Federal Judge Unseals Court Documents in Las Vegas Shooting

A federal judge has unsealed hundreds of court documents pertaining to the October mass shooting in Las Vegas. The documents, when viewed in their entirety, present a fuller picture of the crimes committed by gunman Stephen Paddock. The investigation helps to shed some light on what led Paddock to commit the worst mass killing in modern history.
Federal Judge Releases Documents in Response to Lawsuit
A lawsuit filed by a number of news services, including CNN, requested that the documents be unsealed. In response to the motion, the court unsealed the documents, which included a large quantity of search warrants that had been executed by the FBI, during their investigation. Additionally, the documents share the thoughts of investigators, as the investigation progressed.
Although the unsealed court documents do provide information about the investigation into Stephen Paddock, they do not provide details about the day to day progress of the investigation. Neither the FBI nor the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department would respond to requests for comments about the documents.
Court Documents Detail Mysterious Email Exchanges
Included in the documents are notes on a mysterious email discussion that took place prior to the October shooting. For the previous two months, the emails seemed to discuss the plans for the shooting, which took place at a Las Vegas music festival in October. The attack claimed 58 lives, injuring hundreds more.
“Try an ar before u buy. We have huge selection. Located in the las vegas area,” read one email that was believed to have been sent to an email account maintained by Paddock.
Later emails tried to sell additional optics and ammunition for the weapons.
“For a thrill try out bumpfire ar’s with 100 round magazine,” read a subsequent email.
While this seems to indicate someone was trying to sell weapons to Stephen Paddock that were later used in the mass shooting, investigators also believed the emails may both have been maintained by Mr. Paddock. According to the documents, the FBI was still looking into the possibility of a second person of interest. Public records reviewed by CNN reveal that the email account used by the sender was registered to a Steve P.
Other documents cover questioning of Marilou Danely, Paddock’s girlfriend. She told the FBI investigators that she knew her fingerprints would be found on the ammunition, but added she wasn’t aware of Stephen’s plans for the killing spree. She went on to explain that she often loaded the magazines for Paddock. The FBI agent responsible for questioning Danely made a note clearing her of suspicion, saying that he believed she was unaware of Stephen’s plans.
While the investigation sought to look into social media accounts for both Paddock and Danely, no motive has yet been shared.
“The investigation has also revealed that Paddock may have been treated for yet unidentified medical conditions,” added an investigator in one other affidavit.

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