Expert wants jailed Islamism extremists separated from other inmates

Ian Acheson, an expert that led the reviews of Islamist extremists by the UK government wants jailed extremists separate from other inmates. He said that the jails had become a breeding ground for radical behavior and therefore, the detained Islamists should not be allowed to mingle with other inmates who have committed different crimes. In his view, the number of lower-tariff extremists is increasing, and they are finding their way to jail, a situation that is likely to encourage bad behavior among other inmates. This is the second time that he has called for the separation.

Controversial recommendation

While acknowledging that his proposal was a controversial one, Ian said that it is informed by the fact that statistics show that about 40% of those convicted for terrorism received four years or less sentence. He said that the since the prisons are overcrowded and understaffed, the misery that these convicts go through makes them enter the penal system as severely disorder people. It is difficult for them to receive correctional care for their behavior while living under the kinds of conditions that they find in prison. Since they easily find safety in their religion and ideology, it becomes difficult for officers in prison to provide treatment for their behavior.

A threat to future generations

Ian also observed that since they are free to mingle with other inmates, there is a possibility of them interfering with their thinking and therefore, they can easily radicalize the next generation. If this is allowed to go on, the world will find itself in a situation that will be too difficult to manage. It is because of this reason that he wants lawmakers to move fast and avert the situation before t escalates. In his report, he says that the best way to deal with0020treemists who wish to harm other people is by engaging them and not shunning them altogether.

A report recently released by the ministry of justice showed that there are around 700 prisoners who are a significant threat because of their extremist alignment. These inmates are either Islamists or far-right ideology believers. Further information also shows that the number of people who are convicted of terrorism increases every year, and that is the reason Ian believes it can lead to more problems if not checked. He wants policymakers to stop being complacent because even though the numbers seem small, it should not be forgotten that there are about 83000 inmates and therefore, the terror convicts can easily use their links within the prison to advance their ideologies.

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