Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thinks He Might Be Done With Politics

Jeff Sessions, the Alabama lawyer, judge, and blatant racist did his best to get on Donald Trump’s good side during the 2016 campaign. Sessions was one of the first Republicans to support Trump. Trump didn’t know Sessions before the campaign. But Mr. Trump knew Sessions had the same thoughts as he did about immigration, and gays serving in the military. Sessions proved he was a closet racist on many occasions while he served the state of Alabama. But Jeff saw the chance of a lifetime when Trump told him he might be his attorney general. Sessions became a Trump loyalis0t. And according to CNBC, that was the decision that sealed his fate.

From that point on, Jeff Sessions was a make America great again cheerleader. He wanted to repeal state marijuana laws. And with the help of Trump and White House lawyer Don McGahn, he put conservative judges on benches across the country. Sessions and McGahn also came up with the idea to separate kids from their parents at the border. Mr. Sessions did everything Mr. Trump wanted him to do except watch over Mueller’s Russian investigation. When Sessions recused himself from the investigation, Trump lost it. Sessions became Trump’s Twitter target. Trump belittled Sessions every time his thumbs did the talking. Trump wanted to throw Sessions to the curb as soon as he recused himself, but Jeff has a lot of friends in the Senate and they protected him.

But after Trump got a down-home beating in the midterm elections, it was time to send Jeff Sessions back to Alabama. Trump fired Mr. Sessions, and he put another Trump loyalist in his place. But Trump didn’t just fire Sessions. He embarrassed and belittled him in public. Trump showed no mercy. Sessions left Washington with his tail between his legs.

Jeff recently told Politico he might hang up his political spurs. Some Alabama voters want him to run to get his old Senate seat back. But Sessions said he’s done with politics. Trump took what every politician needs to function in the big political league. Trump took Sessions will to serve away. The president painted a cartoon picture of Sessions, and Jeff had to take it without fighting back. He tried to get Trump to let up on him by turning the border and immigration issues into a legal free-for-all. But stomping on human rights wasn’t enough to change Trump’s mind. So the president parted ways with Jeff after the midterms.

Some news reports say Jeff Sessions is an old-school southern politician. He believes in justice for all, with exceptions. Jeff got the justice he deserved without exceptions, according to several news reports.

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