All Eyes on Ottawa as Canada Becomes the First G7 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

When the first cannabis factory was opened by Canopy Growth four years ago near an old chocolate plant in the Canadian capital, everyone thought of a bright future in the industry. Medical marijuana was by then legal in Canada, and the company expected that the next move by the government was to pass legislation for recreational use of the product. However, the company had not predicted the sudden influx of visitors from a foreign land. Law enforcement agencies and politicians from Australia, Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Jamaica have all visited the country. Medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals from Chile, Brazil, and New Zealand have also paid a visit to Canada.

Canopy Growth has also hosted groups of corporate bankers and investors. The number of corporate visitors has been so high that the company has sometimes been forced to split up the group members according to their months of birth. Jordan Sinclair, who serves as the company spokesperson, said that the company had predicted that it would give a lot of tours and explain to the world exactly what they did. Sinclair added that they put windows in all the doors to be able to accommodate everyone. Canada is now in the spotlight at the international stage due to its decision to have legal recreational marijuana. This is especially after the Senate vote on Thursday.

The Guardian says this will make Canada the first nation in the G-20 to have passed legislation to legalize recreational cannabis. One of the experts of substance use in the most prominent psychiatric hospital in Toronto, Benedikt Fischer, said that the move to legalize pot would give Canadian citizens an experience that feels like a little bit of science fiction. Fischer added that the experience would be one of a kind in the globe. He said that Canada would be the first wealthy nation to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Fischer also noted that the Canadian experience would be far much more different to what is happening in the United States.

In the US, recreational pot is only legal in some states and illegal in others. However, under US federal law, cannabis possession and sale remains a felony. Recreational cannabis is also legal in Uruguay. However, the world seems to ignore the country since it does not have a significant influence in global affairs. Therefore, the world will have eyes on Ottawa and see how legalization works for them.

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