Former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Just Let Trump Know He’s Going To Be Devastated

The Mueller investigation seems to be on Trump’s mind more these days. Trump sticks to his “Witch Hunt” theory and he claims his campaign stayed within the letter of the campaign law. But no one told all those loyal Trump campaign officials they had to play by the rules. Four former Trump campaign officials broke the rules and then flipped on the President to cut some time off their jail time. Two more Trump undercover campaign agents are on the verge of being indicted by Mueller.

There’s been a lot of talk about the legality of collusion. Trump says collusions doesn’t qualify as a crime. But remember, Trump got most of his legal training from Roy Cohn, the New York shyster and un-legal enforcer who knew how to get judges to see things his way. Several Sunday morning news reports focused on the fact that Mueller gonna give Trump some devastating political news. Even Alan Dershowitz said Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election will be mess-up Trump’s product-filled hair.

According to Dershowitz, Trump’s lawyers are in the process of discrediting the report before its public knowledge. Dershowitz also seems to think the Mueller revelations won’t be criminal, according to his interpretation of the law.

But the fly in the Mueller ointment could be a game-changer. Matt Whitaker, the controversial attorney general, is that fly. The Democrats think Whitaker will handle the Mueller report in a way that benefits the president. Whitaker said he would do the right thing, but his past choices may not confirm he follows a righteous path.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump wants to cut the deficit that increased by $2 trillion since he took office. The federal government’s debt sits at $21.7 trillion. Maybe Trump will come clean and pay the government all the money he owes by allegedly cooking the books and using his foundation money for personal gain. But thanks to the agenda he’s put in motion, the national debt will continue to increase due to bipartisan spending increases and the Trump tax cut.

Trump wants Mueller’s investigation to go away. He knows he’ll have a hard time justifying the part he played in throwing Hillary Clinton under the Russian interference bus. But Mueller won’t stop until he brings Democracy back to the forefront in the United States.


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