Federal Judge Orders Return Flight For Deported Mother And Daughter

A United States District Court judge gave an order on Thursday for a mother and daughter that were in the process of being deported to El Salvador to be returned immediately to America. The order was issued once the judge was made aware that the pair had been already boarded onto a flight.

Judge Emmet Sullivan was in court to hear a request by the American Civil Liberties Union to have the deportation stayed for 12 immigrants they were representing in a lawsuit. During the course of the proceedings, Judge Sullivan was made aware that the woman and child were already en route to Central America.

Judge Sullivan ordered the return of the pair and then informed all that were present that the action that was taken against the woman and her child could result in a contempt of court charge being filed against United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said that the department is willing to cooperate fully with the order of the court. The spokesman also reported that once the plane had landed, the mother and her daughter were immediately placed on a second plane that would return them to America.

Judge Sullivan also took the action at the hearing to issue temporary stays of deportation for all nine of the women and three children that are being represented in the lawsuit by the ACLU.

The lawsuit was filed in the District of Columbia on Tuesday and is in response to what the ACLU characterizes as an unjust tightening of standards for individuals seeking asylum in America. The ACLU maintains that these new policies pose a danger to people attempting to flee violence and persecution against them in their homeland by causing it to be more difficult for them to be approved to stay in the United States.

Attorney General Sessions has been the point man for the Trump Administration’s mission to limit illegal immigration into the country. The Administration has endured much criticism in recent months as a result of the hardline stances that are being taken by them including the separation of immigrant children from their parents.

The Administration relented to the public outcry regarding family separations and ended the policy in June. However, it does not seem the Administration is willing to relent on many other stances it has taken as parties on both sides of the issue are preparing for a long legal battle.

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