reportedly aided the evicted man with $3,000 to help him move and obtain a new residence. Now, before finally leaving his parents’ home pursuant to the trial judge’s eviction order, the man called police on his father about some Lego toys that belonged to his son.

Fox News reports that the man was unable to find the Legos. He thought they might be in his parents’ basement, but his father wouldn’t allow him to go down there to look for them. Instead, the father offered to go to the basement himself to look for them. He reported that he offered to bring them up if he found them. That offer didn’t satisfy the son, so he dialed 911. The Legos were later found after police arrived.

In speaking to the local press about the Legos, the son was obviously irritated. He said “This isn’t a game show. I don’t have to guess what’s behind Door No. 1.”

After loading an old station wagon with his belongings, the freeloading son had difficulty starting it. Apparently it has a malfunctioning coolant system. He yelled to reporters, “I got to get going before that thing blows up.” He then honked his horn, waved and drove off.

After being evicted, the son was staying at an Airbnb in Syracuse, but he vacated that temporary residence. He won’t be living alone though. He’s going to be living with a cousin.

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