Feds Cut Interest Rates But Trump Says Its Not Enough To Save His Eroding Economic Butt

Mr. Trump poked the bear when he pulled out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran because Obama signed the document. Mr. Trump couldn’t wait to help his business partners Ben Netanyahu and Prince Bin Salman out by showing Iran some American firepower and his two trigger-happy cabinet members.

President Rouhani told the press he’s not interested in a one-on-one sit down at the UN meeting unless Trump drops the sanctions. Mr. Trump gave one of his famous mixed messages when he told the press he might talk to Iran one-on-one. But then he denied he said that after the Houthi’s showed Trump a little Middle Eastern revenge in Saudi Arabia.

North Korea made the press loop again for being named a money-grabbing Internet hacker. President Kim side business is ripping off banks, governments, companies using cyberspace weapons. According to the New York Times, Kim’s hackers steal billions around the world every year.

Mr. Kim still wants the president to visit Pyongyang before it gets too cold. But Trump has his orange-colored head full trying to make a trade deal stick before the election. And he has to lower the war temperature in the Middle East.

Jared Kushner tried to write a Middle East peace plan, but he never consulted Palestine before he and Netanyahu wrote a lame deal that was more about developing the West Bank than developing a lasting peace, according to the New York Times.

China won’t give Trump what he wants in the new trade talks unless he drops the tariffs. President Xi will not budge on that request, and Trump still wants to tell the Chinese how to interact with Chinese companies.

China will talk in October, but some Wall Street analysts think the tariff war with China could last years. China economy can take the tariff beating but it’s unclear if Trump can, according to the Washington Post.

The Feds knew they couldn’t please Trump before they voted to cut interest rates by 25 basis points or a quarter percentage point. Some Wall Street economists think they will have to cut rates again at the next meeting. Mr. Trump wants a zero or below rate so he can boast about his economic achievements. But turning his economy around won’t happen with a rate cut. Mr. Trump has to seek treatment for his tariff addiction, according to CNBC.

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